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  2. habra una actualización de assassins craft ?
  3. :3
  4. Network Server: Assasins Craft In-Game Nickname :Magomex Nickname of the one you are complaining about: pRah Description of the situation : The player pRah released a hb in a safe area, here I show you some images that prove it
  5. Name: Mainblast Name of the user you are complaining about: akerkiller Game: CTW Reason: Spamming "GG" Proof:
  6. Name: MAINBLAST User of the name you are complaining: The_Mateo_Gamer Game: CTW Reason: Sending ID in public. Proof:
  7. Name: Mainblast Name of the users you are complaining about: xox, rikipowe, AdrIanokIng Game: CTW Reason: Bugging the armor, also please fix that it is annoying for the another team.. Proof:
  8. Solved T/C
  9. Solved T/C
  10. I think it's fair to say this suggestion is denied, it was a good thought but it would never play out I'm sorry. T/C
  11. Hi, use command //drain to remove liquids, just don't use it on a large scale. Do you still need that prefix color change?
  12. Bruny could you please look at my post on WA General?

  13. Hell, why don't we just get rid of the donation shop? So the server can run purely on the kindness of the Craftersland owners heart. This is a horrible suggestion, stop being a cheapass and just donate if you want these commands.
  14. Or even age of engineering?
  15. Solved T/C
  16. rollback complete
  17. rollback complete
  18. rollback complete
  19. If you make the suggestion, you should really put the item names and the ID number. Just saying "there's no hives in the wild", isn't very descriptive. You have to be more specific. Having every single bee hive at spawn is really OP and defeats the purpose of Expert mode, if you've having the hives handed to you. The more difficult wild hives would be a better choice. Oblivion and Ender hives are almost non-existent on the server now. I heard that the End is only reset once a month on IE. If that's the case, having Oblivion, Ender, Deep, Infernal and Nether hives available at spawn, for around $1000 per hive would be the best idea. Since these are the rarest hives in the game. Just some thoughts, don't mind me, just passing through
  20. rollback complete
  21. Mainblast :,v

  22. xD po ci ;:v
  23. all fixed, sorry for the trouble
  24. permissions granted, use worldedit on small areas at a time. All commands are logged, any abuse will result into losing all additional perks without being able to get them back in the future.
  25. double post
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