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  2. rollback complete
  3. As i said if you have problem between someone report to an admin or just simply /ignore, let this be your lesson not to joke about that anymore Warned! T/C
  4. Thank you very much I had logged out empty for it to be no problem
  5. reset complete, inventory was clear
  6. Your base is corrupted, you need to tell us a date to rollback, when it was working fine last time?
  7. Hi, yes the chicken chunks loaders are removed time to time from the map as they were the reason of server crashes on chunk load
  8. That was just ment as a joke! I've also written "jk" after that what's in the screenshot. I'm not racist at all, I just have a little problem with these people because the recen events (a really tiny problem). And I wasn't the one who got the idea that he's a scammer. It was my friend Dumblore, but he ment it not racistic at all! Mohamedanis just sent teleport requests to everyone and he mgs-ed all of them and said he'll pay them (me too). I would have taken a screenshot, but I've got the idea after the server reset. This all was just a joke and it wasn't an offense at all.
  9. Good to see you're doing this. Participating. Good luck to everyone!
  10. well eventually it will get full. I originally just used hardened energy conduits which caps at 400 rf/t but with how much I play it eventually made them stop working after they got full. took a few days but it happened. I recommend setting them all to "0" so they only load the chunk they're in, and use an energy cell to keep them either at 200 rf/t or at 201 rf/t (what I do, so I can use the energy stored to calculate exactly how long they've been running) These loaders will only run while you're on the server. as soon as you log off, they go idle. this is why they are the best chunk loader - they only work when whoever placed them is on the server. this is also why I think spawn doesn't stay chunk loaded because every other chunk loader that gets placed will disappear.
  11. Well, then look into the account's history before you buy it or whatever. Doesn't matter who's been on the account over the years. By having access to it, you're responsible for its history. You can't prove any of that anyway. Like I said, no need for you to have such access. I'm not calling the shots here, though. Just talking some sense.
  12. Muted! T/C!
  13. No update? :/
  14. What server address did you use to join the server?
  15. Ok then, we will do a full server WIPE and I will provide a world download the day after. I think the WIPE will take place tomorrow morning as today I also have to run the maintenance on all servers and check reported problems. I also want to fix the turtle dupe issue before and without banning them this will need some custom coding and I want to do it today as I also need time to do testing. I will post about the wipe later today.
  16. Yes, I'm working on porting plugins to sponge, this is the main issue. Then we can open a server. I could do some faster progress on coding but I have to spend a lot of time with maintaining the existing servers, checking out reported problems on forum, doing fixes on our existing plugins when reported, so there are days when I don't get time to do any progress porting the mods and this slows me down. If I do read all private messages I get on Forum and Discord then I will no longer do anything else, hah. I will try to get the re-coding of plugins for sponge stage done as fast as I can.
  17. What's the hold up with the wipe? The longer the time between announcement and the actual wipe, the longer the time the server is in stasis mode, because all the players stopped working on their builds waiting for the wipe.
  18. how about do an open beta for the server, and get the feedback from the players
  19. Thanks. I try'd playing with the chunk loaded but couldn't get it to increase its radius beyond one. This ment i could test it very well. Thanks for the info on the power situation. so it would be best not to give it loads of power? I assumed its wasn't working because it didn't have enough not that it has too much.
  20. Due to the fact that this permission is rarely ever used and is now the subject of an abuse complaint, I think it is best that this permission is disabled. If someone needs to have their towns right up against one another, they can have an admin do the claiming for them. otherwise they can both be a part of the same town, adding their claim blocks together and having the mayor/assistants assigning plots and deciding claim permissions.
  21. @P3ZSUK3 you have been banned, for having a duplicate item in your inventory. (You are not the only user banned by this article) The saction will be maintained as well as the other users banned. Closed.
  22. Why you spent time to make a post for an unbann request? If its seen that sasuke account is guilty of duped iteams. In your records you have been banned tons of times for the same reason.
  23. Those modules are banned because of their ability to bypass protection. It's not listed as banned in the forum post dedicated to outlining the restricted items. The only chunk loader that works other than a quarry is the minefactory reloaded chunk loader and it requires energy to operate. once its buffer gets full, it will stop working (loading chunks) so you have to bottleneck the speed at which energy flows into it with an energy cell. it stores well over 2 billion rf and that's a lot of energy, so plan accordingly. one chunk only costs 200 rf so I recommend loading chunk-by-chunk and spreading out the workload in multiple chunks so the server isn't taxed too hard on one chunk.
  24. The tears of noobs are always satisfying. Does this count putting a Modular force field within my claim and allowing it to bleed out into the claim of someone who was so careless as to claim next to/near me? I mean, common sense would say "yeah, it's affecting his claim in some unreasonable way, shape, or form. it's illegal" but I didn't place any blocks, fluids, or remove any blocks or fluids. just a mere action near their claim (in the wilderness or in my claim) that disallows movement or other reasonable operations you would expect of a town. Boy if I have ever seen trite, this is it. So let's say I'm somehow able to bypass the town's system of claims (because bug abuse isn't a thing) and claim area right up on your town, despite being in the middle of the ocean with plenty of room to claim elsewhere. how would you react? You can't finish your claim, you can't re-assign plots to players, and you don't know if that person is going to corrupt the chunk they've just claimed so every time you log on, the server crashes. pretty tough deal right there. what makes it better is this player is barely ever on. does nothing with the claimed area. its sole purpose is to keep you from claiming and force you to move. ------------------ I think we can all take away from this that the "closeclaim" flag is a useless permission and should be disabled, in the same way that the allowpvp flag was disabled. it can be substituted by inviting players into your town and assigning them their own plots and adjusting the permissions to disallow town members to modify any plots that are not theirs, or public to the town. This completely eliminates what the original poster was able to do. If it happens in the future after this permission is disabled, then it is without a doubt "bug abuse" and should be punishable. Also, just to add, if I do make a death trap next to someone's base and they claim it, they could try and say I griefed already claimed area. You guys have no way of telling who is being truthful. I guess common sense would say "don't build death traps near peoples' bases" and "don't steal something that's obviously meant to be claimed" while claiming that building death traps in the wilderness right up against someone's town isn't against the rules. (this is what's known as a loophole - definition courtesy of google, which can also be found above)
  25. Well whatever, im not the responsable to give WE commands. But if i were, i wouldnt give WE commands to an account with that history. And btw it dosnt matter the time you have spend playing here. For that reason, you are saying that the WE commands are only given to players who have spent a defined time in the server?
  26. And please wait for the response from @Powerwarp and @brunyman
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