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  2. Your Name: DarkyLCItem Name + Ammount: n/aCoordinates: n/aCoordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: 2750/51/-773 (xyz)Description of Issue: player died at spawn and lost inventoryScreenshots (Optional):
  3. CTW Weather/Night

    No, i want to everyone to be able to change the time ONLY for himself. Also, night vision potions can be useful, too. I vote for none of them because i don't want night or rainy. I want only for map "FrozenArena" to rain with snow.
  4. Remove the AntiCheat

    Yeah, this should be removed and only staff members punish the hacked clients. +1
  5. SjokoladeBil

    The player SjokoladeBil has built a town that is very, very close to my and my friends town(coordinates from SjokoladeBils town x=1111 y=64 z=-281). I dont know really, but I think it is too close. My problem is, that we want to build something in the next time and his town is in the way. I hope, that someone can do something. When you see this topic, have a nice day

    bobthehob101 koolkidklub bobthehob101 x -2099 y 69.000 z -2743 14:02 17/08/2017 11:00 17/08/2017 I have had all of my stuff stolen by a player called RC4657 he has been banned but I was hoping I could get my stuff back kind regards bobthehob101
  7. Today
  8. Griefed Again!

    Users punished! I can see that you already removed the lava so I only banned the two players. T/C.
  9. Item recovery

    Choas shard refunded and placed in your inventory ! Topic Closed !
  10. [Refund Request]KingsMan

    Items Refunded and placed in your inventory ! Topic CLosed !
  11. Staff Abuse -(quagma)

    "First thing first, what you have said in your messages directed towards Kongou_Seki does fall under rule #15 which covers harassment" - I completely agree with this statement and realise why he believed I was "harassing Kongou_Seki". However, as I stated previously, do you not believe quagma should've taken Kongou_Seki's statement into consideration before taking action?
  12. Griefed Again!

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : In-Game Nickname :A0n0t Nickname of the one you are complaining about : DiamondKiller_57 and Wilis213 Description of the situation : DiamondKiller_57 has put lava in my protection land how is this even possible! Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : http://imgur.com/a/HBCBg Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
  13. Is This Trapping People? [HPS]

    I mean, no one can chose where the nether portal goes, he didn't do it on purpose, and how could he know you would end up there? I don't see anything wrong, and next time don't go back through the portal, just use a command to get home. T/C
  14. Spam

    Punished. T/C
  15. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    Shh, come to 1.10
  16. @ndiniz No, this is a FTB pack, it does not use the same launcher as technic but it does use something similar, google "Feed the beast" and go to their downloads, you can either have the twitch launcher or download their legacy launcher. Once that is done, simply look for the same icon shown in this post and press download.
  17. What version of forge should I download for this, or are you guys a technic pack?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Staff Abuse -(quagma)

    Good day, First thing first, what you have said in your messages directed towards Kongou_Seki does fall under rule #15 which covers harassment, quagma posted the screenshots above thus I won't add the conversation to avoid repetition. Secondly, him being your friend does not excuse you from rules including but not limited to behaviour related ones. That out of the way let's analyze the rest of your complaint: 1." The staff member followed to insult my friend by stating that he was wrong and what I did "was" harassing him, something that was completely uncalled for and completely wrong. " Stating what you did doesn't qualify as an insult. 2." This staff member also banned one of my friends for 2 days for messaging someone. He also stated that this was harassment. " Unless you are going to bring some proof that the bans were unfair this fact is going to be ignored. 3." I do not believe what I was doing was harassment and neither do I believe that this staff member should've take my comments out of context and therefore decide to mute me. " Firstly, you don't have to believe that it harassment to be considered such by staff, if you grief someone you might not think it was griefing but if the evidence show otherwise there is nothing you can change. Lastly, if you check the screenshots he provided you'll see it's not taken out of context. 4." My "Friend" clearly stated that what I said was not harassment. It doesn't matter if you think you're Isaac newton or some kind of genius. If my friend stated that I did nothing wrong I did nothing wrong. You completely ignored that, and muted me. This was an abuse of power. What I say to my friend/s is honestly none of your business. I do not agree with your decision to mute me and find it honestly disgusting that you believe that you were right in what you did. " Firstly, what you say to anyone on any of our servers is our business. Secondly, as I said above it doesn't matter if you or your friend consider it harassment, I would've mattered only if he decided to write a complaint directed towards you, but since quagma saw the conversation while it happened and decided to take action the staff decides. And lastly, do not throw insults around if you want your forum record to stay clear. 5." I would also like to add that the insult "I shudder to learn what you think is actual insults and harassment" was completely uncalled for. This is not a joke and I would like you to take this complaint seriously. I would also prefer it if another staff member looked over this as you clearly have some kind of unfair bias against me. " The way he expressed himself was not professional, but I agree with it, "If you don't consider this insulting or harassment, then where do you draw the line?". I can assure you that no complaints are treated like a joke by the staff team, so since you believed he had an "unfair bias" against you, here I am looking at this and I assure you that this is as up in the hierarchy you'll go. Thus, I deny this complaint, if you have any further statements or questions this thread will be open for a while.
  20. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    You'll meet my friendly face, among many others on DW1.10 You, as a staff can check out the staff groups here: But both servers have players. 1.10 is newer though.
  21. Welcome to our base!

    That erebor replica is art, amazing.
  22. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    Both servers have staff and people playing them but, the 1.10 just got released so that has more players at the moment. They are very different packs imo, so it just depends on what you like. If you are new(ish) to modpacks I'd go for the 1.7 as I feel that's easier to progress in. But this is my opinion and others might find the 1.10 easier. Both packs are fun and both have a very nice community playing them, so it doesn't really matter what you chose!
  23. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    Hm... Where play the people/staff normally?
  24. Item recovery

    Account Name: Emreemre76 Item name + item ID: Chaos Shard - 5660 00:48 CET( GMT+1 ) 17th of aug I droped my Chaos Shard to scan it with the Thaumometer and it despawned like immediately. To validate that i got one you can watch into the Market log(if there is one) if not here are some infos: I bought 2 Chaos Shards at the Market from EnergyTR (15.8.2017) sry that i can not attach a photo but i can attach a photo of the other Chaos Shard it that could help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B54KEM4sXDM1ckJLY0tLdi0yV0U/view?usp=sharing Sorry that i must give you the link the upload function does not work :/ I hope you can work with that so i can get my Shard back. With much thanks Emreemre76
  25. Welcome to our base!

    Glad to see people like it! I'll do some updates on it as the base progresses
  26. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    There is! Do you want to play on the 1.10 or the 1.7? If you want to play on the 1.10 I'd recommend downloading twitch here and going to mods, you can add the pack there. This is because some people (like me) can't launch the 1.10 with FTB legacy launcher. If you have any problems feel free to ask, if not I'll see you on the server
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