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  2. Please do not double post, if you want to add something into your post just use the Edit button on the bottom right corner. Just keep being patient
  3. Please don't make a second topic while the first one hasn't been resolved yet Topic closed Link to first topic
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  5. Item refunded. Check your inventory.
  6. it was a lot of items so i don't remember all. but if you use a rollback from an older time its ok. all times before 4:00 german time should work XD ps: i like to carry all my need tools with me in a back pack XD
  7. Items refunded, check the strongboxes in your inventory.
  8. I found the place where the lag is.. ' Now this next image is outside of his base 1000+ blocks away:
  9. Backups save happens, i belive, 4-5 times a day. Because every backup weigh about 1-3 Gb, and you need to store weekly amount of backups. So if you asking for a EXACT rollback time, you might not get it. Because there is no EXACT backup. Maybe it`s just better to refund you items you lost?
  10. there is a trick to bring items from the real world to the spirit world and back using travelers belt and ender chests. with this trick i bring my full inventory into the spirit world to fight the nightmare (that isn't a bug it's a trick direwolf20 uses in a lets play) the bug is when you in the spirit world and use the enhanced charm of dislocation u teleport back into the real world with out your inventory the inventory isn't in the spirit world and not in the real world it got deleted. that happened to me so please make a rollback of my inventory the exact time of the rollback is 4:00 german time please help me. Ingame name: Ancient_Wyvern
  11. Will be online in 2 hours. Will refund. If you will be offline, will leave chest with stuff in town.
  12. I fixed the issue. A sponsor or somebody left the rain disabled, thus preventing the formation of rain and thunderstorms. Topic closed.
  13. Topic moved to Network complaints
  14. If you have the code you used or better yet the dimlet, you could remake the dimension. If you use a dimension editor you could remotely add a matter receiver into the dim.

  16. cartonetas has robed me he told me he was going to get me a sword diamond op for 64 gold I gave him 64 gold and he robed me idk how to post the screen shot sorry
  17. Show the receipt from the email? - @Tomoko Kuroki
  18. Yesterday
  19. Account Name: k1ller103Description of the Issue: The Rite of Sky's Wrath is a witchery ritual that should create a lasting thunderstorm after a few lightning strikes but on the server it doesn't. The only thing it does is make lightning strike for a bit then it's over. I have tested the ritual in my SSP world and it creates the storm as intended so it is a server bug or something.
  20. Okay its been like two days since my last post about this but really i have so much good stuff and all i need is a roll back to february 20 2:17 pm EST = 2:17pm GMT -5 = 7:17pm GMT +0 here's my crashlog so please help im a really good player and for me just to pretty much feel empty now is sad i dont want to quit this server but im just asking for help please help if you can just roll back please!!!! please brunyman i dont want to play on another server please ! help im seeking all help and if you need to contact me another way heres my email ~ brownplaysmc
  21. I bought the rank of sponsor not too long ago and I wish to remove creative, along with the removal of everything I have including my buildings and what not, essentially allowing me to start from scratch and interact more with the others on the server, if possible as well perhaps some starter items relating to thaumcraft, I got far into the mod before buying the sponsorship but if this is not possible that's fine, I just want creative removed along with any items.
  22. Town removed.
  23. Hi Henkekalmar, Thanks for your reply. I will be waiting for a normal refund when an Admin will come online.
  24. I died to a lucky block wearing full enchanted draconic armor and my soulbound things disappeared. I think it's a bug between the soulbound enchant and they sync mod. Can I have a refund of the items I lost? Items Lost Draconic Helm, Draconic Chestplate, Draconic Leggings, Draconic Boots. All enchanted with Soulbound, Protection IV, and thorns III and 6 awakened cores each Draconic Staff of Power Reaper V, Sharpness X, Silk Touch I, Eff V, Soulbound, 12 awakened cores Thx
  25. Hello @brunyman ! I just joined DW20 with my staff rank in hand and I have a similar issue to what happened when I first joined IE after I bought my sponsor rank. I don't seem to have full NEI access ( We spoke about it at THIS topic, for a quick refresher.) And everything is the same as it is in those pictures, I don't have any buttons in the TOP LEFT but the creative button and heal button. I'm missing magnet, time and weather. I also don't have /whois - As it was a requested command - although powerwarp said he would add that. Thank you.
  26. Users punished! Can someone close the topic?
  27. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : MarceLOL Nickname of the one you are complaining about : skrillero108, mdl_2016, TheNecroBoy Description of the situation : skrillero108 anti knockback , mdl_2016 and TheNecroBoy team troll Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :
  28. Other griefing topic (explanation) The timezone is CET(GMT+1)
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