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    Powerwarp: Accepted 1. Personal Information Name: My name is Santiago Rojas Minecraft username: My nick is ZengZ. Skype username: santy.rojas.4 Age/Sex: I'm a 15 years old male. Do you have a microphone?: Yes i have. Nationality: I'm from Chile. How long can you play + Time Zone: Well in School period I can only play 2 hours each day of the week but in the weekend I'm playing all the day. (UTC -03:00) Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: Yes I do! Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes, absolutely. Im studying at a British school, too. ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: As a Helper, I can work to make the server more fun and enjoyable, more comfortable and make sure I punish all rule breakers. How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: I'll be describe a helper who is at your service, a helper who is ready to sacrifice all that he have to help. I value a helper who make his job, someone who really help, someone who follow the rules. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: I wish to be a staff member with the simple reason of help, I really hate when there is someone spamming or doing illegals things and there aren't any staff member present. I want to be that staff who is present. What are your expectations from us?: I have a high expectations of the server, I know most of the network staffs members and isn't difficult work in team for me, I think that I'll be a higher rank than Helper because I'll make a good moderation on the server. ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: I started playing in 2012 in a cracket mc version then I bought Minecraft in 2013, a game who change my life, I bought mc to play in a assassins server I spend 3 years there. And now I have thought to spend more years here. Do you have premium or cracked account ?: I have a premiun account since 2013. When did you start playing on Craftersland?: I started playing here in Craftersland before halloween of 2016. I was attracted to your Assassins server, like I said i played 3 years in another assassins server. Have you ever been banned?: Yes, I have been banned. (once) What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: This server have something that special, like a magnet, I can't stop playing. I would like going to the next level, I made all that I can being a player, now I want to give my 100% as a Staff member. 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: Well in global chat all players connected can see the fight and that it's really annoying so the first thing that I will do is ask why they start fighting and i'll try to fix it by my own. If they don't stop I´ll have to warn them for “language” and if the fight continue I would tell to another staff member (judge or high powered staff to tempmute them). ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information I spend a lot of my time playing video games. I participate in sport like Basketball and golf. I like them because you need a precise shoot to score. I usually listen to music all day long. I enjoy watching action and science fictions films.
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    Sup tho, I joined Craftersland exactly 3 years ago this next month, It's been a crazy ride - I'm not good with this so let me give you a bit of back story of me. >Got tired of BF3 and downloaded cracked Tekkit after watching Youtubers have better UI >Played on CL, figured out it has a IP Board Forum months later >Became hard working staff promoted to GM faster then *Insert advertisement voice* you can flash your router with DD-WRT firmware >Rustled Jimmies felt threatened and stung faster then a King Cobra in Somalia >Got justice >Loves Craftersland ____________________________________________________________________________________ Jokes aside; thoughts on a better gaming community Why did you play on Craftersland game? There is this famous quote "Give a man a mask and he will show his true face. Oscar Wilde" When we go online, we go from To chest beating Gorillas' The hypocrisy is high, I'm not a white knight - We all have times where we need to vent out and don't want to take bullshit; But there are limits that should never be crossed. Once we realize that we are near that limit, turn your head around and walk back. After all that doesn't make you an asshole, we are only human, we make mistakes, but admitting to the mistake and correcting it is the challenge that once passed, is truly worth it. Now the Craftersland systematic method indirectly and unintentionally makes it so that It's a competitive environment, much like real life, you want to be ahead of you colleagues, do your work and everything will come, help each other, make sure when you reach the top you don't destroy a whole forest. Likewise success of your fellow colleagues should be an achievement for all not just him. Especially if you are from the same batch of staff. Don't take disagreements personally :- You are all different people with different goals and different mindsets; when debating use pros and cons and let go of your bias and personal affection to a subject. instead of telling the other person how you fucked his mom yesterday night at 2Am while you quick scoped his sister, Last but not least: If you are disagreeing with someone, you don't understand the situation from both sides. You will always receive help, if you deserve it. But don't forget to do your part. Shout out to all my spanji friends out there ____________________________________________________________________________________ To do list Emotional nobody gives a shit statement ☑ Love Spanjii *annnnnnnnnnnnnnd* ☑ ____________________________________________________________________________________ I love all you guys, last couple of dudes i want to shoutout really quick *No particular order just tired and seeing who's name pops up in Review section and in my head* Senpai Bruny - You the MVP Niqf Vlad RockSmasher Cj McMod Muzi da ElementSkate Rocabole Skillade SirMaje Raven - For shits and giggles Eden - For not Spanji and no snitch SuperStar Waffle TheLegendGhost/Ghost Life CreepersCrown/CorrosiveMoon Troler YogoDude Andreas Powerwarp Bogger Mojo I also apologies to Myiume Jim Andrew, i don't want to leave regardless who's fault it is I've mended mine and Andrews relationship so there you go Myiume Jim accept but if you don't i understand I'm sorry and i regret it as i said regardless of who's fault it was. I'm sorry i called you a cunt ass faggot Myiume/Jim I know i missed a lot of names like Dj Crathis Skittles and Slit but you guys already know that i love you guys a bunch! Prior Merry ♫ Christmas and a happy new year ♫ Good tidings we bring. To you and your king. ♫ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bye guys, it's been amazing serving with the staff I'll be back by summer hopefully I'll still be logging in on the Forums so shoot me up if you ever need some help on modpacks or Java! Also Cipuz you are the faggot, faggot. Now if you will excuse me: Send dick pics and nudes everyone - Thanks
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    I'v been thinking for some time to make a software to better monitor our servers and one that will alert us when something happens, now after 3 days of coding it is finally done! So to monitor all our Network servers we use a website with a python script to get live feedback and check if all servers are online and how many players on them. While this works fine for the network servers as they don't usually crash, we had no proper system to monitor the modded servers, so I had to check them time to time, on each server console, a lot of time to do that every day and even so sometime you don't get to check right when the server has issues like lag or crashes. To improve the response times when something goes bad and not wait until someone reports the issue on forum or discord I made a software that will monitor the servers for me and most importantly log when the issues happen and make sound alerts to let me know that there is a problem, so I can run the program in the hot bar and while working on something else I get alerted that there is a problem. Because modded servers can always get issues like lag or crashes we made a plugin to self fix crash loops, do some entity cleanup if there is lag and also save some server data on a database, this is important because the app we made will use the data the plugin saves each minute on the database. The program will check each minute the servers data and issue sound alerts if a server is down, crashes or lags. It will also monitor the entire dedicated servers we have and warn me if one goes down or loses connectivity. Probably in the near future I will also make an android version of the program so I get the warnings when I'm not at home too. Here some screen shots:
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    [1] No Hacked Clients: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. This includes flight mods, xray mods, speed modifications of any type, nofall, chest finders, vanish, fullbright and etc et all that offer gameplay advantages over the normal mod pack. [2] No Bug Abuse/Exploiting Bugs: 1st offense = 2 day ban. 2nd offense = 7 day ban. 3rd offense = 14 day ban. 4th offense = 28 day ban. Includes but is not limited to bypassing any punishment, duping, or glitching. [3] No Advertising: 1st offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd offense = 24 hour mute. 3rd offense = 7 days mute. [4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town: 1st offense = 2 days ban of both parties involved. 2nd offense = 7 days ban. 3rd offense = 14 days ban. Creative Players who leave a town must take with them or destroy all creatively spawned items. Non-Creative Players who leave any town are to leave empty handed. Non-Creative Players who live with a creative player are to live in only one town. [5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items or without the consent of all parties involved (PvP is enabled! , not half enabled!): 1st offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd offense = Jailed 60 minutes. 3rd offense = 1 days ban. 4th offense = 2 days ban. No PvP Scamming / use of creative healing or OP creative enchants. Arguments over breaking PvP conditions may result in one or all parties being punished. [6] No Using ComputerCraft for the following below: Tracking staff members (vanish enabled or not). Tracking staff members (via Sensors/other stuff). Theft of Inventories/scamming of others via PIM/etc. Theft of intellectual properties, (stealing code/items). Destructive purposes, (Exploiting, engineer viruses, etc.) Profile or database players of any rank for any reason. 1st Offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd Offense = 2 days ban. 3rd Offense = 4 days ban. [7] No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs: 1st offense = Warning. 2nd offense = 15 minutes mute 3rd offense = 30 minutes mute 4th offense = 1 hour mute. Includes speaking foreign languages and spamming the same content in the global/trade channel. [8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land. Includes any block, item, action, liquid, that can bypass protection. Includes Griefing of own Town if other members did not agree and worked hard. Griefing spawn is a permanent ban. [9] No Insulting Staff. 1st offense = Kick and warn. 2nd offense = 1 hour mute and warn. 3rd offense = 1 day mute. 4th offense = 3 days mute. Includes private messaging using Computers, chat, books, signs. [10] No selling server items for in real life money. 1st offense = 30 days ban. [11] No Abuse of Magic: 1st offense = Warning. 2nd offense = 30 minutes Jail. 3rd offense = 2 days ban. 4th offense = 4 days ban. Includes throwing block changing potions on claimed territory. Includes spells that can be casted from any of the magic mods. Includes items that can cause unfair havoc, or destruction. Includes using items/spells/potions for malicious intent. [12] No Threats of or Intentional Harm to Server Integrity: 1st offense = warning. 2nd offense = 1 day ban. 3rd offense = 3 days ban. 4th offense = 7 days ban. Includes threatening to DDOS, Grief, etc. Don't make lag on purpose. [13] No Racist Slurs/Text/content: 1st offense = 1 hour mute. 2nd offense = 24 hour jail. 3rd offense = 2 days ban. 4th offence = 4 days ban. [14] No Scamming: 1st offense = Jail 30 minutes. 2nd offense = 2 days ban. 3rd offense = 7 days ban. 4th offense = 14 days ban. [15] No harassing staff or other players: 1st offense = warning. 2nd offense = 5 minute mute/jail. 3rd offense = 30 min mute/jail. 4th offense = 1 hour mute/jail. Mute or jail depends on the situation. [16] No Impersonating Staff: 1st offense = 3 days ban. 2nd offense = 7 days ban. This includes using morph or witchery. [17] No Console Clients: 1st offense = 2 days ban. 2nd offense = 4 days ban. 3rd offense = 7 days ban. Not the same as a “hacked client” by any standard, and offer both online and offline gameplay, however also can be used with scripts to relog, anti-afk, chunk load, move, etc. [18] Ban evading (using different accounts to enter the server): 1st offense = 2 day ban + time left on main account. 2nd offense = 7 day ban + time left on main account. 3rd offense = 14 day ban + time left on main account. [19] No explaining/exposing of dupe/bug/glitch methods: 1st offense = 1 day ban 2st offense = 4 day ban 3st offense = 7 day ban 4st offense = 14 day ban [20] Use common sense: If you have abused a 'loop-hole' in our rules, then the punishment will be decided by me with the help of the GM+'s. If you cause us too much trouble it may result in a permanent ban. Credit: FTB Staff, Tekkit Staff
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    ZengZ, CreepersCrown, MarceLOL and Terminator have been put through to the next round. Please check your Skype messages. If you were not chosen this time, better luck next time! If you put forward a detailed application in good English, there is a much higher chance of you being accepted. If you have any questions, send me a forum PM.
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    Applications are now closed! Prefix: [Helper] Permissions Join the Server while full Moderate and reply to Direct Support tickets Private Staff Chat Warnings for players Forum moderator in the section of the server you belong to Responsabilities You are a helper. That means you are there to assist people with their issues. You are somewhat of a low-level assistance staff that helps players understanding how the server works. Requirements: - Atleast 8 hours of activity per week. - Minecraft knowledge. - Maturity and team work capacity. - Knowing the Server Rules. - Speaking / understanding English properly. If your post gets deleted, it means you don't meet our requirements. Please reply in Blue. ----------------------------------- 1. Personal Information Name: Minecraft username: Skype username: Age/Sex: Do you have a microphone?: Nationality: How long can you play + Time Zone: Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: What are your expectations from us?: ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: Do you have premium or cracked account ?: When did you start playing on Craftersland?: Have you ever been banned?: What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know. Good Luck!
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    Powerwarp: Accepted 1. Personal Information Name: Marcelo Toral Minecraft username: MarceLOL Skype username: Marcelo Toral (green profile pic) Age/Sex: 18/male Do you have a microphone?: Yes Nationality: Spain How long can you play + Time Zone: 1h at least everyday, (more hours over the weekend), GTM +1 Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: Sure Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes, no problem ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: Attention to the users, help when they need, control the chat and the game. I am respectful and careful; for example in reports, I only punish when I am 100% sure, taking in account all the factors like ping or misunderstandings. Also I can rapidly solve problems How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: A person who is prepared to help and control the situations when it's needed. For example helping to users/staff or keeping the chat clean from insults, spam, flood, caps, etc.. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: I've always liked to help, I already do. But as someone said to me, it's needed more Staff, and I think I would be helpful in this community. What are your expectations from us?: CraftersLand's community is very nice, I would like to be here in the future to help the same way the staff has helped me (: ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: I don't remember when, but the version was 1.7 (beta), Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Premium When did you start playing on Craftersland?: 2014-2015, but I did not play regularly. I started to play again here around october 2016. Have you ever been banned?: No What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: I love CTW. I feel comfortable in this community, and not only that but the attention that the staff gives to the users is surprisingly good and fast. 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: After knowing what is happening between them, firstly I would try to calm, stop or warn them; if they continue, I would mute them -if I can-. If not, I'll call a mod or admin ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information I would like you to take in consideration some negative points about having me as a helper: -I mainly play on ctw, also the other minigames, etc, but ctw the most. -I have no idea if the staff speak each other via Skype, I mean by voice, because I am very shy xD Of couse I have possitive ones, like: -I play mainly ctw (depending of the point of view this can be pos. or neg.). In my opinion, this minigame needs more attention, if you doubt about it you only have to check all my reports... -I have been moderator in other server. -I know english, spanish and basque (last one no one speaks but it's something xD). GL to everybody (:
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    We just completed moving our Tekkit server to the new Dedicated server we rented. This was requested by some players as they said the server connection was laggy sometimes. As we changed the data center and the dedicated server, we tried to get an upgrade, the new datacenter is located in Canada as we may have better infrastructure there, and we also upgraded the dedicated server with latest hardware with a powerful i7-6700K with 64GB DDR4 RAM memory. The DDOS protection was also improved! While the renting cost is bigger we also went to 64GB RAM so we can host more minecraft servers in the future. Connection to the server: Network connection: 1 Gbps Bandwidth OVH to OVH: 1 Gbps Outgoing bandwidth: 250 Mbps Incoming bandwidth: 1 Gbps Tomorrow we will have the second stage of moving data to the new dedicated server and we will finish moving all data that includes the Network US proxy and few minigames.
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    Oh look! 1000 posts on these here forums! What a time to be alive! Been here 991 days, or 2 years, 8 months, 15 days. Hmph. Nearly made it to 1000 days and 1000 posts, wouldn't that have been special? Chances are, you may have seen me around moving topics about, asking questions, and solving problems. I've seen a lot of stuff since I joined nearly three years ago, but before I get into that, I'd like to present myself. I go by the username "quagma", which is a real word, look it up. My interests are reading science fiction, drawing my own comic books, and loving cephalopods of all types. I can't tell you how much I love squids, octopus, cuttlefish, and other tentacular creatures of the deep. But definitely not in the way you're thinking, get your mind out of the gutter, gosh. =_= I'm a science nerd, and love cool science stuff. And books. And science fiction books. Puns are my flesh and blood, and I revel in the feel of my sinful puns on my back. If you have any jelly beans, don't let me near them, you will be missing all of them except the brown and black ones before you finish blinking. Those are the gross ones, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I also put pineapple on my pizza. Gamewise, I started my way up from a lowly player on DW20, who lived in a lowly town. This was my first real modded experience, and I got addicted to it. (Quite frankly, I have no idea why some people stick to vanilla, or, horror above horrors, switch to vanilla from modded) I got trolled and greifed fairly often, and eventually became pretty tired of it. I saw the change from 1.6 to 1.7, and several wipes as well. I donated one day, to show my love and support for my favorite server, the only server I played on, actually, and eventually became a full on sponsor. Eventually, and it took me a try or two, I successfully applied for staff. I worked my way up and up and up, and each time I thought I wouldn't get a promotion. I was wrong. Apparently, I didn't know how wrong I was, because I did so well, that I became a GM+ on two servers, DW20, and IE. I'll be honest, the going has been tough from time to time, and the players (and sometimes staff) good and bad, with extremes on each side, but I've stuck to it and became the man you see today. Well, not really see, unless you can see me through the internet, but you know what I mean. Probably. I've really enjoyed playing here, and I think that doing so has actually helped me (and hopefully others) become more mature and grown as a person. (That might just be adulthood peeking around the corner, though) Socializing with so many people, for an introvert like me, is a challenge, and I've learned a lot of things by posting on a nearly daily basis. I've managed to grow from a tiny n00b to a L33T n00b, and I still have a long ways before I become a true pro. Thanks for all the fish, you guys (and gals). They've been tasty, and I can't wait for more. I'll leave you with a helpful bit of advice. 1: All fungi are edible. 2: Some fungi are only edible once.
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    Hey! So, I was browsing through some old screenshots the other day, in attempt to try and organize my library a bit. I came across some really old footage from Tekkit back in 2013 onwards that I've been sitting on for way too long now. I figured I'd put some of those shots together and form sort of a screenshots collage, for nostalgia's sake. Turned out a bit longer than I was going for, however it's a pretty accurate depiction of things back then, and sure brought back some amazing memories! Again, it's nothing more than a few screenshots in a short and badly edited clip I thought I'd share with the community. Nothing too exciting. Tekkit 2013 squad: @Andrew2070 (ex- @burnin_aura), @Marko, @CreepersCrown, @Eden20, @flamingironbird, @simsonas86, @Danielkinz and a few more (now inactive) community members, such as SirMajestick, Dexwarrior, Oakinshield, ModyMadness, and more. Watch in HD 720p or higher. Huge thanks to @brunyman for keeping it real all these years. Awesome work. ^_^
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    Hello I bought Sponsor + 1 day ago and then I bought a prefix, the prefix was bug me and only appears in the lobby please if I put it that I saw all the server outside great [S+][Emperador] http://prntscr.com/e9au02 @brunyman @Powerwarp
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    Hello, Last server WIPE on our Network Pure Survival Server was on 22 September, that's about 6 months ago, even if there is still room to build by looking on the Live Map, I think the best is to ask you guys if you think a WIPE is needed. Please vote in the pool above. Server live map. If we wipe we will generate a new Map Seed that will contain the new Minecraft features like Illagers and all new generation features that last update got. Full WIPE means all data will get a reset except for ranks and permissions. Let the vote decided!
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    Rank Information: Permissions: Requirements: Application: Please reply in blue. Do not reply in bold. I wish you the best of luck!
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    Rank Information: Permissions: Requirements: Application: Please reply in blue. Do not reply in bold. I wish you the best of luck!
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    Powerwarp: Accepted 1. Personal Information Name: David Zitarevic Minecraft username: Terminator Skype username: truba3211 Age/Sex: I'm 15 years old, male. Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do. Nationality: Serbian. How long can you play + Time Zone: I can play about 4 or more hours daily, in the weekend I can play up to 10 hours. CET (UTC +01:00) Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: Yes I do. Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: I can. ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: I can not just help the players on the server and help justice be served, but I may help other members of the staff in any way possible. How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: If I'd describe myself I would describe someone who is on the server most of the time, someone who does not simply help the server but also entertains the players on it. I value hard work, commitment and after all being nice, polite and in a good mood when talking to someone. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: So I can not just help the server with many rule breakers as it is today, but help the server itself improve. What are your expectations from us?: I expect nothing but gratitude for my help. ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: I think 2012? I'm not quite sure. Do you have premium or cracked account ?: A cracked one. When did you start playing on Craftersland?: About 4 years ago, with a couple of breaks. Have you ever been banned?: Not on craftersland. What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: The same reason everyone plays, to have fun and meet new friends. 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: First I would ask them to watch their language, then I would ask them what is the problem and see if I can help somehow. If I cannot offer my help I would call for a staff member to offer his own help. ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information I consider myself for a very logical person, I prefer bows over swords and I like Cats and Skeletons. :3
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    Name: Ernesto Melendez Minecraft username: CriticLC_ Skype username: CriticLC_ Age/Sex: 14/ Man Do you have a microphone?: Yes Nationality: Venezuela How long can you play + Time Zone: 7 hours a day / GTM:-04:00 Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: Yes because I already have experience in other servers Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: I can offer my help to the server to make it better, also help the Users because that will be the range How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?:I am a sincere and lecal person with all, I do not like blackmail, also what I value in a staff member is their behavior with the users ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?:Because I have a lot of time on the server and I would like to help keep you part of the staff What are your expectations from us?: A responsible person prepared to solve problems ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: 2011 Do you have premium or cracked account ?:Premium When did you start playing on Craftersland?:2013 Have you ever been banned?: If once by Evade What is the reason for you to play on this Server?:Because it is a good server, I love its modalities and I think it can be better 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: First I would give a warning to each of them in case the 2 continue to fight the silence at 2 ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know: I really like to be a member of the staff since I have no enemies and I am very difficult to anger I get along with everyone and I have no problems with anyone, I am very sociable with everyone, I also like to talk to the Usiarios and communicate with everyone, I'm good buy listening to others and would be an excellent staff Good Luck!
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    First of all, as quagma said, as long as it gives you an advantage over the other players it is called cheating no matter how minor or major you consider it is.As for your drac armor argument, if there is a legitimate version of you reaching full brightness or anything else like it that doesn't mean you should be able to use a modification since to reach that armor work is required and it wouldn't be fair for the ones that actually worked for it, also it is similar to saying "flying hacks should be allowed because the angelic ring is in the pack and/or because the KAMI armor is in the game", "speed hacks should be allowed because botania has the sashes" and so on.Just the fact that there is a legitimate way of gaining the benefits should be enough proof that the rule shouldn't be changed. Secondly, you can make your poll, but I don't know if it will be taken in consideration since it's made on a site outside of our community and anyone, not just people from our community can vote on it. In conclusion, I do not see why this rule needs to change now or ever.
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    Hello, our Direwolf20 1.7.10 server got less and less players lately, mainly because the main map is full with bases and there is not much free space left for new player to start. Because of this I decided that it's time to see if a WIPE is needed, we will need your votes to be able to do it. Reasons I think it's time for a WIPE: Last WIPE was on 2 September 2016, that's about 6 months ago. Not much free space left on the main map for new players: Live Map Here Server is a bit laggy as there are vary many bases on the map. A full server WIPE will allow us to get a new Map Seed and make the server less laggy. Note that if we will WIPE the current main map will be available for download so you can still play on it on your local computer. Full WIPE means everything resets worlds, inventory's in-game data except for ranks. Please vote and tell us if you think it's time for a server WIPE.
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    Name: Aleksandar Radovanović IGN: FryderykSzopen Age: 16 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Mostly ACV1, sometimes ACV2 and CTW Location: Serbia A short description of yourself: One could say that I'm deliberately obtuse when it comes to anything else except my interests. My favourite genres of music are Romantic, Baroque, Pop, Jazz and Rap. I like chatting with other people, and also aspire to be a top-class polyglot or a linguist. Hobbies and interests: Music, piano, languages and other cultures Discord / Skype Name: CreepersCrownRS / Aleksandar Radovanović
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    This is ridiculous. This has been a feature on direwolf20 for almost 3 years now, this would be like if America started driving on the left side of the road it'd be chaotic and tons of complaints. This is the way the server is and people are used to this and you are the first one to complain about it. If you'd like to competitively PVP then stick to Tekkit, where there is an actual scoreboard for it, PVP isn't a main feature here. And if you now reaaally want to PVP here with the only intent to steal players inventory then do so in the other dimensions. Only overworld is keepinv true. Edit: Added a poll for players to vote on if they wish for the Keepinventory to be true of false. Keep in mind that we can see the names of those who vote.
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    I'm working on thesis so I'm so busy that cannot login to see my base. This guide is made long time before I have to stop playing minecraft for a while, this is my experience on ftb infinity evolved server from the first time to get infinity bees. English is not my language so the guide may contain some grammar error. I hope you can forgive for me about this. - Corrections and rephrasing will be performed by staff. p/s: the forestry bees guide will be the next (if I have time) p/s 2: I'm not finished yet, some work need to be done about another age FTB INFINITY 101 – HOW TO START WITHOUT GETTING STRUCK As you know (or not know), FTB infinity evolved sv on craftersland use expert mode (actually I think all sv use expert mode). If you have played another modded sv on craftersland network, you may have enough knowledge to know that ftb infinity bring you a toughest challenge. If you don’t know or never play through another modpack, there are some information about FTB Infinity Evolved (FTB Inf): - 1st. Food can't be cooked in a normal furnace, you'll need a redstone furnace for it. - 2nd. The modpack's come in two tiers, Magic and Tech, all of the magic mods and the tech mods are intertwined with eachother. Meaning you must progress all tech mods to finish the tech tree and the same goes for magic. An exception to this is Draconic evolution as it requires all of the tech and magic mods. - 3rd. As this is Expert mode almost all recipes have been changed. Even the easiest recipes are affected, such as the furnace, rails and a bucket. - 4th. More examples are with wood, as a wooden log only gives 2 planks and these 2 planks can only turn into 2 sticks. You can get 4 sticks like it is in vanilla but more about that later. - 5th. All lava generators are disabled due to them being an easy method of power. - 6th. Finally, even if you are an experienced modded minecraft player or not you will get lost in this modpack so don't be afraid of asking for help. On this guide, I separate the total process from beginning with wooden logs to getting the creative portable tank into ages. This guide will not provide all knowledge for you but it will guide your hand towards the endgame, making this an enjoyable experience without getting lost and bored. Loot age After registering click the random teleport sign at the spawn exit to travel to random location. The first thing you do is choose a place to setup your town. Creating a town costs you $120 that'll give you a single chunk town, to expand after that each chunk costs $20 but there's no maintenance cost. You begin with $200 which should be enough for a small town, if you wish to trade with players early on or make a larger town voting is recommended. Each vote gives you $50 and 1 vote crate key (x4 vote rewards happen 1st week of the month.), you may also claim the daily reward which will give you $200, 2 vote crate keys, 30 levels and 8 diamonds. HERE are our voting links, daily reward can be found HERE. Each of these reset every 24 hours. Spawn has two market system, the first is spawn shops that sell items at a fixed prize, right click the shop signs to buy your items. The second is spawn market; where players sell their stuff for in-game currency, trading items for real money is stricly disallowed. First you have to create a town to protect your stuff, unlike faction servers, griefing any items inside a town's territory is unforgivable and will result in a ban. So you don’t need to make the town underground to protect your stuff. Make sure you buy 1 stack of oak wood logs at spawn shop or gather it yourself. [1]. Use these logs to craft: - Crafting station: keep items inside the table and can connect with 2 nearest chests - Chests: for storage Craft at least 4 chests, place them at 1 corner on your chunk. Then type /sethome to set the home location, then return to spawn and click to the random spawn sign to travel randomly. The purpose of this thing is to find the village and loot everything that necessary for you now or later. Even the vanila village still have importants things to loot such as furnace (you need 72 cobberstones to craft 1 furnace on expert mode), seeds and foods, some villagers trade foods, fishs, papers... to emelard. Luckily, you may find a village contain structure of other mods, these villages have many valuable things to get. Here is something may help you choose what to loot first: - Smeltery: Some village contain 1 5x5x2 Smeltery with 2 casting basin and table. But the smeltery lack of casting channel, the smetery controller, tanks and faucets so you have to craft it. Around this smeltery is 2 stone slap platform that important for you to craft extra utilities transport pipes, open blocks fans or other stuff. - Railcraft house: this house can be recognized immediately due to brick block walls, stone slab floor and 1 track inside. The normal Railcraft house contain 1 Hobbyists steam generators (efficiency worse than steam dynamos but it still better than survivalists generator), 1 rolling machines, 1 chests contain Railcraft stuff. Many people only take generators, rolling machines and other stuff inside the chest but they forgot that bricks are very important because you need it for immersive steel making. - Immersive Engineering house: This house even easier to recognize because it is made from treated woods and have 1 floors. On the top of the door is 1 item frame with immersive’s hammer inside. Outside and inside of this house have some wooden storage crate contain some valuable items such as creosote oil and schematics (when the sv just beginning, spawn shops didn’t sell creosote oils and schematics like you are seeing now). These crate can store items even when they are broken so pick up these crate for extra use (you can use it to store looting items inside and break it to pick it up). Don’t forget to “harvest” some treated wood in the wall to make forge hammer. - Priest Tower: inside this tower contain some books such as thaumnomicon for thaumcraft, some potion and some gold coins. The priest Tower Coven Witch base: This house has the roof made from alder woods (or you just follow the coven witch, after a while she will return to her base). Inside that house contain 1 chest with Witchery stuff inside and 1 cauldron. Take the cauldron and maybe something inside the chest. - Tinkers’ Construct house: this house have terrace (flat roof, have wooden fence on the top of the house). Inside this house contain 1 piston, 1 chests that have some parts of Tinker’s Tools made by cartus, bronze (very valuable at the beginning!), iron, slime... They also contain basic Tinker’s Construct blocks: Stencil table, Part Builder with Pattern chests contain useless pattern and Tool Station. Take metals part for extra metal ignots on smeltery and some important pattern on the chest (you can take the pattern if you want), and do not forget the piston. - Agricraft glass house: This structure made by oak woods at corner and glass panel as a wall. Inside of this structure contain a field of many of plants and mushrooms. However only some of them are important for you later so choose carefully and go to the side of this house. Some house have water tanks, sprinkles and water channel on the side or near the side of the house, take many of possible of these things, especially the sprinkle. The Forestry House, you can see the fence made from forestry woods - Forestry Apiary house: This house has walls and roof made by forestry woods, they have color different from the other trees. This house have 1 yard on the back, in this yard there is 2 apiary that contain 1 proven frame for each, 1 queen and 1 drones. Moreover, inside the house contain 1 chest store forestry stuffs inside. When your inventory is full, store items on immersive crates so your inventory can be used to store more items (however I don’t suggest you to carry 5 immersive crates contain full of items because it can make your inventory corrupted that prevent you to login and clear inventory is the only solution to solve this). Or type /home to teleport to your base to store items to chests, then type /back if you don’t finish your looting yet. The loot age cannot stand forever, you should do it on your first hours. After that other looting is not necessary. You can also bypass this age to turn directly to wooden and stone age if you see that you can start from absolute zero. Before move to wooden and stone age, I want you to establish your base. At first time without chunk loaders, only the chunk that you are standing inside is loaded (this is my experience). So you need to establish everything important inside ONE CHUNK (you can establish farm for foods and materials on another chunk, they still growth if you check for them at least once after login). There is some experience comes from my terrible base establish from Tekkit, FTB Direwolf, SF and FTB Inf that I still have to find the way to solve it: - You cannot make the small and cozy house like valina minecraft because even you want or not, you have to play through all mods of this modpack. - You don’t need to build a full house at beginning, in fact you shouldn’t do it because many of things will change during your work and the full house may cause problem for it (like the way to setup cables – especially Ic2 cables). - Your base should be flatted, it make everything easier when you begin to establish machines Even after you have chunk loader and can expand your base, even the structure and the ground of your base is the combination of stones, cobblestones, dirts, sands or even deadbrushes like noobs house on Exploding TNT videos. It must be well-established for each groups of machines so when you want to craft something, it is easy for you to manipulate as easy and convenient as possible. These groups including: - Generators: choose wisely the place for generators, especially IC2 generators. The good place is the place that can cost less energy transmission module (immersive wires, BC kinesis pipes, IC2 cables, Thermal Foundation Fluxducts...) but still provide enough energy for all machines. If you can expand your base, it’s better to separate all generators into one specific area so it’s easy to fix, add or do another things on generators. - Area for BC assembly table and lasers: including 1 assemble table with 1 chest next to it to store products. This area should place near or next to generators to make sure that it always get enough energy for assemble process. - IC2 area: IC2 machines cannot move at the beginning (you need electric wrench with lossless mode to move it without have a chance to become basic machine casing. So think carefully when establish the area for IC2 machines, maybe you have to wait for a very long time until you can move it - Core machine place: this area include metal press from immersive engineering, thermionic fabricator and carpenter from Forestry, rock crusher from railcraft. All of them are core machines that you need for all process on ftb inf (you can use smeltery to make gears, metal former to make plates instead of making metal press, but at the beginning this multi-block machine cost very little energy with fast speed – of course it cannot faster than fully upgraded metal former). - Smeltery area: smeltery still have their value even when you are reaching to late game, unlike IC2 machines it is very easy to setup and remove so just place them at corner or any area inside the chunk that do not interrupt your process or cause uncomfortable for you when working on it. - Storage and crafting area: Use crafting station to craft because it can hold your items as also connect to 2 nearest chests. You should make many of chests for many of stuffs like raw ores, ignots and raw materials, farming stuffs, circuits and tubes. You may want to make Biblio potion shelf, book shelf, item shelf (I don’t remember it’s name) to store books (you’ve received many of books at the beginning), potion (especially bottle of exp) and unused items (like shear, clipping, some tools...). This area should be place at the place you feel most convenient, you should build many of crafting station for crafting complex machines. Wooden and stone age First, craft slab furnace (their recipe like vanila furnace) or nether furnace (netherracks can be bought from spawn shops), try to find some coals for fuels. Because wooden pickaxe have only 5 durability and other valina tools are crafting only so at this time your choice is tinker’s tools. If you have looted basic Tinker’s Construct blocks, time to make smeltery, if not, you have to make it. Before making stone tools, use your storage crates first. Maybe (actually almost always) the crate at spawn will give you ruby, sapphire and peridot. These tools have redstone mining levels, strong durability and (of course) better than wooden or stone tools. If your base near the magical forest or mega taiga (or use random spawn to find it), go to the forest and harvest some mossy cobblestones for moss ball modification, your tools now will be automatically repair. Use these jewel to craft 1 pickaxe, 1 mattock and (maybe) 1 shovel and 1 broadsword. Mattock can act like axe, shovel and hoe but its harvest speed on flint and gravel ores are horrible. Make sure you buy sand and clay from spawn shops, combine with gravel collected from the riverside, lakes... to craft grout. Smelt grout for seared bricks that can be used for smeltery later. The important thing you must remember is trying to mining inside the chunk contains your furnace to make sure all furnace are loading, the suitable time for mining is when your furnace working. You should craft 1 chisel (from chisel mod) to mine stones and obsidians, just click 1 time to the stone or obsidians to turn it to chisel2 blocks, then you can break it easily. Then right click with the chisel to return it into vanila stones and obsidians for extra uses. Finally, don't use stick to craft torches, you are wasting your woods. Instead use stone tool rods from tinker's construct, they act as the same way to craft torches. 3. Smeltery age Smeltery is the first core machine that you need for whole process of ftb inf. Smeltery smelt 1 ore into 2 ingots and it is 1 of 2 ways to craft gears (the other way is metal press). If you have looted the smeltery from villages, you only need to replace some searched bricks blocks by 1 controller, 1 tank and some casting channels with faucets. If not, try to craft 1x1x1 smeltery and smelt compressed cobblestone for extra seared bricks and seared stones. For plate, use aluminum brass instead of golds, each blank plate cost 2 gold ingots but only 1 brass ingots. Aluminum can be found on caves, copper is quite harder to find but aluminum brass can be found at spawn shops (16 ingots for 50$ - very cheap). The next consider is lava for the tank, at this time you can make bucket very easy because creosote oil is sold at spawn shop. But in case you don’t have any creosote oils, use the forestry tin can as substitution. They can be placed in potion shelf, cannot pour liquid out like bucket but each can store 1000mb of any kind of fluid, and they are cheap, very cheap so try to craft many of tin can as possible when you go to mine to store any lava you see. If you right click lava tin can to the seared tank, the tin can will lost forever. However if you right click it to portable tanks, you can get it back. Smelt 1 cactus to make pipe sealant to craft 1 BC fluid pipe, pump lava from the tank to pipes by place the tank on top of pipes and right click with crescent hammer (3 iron and 1 tin ingots) About lava, some lavapool appear on the ground, if you can find it there is nothing to say. In case you cannot find any lava on the ground, you can use Journeymap to find lava pool underground. Press “J” button, click to option tab, on mipmap 1 and 2 enable show caves. The caves, abandoned mine and lava pockets now appear when you enter to the cave or when you dig low enough (with this map you can dig down without worry about fall into the lava pool). In case you find abandoned mine, collect railway as much as possible for steve’s carts farming. Return to the smeltery, if you can’t loot any smeltery from villages and have to craft the 1x1 one, try to expand it to 3x3x3 (at this moment this is enough). Even when your smeltery is from the village or made by yourself, it must have these things for extra used later: - At least 1 channels for fluid input - At least 1 casing table and casing basin Now you can begin to create bronze and electrum for core machines. The faucet can be automated by redstone clocks and any metals ingots, gears or part of tinker’s tools can be pump out by transfer node (the plate cannot be pumped out). Remember mining anytime you wait metals to be smelted by smeltery. During this stage if you don’t want to pay extra $ for steels, you should craft coke ovens and blast furnace. You should craft 2 coke ovens and 1 Immersive blast furnace, DO NOT CRAFT RAILCRAFT BLAST FURNACE because it cannot be upgraded. The best fuel for blast furnace is coke coal but if you have steve’s carts treefarm you can use charcoals. To start steve’s carts treefarm, first you have to make cart assemble. Then make iron cart or mechanized pig and place it into the cart assemble. Add basic treefarm, 1 coal engine and 1 smelter (or advance smelter if you have enough materials to craft them). Then make 1 cargo manager and some advance detector rails to automate process. One thing you should know that the coal engines also use saphling and wood logs as fuels, to prevent this separate fuels (as charcoal) into 3 slots, the engine consume fuels on left slot first. Treefarm plant tree along 2 side of the railway but it can cut wood farther so if you build a wooden house make sure that you put the treefarm far away from your house or the only thing remain of your house is stuffs that the treefarm cannot harvest. After some days 3 slots of charcoals on it’s engine will full and this carts can extract extra charcoal for steel making. Also on this age you should begin of energy storage, basic energy storage that you can be used including: - Immersive LV capacitor: in my opinion this is the easiest energy storage module that you can craft, it contain 100000 RF inside and configured by engineering hammer - IC2’s Batbox: can store 40000 EU with the input and output rates 32EU/t but 1 EU = 4RF so the actual storage is 160000 RF and the input and output rates 128RF/t. Batbox require quite expensive materials (electrotine) and many crafting steps. It’s also hard to connect with RF machines because IC2 use different energy system but you can connect it by using immersive energy transportation. Batbox gives you 1 benefits that LV capacitor don’t have: you can charge IC2 tools. The energy transportation on this tier not only immersive transport system but also BC Kinesis pipes, they only require cheap materials and simple recipe but can transport a large amount of enery. Moreover they can sync with immersive energy transportation and thermal fluxducts. However the system need input pipes (wooden and emerlard kinesis pipes) to “pump” energy from immersive connectors or other energy source to the pipes network, but I think this is not the problem because at this moment you only need wooden pipes and later emerald is super easy to make. Finally, you should consider about the immersive energy transportation. The output connector not share energy to all other connectors, they will fill up each connector until they cannot accept any energy before turn to the next. Because of this, it’s better to combine with kinesis pipes and fluxducts Steel and bronze age After get bronze from smeltery, use them to make Thermionic Fabricator, the bronze gear can only be made by smeltery at this moment. This machine is used to make vacuum tubes, craft 4 diamond tube. To craft laser and assembly table, you need obsidians. In case you don’t have obsidian, mix lava and water on smeltery to make molten obsidian and pour to the casting basin. Then craft carpenter, the machine that use water and other materials to make circuts. Both of them are core machines but you can craft carpenter later in case you don’t have enough bronze About the energy, if you don’t have any generators, the survivalists generator is the final option. But before crafting it I advise you to check the IC2 generator, it’s require popular materials (iron almost) to craft it and crafting steps are easy. Survivalists generator burn 1 coal coke on 30 minutes with the rate 5 RF/t; IC2 generator burn coal coke on 3200 ticks (160s if server no lag) with the rate 10 EU/t (40 RF/t) and require immersive cable to connect with laser. In total survivalists generator generate more energy but the time is so slow while IC2 generator have greater energy generation rate with lesser energy. If you don’t have any energy storage module, use IC2 generator because it can generate enough energy for 1 laser work. In case you have energy storage module, use survivalists generator or combine (the survivalists for other machine while IC2 generator for lasers). The chipset you make first is iron, after have it use iron chipset to craft IC2 basic machine casing and then craft metal former, this is the third core machine and one of the most important machines. You can use metal former to make more IC2 wires, more item casing from plates... At first time the rate is slow but after you have a tons of energy, you can upgrade to freaking fast. The next core machine is rock crusher, this is multiblock structure (3x2x2) that require a lot of steels to make it. After successfully installed you should cover the top of it by one block from chisel mod to prevent the case you jump to the machine and died, then you lost all items in one effort to break the grave. Finally, if you have exceed steels, make metal press to craft gears (and maybe plates) faster. Water wheel age Each kinetic dynamo should have 3 waterwheels to maximize the productivity. Each waterwheel cost 40 treated wood (16 of them for treated sticks) and 1 iron blocks for iron. You can search on google and youtube to find out how to maximize productivity of waterwheel. On this stage you shouldn’t remove other generators, just keep it for your machines and use waterwheel for assembly table. At this moment you have enough materials to craft some leadstone energy storages and hardened energy storage later. The next step is begin of Thermal Foundation, new players may thing about making pulverizer and redstone furnace but in my opinion you shouldn’t do it. I suggest you to craft sawmill first, on sawmill each wood log create 6 wood planks and a large amount of saw dusts using for MFR, this machine work freaking fast so you do not worry about time consuming. Moreover, do you remember I’ve told you that we have the way to make 4 sticks from 2 wood planks? The Natura’s woods don’t be affected by the adjustment of the modpack, and they quite pretty for decoration. Wood logs from Natura modpack can only return wooden planks on sawmil and these planks return 4 sticks when crafting. During sawmill work or the assembly table is crafting the next thermal foundation machine farm, you should consider to craft Macerator and Electric furnace. Both of them still valuable later, especially electric furnace are one ingredients for Ender IO Alloy Smelter. After the assembly table finish the second Thermal basic machine frame, use it to craft induction smelter, this machine smelt 1 iron ingot with 2 pulverize coal into 1 steel ingot. Also on this tier you should find materials for culinary generators and make a nether portal. About nether portal, the best way to avoid be attacked by mobs when you just enter to is create a town on the other side of the portal (you can create up to 3 towns on craftersland server). And don’t forget Botania, the daybloom on this modpack has decay time and will disappeared after 2-4h (I don’t know exactly). Try to craft Endoflame as soon as possible and use charcoal from Steve’s Carts treefarm to feed it, or you can use block of coal coke for very long time operation. Another option is Rosa Arcana, this flower drain XP in your XP bar to generate mana when you enter to 3x3 area around the flower. If you have essense berry bush, this is the best way to generate mana especially when you are afk, make the afk pool with the Rosa Arcana at the middle and the last thing is afk. “Lightened" age I call this age is lightened age because this is the time you build more complexity generators that can generate many of RF (or EU). At this moment maybe you still don’t have enough materials for Culinary generators or you have but 1x Culinary generator generate very few RF. I will divide this age to 2 ways: have Culinary Generator and don’t have or don’t want to use it. But first, there are some important machines you must make on this age: Drawer controller: soon or later you have to use it until you have ME controller. With the rich source or wood from sawmil you can make drawers easily, the controller is the final step to automate the process. One hint for you is put these drawers underground to safe place, only let the controller on the surface near the crafting zone. Magma Crucible: This is the fifth core machines, needed to make machines chassis from EnderIO The Vat: this is the first machine on EnderIO you have to craft, the object of The Vat is make rocket fuel for Plastic sheets from MFR. MFR Harvester: this machine can harvest agricraft without destroy the crop sticks, even you have culinary or not, harvester is very important to your process. Begin to make the first Thermal resonant machine frame (about 1h at this moment if you have enough energy for the assembly system). Another tips about energy transportation for you in this age: the fluctuating itemduct, made by infuse 200mb of destabilized redstone to the normal itemduct can transport 2000 RF/t. When compare to another energy transportation method fluctuating itemduct beat all of them, they have many of advantages: Easy to craft (tin can be found everywhere) Simple (kinesis pipes require the output pipes) Can transport item, so it can be used as the item transportation and energy transportation in 1. HAVE CULINARY GENERATOR: The ultimate food source for Culinary generator is Beef Wellington, it is very easy to make: 1 tofu + 1 mushroom, 1 spinach and 1 dough. You can use cyclic assemble to automate this process. Because machinists’ workbench is banned due to dupe bugs (and make the final way to craft unstable ingots containing items collapsed), you have to add the blank schematic and fill the recipe directly to cyclic assemble. If you don’t have enough materials for beef wellington, use the soybean and tofu instead. Soon or later you will recognize that the food source is not enough. To solve this problem, increase the stat of agricraft seeds by breeding 2 same plants, they have a chance to increase the stats. To “clone” the seed form crop stick to another, use Clipper. The Strength stats demonstrate how many percent that the clipping can developed to a plant on another crop sticks. The 10/10/10 seeds generate very fast and large amount of product that your storage system will full soon. DON’T HAVE CULINARY GENERATOR: If you don’t have culinary generator or don’t want to use it, there is some alternative generators: Steam dynamo + steam boiler: 1 steam dynamo cost 64 of coal dust, but coal is sold at spawn shop with very cheap prize so you don’t need to worry about it. The steam boiler can use charcoal from Steve’s Carts treefarm to operate, it require a bit of time to heat and operate. Steam dynamo can be upgraded to generate 640RF\t per each dynamo while steam boilers can be used on BigReactor steam turbine (but the recipes for BigReactor stuffs on this version are unbelievable expensive and not worth for anything you have to spend to craft it). Compression dynamo + MFR bioreactor: Compression dynamo is super easy to craft, it require only tin gears and compressed air cells. The hard thing is about the MFR bioreactor, they require The Vat to make rocket fuel. But when you solve this problem, nothing can stop you to access to infinitive power source. With 1 MFR harvester and 1 10/10/10 pumpkin farm, biofuel is ready for the dynamo (500kRF for 1b of biofuel). Don’t forget to put the water to dynamos to cool it and like Steam Dynamo, Compression dynamo can be upgraded to generate 640RF/t per dynamo. Another thing you must consider is when the energy buffer inside the dynamo raised, the energy generated will slow down so make sure they always work with the empty energy buffer. Immersive Biodiesel Generator: I’m not advise you to make this because of these disadvantages: require a tons of iron and steels, space-consuming, cannot sync with other mods and super noisy even you’ve placed 1 sound muffer next to you. Moreover 1 Biodiesel generator only produce 1020 RF/t for a tons of steel you cost. If you want to make it, construct the MFR harvester with 10/10/10 sugarcane and pumpkin for it. IC2 Nuclear Reactor: Even have culinary or not, soon or later you have to make nuclear reactor for plutonium production. The advantage of IC2 Nuclear Reactor is generate very much energy but it contain the risk of explosion if the setup is wrong. On internet there is many of model of setup for safe reactor, you can search to find it. The hard thing on nuclear reactor is they require more machines (fluid/solid canning machine) and 1 hazmat suit to protect you from radiation. If you want to use Nuclear Reactor, you have to prepare for the electric shortage for a long time. Basic automation age To this age, you may not have so much but enough energy to maintain the working of all machines. Check this list to make sure you have all core machines for the next steps: Smeltery – Tinker’s Construct Thermionic Fabricator - Forestry Carpenter - Forestry Assembly table and lasers (should have at least 8 of them at this moment) – BC Lasers Rock crusher – Railcraft Metal Press – Immersive Engineering Metal Former – IC2 Compressor – IC2 Electric Furnace – IC2 or Redstone Furnace – Thermal Foundation or Alloy smelter – EnderIO Sawmil – Thermal Foundation Treefarm – Steve’s Carts or MFR Macerator – IC2 [2] Pulverizer – Thermal Foundation Induction smelter – Thermal Foundation [3] Magma Crucible – Thermal Foundation Fluid Transposer – Thermal Foundation The Vat – EnderIO Cyclic Assemble – Thermal Foundation [4] First, you have to make 1 drawer controller, while you are making it try to craft many of drawers. The drawer controller can like with all drawers on 25x25x25 range around it, if you want it to connect with drawers outside of this range, you have to craft controller slave. The best place for this system is underground with only the drawer controller on the floor to connect with Logistics pipes. The controller only place items that already have inside it’s system, to pump items that not already exists on it you have to place the item you want to 1 chest and use item translocator to “pump” it into the system. Now this is the time for first storage and crafting system that you will use until you have ME system. First, craft many of logistics pipes for later use, then craft the first machine: Power Junction, it act like the power source for all system. Connect the junction with the power source to charge it, you should place the junction at the place you will not remove it again until you have Me system because when you broke it, all energy contain inside will lost. The power junction distribute energy to another blocks inside the system by logistics pipes whatever the range is. You will notice the system have energy or not when look into the pipe, if they are red, the system don’t have energy. The second machine you make is soldering station to make Request Table, in this place you may see your items contain inside the drawer and maintain autocrafting. To connect the Request Table with the system, craft 2 Logistics chassic MK.II (or 1 MK.II and 1 MK.I), then craft 3 modules: 1 Polymorphic Itemsink, 1 Itemsink and 1 Provider. Place the MK.II chassic to the Drawer Controller, the MK.I chassic to the chest that have item translocator with the controller. Install Polymorphic Itemsink and the Provider Modules in MK.II chassic and the Itemsink with default route to MK.I chassic by right click them. In case you click wrong, use the wrench and right click to access to chassic’s HUD. IT’S DONE, when you want to place item that not contain on the drawer system, the Request Table will move it to the chest and the chest pump it to the controller. Requesting table use Oredict also and let you choose the type of materials you want in case more than 1 materials act as the same part in the recipe. This is the end of my guide, now you have and know how to operate core machines, from now you can perform tech mods, or magic mods or both. Hope that you enjoy my guide, good luck and see you in craftersland server. p/s: The next guide (if I have time to write) is “FTB Bees 101: From the dependent Apiarists to master of Gendustry” [1] if the time you join is some month passed, you should check spawn market first because some player may setup treefarm and sell with cheaper prize, if you join the server right after server wipe, better buy on spawn shops) [2] Macerator still have their use when craft IC2 duplication system so just keep it even when you have Pulverizer [3] This machines smelt 1 iron ingots with 2 coal dust to form 1 steel ingots, so craft 1 of it to smelt [4] Soon or later you will need it
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    1. My Personal Info Name: Job Zalmé Minecraft username: Siberpro https://gyazo.com/564beb549d26d5809d8d804b02d4792c Skype username: veeltedoen Age/Sex: 14 Do you have a microphone?: Yes i have Nationality: Netherlands/ Holland How long can you play + Time Zone: 2 to 3 hours a day, in the weekend 3 hours (+2:00) Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: Yes i can Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: I can offer great help, and find solutions for problems. How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: Discipline, patience, Being nice to other people and over all be happy! ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: I want to help this server, because i see often a lot of hackers. Over all i just want to help the community and give the players the game experience they deserve! What are your expectations from us?: Being nice to me, and help me with a problem if i cant handle it. Also just be happy and great ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: 11 januari, 2010 Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Premium When did you start playing on Craftersland?: When my friend bas_groen invited me to play, i am not sure what date it was Have you ever been banned?: No What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: I really love the AC V1, but i like the minigames too! 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: If the topic is about stealing stuff etc. i would try to fix the problem by talking to both players and try to find the solution if they have proof of course! If the topic is about something outside of Minecraft (like a youtube video or something) i would mute them for 5 minutes in the first place. If they keep going, i mute them for 30 minutes. ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information Hi i am Job, i have a lot of knowledge about Minecraft or "Hacked Clients". I know how to find them (on PC), and see when a player has one (ingame). Outside of hacking i am a person with a lot of patience, i can handle off situations without getting mad or making wrong decision.
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    Name: Jhon Castillo Minecraft username: xTayxon Skype username: xlAlexG_ Age/Sex: 17 / Man Do you have a microphone?: Yes Nationality: Venezuela How long can you play + Time Zone: 7 hours a day GTM:-04:00 Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: yes, I can Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: I can offer you attention on the server and be adtive, help users in their problems How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: I would be a very active and personal person when it comes to being a staff and being attentive in all the ways ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: Because this server I love since I was 13, I always played it and I would like to help make it better server being helper What are your expectations from us?: They are very attentive to your server, very organized in their things and mature ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: 2012 Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Premium When did you start playing on Craftersland?:2013 Was my first minecraft server Have you ever been banned?: If once per ban evades What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: I love Pure Survival mode, Assassin ACv1, CTW etc etc 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: First of all he would give a warning to both, if they continue silence to both by 10 minutes ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know:When I used to play minecraft I liked to play with Mobs after that I was bored to play alone and a friend gave me the IP of the server, since then I started to like a lot and I had more than one account but it is because I had more than one problem With mojang I really liked to play Pure Survival and I loved because it was very OP buy me several Rank Sponsor in all accounts I had before I did not know about forum or anything that, then start to know the other modalities like CTW, ACV1 etc tec, And start having nice friends, so I play on other servers I always go back to the same server Good Luck!
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    Rank Information: Permissions: Requirements: Application: Please reply in blue. Do not reply in bold. I wish you the best of luck!
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    Well said, dude. I've always respected you and the work you've been doing around here all these years. Quite the contribution to the community. I'm here thinking, what a great read that just was. Thorough and to the point, with an accurate and enjoyable to read description of you. The part about still having a lot to learn was the icing on the cake. You don't see that kind of honesty and humbleness very often these days. Keep it up!
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    Of course we think about the players because without the donors or just your regular player the server wouldn't have survived as long as it did, the rule on pvp is simple as are all the other ones, you can not pvp unless both parties agree, that doesn't mean you can't pvp but it means you can't just randomly kill someone and take his/her stuff, also the griefing rule is there because We don't want players to work just for their work to be stolen or simply destroyed, you have to respect the rules if you agree to them or not, you are the first to complain about this since server opened, if you don't like our rules " there's like 5 servers that allow griefing in the entire planet " go there it's as simple as that.
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    Hi. Alot of players are getting a fatal error message when connecting to the server MultiMc fixes that issue. MultiMc with Direwolf20 1.10.0 pack Cracked: Mediafire: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6CVm0DvrVn_NXVUNnNKZlNTc28/view I will try to update the links whenever the server updates. If you have any questions or problems feel free to ask.
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    What do you do when you are bored? :v
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    Name: Juan Pablo Minecraft username: iDan07 Skype username: Juanpi399 Age/Sex: i am 16 years old and i am male Do you have a microphone?: yes Nationality: Venezuela How long can you play + Time Zone: i can play 3 hours per day in the weekdays, and in the weekend i can play 4-5 hours per day, GTM: :-4:00 Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: yes, i do Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: yes ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: i can help some users to start, controle the spaming server, etc. How would you describe yourself as a Helper, what do you value in a good Staff Member?: I describe myself as a fun and helpful, i value a Staff Member if he is mature and an active user. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: To help some users and can improve as a staff What are your expectations from us?: Us are a good server and old server with some experience, and us strive some with the maintenance of the server ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: in 1011 Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Yes, i have a premium account since 3 years When did you start playing on Craftersland?: in September last year Have you ever been banned?:yes,1 time. What is the reason for you to play on this Server?: Because i saw a video of assassincraft and i liked it and then i started to investigate and i find this server. 2 Players are fighting (swearing at each other etc.) in global chat, what do you do?: First I tell them to stop and if they ignore me I give them a warning ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know. I love pc videogames, in my free time, i play minecraft or i see anime, and at the weekand, i can play like 4 hours in one day.
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    @brunyman @Powerwarp @Skilande_
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    Hi, i have rank Network Sponsor+ and i would like to have basic WE commands in pure survival please, i like to build and i think that the WE is a useful tool. commands: //wand, //set, //replace, //copy, //paste I promise use this tool just for my constructions, thanks. IGN: ImMemo
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    I like the idea of having an UHC server, but it's sort of expensive for $5. But this could mean we could give cash prizes or free ranks as rewards for winning. I will probably do a modded server first and depending how that goes we can implement a vanilla server. The problem is I don't actually know how many people will actually pay to play on it - we already have a lot of vanilla servers, so players will just play that for free instead of paying to play, which is completely understandable and logical. I know for a fact that over half of people who say they will play won't actually, as there is a difference between wanting something and actually paying for it. I just get the feeling that there is more real support for a modded server.
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    The list of restricted items on our FTB Infinity Evolved Server. Last updated 23.Feb.2017 Disabled Mods: Inventory Tweaks - Duplication bugs. Restricted Items: Arcane Bore > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass. Hungry Chest > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass. Everfull Urn > ThaumicExploration - Dupe bugs. Black hole talisman > Botania - Dupe bugs. Block Breaker > OpenBlocks - Dupe bugs. Block Placer > ProjectRed - Dupe bugs. Block and Chain > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Brews > Witchery - Protection bypass. Cloud in Bottle > Chisel - Protection bypass. Crane > OpenBlocks - Protection bypass. Crumble Horn > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Cube of Annihilation > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Cut firestone > Railcraft - Grief. Drawbridge > TinkersMechworks - Dupe bugs. Ender Collector > ExtraUtilities - EnderIO > EnderIO - Protection bypass. Energy Bazooka > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Energy Blaster > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Fancy Workbench > Bibliocraft - Dupe bugs. Filing cabinet > ExtraUtilities - Dupe bugs. Florbs > ThermalExpansion - Protection bypass. Hand of Ender > Botania - Protection bypass. Ice Bomb > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Imperfect Ritual Stone > BloodMagic - Dupe bugs. Industrial TNT > IC2 - Leonards Urn > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Letter > Forestry - Dupe bugs. Liquid Slime Dimlet > RFtools - Laggy Mana blaster > Botania - Protection bypass. Manastorm charge > Botania - Protection bypass. Machinist Workbench > ThermalExpansion - Dupe bugs. Needlegun > MFR - Protection bypass. Plastic Bag > MFR - Protection bypass. Network tool > AE2 - Protection bypass. Orb of testing > BloodMagic - Unstable. Tectonic Petrotheum Bucket > ThermalFoundation - Protection bypass. Plasma Launcher > IC2 - Protection bypass. Rod of Terra Firma > Botania - Protection bypass. Rod of the Hells > Botania - Protection bypass. Rod of the Molten Core > Botania - Protection bypass. Shard of Laputa > Botania - Protection bypass. Slotted Book > BilblioCraft - Dupe bugs. Smashing Rock > Chisel2 - Protection bypass. Spell Table > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Turtles > ComputerCraft - Protection bypass. Twisted Dark Iron Block > Factorization - Unstable. Vajra > GraviSuite - Dupe bugs. Item Stock Keeper Chip > ProjectRed - Dupe bugs. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries. inf.craftersland.net
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    Name: juan kian stankovic IGN: juanstankovic Age: 16 years old Crafter's Land Servers you play: Netwoooork Location: Argentina :^) A short description of yourself: I am a simple person who likes anime, games and annoy people (quisiera ser buena persona pero nunca me salio ) Hobbies and interests: my hobby... hmm... draw? yes its draw my dad gave me a wacom when I was 12 years old (I lock myself in my room all day drawing). (and i have DeviantArt TOP SECRET) Discord / Skype Name: discord: juanstankovic senpai #5127 skype: juanstankovic.
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    We used to have a topic like this but it died after a while and since it was liked so much back then, I thought bringing it back would be a great idea. It is simple just leave your favorite music below for others to see. I'll start with mine:
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    can't believe I forgot about this one, Old but gold:
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    Yeah, but, when youu are a new player, and you just lost all your stuff and experience, probably multiple times, do you think they are going to stay, and continue to not be able to progress, or do you think they will go somewhere else, to a different server where they can feel safer and not die constantly? Free wilderness pvp is usually just noob hunting, and that's not good for us. We need that influx of new players, and new players become old players, and old players buy stuff from us, thus keeping the server up and running. Sure, pvp is a part of the game, but you can also have fun in arranged fights. It's like boxing, or wrestling. It's also important for players to have good sportsmanship, and consensual pvp battles encourage this. Often times, players who abuse the pvp in the wilderness also cause other problems for the sake of causing problems, and often transfer to other servers when they get punished for that. It's a good idea to nip this kind of behavior in the bud, before it becomes a real problem, and this will do it. Noob hunting is, basically, a gateway crime, as it wasn't exactly illegal, and encourages other attempts to toe the line and cause many other disputes and issues. I understand that I'm not Tekkit staff, nor have I played there. However, I do believe that I have experience with problem players, and with wilderness pvp. I also understand that this should have been brought up sooner, and announced/integrated better in the current rulesets. However, that is in the past and over with, so what we need to deal with is the current problems and issues.
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    Fullbright changes gameplay a lot. For example, you don't have to place torches, giving you an advantage over players who don't have fullbright and have to place torches everywhere. A hack is a hack, and this mod is designed to make things easier for you. Mods designed to make things easier for only you, the player with the mod installed, and thus giving you an advantage regular players don't have, is called cheating, or in this case, a hack. You have hacked your game by changing certain values within the core files, in order to make things easier on yourself. Again, this is hacking/cheating/getting a gameplay advantage over the normal modpack. This modification should not, and very likely, WILL NOT, be removed from the prohibited hacks and cheats list, and anybody using it will be banned according to the rules. EDIT// There are other ways to see in the dark that can be obtained legitimately in these mod packs. You could try night vision potions, draconium armor, thaumcraft, enchantments, and many other things. However, if you choose to not play the game, and find methods that are against the rules but take less effort than the already provided methods in the game, you will be punished, according to the rules, for doing so. And for the record, fullbright and gamma modification accomplish exactly the same goals, and should be considered the same thing. EDIT// The point is, modifying your game so you don't need to use the ingame methods is cheating, or hacking. Changing your config is not a vanilla way of seeing in the dark. Using drac armor is a vanilla way of seeing in the dark, as it is intended and part of the gameplay. Don't misconstrue my words and points, and don't try to get into technicalities, as they are beside the point, which is changing your game in a non-vanilla method to obtain an advantage over the regular gameplay. Allowed mods include Optifine, Better Foilage, Fastcraft, and many shaders as well. These are all purely visual mods that add no advantage over other players, and change nothing except your frames per second. None of them include seeing in the dark, or x-ray, or player detection, and what you are proposing is to change the way your game is played, simply to see better, and thus have an easier time than the other players.
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    Uh, no. You're gonna have to buy that. Sorry.
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    As requested, the server full WIPE is now complete! We got a new map seed and a fresh start for everyone! Changes: Full data reset except for ranks and permissions. New Map Seeds for all worlds. Fixed some dupe bugs. Fresh start for all with less lag. Enjoy a fresh world to explore and build! Join and get a nice spot for your base! Modded madness! ftb.craftersland.net
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    Hello, so it's been like 6 months since last server WIPE, and time has come to do another server full reset. The WIPE will take place on 4 March 2017. WIPE is needed when the main map get's a lot of bases and it's hard for new players to find a spot to build, also the WIPE will allow us to generate a new map seed, reduce server lag and everyone will be able to start fresh in a new world. This WIPE was voted here: The server live map is available here: http://ftb.craftersland.net:8120 We will provide a download link of the existing map after the wipe, make sure you know your town coordinates if you want to play on your computer.
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    Accepted Application for Helper Rank Personal Information: Name: Sebastian Minecraft Username: scitor Age: 30+ Languages you speak: en (hopefully good enough), de (native), pl (fair) Country + Time Zone: Ger, GMT+1 Do you have a microphone?: yes Discord Name and ID*: scitor#3769 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: 2+ (often more) Can you join the forums everyday?: yes Have you ever been banned?: no A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): I'm good at finding out how stuff works, i.e. reverse engineering. It's part of my job (dev) and if must be I end up studying the sources of mods to find out how they work. If something is possible with a mod, I'll get it to work. But most things are doable with yt vids or figuring out ingame. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): When people expect you to play the game for them (e.g. "Can I have sand?"), I'm pretty straightforward in telling them, which sometimes seems rude. Also when people aren't listening I tend to ignore them quickly, and people aren't listening nowadays. It's not a weakness, it's more a challenge for them to get my attention back, once they missed the (often multiple) chances they got from me. This is more of an extreme and doesn't happen that often though. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: A friendly helper who's interests are fun gameplay for everyone involved. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: I never was staff on a popular mc server, modded or not. I did host a whitelist server once since I'm hosting multiple servers myself, business and game related, so I can more or less imagine whats awaiting me. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack?: Well, looking at this Expert mode I have to judge my skills at 2/3 so a 6, since I know the mods and mechanics, just the hardness is increased (which is great). I will have to look up much but NEI is always helpful and there seems to be a good tutorial online how to get through the stages (Stone age, Smeltry, ...) which I intend to play through. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: Yes Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: Get them to a private or local chat and try to get them to sort it out by themselfs. If not possible hear their story from both sides, find out if there were witnesses/proofs and try to find a fair solution. If still not possible due to anger or other hard feelings try to mute, redirect to forums (depends on the case) or report to higher ranked staff if out of options. At all times enforcing the rules. Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: Ask for reasons and take screenshots/video evidence. Report to higher staff if not cooperating. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): Take screenshots/video evidence and try to contact admins asap. Calm the crowd Thanks for reading. PS: I'm a regular DW20 player, just want to change - scitor
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    Accepted Hi brunyman / other people reading this, This is my application for becoming a Helper on the Infinity Evolved server. First of all, i would like to clarify some things first: 1. I will enjoy playing here. Being part of the staff team or regular player. 2. I am from The Netherlands, so my english is not wonderful. General Information: Name: Dylan Minecraft Username: P0WeRZz Age: 18 Languages you speak: English, Dutch Country + Time Zone: Netherlands, CET+0 Do you have a microphone?: Yes Discord Name and ID*: P0WeRZz#8527 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: Depending on school/work, around 3-4 hours each day should be possible Weekends will be a lot more. Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes I can. So far I have not been really active on the forums because I am relatively new on the server. I will try to engage more in being part of the community, but it will take some time Have you ever been banned?: No, and I would like to keep it that way. A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): I am a good teamworker (^lol) but i can also take care of problems while being alone. Personally I can also remember things very easily, like actions that need to be taken for specific rules. That means i can act quick in the heat of a fight. Having owned multiple servers I am aware of most config files of plugins and their usage inside and out. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): I am a very technical person. I really like mods like Thermal Expansion, EnderIO, Logistics Pipes/ME etc. Magical mods don't really interest me that much. It's a good thing Expert mode kind of force me to do those mods so I can learn them to help others. I also consider my english a weakness. I'm not new to the language. But I don't know all grammar rules. I am trying though.. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: If I get placed at the staff table I can offer you a lot of experience regarding server administration and moderation. I currently study Computer Science. That means I have a great understanding how Java(&lua) works. While having owned multiple servers myself I can say I can program plugins for servers too. This means I can assist in programming anything aswell. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: Yes, a lot to be honest. I have been moderator and admin on various networks, including one of my own. This lead to a lot experience of configuring and maintaining a server, and keeping it protected and fun to play with self-made plugins. Also, years of owning a server really helped in getting a lot of knowledge about common problems, and also learn how to maintain a stable community and economy. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack?: Technical mods: 9, I understand basicly everything of those. Magical mods: 4,5, I need more experience with those. I hope expert mode will force me in learning. General: 7 Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: Yes Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: Find out what happened, Either by asking them or asking people who saw what happened. Based on who did what I will mute one person or both. If continued I will report to other staff on discord that can take other actions Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: Immediately record some kind of evidence. Video or Screenshots. I will ask him what he or she is doing, if no reply is given or his explanation is very unclear I'd send the evidence to GMs and will not keep arguing with the person himself. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): Check if there is another staff member available on Discord, if so I'd ask him/her to come online asap to fix spawn and ban the player. Again, making sure I have enough evidence (screenshots or video). Thanks for reading my application. Best wishes for everyone! Dylan
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    Hey, here is another handy tool I wrote, since I couldnt find any working Turbine controller that did what I wanted: Prerequisites: One or more reactors, connected with Wired Modems One or more turbines, also connected Vibrant Capacity Bank, the number of cells is configured in the script Preheater / Alternative Steam Generator for spinup and standby mode This script DOES NOT regulate reactor rods. They have to be setup to power all connected turbines. Installation: Connect everything with Wired Modems and Networking Cable. Make sure the modems are connected (red). Open the Computer and type: pastebin get Tpri61yS i Just start "i", the installer should download the newest version. You can use this also for updates in the future. The startup script has to be edited (edit startup), there is a dedicated config variable where all values should be clear. Preheater: config.prechargerName is the computers side where a rednet cable (or comparable redstone cable) is connected to a valve (e.g. tesseract) regulating the precharger steam. The reason for this is to not use up the precharger steam for normal power generation. The precharger is used to hold the turbines on rpm without using the main reactor. The program is written that when you don't use a precharger the config.prechargerName variable should be left empty. In this case the main reactor will be used for standby steam generation, although this is not tested that well. Operation: The program spins up the turbines to the configured optimalTurbineSpeed and tries to hold them there. It monitors the Battery, once it falls below the bankChargeMin percentage the turbines start to charge the battery until it reaches bankChargeMax. If one of the turbines falls below the optimal rpm, its coils get disabled and the turbine is spun up with a bit random disable. Known problems: Cold starting all turbines at once with a full battery can take some time. not well tested, you tell me