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    Hey! So, I was browsing through some old screenshots the other day, in attempt to try and organize my library a bit. I came across some really old footage from Tekkit back in 2013 onwards that I've been sitting on for way too long now. I figured I'd put some of those shots together and form sort of a screenshots collage, for nostalgia's sake. Turned out a bit longer than I was going for, however it's a pretty accurate depiction of things back then, and sure brought back some amazing memories! Again, it's nothing more than a few screenshots in a short and badly edited clip I thought I'd share with the community. Nothing too exciting. Tekkit 2013 squad: @Andrew2070 (ex- @burnin_aura), @Marko, @CreepersCrown, @Eden20, @flamingironbird, @simsonas86, @Danielkinz and a few more (now inactive) community members, such as SirMajestick, Dexwarrior, Oakinshield, ModyMadness, and more. Watch in HD 720p or higher. Huge thanks to @brunyman for keeping it real all these years. Awesome work. ^_^
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    Who scammed you? Cartonetas? Are you Muwen370? You're gonna need some screenshots to help you prove this. If you have any, get to your Minecraft screenshots folder, locate the right screenshots and upload them to imgur.com. Then copy the address link and paste it on here. Next time use the appropriate complaint format found in the first pinned topic in this section.
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    If you have the code you used or better yet the dimlet, you could remake the dimension. If you use a dimension editor you could remotely add a matter receiver into the dim.
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    @brunyman Issue 1: Players can't create a new island Issue 2: The /is trust command doesn't work
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    Alright, please wait for the staff to take a look here. Thanks for providing that screenshot.
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    be patient and wait for brunyman to respond
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    Please do not double post, if you want to add something into your post just use the Edit button on the bottom right corner. Just keep being patient
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    Items refunded, check the strongboxes in your inventory.