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  1. Don't forget to mention that only the tutorial is allowed to be in Spanish, for ease of communication. Their topic and template must be in English, or it won't be looked at by the proper authorities!
  2. Witches in your coven like to visit you, and they recognize where you are by where you last slept. They have a certain range around your bed where they will teleport and visit you. Don't mind them, they are just being friendly. It is an intended feature of the mod, it even says so on the mod's wikis: https://sites.google.com/site/witcherymod/ It's a quite nice feature and quirk of Witchery that many players, myself included, love. I don't think it should be removed just because you personally take offense that your helpers are getting in your way.
  3. Remove the AntiCheat

    That's exactly what I told the original poster of this topic when he brought it up in the Discord chat. If you think you can come up with a better one, by all means, go ahead, but until then, this is the best option we've got, so you might have to live with it for now.
  4. SjokoladeBil

    Which server is this for?
  5. Staff Abuse -(quagma)

    I'll post what you wrote to your "friend". If you think this is merely banter, than I shudder to learn what you think is actual insults and harassment. http://imgur.com/a/9QHwT
  6. Assassin's Creed Plugin

    Topic closed.
  7. Spammer

    Edit your post to follow this format: EDIT// Thank you for editing it!
  8. Remove the AntiCheat

    Moved to Network Suggestions.
  9. Report - CTW

    Moved to network complaints.
  10. Thoughts on Minecon Earth?

    The question is, though, do attendees still get a minecon cape?
  11. Memes

  12. Random Thoughts

    Question of the day: Would you rather have broadcasting and receiving telepathy that you can't turn off (all can hear your thoughts, and vice versa), or would you prefer super speed, but not super endurance (get tired by running or moving the same distance, but you move faster, that's all)?
  13. UNBAN ME

    English only on the forums. Topic moved to Network Complaints. Please edit your post into English, and edit your post to follow this format: No need to make a new post, simply edit this one.
  14. REPORT

    Moved to Network complaints.