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Found 53 results

  1. Hey, I just upgraded from Sponsor to S+ and my 10 eur Fancy Title got reset. It would be cool if I could get that back and a (S+) tag added. (Sponsor+) is a bit big for me lol. InGame Name: VapeGodTV Also It would be great to have(I know, "use the template" lol): /enchant A way to Drain Liquids like /drain /god Cheers
  2. Hi, when I join with cracked ip I''m premium+ (in survival), but when I join with premium ip I'm a normal player. I want to be premium+ with minecraft premium. Here the proof:
  3. [1] In-Game Username: Chri99xzo [2] Details of Situation: A friend of mine gave me this account, but he said it was banned 2 years ago, in 2015. [3] Ban Category: Hacked account, he said. [4] Ban Duration: Permanent. [5] Staff Member: sabeeh [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: I asked the account owner, Achille99 that I want this Chri99xzo account. He said yes, look at the screenshot. Reason? He already had another Premium+ account (Voldemort).
  4. Alright so it has been discussed amongst some of the staff in discord that we all can agree that we would like a server wipe of Tekkit, seeing as half of the world is full of empty towns and quarried land. I believe it would greatly benefit us if we did a server wipe.
  5. Hi, after reset the server I lost all my kit of epic potions: attack, rush, tank, regenerate frozen splash and void splesh. I buyed this kit at store of the server. In game name: Voldemort The email confirms that I buyed the kit.
  6. Account Name: Kvittaz Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: WorldEdit and Vanish Reason for Request: Vanish: so that I can watch what's happening to the server while they don't know that I'm there. WorldEdit: When working on a big project worldEdit will make the job a lot faster. I also have years of experience with WorldEdit, so I know all the dangers behind it and will avoid those.
  7. Hello. I am not in Tekkit staff team, but I was the only one who can understand what he says and communicate with him. His IGN is boulanger29. He is currently experiencing some problems. First, he did not received his rank after his donation. According to his email he received after purchase, he bought sponser+ rank. He didnt get his rank even two hours passed. Second, the reason why I am posting instead of him is that he is having issue with his forum account. He said that when he try to join forum, he has severe lag with his account. I attach his payment confirmation e-mail shared with us to make sure he paid. Hello boulanger29, Thank you for your purchase! This email confirms that we have received your payment and you should receive your items soon. If you do not receive your items in the next 10-15 minutes, please contact a member of staff on our server. Please do not email Mojang or Buycraft. Purchased packages: • 1x Tekkit Sponsor+ Information: • Sub Total: 69.99 EUR • Tax: 0.00 EUR • Total: 69.99 EUR • Gateway: PayPal • Transaction ID: 0BJ76138T15673025 • Username: boulanger29 • Date: 18th June 2017 19:45
  8. [1] In-Game Username: Zepo123 [2] Details of Situation: I was asked by the owner of an area to clear out an area but a visitor got angry of me doing it and reported me and I am now unbanned but have lost W/E [3] Ban Category: loss of W/E [4] Ban Duration: forever [5] Staff Member: Unknown [6] ScreenShots: Don't have any [7] Your Reason: I think the owner of the area gets the decision not a visitor
  9. Title: [Rank Changing Request] Main Account Name: SrJulen Rank: Premium ACV1 Second Account Name: (julenciod5) Rank: (Vip) Reason for Request:Vip of acv1 + premium acv1= 20$ = Network premium Rank
  10. @brunyman My rank its [Premium]
  11. Name the player:TheCryeZ Reason:Reason hb in the spawn Tests: Denouncer: minepro2
  12. I go to a parkour and i see a chest shopkeeped and the shop have in the name penis...
  13. [Marriage Master] **I am probably the ONLY one who would want this but....yeah cant hurt to ask the big boss** [More foodz] **food plugin cause everyone loves food!!!**(probably the only one who wants this as well [MobHunting] I understand that we only can get money by selling/voting but thought i would throw this out there! ***Also*** I was thinking can we hand out a book whenever a player joins server(i know most likely they wont look at it but maybe some will) topics that can be covered; Commands to claim land set home and set spawn home for town and a few other things we can discuss in staff chat and such!
  14. Account Name: PortalAtlas Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /top - (Get to surface faster) (worldedit) - worldedit.* (Building in my claim) P.S: I remember buying a custom tag a while back, I don't remember what happened to it but if it's still on my account can you make my prefix &a with no title? Thanks
  15. IGN: SrJulen IGR (in game rank): Premium PLZ DONT BE 1 YEAR (like the post with my rank transfer)
  16. Lol. I waited 1 year to get the rank in this acc (change of name) and now i get this error. In lobby i have the rank. In assassins or other no.. @brunyman
  17. Network server: US Host - Tekkit Galacticraft My in game name: Eclipse_Coldfire (Not a nickname) Name of the one I am complaining about: Chromuss (Not a nickname) The Situation: On the morning night of April First, around Two AM, Chromuss and myself had gotten into a verbal confrontation and Chromuss had claimed to want to talk it out so he had asked me for my discord name. I don't use discord much but I know other people use it a lot so I gave it to him(I said it publicly as I didn't really care much). He had thanked me, as he said he was going to use a 'Discord resolver' (I had not know of this prior of the incident) and he said, and I hope this is a direct quote, 'I will get your IP and fry your internet'. Since I had given out me discord, three people had sent a friend request to me. Two turned out to be the two players listed below that can confirm my situation. I didn't know what player in game the third person was so I asked in game. A player in game, named '_solarr' had said it was himself that was the third person that sent me a request. I had accepted it and I had said hello. The person then called me on discord and asked me to describe the situation. I had done so and he had claimed that he thinks he has the discord of Chromuss and sent me a link on Discord. I clicked on it, realized that nothing was there and immediately clicked out of it. Was he realized I had clicked on is he then revealed that he is in fact Chromuss and he had access to my computer, since I had clicked on the link. I had stayed in the call and continued to talked to him until I had enough. I closed the call and then closed my laptop's lid, which for me shuts down my computer. Looking back on this situation, there were very clear signs that he was suspicious and wasn't actually doing what he was claiming. Notes: 1) I am trying to add the screenshots but it is not allowing me to do so, so I had uploaded them to Imgur. Here is the link and I am sorry for not being able to just upload them here: /a/qEeUP (Add this to the end of the link to imgur). 2) I am not certain if the screenshots are in order. 3) Once I had thought about it that night, I believe he had PM'd Solar to get him to say that he was the one who had sent the request, but I cannot confirm this. 4) VeeDerp(Cannot remember rest of username) had informed me to add the tags of Brunyman and Skilande. 5) Chromuss had claimed to live in Australia and he had claimed, in the screenshots, that doing what he planned was Legal where he lived. Players that can confirm the situation: jacobisawesome, VanVado (Both not a nickname)
  18. Hello, I would like the ability to spawn in the creative notebooks from mystcraft without the Spawned In By: tag because it messes up the data of the notebook. Item ID: 6060 It already has a Spawned lore so I cant go around giving it out and it isnt in NEI which is why I need to be able to spawn it from the creative menu without a tag. Thanks!
  19. Alright apparently no one has made a topic yet but apparently /town friend add name has been broken for about 4 days now, people can add you yet it still acts as if you arent added giving the "Name is already on friends list" error when u try to add them again. PLEASE fix....hard to be staff when i cant access their stuff :c @brunyman @Skilande_
  20. first name: _WildAlle_ Rope dart video:
  21. Because I was banned if nothing ist wtf because ?? And clarified that someone went into my account
  22. @brunyman Hello, i am askin u if u could transfer my Sponsor+ rank from SF2 to Infinity Evolved since i am playin more on IE than SF also the requested commands pls Kind Regards Imperatus
  23. Hello brunyman Well i wanted to replace some lagging blocks ( lagging for me ) with other blocks and messed up the //replace command and all got replaced with that block my Me system cables molecula assembler everythin i tried to fix it with /undo but well as u will see in the following screenshoot i lost all .... Account Name: Imperatus Town name: Borderlands Coordinates: x: 4135 z: -2934 y: 57 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8 pm UTC+1(CET) , 12 .01.2017 [] It would be great if u could Rollback it as fast as u can >.< Kind Regards Imperatus I Like this
  24. When I enter assansings I have the name changed help please do not want me to hacken account more
  25. de quien acusa:DL_Franzisco este tipo primero viene al warp pvp invisible y despues va a su casa y se quita todo y vinene al warp pvp de nuevo para que no lo reconoscan fotos aqui: