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Found 8 results

  1. Hello. Requesting the following commands: /top /mob That is all. Thanks.
  2. Ok, haven't been on in awhile, been busy. Might not be on that much anyways, but I'd like to know why I was kicked out of my town that I spent alot of money on. And the only person in the town is my friend who dosen't have a computer. So I'd like to be added back into my town. Coords: -1716.20 +4797.20 Username: EpicLoganc Town name: AtomicDemons
  3. Awhile ago, some tesseracts in my base kept crashing the server when I were to join. When that was fixed, ever since some of my textures have been broken. When I look at most people's skin (Not everyone) They look somewhat like this: I also get some flashing block textures.. and some textures don't load when I place a block, so my placed blocks are invisible till I break one. Then they update. Here's an example: I've reinstalled the modpack and reinstalled minecraft. Nothing has worked. If anyone know what's causing this, Please help!
  4. In-Game Nickname: 1944Doffen, calamitytnt [BOSS CLAN] Time and date: 3/11/2017, 3/10/2017 Description of what happened: 1944 is Spamming for everyone to /vote, impersonating staff, and spamming me market items. Another player in the "Boss" clan was also spamming. Probably friends or something. Screenshots or Proof: [Sorry that one's cut off. I don't know what happened.] List of eyewitnesses: PM_Eligability Jacobisawasome Zepo123 and various other players. If your complaint has been found void, do not make another one! Thanks for your help keeping our servers clean.
  5. Zeederpmaster. I have recently just beat your baltop. I challenge you. Only gain money in legitimate ways. Let's see who can stay on top. Good luck.
  6. This is a simple design I made. Anyone in gm1 could have made this but I feel like it's pretty fun to mess with either way. It's a mystcraft portal design made to make it feel like the physics of the portal series, One leads to the other. Give it a try and tell me what you think! Ps. The portal also works both ways, up and down. The portal also are the same colors in the portal games (Blue and orange. Thought that was clever) And also have maintain momentum on. So if I were to drop an item into the loop horizontally, it would go in but instead of drop from the top into the bottom, would come out the top and continue moving in the same direction I threw it in. Images and coords below.
  7. Hi. Can I have the command /suicide Thank
  8. Hello. Requesting a few commands. [Before you start posting about how I shouldn't have world edit, I already do.] - //replacenear - //drain - //walls That is all. Thank you.