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Found 100 results

  1. Hello guys, If yall dont know me im deboobski and I was Judge on Direwolf20 server. I am making this post because others have pushed me to make a post about becoming Judge again. The reason i am ex-staff is due to inactivity reasons. My life is quite busy with college and at times I am not able to play for a while. However there are times when I can be very very active, like summer, or winter vacation. I am asking to get my staff position back again because now i can play all summer. I realize that it can be sketchy to let someone be staff on and off due to inactivity, however i have been playing on this server for years. I also am a sponsor which i am proud to be. I feel that i am part of the great community here and i even "moderate" the servers without having a position because for some reason there is a sense of respect for me. Please respond to me asap to let me know what you think of this request! Of course i am on discord and available most of the time. Thank you for your time:) -deboobski
  2. Why I was in the sky factory server I used one of the chance cubes on my island and It turned into bedrock. What can I do about it if there is anything I can do. If you can help me that would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am stuck in a dead yet alive state in ontario's lot of land. I can't type in chat or do any commands, and whenever I try to move I get rubber-banded back to the original locations. I honestly have no clue what is happening, but I cant play.
  4. In game name:KingCreeperTG Rank:Member/Normal Server:Tekkit Proof of ownership:
  5. jgardner9311 Island Rollback (my Friends town) SScheifs75 x:-3146.50 y:3836.50 (this is me and my friends town but I know some others were affected Time/Date: 6/20/17 at 10:30 PM Eastern Standard he left at like 2am me and my friend were playing last night and someone named Cat orgy came in and started reeking havoc on every one. one of the helpers begarufo was talking to the guy and a little after a VIP Nick: TheFosterkidd came and started talking to him (this was all over a two hour period) finally CatOrgy left and Begarufo said he was going to put in a rollback request but nothing happened. in front of my house there is millions of blocks (some I have never heard of and some are unbreakable (like bedrock)) there are liguids coming from the sky and even walruses. If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated but and the moment I cant even step foot out of my house without getting 5FPS or even my game crashing
  6. I came on and my whole town was destroyed. The town name is 27Dayz and the coordinates are. x= -3197.89630 y= 79 z= 2363.10115. The last known date that it was good was May 8th.
  7. Account Name: jlontwins Town name: / Character name : 27Dayz Coordinates: x= -3197.89630 y= 79 z= 2363.10115 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: May 8th Description of Issue: base was raided and deystroyed
  8. Account Name: DeanPanda Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: WorldEdit Reason for Request: Clearing large plots of land for base building so I don't get corrupted by builder block
  9. Hey Staff : D I goofed up a few minutes ago and accidentally fell into the void of my friend Cajun's nether dimension. Now when i log into the server my game crashes. Anyway to be pre-spawned on dry land if possible should fix the issue. P.S I have realized a similar problem occurs when i enter the twilight forest, and that has been solved by logging in from another computer. Im going to give that a try and update whether this fixes the issue. Thank's for the read Space (Space_Mun) UPDATE: I fixed it! , just used my other computer to log on. My main pc has trouble with weird dimensions.... feel free to close the post
  10. Dear staff I was rencently banned from the server for duping just a heads up I nor Evo_Tech was responsible for the placement or use to the duper it was a person named Jocker who also has a second acount called Cptsteve or something We did not know he had made that duper and only discovered it when we add the plot to our town. This is what happened One day on the server I was asking to buy lead after awhile I received a message from Jocker saying he would help me get leather all I done was gave him a few resources Iron,Copper,Wood etc and he went away and came back with lots of lead I said thanks and he was gone not knowing anything about the duper or what it done. I recenenlty discovered it when I went adding plots to my town. Not knowing what it done I tested it out not knowing what it done I Accidentally duped a whole bunch of turbine casings on accident and then had to go away for a few days to come back and found I was banned for duping just like Evo_Tech. So I didn't know what it was or how it worked nor did I know it was banned till I experimented with it, I am also a bit stumbled with how I was banned for 8 days for my first offence according to rules its something less than that, I really hope someone can communicate with me whats happened and I formally apoligise if I done something majorly wrong yours sincerely militaryk. I really don't want to have to find a new server as I really enjoyed this one and just want to continue with my town etc. Staff can I please have some help with this. Just so you know I didn't mean to cause any harm in trying out this thing I discovered nor did I know what it done I would really apreciate it if u just removed the chest so I continue with how I was going with my and Evo_Tech base I just looked it up and first offence is 2days how come I was given 7? I would really like help with this dilemma Username is militaryk
  11. Plz help me I am banned for crashing the server when I log in ? //Dragonbeed33
  12. Superballerog Island Rollback Superballerog x:-11603 y:146 z:2400 Time/Date: Im not exactly sure but i would say around March 2017 I had stopped playing for a while, then i come back and find all my machines stolen and i would really like them back especially my 4 reinforced watering cans taken from my autonomous activators
  13. Account Name: zportukalian1 Town name: Zendikar Coordinates: X=-2788 Y = 81 Z = -686 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 6.1.2017 1pm Description of Issue: my base got griefed and i wanted a rollback to fix it.
  14. Hey i hope you can help me, a few minutes after an server restart i lost 5 hearts out of nowhere and now im stucked on this health. PLZ help
  15. My base was recently griefed and I was wondering if i might be able to have it rolled back. I don't know who raided it but they took every single last thing I had. the town's name is Zendikar. it's coords are X=-2788 Y = 81 Z = -686 please help
  16. After this bug i had 60 heart with (Red Heart Canister and Yellow Heart Canister) now i have 43. 1 staffer by server ( ) recommended to say this bug in forum. Pls you can reset my heart? (My name in server: Supra07)
  17. Turns out and turned on but did not help!
  18. I was currently binding the keys to my power armor, when i activated them to test if it worked. Upon doing this, my game crashed with this in game error (found down below) I have repaired the installation and it only will crash upon entering the server. If anyone has any clue what this means, please let me know
  19. Hello I've got stuck in a portal trap and unable to get out I can't type I can't Breakblocks I'm stuck my username is flybythenight
  20. I am Ohanno_WhiteWolf [Tekkit:Helper] and I believe that a chunk within my claimed town is broken and is causing the ID ERROR 166 that plagues everyone. Honestly i have no idea what could be causing it, I have nothing tech wise in a while. Ive mainly just been building my market which doesn't have many things in it other than a few buildings that are empty at the moment. So I beg to the owner in this post that he or someone can rollback my town 3days at least, the first time it happened was just barely under a day ago, so please back my town by a least 3 days. or deleted it and re roll the chucks. I don't care at this point, i do not want to be responsible for anymore of these errors. Please re roll my town ASAP. the town name is: Ravenstone Mayor: Ohanno_WhiteWolf | I will remain offline until I am notified that this has been fixed. I hope I have not caused too many problems among the other players.
  21. Hola, me eh comprado un rango Premium, y el rango dice que te daba 4 aldeanos para vender en latienda de abajo, me lo compre y no me deja poner ningún aldeano, alguien me da uina solución? Hello, I bought a Premium range, and the range says that I gave you 4 villagers to sell in latienda below, I buy it and do not let me put any villager, does anyone give me a solution?
  22. So I logged on to the server and found a small area of my server had been blown up. This included all my items in an ME system and part of my big reactor. Please, can someone help me recover my items?
  23. IGN: KeenWolfPaladin (Nick: Psykeen) I lost a bunch of items in another player's town and when I typed /back to pick them up it said I couldn't and had to watch them despawn before my eyes... I took a screenshot of this happening in hopes that it will be proof enough to get them back. Items lost are: 128 Enderium ingots Resonant energy cell resonant jetpack unupgraded power armor except shock absorbers and sprint assist builder's wand and other random stuff I don't care about.
  24. Short and simple guide on how to start the game: 1. Download the FTB Launcher from HackPhoenix's site: Direct download link (for Windows 64bit) 2. Start the launcher, chose an installation directory (like C:\FTB), chose the FTB modpacks menu, than "FTB Presents Direwolf20", chose recommended (top line), create a profile (bottom line) and click Launch. (recomended: In the FTB launcher, go to options and set the RAM slider to the half of your PC-s ram. If you have 8GB set it to 4GB) 3. Wait for it to download. When it's done, start the game, and join 4. Enjoy! ____________________________________________ Resource pack instalation: 0. Chose a texture pack from the FTB launcher from the Maps & Tectures menu, or... 1. Download a texturepack from or or somewhere else. Direct download link (MC v1.7.10) 2. Start Direwolf20, go to options, resource packs, open resource pack folder, drag and drop the downloaded .zip file. 3. Set the resource pack and enjoy the smooth look! ______________________________________________ I hope it'll help. Have a good day! =) JeyTee84
  25. Please follow this Template to speed the process up. Please use the [Refund Request] prefix in front of the topic title. Account Name: Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Description of Issue: Evidence (optional, but highly recommended):