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Found 10 results

  1. [1] In-Game Username: Zepo123 [2] Details of Situation: I was asked by the owner of an area to clear out an area but a visitor got angry of me doing it and reported me and I am now unbanned but have lost W/E [3] Ban Category: loss of W/E [4] Ban Duration: forever [5] Staff Member: Unknown [6] ScreenShots: Don't have any [7] Your Reason: I think the owner of the area gets the decision not a visitor
  2. I was wondering around the over world when i found a base. Curious for ideas of my own base i walked inside. I found a strange looking "teleporter" and decided to stand on it. 2 seconds later I was dead. I realize this is my own fault but I would really like to have my items back that I lost inside the rf tools dimlet of another player. I know this is a long shot and it is my own fault for walking into a portal I had no Idea what I was doing. If there is anything I could do to help the situation or get my stuff back please let me know. It happened in Willyville and the ower is Willyfondeler. Thank you for reading.
  3. Okay, so on the 08/04/2017 there was some sort of server crash. Prior to this, I was charging my Power Suits in some energetic infusers I had just made. So, list of events: -I make 5 energetic infusers (because spawn had no power) -I start charging my Power suit up (Helm, chestplate, leggings, boots, fist) -The server crashes -Get back online to find no power suit. now this wouldent be so bad and I wouldent be so mad if I hadent had all upgrades (that I use/need) on all my suit pieces. Here is a list of what I had: Power Armour Helmet: Energy Shield, Elite Battery, HES generator, Water Electrolyzer, Auto-feeder, Night vision, clock and compass. Chest plate: Energy Shield, Elite battery, Glider, Jetpack, DTG, Active Camouflage, Magnet, Mob repulsor and cooling system. Leggings: Energy Shield, Elite battery, K generator, Sprint assist, jump assist, aqua assist and step assist Boots: Energy Shield, Elite Battery, jet boots and shock absorber. Fist: Axe, Pickaxe, shovel, sheers, leaf blower, flint & steel, wireless terminal, FT Module, Diamond Drill, Aqua Affinity, I-P assembler, Melee assist, elite battery and Blink drive. I put a lot of work and gathering into this and I know its probably not your fault that the server crashed or whatever but I still lost them because of the server and I know its not my fault. I know you could say that I shouldn't be charging things (which is silly) but how was I suppose to know a crash was happening? I would really appreciate it if I got my items back and my in-game name is xX_Samuel_GB_Xx (I am premium) and my base coords are: x -2600 and z 1560 (y 61) and is called CyberJamSam. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I recently crafted a network tool from Applied Energistics 2. I didn't thought it is harmful so I didn't checked the banned items list and lost all the stuff needed for crafting. Can i get a refund or at least a Certus Quartz Wrench back? This is a screenshot of a message in chat when it deleted my item: Regards.
  5. Server: Pure Survival I was always connecting to server via IP. because I have not seen my premium skin I asked for the help players on server. Today I learned that if I connect to the server via IP then I will see my a skin. I did so, and I see my skin finally, but at the same time I cleaned my skills and abilities in the McMMO plugin. I tried back to connecting through the old IP this did not help. I still do not have my skills, but I have equipment still on me. What can I do now to get back my levels, skills and abilities?
  6. Hi there, I'm XxOblivion. Recently, whenever I relogged onto the server after I'd been gone for the night, I had lost almost all of my items. It started with only a few items, like my iron god-enchanted set (prot IV and such), but the next day I lost almost all of my stuff (full prot IV unbreaking III etc. diamond gear except helmet, which was iron. My sharp V fire aspect II etc. iron sword, power V inf I flame I etc. bow and more), and only kept my grappling hook and a crossbow, and the stuff which was in my enderchest (5 strength pots, chain helmet & chestplate, iron boots, flint & steel, pufferfish, assassin pages and a feather). I paid a lot of gold for my items, and I would greatly appreciate it if I got them back... The picture shown here is a slightly outdated screenshot I took when I had most of my stuff (besides my diamond enchanted boots) One of the helpers (bas_groen) is aware of the glitch too. I have changed my password on the cracked server too, in case a player logging in on my account would be the cause of the glitch. I would appreciate it if I were to get my items back. If you need my skype, it is "liamoskam". Kind regards, Oblivion. .
  7. I typed in /spawn and died at spawn. I lost a bunch of draconium and other tools. Is there a method to restore it?
  8. Hello! I don't know if this is the good place to post it, but I got the command to post a request here due to I lost my Soulbound stuff when the server just lagged out. I died in the Twilight forest's labyrinth by some Minotaurs. I had Soulbound on my Crossbow and on my Arrows that were used by my Crossbow. I didn't manage to get them, even after I crafted some new Arrows to kill the minotaurs (and skeletons, bats) around my graves. I thought these stuff got in there due to a bug, but those were not. Strange, because my Crossbow is still on me. Lost stuff: - Constantan Bolts 3 Modifier slot upgrade full of Quartz made of: Thaunium tool rod, Constantan on it, and with fletching made of Slimy leaves
  9. Hello i just had an articuno full orb i summoned him and after a little fight i got disconnected when i were back again there were no Articuno or my orb :C could i have it back pls? :C IGN: Ivor Ty so much c:
  10. I died via zombie while afk, but I seen my items on the death screen. I returned to my Death Point (Inside my base) and my items were gone! I didn't waste any time in getting to the DP. I lost Power armor helmet (Auto feeder, Airtight seal, Water Electrolizer, ADV Battery) Power armor torso (Jetpack) Power armor leggings (Sprint assist) Power armor boots (Shock Absorber) Flux infused sword Flux infused pickaxe Flux infused shovel Flux infused axe