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Found 48 results

  1. I forgot my password...

    My little brother enter on this server and he put a random password and now, of course...I can t enter....What can I do ... or can you help me ?
  2. Password reset

    In game name:KingCreeperTG Rank:Member/Normal Server:Tekkit Proof of ownership:
  3. Forgot password

    Forgot my server password IGN: meneliumfore
  4. CameronConPC No Rank

    In Game Name: CameronConPC Rank: No Rank Server: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567
  5. Help Needed

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this is embarrassing i forgot my login password if a staff member can help that'd be great my username is 01lunes thanks!
  6. Password reset

    IGN: Zephium I need my pass reset please
  7. Password reset

    IGN: ShadowJulen RESET PLZ
  8. won't let me sign in

    i have tried every password i have ever known and it wont sign in. i dont know but someone could of hacked and changed my password or something or i have done a password that would make no sense for me to do. if you can help pls do. thnx
  9. Need a new password

    Need a new password to join the tekkit server. Ingame name : Err0r_Head
  10. Brother needs password reset

    my brother needs his password reset. his username is zacattack658, please help asap
  11. Password Reset Please

    Hi, can I please have a password reset? in game name: Rye_Bread
  12. wrong forum

    wrong forum, sorry
  13. I forgot my password

    I figgy13 have forgotten my password, please help me.
  14. Password Struggles

    So I decided to play on this server again, but I can't login with any of my passwords I possibly could have used. I tried even multiple times checking my spellings, but alas. Said I should go to the forums so here I am. :S
  15. Lost password

    was hacked me, i lost my password
  16. reset my password

    @brunymanpassword reset plz. i forgot password (FightJackX)
  17. Password

    Forgot my password, username is th3pyro
  18. Password Reset

    Can i reset my password my ign is '7DeHond'
  19. Lost Password

    I've forgot my password for SkyFactory2 server so I would like to retrieve or reset it. Username is Expers. Thanks in advance.
  20. Password Reset

    Hello, Tomcrafter101 here, I have recently come back after a break of minecraft and unfortunately forgot my password, I was wondering if I could get my password reset so that I will be able to play with my friends again. Thanks! Edit: This is on the tekkit server.
  21. Password Help

    I haven't been on the tekkit server for a while, and I can't remember my password, so can you reset it. My minecraft name is kingly_lemon, thankyou...
  22. The password I registered with is not working. How to resolve that? Thanks is advance. My ingame name is the same as here. DaChange
  23. Reset My Password

    TheMechanicTom i didnt put a password or something in the beginning, reset it
  24. Forgotten Passwords

    Forgot my password.. yea. IGN - Pjunior23
  25. Reset Password @brunyman

    Hello, I could tell how to recover my password ... thanks