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Found 36 results

  1. Rank benefits reguest!

    Hello! I was told by one of the friendly staff about that we should request our Ranks' things to be set up such as the money and claimblocks which are given after the donation. If it is true and possible, I'd like to request these things' backup in the name of the Woof family! Members: Umbra Krauss SnowWoof MoonWoof WindWoof Thank you very much in advance!
  2. As many of people that care about the forum that sv is going to wipe, so I introduce a new ranking system that suitable for the First, ranks on FTB Inf cannot be purchased by money. The shop cell upgrade your account to Golden account for 7 days, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. Advance accounts cannot get access to creative mode but it gives the player: - 1 Builder wand + 1 diamond suit on the first time purchase (only count from the first time purchase after the nearest server wipe) - Ability to fly through /fly - 10 times using /feed command per week and other command from sponsor rank that not OP and allow them to live with normal players - Golden vote crate with 2 Golden keys that the Golden player can get every 24h through /Golden key get. Golden vote crate contain more useful things than the Vote crate key. - x2 exp obtained when kill mobs, mine ores or cook foods - Have 3 XP rescuers; not lose XP when you are death. Each xp rescuers have 8h cooldown - Have 1 inventory rescuer, keep your inventory when you are death, 24h cooldown - /kit Golden contains 1 hardened portable tank with full of lava, 10 beef wellington, 10 emeralds, 1 stack of torches, 32 stones and 2 stacks of exp bottle. The kit has 1 month cooldown - Each vote give you 75$ and 3 vote keys, on the first week of each month the prize will be x6 instead of x4 with players don’t have Advance - Can access to the charging center under the spawn (with the limited time and amount of RF/EU) - The starter kit give you extra 25 apples on first time login. - Can join full server, no afk kick - +15 maximum chunks can be claimed per each town About ranks, they are rewards when players complete achievements, here are some ranks I construct as examples: - Tough adventurers: Play on inf cratersland servers for 4h. Contain /kit toughadv that contain 1 leather suit, 1 stone mattock, 1 stone broadsword, 1 stone pickaxe and 1 moss ball. - Potential customer I/II/III/IV: Spend 10000/50000/100000/1500000 in-game money for spawn shops. 25%/40%/55%/70% sales off when buy items from the spawn shop, 3%/5%/7%/9% sales off when purchase items from spawn market - Powerful leader: have 10 players joined your town, if the number less than 10, you will lost this rank. The rank give you name tag [leader – [townname]] and remove the costs for claiming areas. - Fearless adventures: Continue to play after server wipe, only count if your playtime on the old world is more than 50% of total time of the server before the next wipe. The rank gives player who has it: o Nametag [account name] – [Fearless] o Allow to change the name color to Cyan o /kit second contain 1 hardened leather suit, 1 steam dynamo, 30 coals, 1 portable tank full of lava, 1 portable tank full of water and 1 bucket. Can get it after 6h playtime and the kit can only receive once. o The cooldown for Food kit reduced to 15% - Expert adventurers: Continue to play on the server after get Fearless adventures rank and archive at least 55% of total time of the server before the next wipe. The rank gives player who has it: o Nametag [Expert][Account name] o Allow to change the name color to Yellow o /kit third contain 1 iron suit, 1 steam boiler, 1 light pressure chamber, 1 stack of coal, 1 portable tank full of lava, 1 portable tank full of water. Can get it after 3h playtime and the kit can only receive once. - Professional adventurers: Continue to play on the server after get Expert rank and archive at least 60% of total time of the server before the next wipe o Nametag [Professional][Account name] o Allow to change the name color to Orange and Green o /kit prof contain 1 lava generator (can only receive once until next wipe), 1 hardened portable tank and 10 lava tin can. o 3% sales off at spawn market and 10% sales off at spawn shop (can stack with other ranks) - Master of FTB Infinity Evolved: Continue to play on the server after get Professional rank and archive at least 60% of total time of the server before the next wipe o Nametag [Master][Account name] o Allow to change the name color to Pink and other color of previous ranks o Special effects when tp to spawn or other place through random spawn, tpa or /spawn o /kit Master1 contains 7 days of Golden account and 1 Magmatic dynamo (can only receive once until the server wipe), /kit Master2 contains 32 apples, 16 beef wellington. o Can join server when full, no afk kick. o Have 2 exp protection that have cooldown 24h, 1 item protection that cooldown 7 days o Allow create 4 towns, each town has maximum number of chunks is 40
  3. me compre Sponsor y no me lo dieron, tengo foto de la compra
  4. Rango

    Si me compro el rango ahora me lo darán ahora?
  5. ayuda - Help

    Hola, me eh comprado un rango Premium, y el rango dice que te daba 4 aldeanos para vender en latienda de abajo, me lo compre y no me deja poner ningún aldeano, alguien me da uina solución? Hello, I bought a Premium range, and the range says that I gave you 4 villagers to sell in latienda below, I buy it and do not let me put any villager, does anyone give me a solution?
  6. Quiero hacerles preguntas para comprar un rango, de los cupones, etc!. Porfavor responda uno, mas especifico que sea español. I want to ask them questions to buy a rank, the coupons, etc !. Please answer one, but I specify that it is Spanish
  7. My Rank & Money

    Hi, My name is MelonMan25, Well, Used to be. I had around 14k money and My own Town and the Premium+ Rank, And i've changed my name, i knew i would lose my items so i've put them away, I don't have my rank, Access to my town, Or my money anymore, If anyone could help, It'd be greatly appreciated.
  8. I want change my rank for a title if is possible
  9. rango

    I havent got my sponsor rank in survival i want this (victoraf33)
  10. Cannot Donate for Rank

    The Donation i wish to do is a rank called Premium+ on the tekkit server but no matter what i do it always says it cannot be comepleted at this time. Can someone help me?!
  11. Lol. I waited 1 year to get the rank in this acc (change of name) and now i get this error. In lobby i have the rank. In assassins or other no.. https://gyazo.com/ff7641e06ed31b074d8d45e0f47340ab @brunyman
  12. Hey soo I just came back from my inactivity and since the server reset[DW20] I cant access my Premium+ commands but my Judge commands still work fine hope someone finds the time to fix this. Thanks o/
  13. My Ranks

    Let's start with the first one. That many people no longer remember me but I am one of the players of Vampire Factions that closed. That is not how important I have been waiting for a faction of 2 years since I paid the premium + long ago and have not returned neither the faction nor my money would like the rank on another server if the faction will not return -Used Google Translate
  14. RANK Transfer @brunyman

    @brunyman Hello, i am askin u if u could transfer my Sponsor+ rank from SF2 to Infinity Evolved since i am playin more on IE than SF also the requested commands pls Kind Regards Imperatus
  15. Hi, I purchased a rank a ~hour ago, and i didn't get anything yet, only the confirmation e-mail about it.
  16. Premium+ Reactive

    Brunyman , I need my Rank to be Reactive pls
  17. Rank Problems

    I can't spawn other people heads (When i do /skull it gives me my head, i tried to do /skull JustPro and it gaves me my head Thanks for the help
  18. I did not know where to post this so I thought I would put it in this one. Today I logged in to the tekkit server that I had not played for a long time and since then I had changed my name from DeclanBroderick7 to LolStein, I was Premium on this server and I use to play it all the time. The staff that might remember me is SnakeEyes, if he is still active.
  19. ¿can I Get Youtube Rank?

    Hello!... First a pleasure. My name is Cesar Daniel Yanes, I have 15 years. I am from Caracas, Venezuela. My account on the server is MegaCesarDude. The reason for writing this message is to consult regarding the requirements for obtaining the title "YT"(YouTube) in CrafterLands. (I'm Premium and I have a YouTube channel with 2k subs). Regards!. I wait for answers. My channel is: www.youtube.com/user/MegaCesarDude
  20. Sponsor

    I have asked the / fly but I am told that a sponsor can put a Premium Upgrade to Sponsor so it could buy !
  21. Buy Rank

    good Hello, I would like to buy the premium range assasincraft but do not let me pay for MSG someone please help me to buy the premium range by MSG . Thanks a greeting
  22. Premium Rank Problems

    Hi, my nick is ExploitOS, i bought the premium rank for the creative server but... i can't use the color formats in the chat (&a, &l, &6... etc.) and... i don't have my rank in the forum Thanks
  23. Archepvp

    Hi I have a problem I do not appear archepvp range and I can not use your benefits I Fix it please
  24. Can i have my /feed switched to /vanish command to not get annoyed all the time it would help me a lot! Thanks!
  25. Premium/creative Rank Move

    Hello my Minecraft Username is Learjet900 I don't know if this is the right place to ask this (tell me if I'm wrong) I have Premium+ (with creative) on the direwolf20 server and was wondering if I could get it moved to the World Automation server instead. if it is not possible its not that big of a deal. I was just wanting to see if I could get my rank with out paying again :3 Learjet900​​​