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  2. The issue has been fixed, thank you for reporting it! T/C
  3. The server's view distance has been increased. We will look over the server to see what effect it ends up having on the server's performance. If it's too detrimental I'll be changed back to the previous value.
  4. Today
  5. update: i keep forgetting about imgur so i uploaded the other screen shots lol
  6. Hey, no need to tag Managers Have a nice day!!
  7. Make a post in the tech support section following this template:
  8. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your claim removal topic. For your topic name, use [Claim Removal]*NameOfClaimOwner* Your Name: Claim Leaders Name: Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : Claim members: Reason for request: Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Commands: /seen <player> - This commands lets you see when the player was last online /claiminfo - This command
  9. Lava from spawn is faulty. Very random if it works at all. Result is that creation of some items has been halted, repairing has been stopped, and functionality of machines have cost many many days. Schematics are still faulty. I'm sitting on 1 Tier 3 Rocket and 1 Tier 7 Rocket schematic from spawn that can't be used for anything. Again it stops me from crafting the things I want. Please look into a more permanent fix and eventually help out with the lost days of production? PeeWee71
  10. Ness27


    Ok, I have increased the login timeout. See if it is any better
  11. VIP rank set on forums. Workbench permission added. The other requested permissions are not given out in AC.
  12. Hi, please they keep the lenguage requested for the forum
  13. In the mean time me Crowarrior98 I had stuff that despawn on me today, i dont care about this armor i lost now i just want my dragons eye, stone of the see , mixed color dragon scale, my vamparisim 2or3 book that i had dont remember which one i had, 64gold apple, 15god apples back the rest i can get somehow back. Just dont have the pation for this to redo. And yeah still witing for my friend items
  14. Hello MMKYT, Thanks for reaching out and making a post! Please edit your post to fit the following template. Thanks!
  15. I have more screen shots but for whatever reason i can only upload 30k...which is about the equivalent of one tiny picture lol
  16. Your Name: cvance2387 Coordinates: x2392 z-2686 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 12/25/2020 1AM EST Description of Issue: so I dunno how but someone blew up a part of a friends subdivision in my town claim. Also now there's a weird land claim from Vampy1001 that is inside my claim. I'm not sure how this got here, I also can't figure out how the land was claimed as it doesn't look like it was claimed with a golden shovel. When I enter and leave my claim the greeting and farewell message have the [GP] prefix, presumably for the grief protection but thi
  17. Yesterday
  18. Pibi

    Password issue

    I just joined the server for the first time and its telling me to input a password, however I never registered a login password. When I try to do /register I get the error message saying something like a registration is not required. But I cant leave spawn.
  19. Your Name: 3tyson Item Name + Amount: 1 fairy ring, 1 stone of the seas, 1 ank shield, 1 dragons eye Coordinates: world dim -1'':2953, 121, 3546 Description of Issue: got killed by nethermobs than when i did /back to get my stuff the importand stuff got deleted by whipe Screenshots (Optional):
  20. Slit

    Tekkit wipe

    @mikewerf i see you lurking, the market was already garbage before you bombed it
  21. Akaheisenberg

    Tekkit wipe

    +1 Fresh wipe time has come
  22. Slit

    Tekkit wipe

    Hi All, Wanted to put the thought in peoples heads that it might be time for a wipe on tekkit. I feel like the value of 1$ on the server has fallen low enough that a reset would be very nice to keep people interested, me included.
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