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  2. Claim near me, untouched for 3 months. It is in the way of my manifest destiny. Please delete it. Thanks!
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  4. I can't join since morning

    Same problem... I dont know whatis happening...
  5. I can't join since morning

    Hello. I can't join Since morning because every time kicked me with this message: "Kicked whlist connecting to dw1: Maintenance in progress! please wait...." What can i do? or When can i go to the server? Thank you for the answer(s).
  6. Chaos Guardian Problems

    Those capacitors have a total of 1.2 bil rf btw(more than enough for a chaos guardian fight) you can open my inv and check everything if you feel the need
  7. DW Maintenance in progress can't join

    Me as well, i already post the topic with that issue, hope that this maintenance willl help with the thermal expansion gears crafting.
  8. Haven´t got my VIP

    Hello, i bought VIP on the Direwolf20 couple months ago, to name Filda678, i joined yesterday and my VIP was gone, can i get some help with this issue? And also i want to ask when will maintenance on a Direwolf20 server end. Filda678
  9. Items placed in your inventory, Topic closed.
  10. Account Name: InfinityGamer22 Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful): Ender Quarry 1828, tesseract 2675 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:When the last mining world reset happened. Description of Issue: I was running my quarry in mining world. I1ve forgot to take it home because I was offline 2 weeks or so. Then a mining world reset happened and my quarry is gone. Evidence (optional, but recommended):
  11. [Refund Request]

    Solar panel found from user's base who've stolen. Item placed in your inventory, Topic closed.
  12. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but its a cable car. I wish my broadband speed was amazingly fast.
  13. DW Maintenance in progress can't join

    I'm also getting this message when attempting to log onto the DW20 1.12 server.
  14. Corrupted ME system

    I'll try telling him that and link him to the topic. T/C
  15. Hi, While trying to join the server I get the message "Maintenance in progress" at first I assumed it was just normal maintenance but it's been doing it for about 45 minutes now and I can also see more people joining the server. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  16. [Refund Request]

    Can you tell his IGN if possible?
  17. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but it is a pizza with toppings you hate I wish I had a car
  18. .


    I couldn't delete the status, so I edited it to "."


  19. Compact Machines

    I wont be on tonight but i will tomorrow aroud 5 ish mst
  20. [DW 1.12] Fixes update.

    is this to all transfer nodes?
  21. Corporea requests kick players

    Not sure if we can fix this, the crash takes place in the proxy bungee cord, for some reason the server sends an empty packet and that crashes the client. We do not have the source code of this modified proxy server
  22. Chaos Guardian Problems

    Today after trying to kill the chaos guardian 3 times on different islands and spending at least 20 minutes at each island only to find after getting the dragon down to half health it would simply vanish and start to fly around the outside of the island. While it was flying around it would occasionally attack me but when i caught sight of it and gave chase it would once again vanish to appear somewhere later and restart the process. I was wearing full draconic armour with flying speed set to max so I was faster than the guardian meaning that it could not have simply out run me. If you want verification of what was happening you can ask RoastedEU. I was wondering if it was possible to be given the 5 chaos shards you get as a reward for the fight as at least for me with my questionable internet connection the fight was impossible to complete. i have attached a screenshot of my gear in case you need proof of my ability to defeat the guardian. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me because short of buying them from someone else I believe this is the only way to obtain the shard for me personally.
  23. Report - ACv1

    Insufficient proof! User not banned. Topic Closed.
  24. [Refund Request]

    Name: KillinTheGAME5 Item name + id + amount : Ultimate Solar Panel 2431 Description: After we moved bases, one of our members started stealing resources, so we kicked him, and he stole our solar panel before he left.
  25. Ritual not working

    my bad, i just had to wait around for the mobs to spawn
  26. Compact Machines

    Sorry, I thought this was completely unrelated to a refund, so I didn't really bother to check it. I can refund you in a couple of hours
  27. [Refund Request]OverLimit

    All items refunded. Topic Closed
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