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  2. Yep the time stamp i gave was the time of death, I had the max upgraded flux bore, flux saw, flux magnet, flux bauble, dark chest plate and the ender sword all with empowered 3, think i had some more items but those are the most important
  3. Today
  4. did you give the right time to when you still had your items
  5. Bottleofsyrup I have tried that, it doesn't let me craft the wand, a table or anything else. If need be, I can provide coords for the shrine (crystal intact) that I attempted to use. I wouldn't ask here if I hadn't tried everything I could think of to make this work.
  6. Hello /Time set- The phantoms do not naturally spawn in [AC], you can use /ptime. /Weather- In AC there is no clime. /Workbench- Crafting in AC is disabled. /Tpa without cooldown- this i not think is possible.
  7. Account Name: ponitogamer Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /time set, /weather, /skull, /afk, /tpa without cooldown & /workbench (I cant craft anything in AC1) Reason for Request: I need time set and weather to avoid the annoying phantoms and and the other commands for fun and comfort
  8. sorry im bad at this. gmt-4 on roguelike (dont say im stupid i know)
  9. Hello Brunyman, When will the vote be closed ? What will happend for people who just bought stuff few days ago ? And just a suggestion, don't you think it could be interresting to apply a weekly wipe of the nether ? Because I think that actually it's only on RFTOOL world. Thank you. Kind Regards, Reaper.
  10. I think it's tied to your progress in the book. So you still have to go to a shrine, craft the Resonating Wand, then craft the Luminous Crafting Table.
  11. http://www.craftersland.net/modpack/images/news/86%20-%20Revelation/logo.png Hi guys, Last server WIPE was on 13 March 2020, the map is about 7 months old, there may be still some room for new bases on the main world however got some requests for a WIPE from players, and the server player base got smaller. As part of WIPE this means all data except ranks will be WIPED, we will provide a world download, existing ranks can be re-activated and all maps will get new seeds. It will be a fresh start for all. You can check the current live map here: LIVEMAP Plea
  12. Hi, where exactly did my items go to? Nothings in my inventory and can't seem to find any chests or anything in my base
  13. Account Name: LordWarlock Rank: Normal (not ranked Requested Commands^: /as research "@p BASIC_CRAFT" Reason for Request*: I bought the Luminous crafting table and resonating wand from spawn but it will not craft any objects when I try. The table charges fully but never shows the item. I have tried several items to be sure it wasn't just a JEI glitch and none of them show up or show the "charge" line for how much of a charge it requires. Would it be possible to get this fixed? I have researched it and supposedly the command listed will correct the issue. I do not have a server to t
  14. https://imgur.com/rJKI9xn Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : AC In-Game Nickname : PapasFritasPvPeZ Nickname of the one you are complaining about : MantequillaHD_ Description of the situation : The player opened boxes with illegal keys. Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/rJKI9xn Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
  15. Changing my name has granted me one of my purchased key bundles. I still need assistance in getting the second one.
  16. Your Name: graket Item Name + Amount: Builder (x1), Clearing Fortune Quarry (x1), Filter Module (x1), Flux Point (x1) Coordinates : N/A Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/A Description of Issue: A server crash reverted my player data to before I removed all of my quarry materials from my ME System, but the ME System data was saved (No Quarry Card/Builder/etc) Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  17. Yesterday
  18. i get kicked by the sv because of invalid data i dont know why
  19. today at 15:24 i think, i go to the end, and when i go through the portal i got with the surprise, theres no floor, and i have elytras and a lot of important things but before going to the void i get inmortalized for someone who throws me a potion and i get in a cicle of no dying there pls help me in this case, and i get banned because the server thinks i use hacks in the void its weird pls tp me to the spawn whoever can do it of staff team, my nickname is Laurita1998. i get kicked by the sv because of invalid data i dont know why
  20. Inventory rolled back, tell me if anything is missing.
  21. Inventory rolled back, tell me if anything is missing.
  22. Claim rolled back, tell me if anything is missing.
  23. TMAOtter

    RAD server

    So the server keeps going down and people are blaming this one group for having to many mobs and I can't even get stuff done on the sever before it goes down. please fix
  24. Hi, I think it would be easier for them to see your post in the correct section. In this case in "Rank Transfer", this is the template: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/17298-template-rank-transfer/
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