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  2. Ramma

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

  3. _Xflex_

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

    i need a reply from a mod
  4. wizard_talon

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

    You didn't break the wall inside because you bypassed then after you broke my wall you kept trying to piston. It is already over you do the crime you pay the time. I actually wrote how i didn't tp kill you so.
  5. _Xflex_

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

  6. _Xflex_

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

    (After this he pretended to be in another clan called AOD) I only was in there base but ok... (waited about 10 to 15 minutes) and he said he waid 15 minutes to kill me he gave me a Tpahere and say he will give my anything than i acceptet becouse he was agood guy for me but than i was in a room 2x2 or so and on his plot and he killed me and i can't do anything... I was really aggresiv becouse he tp killed me i startet to build a wall to make him aggresiv becouse he tp killed and i can't do anything I waited until I could kill him and then i killed him and startet to destroy the wall put the problem was i can't break all of the wall becouse i don't know that i can build with the builderswand into the plot this cobble i let stand i have screens where i destroyed the wall and its not fair when only i get a ban becouse he have my voll powersuit and all other stuff of me from tp kill
  7. MeanManSlayer

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

    _Xflex_ Admitted to griefing TIK's protected claim using the piston method, player punished.
  8. wizard_talon

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

    _Xflex_ 10/22/18 What happened was he started by attemping to kill me then failed. After this he pretended to be in another clan called AOD ( Angels Of Death). At this point i was upset so I pretended to want to kill people with him. I did a random spawn, then had he gave me a tpa request. I accepted it then we tried finding people. We failed we went back to my base, via tpa. After this we looked around my claim (outside of it) then we went back into my claim after i waited about 10 to 15 minutes before we went back to my base by flying, it was at this point i killed him on foot. He then started building a giant wall that connected to the inside of my base building a huge structure in and on top of my mob farm. He then tried to displace blocks via piston. His only excuse was that i tpa killed him wish i have listed evidence of how i didn't above. I have multiple witnesses to vouch and one confession. I have screenshots if further evidence is needed. The list of people who saw this incident occur would be as followed: Demonic_Archer MeanManSlayer Donoskaro
  9. Almoace

    [Suggestion] Stoneblock Server

    I have seen this new Stoneblock mod pack & thought I would try it on a server. It's a quest mod pack and I played about an hour on a server and seems very stable. The pack doesn't start like skyblock, your spawned into a stone room and work from there like in skyblock with Sieve's and crucible's. I think the pack would be very popular and its a pack that is played over a long term. @brunyman Would be very grateful if you would consider it.
  10. brunyman

    [Rollback Request] RigCrack

    Fixed the world border, you should be able to get there now
  11. Towilloughby

    Unban (Neggerz) change name and skin

  12. DragonLady


    Worldedit granted. Make sure to use it on small areas at the time. Abuse will remove your current commands and the possibility to request new ones.
  13. I made the dark armor set from Ender IO and empowered them with dark steel anvil. I lost 5-6 hearts from one attack by zombie pigman with fully charged set, I think the set is not working properly.
  14. Unban (Neggerz) change name and skin to Kamen9r
  15. rip my staff rank. i hope to come back in a few months

  16. Henk

    [RollbackRequest] FearThisAlf

    Try now
  17. H3R0VL4D

    [Inventory Rollback Request]*H3R0VL4D*

    I need the plot to be rolled back, since after the server crashed my whole me setup got lost ( with everything that was inside it ), the plot is just the size of the house you see
  18. Henk

    [Inventory Rollback Request]SesamPlayz

    This is network servers, meaning vanilla.. that doesn't sound vanilla But sorry, rollbacks only apply when loss of items happened due to fault of server. Sorry you lost your item here but from what I can read you were simply killed by a pigmen and was unable to retrieve your items 😕 That's minecraft.
  19. Henk

    [Command request] BasGroen

    I don't think sponsors should have the ability to repair their armor with a command, even if the cost is small there is still a cost to repairing armor and the tediousness.
  20. Henk

    [Rank Reactivate] Herobrine

  21. ZackPlaysMC

    Inventory rollback- ZackPlaysMC

    Thanks. Can you restore mu thaumcraft resarch i Lost some progress when you rollbacked mu inv.
  22. Manyouforgot

    Inventory rollback- ZackPlaysMC

    Inventory Rollbacked If anything is missing please make a list below for a refund.
  23. So here i am, complaining about XNet not working. It feels like we are not able to move into the new type of mods that, for a reason, are better. The controller and pipes(connector/cable) bug after server restart. I've included pics with examples. When i used them for my canola farm (seeds out of barrel, liquid in/out x2 and energy) where i had alot of connections going on, i tought that it was my bad for pushing it might not like it, but even a simple setup like energy intake, item move from a to b only still got broke. Please fix it as it should be a server restart script or something that does not let it reload the "memory" it had about the blocks. Sadly is not as easy as just remove and replace the controller, you need to replace the whole setup, remake all the settings in the controller and is not worth it. It's very tedious to remake them all the since we have so many restarts. I'm sad mainly because this is the only mod that can make a base work with no flaw in like a short area since 1 cable can do 8 things is remarkable and creator claims to be really friendly for the server too. I left some pictures as proof so please check it, i'm sure i'm not the only one that wants to use them.
  24. Your Name: ZackPlaysMCCoordinates: unknownTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 9:00 am GMT +2h, 23.10.2018Description of Issue: after activating sigil of Green grove (blood magic) Got kick with a internal server error. And now when i try to join i get the same error.Screenshots (Optional):
  25. Your Name: MintyXD / treehousesItem Name: [VIP] RankServer: Tekkit Description of Issue: I quit playing on the server and now i restarted on another account and bought [VIP] on that account. [MOD] IDA said it is possible to merge 2 [VIP] ranks into a [PREMIUM] so if it is possible i would like that to be done.Screenshots (Optional):
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