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  2. Your Name: Leto_Atreides_II Item Name + Amount: golem armor boots with advanced feather falling IV Advanced Protection V Advanced mending, golem armor chestplate with Advanced Protection V Advanced mending and Strengthened vitality V , and all my basic baubles. (Dragon eye, stone of the sea, mixed dragon scale, dwarven ring, obsidian shield, forbiden fruit)idk about my pickaxes and other items Coordinates: x-2789 y52 z-2044 Description of Issue: i tp'd home and i died instantly for no reason and all my items disappeared (i was fighting gorgons 30mins earlier so it could be a glitch with th
  3. Your Name: End_Editor_101 Island Owner Name: End_Editor_101 Coordiantes: -2180 60 -2917 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9:30 pm or about 1hr ago Description of Issue: when sorting cells to try to get rid of bugged items in me server restarted and when i put cells back into me items were missing Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Please follow this template: And post it here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/
  5. Your Name: End_Editor_101 Item Name + ID + Amount: Refined Uranium #4163/8 20000 + Coordinates: -2180 60 -2917 Description of Issue: lost uranium when trying to get rid of bugged cells inside a me cell causeing crashs moved items around and when it was all sorted there was none in remaining cells Screenshots (Optional):
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  7. iCekkaZ


    User Punished! Thanks for you report T/C
  8. DjPalos


    Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) :PURE In-Game Nickname :avestruco77 Nickname of the one you are complaining about :fernander Description of the situation :He started saying a server ip in the chat Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : GEARb
  9. @nostelnorios are you still experiencing issues?
  10. I've let bruny know this but don't know when it would be updated.
  11. cvance2387


    why are you pressing play offline? that's probably your issue, gotta login with your account and it should be fine.
  12. In game name: PotentTabs Proof of Purchase: (see attatched file) Description of Issue: Have not received the fancy animated tag, although my name did turn red. Date/Time of Purchase: 4/17/2020 19:37 Items/Rank Bought: Fancy Animated Tag Screenshots (Optional): Me typing after receiving it over chat - https://imgur.com/lL9T2GC (would not let me attach file to post) Any other important information: Thank you (edited for spelling errors)
  13. Your Name: GabelaGarlaSrl Item Name + Amount: I only list some hard to craft stuff Extra Cells Me wireless terminal (fully charged) with item and fluid upgrades Full set of glitch armor, including sword Mekanism Atomic disassembler Deep mob learning Deep learner with self aware zombie data model Ender Utilities Elite ender pearl (reusable) Applied Energistics Network tool Thermal Foundation crescent hammer Mekanism tools flamethrower (filled) Coordinates: 19714 -28927 64 Description of Issue: Because of a server crash I was dead when I rejoined, no g
  14. Happens because WarpTheory can't spawn a wither Anyhow,i set your warp to 0 reply to this thread if any issues arise
  15. Hello i'm guessing I either dropped to far down the page or u been busy. If it will make it any easier to refund the item, i'll gladly take it as an ice dragon halberd and enchanted books. I'll take a loss on the xp its not like i'm short on it. Hoping this will make it easier
  16. Hi! My name is siCaretta in-game and today when I tped back /home from /warp raid I suffocated In a wall, losing all my golem armor and other stuff! I neither could do /back because when I idea I got tped to spawn so /back brought just back to my home .. I spoke with other players too and they said it happened to them too, it's a very annoying bug and I think it should be fixed as soon as possible!
  17. Ups


    if launch craftersland launcher, and push play offline, when connect to server, get error "session is invalid, restart launcher or game", reconect and reinstall launcher not fix it
  18. Your Name: segggsysquirtle Item Name + ID + Amount: dragon scale chest plate #4568 x1 (prot iv unbreaking 3) Dragon scale helmet #4567 x1 (prot iv unbr 3) Dragon scale leggings #4569 x1 (prot 3 projectile prot unbr 3) Dragon scale boots #45670 x1 (prot 3 unbr 3) Dragon's eye #5346 x1 Stone of the sea #5344 x1 Potion ring of regenaration #4205/1 x2 Diamond sword #0276 x1 looting x sharpness iv mending fire aspect adv combat (idk what number)) Summoning stuff #5512 x1 Bow #0261 x1 (multishot) Arrows #0262 64 Shield #0442 x1 Golden apple #0322/0 2 Medkit #4748
  19. Hi there should be a thing in the craftersland store to "buy" a free port to spawn. Do you remember you're coords by chance?
  20. theres not much to be done about the lag unfortunately, the latest update wasnt that great and i'm not sure when Bruny will update to the newest server pack that came out the other day.
  21. the images are my tesseracts, the very last image is whats in timothysage's basement or whatever from kasz sent me Also when i questioned him about it he just jokes around [1837][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: why did you do that to my power? [1837][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: and why me? [1839][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: ? [1840][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: Captain we need more power! [1840][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: thats all you gotta say? [1842][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: So why don't you have any power EffGod? [1843][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: i dont have any power because you drai
  22. Your Name: Undertakerin Coordinates: x: 14087, z: 4340 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 17.04.2021 / 2:40h (2:40am) Berlin Time UTC+2 Description of Issue: ZRD255 placed a block or something that keeps us both crashing immediately when entering the island or trying to load the island (he lives at my island together with me) so the island needs a rollback to the nearest point of the date and time. Screenshots (Optional): -
  23. In-Game Nickname: timothysage Time and date: 04/16 Description of what happened: timothysage somehow got "3" of my tesseracts and then turned it into 41 tesseracts all with my tags EffGod and Kaylaaxx to drain my power and stealing my items. which is impossible to even get my tesseracts because i only have 20 in total, when they're not in use i find a use and i store them in my town by placing them next to my rftools. I asked him how did he get it, eventually he said he got it from an Unlocked enderchest, i asked what was the pattern, he said white white red, which in p
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