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  2. Your Name: Greyscaled Item Name + ID + Amount: Nether Star x3 (received from voting crate), 7 Illuminati Pets (I love to gamble), Compound Bow enchanted w Infinity (gotten from pets), Looting X Sharpness 5 Diamond Sword (crates) Base coordinates: N/A Description of Issue: I rtped and began opening chance cubes. I died, which is sort of expected, but when I respawned and /backed my grave was nowhere to be found. I'm not sure if there's anything to be done about this, but it's very distressing and it set me back quite a bit! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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  4. Your Name: Secchhio Item Name + Amount: 129 Manasteel 10 Terrasteel 10 Mana Diamond* 2 Rune of Air 2 Rune of Mana 2 Rune of Earth 2 Rune of Fire 2 Rune of Water 2 Greater Ring of Magnetization 1 Black Lotus * = I'm not sure if this was the correct amount, it was the amount of twice the botania kit from the legendary keys at spawn. Coordinates: 6116 55 -3298 Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Didn't know what was meant with this one, I'm sorry. Description of Issue: I was putting my Botania items in a chest right before a restart, which I didn't saw in the chat since I was in a chest. Beside that the timer of 5 seconds is really quick to stop doing things because there's a restart. Might be an idea to make it a bit longer since we already have the 30 seconds timer which doesn't work all the time? Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: Wish7 Coordinates: -3471 57 16 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 20.00 8+GMT 28th July 2021 Description of Issue: i went to raid world to find villagers, Instant death after using /home, Died immediately upon reaching home, withnesses (ahkent1125 , Lieww), theye even helped me to dig down into my house to find my equips none was found. Screenshots (Optional): Unable to upload so here are the links :- Withnesses > https://imgur.com/1XGlKoA Armors and Baubles > https://imgur.com/BzajnMX
  6. In the future, try putting a hopper underneath it. It usually falls into it and you can take it out from there
  7. All quests have been reset [https://prnt.sc/1hp739q]
  8. is anyone still active on this forum? I really enjoy this Server, and i would hate to start over completely.
  9. Your Name: Gruby10 Coordinates: XYZ 3669 78 4999 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1:55PM GMT+2 29 July 2021 Description of Issue: I dropped my Golden bag of holding to crucible and I I don't remember what was inside Screenshots (Optional): don't have any cause didn't think that would happen (rollback is no more needed)
  10. Prefix applied. Thanks @eytixis T/C Topic Closed.
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  12. Account Name: DarkGamingStars Rank: S+ Requested Commands^: Basically all world edit perms or access to //set //pos 1&2 //undo or //Replace and //redo Reason for Request*: I request the access to these command permissions because I like building and I am working on a base so I think it would be much faster to be able to build if i had worldedit so I don't have to break every single block and place every single block (I know I have builders wand but a faster way) Permissions: worldedit.* or worldedit.history.undo, worldedit.history.undo.self, worldedit.history.redo, worldedit.history.redo.self, worldedit.selection.pos, worldedit.wand , worldedit.wand.toggle , worldedit.region.walls, worldedit.region.set
  13. Hello there, its been a while i played on tekkit server and i forgot my password. Can someone help me with that? My ign was NajtoFTW but i renamed my premium account to Filipkee. Thank you
  14. I am sorry for the long response, i have gotten your death list and spawned those items in for you.
  15. Could you do an refund request and specify the items you would like refunded?
  16. Death In the Nether 2.0 Your Name: Oceanista Coordinates: -1183,45,1513 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 7/28/21 Description of Issue: Died from noobness Screenshots (Optional):
  17. I have refunded your wings of bat and jack hammer. I have placed those in your inventory.
  18. Your Name: Flonkin Item Name + Amount: Armored Diamond jetpack - 1 Stonebound Slime steel hammer - 1 Stonebound Slime steel pickaxe - 1 Stonebound Slime steel excavator -1 Meat feeder - 1 Advanced universal cable - 80 Greater ring of magnetization - 1 Sky stone blocks - 200 Inscriber Engineering press - 1 Ender pouch - 1 Xp - 200 Coordinates: -6726 / 62 / 776 Description of Issue: this has happened twice, luckily first time I didn't have much on me. logged out, when I logged back in all items Xp armor and rings were gone, replaced with the 3 starter books on my hotbar.
  19. Your Name: JackIsHere16 Item Name + Amount: Teir 3 red dragon 1 Coordinates: -2076, 115, 381 Description of Issue: I was riding my tier 3 red dragon and it jsut disappeared while i was flying it. Screenshots (Optional):
  20. hello my igame name is yerifromtheblock and i forgot my ingame password and i really want to play it told me to go to the forums for help. thank you.
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