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  2. Your Name: RyacintItem Name + Amount: Chunkloader x2Coordinates: (X:2009 Y:60 Z:2581) and (X:2071 Y:63 Z:2594)Description of Issue: Both chunk loaders disappeared on server restarts on separate occasions
  3. I need a date, time, and timezone to rollback
  4. Username: bed_wetter42 hi, i was playing the game with almost a full inventory and had lots of valuble items. a server reset came along and i joined back and my whole inventory was gone including my power armor. i was hoping i could atleast get some of my inventory back since it took so long to get it and it just DISAPPEARED i had a full set of power armor with the most effecient solar power, all advanced plating, jet boots, glider, sprint, jump and swim assist, active camoflage, pickaxe, diamond drill upgrade, shovel, flight control and the cooling system i had heaps of nether platinum ore around about a stack and around about a stack of nether sulfur ore i hope that i can at least get that back as i had much more and i need those items back thank you.
  5. What version Revelation is being offered? I saw one message about updating to 3.0.1, but lastest release version is 3.2.0 ?
  6. I was told to submit this template, and request, because my chunk loader disappeared during a reboot. My plot is protected and it was fine until a recent reboot. My player name is CharZinta
  7. Yesterday
  8. In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) thesmasha Time and date: Around 2 months ago when I bought the glass Description of what happened: (In chronological order) I bought some glass from someone like 2 months ago, and I noticed there was purple text saying: spawned in by: the smasha Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) https://imgur.com/a/yRoBssu List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) None
  9. Claim Rollback Successful. Mining_Dynamite has been restricted for reason: Bypassing Protection
  10. I wish you luck, it was nice having you part of the community
  11. Greetings! does anyone remember what happened to the mystic crates that were implemented in the last wipe I think they were very cool and IÔÇÖd love to see them back
  12. Apologies for the long wait. Items refunded to player. T/C
  13. Your Name: Magical_CowwItem Name + ID + Amount: JEI doesnt show IDs ­čśĽ Glitch Infused Helmet x1 Glitch Infused Chestplate x1 Glitch Infused Leggings x1 Glitch Infused Greaves x1 Glitch Infused Sword x1 Cobalt Mattock x1 Cobalt Cleaver with sharpest modifier x1 Cobalt Pickaxe x1 Cobalt Hammer with diamond modifier x1 Watering can x1 Dominos Special x12 Iron Paxel x1 garden scythe x1 Coordinates: I have death waypoints off ­čśĽDescription of Issue: I went to the end to mine some resodant end ore. I noticed that the main island is gone so I entered one of the portals. I flew around and found the ore I was looking for and then decided to go home and add some lapis to my hammer so I would get more of the ore, so I did /home and then I got a message saying that my home couldn't be loaded or something like that and then it spawned me in the void and then I lost all of my stuffScreenshots (Optional):
  14. Yeah, that's fine I understand. Would still like to do it. Thank you!
  15. while trying to figure out how someone could do this i found a way to somewhat bypass the claim, i was testing with someone, we did /rtp and he claimed a random piece of land where nothing was built and i didnt have access to, i went to the corner of it and launched a mining dynamite from the mod cyclic, it broke blocks inside the claim, then i sit right on the edge of the claim, looked up and launched another one to get more in the middle of the claim and not just the side, and it worked so im guessing thats how someone griefed this, the person i tested this with is Kawaii_Divinity and i wasnt at his real base and nothing was built where he claimed the place, we both agreed to doing this for test purposes.
  16. Your Name: AlyssuuTown Name: Coordinates: x:604 y:64 z:3753Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12 november 10pm GMT+2Description of Issue: my base has been blown up by someone or something, probably someone
  17. Hi, sure we can delete your account and all data related, but keep in mind that it is not reversible. I will wait for a confirmation reply. Thanks!
  18. Quiet ZengZ I don't sell armor or swords first because I don't need to sell and if GMs don't have access to this command because they haven't asked for it In some way you are right it was one of the main reasons that people bought Sponsor and Sponsor + and at the time tell me why the people no longer buy more range as before
  19. Asking to have my account deleted for some uhh, personal reasons. Under the right to be forgotten, please. Sorry for the bother. Thanks
  20. Last week
  21. Hello, to assist you, with you┬┤r Problem I need to clear some Things first. Do you have GP Points available ? That means do you have in Mind, that the Wards need GP to work ? They need at least 8 per Ward to work. You can use several Blocks to generate these GP Points if needed. Examples are Lava or Water Mills. I hope this may help you with your problem, if this is not the Case, feel free to reply again, and we will look further into it. With best Regards Cash / Helper SB2
  22. I believe that I'm speaking behalf all network staff that you won't be given enchant access. One of the main reason to buy Sponsor and Sponsor + was to gain access to /enchant. However that command was taken away because Sponsor players start selling command enchanted items (which was illegal). Second of all, not even GM has access to /enchant. So why would you? Thirdly, stop tagging Brunyman and Supermoderators for this kind of post. Could a forum moderator move this post to Network Tech Support?
  23. Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ @EPICfighters @brunyman Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: [/Enchant in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: I ask for this command because it is more practical and efficient when enchanting objects Sorry for my English and thank you
  24. waawaaaaTown Name: ChosenCoordinates: x -168, y 72, -4104Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1stDescription of Issue: I wasn't on the server for about 2 weeks but in that time my MV wires despawned due to the anti lag plugin but mainly I had a lot of items from multiple chests vanish. Also in a resonant cache there were 2 pots of invisibilty which when used came up with "[system] You cant use a creative item spawned by someone else!" in the chat, I'm not 100% sure what was in the cache I don't think there was anything in there to begin with but I just found it weird with these pots and the message.
  25. Added Weather, Time set, Enchant, God and World Edit. deldim is denied. This command can be used to delete any dim, it will not be added.
  26. Thank you for fixing my log on problem. X -2326 Z 1821 I managed to break into my farm and light it up I think the xp despawned. Thank you for your help. Now to rid of this mob farm
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