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  2. Connection issues

    Here you go.
  3. [Rollback Request]

    Rollback succesful! T/C
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  5. Refund {Request}

    Item's Refunded to player in-game.
  6. I wanted to pump Uranium out of my Dimension and i crashed. Tried to login crashen again and again Usernamen: DaimenDaniel
  7. Your Name: BlooomeCoordiantes: (X:-670 Y:64 Z:1902)Time/Date:(20.02.2018, from 7 pm): Description of Issue: This occured today, and it happened twice actually, the first restart it occured, i went off for a bit, i rejoined it was good, then restart came and this occured again, and i really need this error fixed, cause it's a very important chunk. The problem is 1 missing chunk, and I have tried reset, f3+a and nothing, this also happened to other players, few even tped to me and saw the same issue with my chunk missing.
  8. Sebas1709 Hb in Spawn

    Moved to Network Complaints.
  9. My island

    Oh btw remove the link please. I had dislike it if someone else downloaded my island xD.
  10. [Password Reset] Frxn

    Are you sure that you are writing correctly the command? If it continue saying the same, create a topic here using the correct template and someone is going to reset it.
  11. [Town Rollback Request] mr_rhexx10 : SKULL9867

    How can i fix that?
  12. [Password Reset] Frxn

    Nope, it says "Unkown command. Type ''/help'' for help."
  13. [Password Reset] Frxn

    Hi. If you're using a cracked account you can use the command "/changepassword oldpassword newpassword" in the main lobby. Tell me if it works.
  14. [Rollback Request]

    Thank you!
  15. My island

    One more player happy T/C
  16. [Refund Request] Frxn

    User refunded. Topic closed.
  17. In-Game name: Frxn (Related to this post: ) I would like to have my password reseted, this is the second time that my items are stolen and nobody has my password. I don't know if it is a hack or something like that, but, I just want to play without having the fear that my items (which I put time and effort to get) would dissapear.
  18. In-Game name: Frxn Server: ACv1 Item name + Item ID: Diamond helmet (x2) ID: 276, both of them enchanted with Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, one with Thorns 3 Diamond chestplate (x2) ID: 311 both of them enchanted with Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, one with Thorns 3 Diamond leggings (x2) ID: 312 both of them enchanted with Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, one with Thorns 3 Diamond boots (x2) ID: 313 both of them enchanted with Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Feather falling 4, one with Thorns 3 Diamond sword ID: 276 sharpness 5, fire aspect 2, looting 3, unbreaking 3 Bow ID: 261 Punch 2, Power V, Flame 1, Infinity 1, Unbreaking 3 Scythe's armor, painted white A full set of Iron with protection 4, unbreaking 3, feather falling 4. A Iron sword with unbreaking 3, Sharpness 5, Fire aspect 2, Looting 3 The Old Forged Sword The Old Tomahawk (which isn't in the evidence because I bought it later) T3 horse, white. Anvil ID: 145 Bottle O'Enchanting (x64) ID: 384 Gold ingot (x4) ID:266 Block of Gold (x98) ID:41 Golden Apple (x32) ID:322 Potion of invisibility (x8) ID:373 - 8238 Potion of strenght (x4) ID:373 - 8201 Potion of healing (x3) ID: 373- 8261 Potion of regeneration (x4) ID: 373-8257 A hidden blade Gun-poison. Books of Unbreaking 1 (x1), and Protection 4 (x2) Time & Date: 2/20 3:00 pm gmt-3. Description of Issue: I logged in and all my items were gone . . . Again. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/SSzIj
  19. Report bb

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW & Ac v1 & HPS In-Game Nickname : sWolfieMC Nickname of the one you are complaining about : 1. altar 2. Abel 3. TheKevin2004 4. prohibidoratas 5. campesino 6. corderito 7. MisterNoofy1 8. mirs 9. HYPERARTTU 10. xxteylinxx Description of the situation : 1. Bug Abuse (Summoning Wither) 2. Being Toxic 3. Flood 4. Being Toxic 5. Being Toxic 6. Being Toxic 7. Spam 8. Being Toxic (Romanian Language) 9. Armor Bug 10. Armor Bug Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/wwjnx (Ordered this time -_-) Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : MeJorge can confirm corderito, prohibidoratas and MisterNoofy1 ~Wolfie
  20. My island

    Thanks a lot dude!
  21. Personal Information: Name: Minecraft Username:MrFGaming2811 Age: 17 Languages you speak: English, German, Latin, a bit russian Country + Time Zone: Germany MET Do you have a microphone?: Yes Discord Name and ID*: MrGaming #8318 Staff Requirements:per day On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: 2 - 3 hours Can you join the forums everyday?: yes Have you ever been banned?: Once at beginning on the server because someone died as he tped to me. Was not my fault. But sorry anyways. A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): Iam an a person who playes since realese Minecraft and diffrent FTB modpack so I gained Knowledge about technical stuff etc. so i can help other people alot, furthermore iam a fair and nice person and went to diffrent evening classes to know hor to sove problems. Also Iam nearly every day online and a active chatuser. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): to be honest sometimes i get in rage if someone tell me that iam a nazism and racism because iam german. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: I can offer that Iam nearly every day online and also use pickaxe chat to help if there are questions. also you can write me a private massege if u need help or just someone who is online to help if there are any issues. Also iam very dedicated and would Look videos to gain knowledge or Share links to clever Websites if someone dont know how to setup something. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: one year ago i got the rank supporter on a normal vanilla server named Skyline. but sadly he went offline On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack?:i would say 9 because i play FTB long time and iam very interested in it. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: yes ofcourse Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: First of all i would ask if i can help to solve the problem, if not i try to find a compromize between them, if that does not help i would ask an admin to help. Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: i would make a post on the forum and ask for help. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): i would tell another stuffmember that a player done this also wirte privat massege to the discord server. I hope u know me because i was often online i am in he top 10 most time played. also iam a fair an a loyal player and would appreciate if u choose me.
  22. Refund {Request}

    Fixed XP problem.
  23. Connections being closed and premium claims

    Thanks for the reactivation, I will look into to other chunk loaders and it might not be that much of an issue long term with the way I set my base up. The disconnection problem is mostly solved (if it was on my end, it fixed itself), but the server seems to have been under extreme load over the last two days, even when there are only <5 people on. There will be periods where the server lags out and my connection times out every 5-10 minutes. I have also noticed that the server goes into maintenance mode almost every day if not multiple times per day. Is this something that happens with the server now? It also really seems that RFTools is being abused on the infinity server. We just had someone make a dimension of Nether Uranium Ore and that brought the server to its knees so bad the admins had to get involved. There needs to be some system of mod approval or something for RFtool dimensions because it makes the game unplayable for the rest of us. I can deal with a bit of lag, that comes with the package with this many mods (and it is better than a few years back) but these persistent problems make the game literally impossible (not inconvenient; impossible) to play for huge chunks of the day. Thanks!
  24. Can I get an custom island like a simple floating island. Can it also be on an medium size. Can my inventory be wiped to because i wanna start over But with a floating island to start with. Ign schroef2002
  25. [Guide] the magic road (thaumcraft)

    so we all khow about thaumcraft but it can be a little frustrating to get around it so here is a tutorial about how to thaumcraft 1 the start first up before you start with thaumcraft the first thing you need is 2 iron and a stick for a wand use the iron to make iron nuggets and use the nuggets to make wand caps (same crafting as a helmet except with nuggets) then put the wand caps on the stick in a crafting table in Diagonal patron Grtz you crafted your first wand but you need more, a book case in fact who you can ether get form those poor villagers or craft one yourself (Check NEI...there are more ways to craft a book then the normal one) once you got your book case place it down and click on it with your wand this will spawn the mighty Thaumonomicon which you can use to do research and to continue becoming a greater wizard after those 2 there is only one thing you need still a scanner (or as the mod calls it a "Thaumometer") which you can use to scan everything (blocks, mobs, players) (and mess around with players based on what the scanner says what aspects they have) this being the first steps but to be sure also try to make a arcane worktable (table and click on it with your wand) and a research table (2 tables placed against each other and then click it with a Scribing tool) you can now continue on to bigger thing Things to do craft a wand 2. make the Thaumonomicon 3. make a scanner 4. scan everything (some things cant be scanned unless you have atleast discovered one of its aspects) 5. make a research table and a arcane worktable 2 research with your new book you can preform research and unlock new stuff (but be sure you got enough paper) as you open the book for the first time you can see there isnt alot in it but we can change that by preforming the first research per research the book will fill up more and more but some research do need a other step aswell before you can use it if you try to research a research like that it will give you a Note which you can take to your research table the research will have 2 to 3 aspects already placed...its your job to connect it with each other with a Compatable aspacts (lux and ignis make a great comby) but also you need aspect points to fill in which you can get by scanning stuff Or make them with other aspects (water and ground make life and life and ground makes plants Etc) Think logicly you might noted there are several shapes of research in your book each of those shapes represent what it does for your book Circle: Freebies (mostly) Square: gives a research note which you can fully unlock by solving its puzzle hexagon: same as square but marks the end point of a given research Spiked Square: Same as square but also Unlocks research in the book shapes with Black clouds: Forbidden khowage that can give warp to a player if researched or preformed while your go around scanning if you find a greatwood tree take some of it with you as you can craft a better wand with it but you need some gold aswell to you also gonna need to research and place a Crucible with some heat under it things to do Scan everything 2. combine aspects and Discover new ones 3. Preform research 4. get futher into the book 3 Nodes and magical things as you went around to scan everything you might have seen Glowing orbs of diffrent colors those are nodes which have diffrent things to do with them such as power and type Power Bright: regains aspect points faster Normal: just normal pale: regains aspect points slower Fading: a destroyed node. regains No aspect points tus are useless for mass recharging Type normal: nothing special sinister: doubles as a mob spawner Hunger: Blackhole node which sucks in everything to refill its aspects and very dangerous to players https://imgur.com/a/aVF09 Tainted: spreads Taint which is can be dangerous and will convurt closeby nodes to a tainted one Pure: Nodes that are pure and mostly found in Silverwood trees unstable: can randomly change in a other aspect they can have diffrent aspects and can be used to charge your wand with or to can be used in a other way before you use a node to charge your wand make sure you have the completed the research "Node Preserver" this way you can charge your wand without the node disappearing (as some people ignore warnings that they need that research cause they constandly keep destroying Great nodes) make sure your wand has 11 points of Each aspects and then you can make a new and better wand (which doesnt have the increased cost to craft or use spells with or the ability to destroy nodes) with your new and better wand you can do more then just the starter wand can do you can preform more research such as nitor and Alumentum which need to be researched to continue form this point you can research a Infusion altar and essentia Distillation (which is needed for infusion) when you research both of it you should first make a Essentia chamber and alot of jars to fill the most easyest way to make alot of essentia is a chamber like this https://imgur.com/a/Q0jcD beware though you need alot of coal or fuel to make essentia before you do make essentia (for first times make a silverwood wand) make sure which blocks or items you need to make the required Essentia if you have everything to make the essentia to preform infusion (the essentia needed for infusion is descriped in the items page) You are needed a Infusion altar once you have the setup of the infusion altar ready...just wave your Full Greatwood wand at the Runic matrix and it will become a infusion altar the easyest setup should be this https://imgur.com/a/bzB6Z (minus the jars and items) just before you make a Even better wand search for some silver wood tree and take atleast 3 logs of it (you need 2 logs later) before you wanna infuse Look in your book for the item you want to make by infusion (in this case a Silverwood wand) place down ALL the items it asks for on the pedestals serrounding the altar and also Place down the Essentia (in jars) within 5 blocks of the altar and the item that is gonna be infused has to be on the Middle pedestal Under the Matrix once everything is done you can start infusion by using your wand on the matrix the altar will first take the required Essentia and Then it will take in the items needed if succesfull you have a rod in the middle pedestal which you can use to make a Even better wand using wandcaps (i suggest atleast a golden caps) things to do Find a node 2. charge your wand 3. make a better wand 4. research and make a essentia room 5. research and make a Infusion altar 6. get everything done to preform infusion with 7. infuse 4 SPELLS and charge now that you got your silverwood wand ready now you can capture nodes in jars to take them home and use them to recharge for here you are gonna need the Research "Node in a jar" and "Node stabilizer" the stabilizer will allow a node to have a protective shield around it to prevent it being drained by other nodes and the node in a jar allows taking a node and place it somewhere else (cauntion though that a node Can be damaged if you put it in a node and such only try to do so with Bright or normal nodes) to take it make a enlarged jar with glass and wooden slabs like this https://imgur.com/a/GNV6R then you need atleast 70 Aspect of EACH aspect to click on the Node which will shrink the jar and allows you to take the jar with the node (the node is frozen inside so it will not do anything) then place it at home where you can release it with a simple click of your wand after you placed the jar but it also allows to get nodes on there stabilizers and turn the stabilizers on Also you can also craft spells for use with your wand using the wands aspects to preform them this are the spells this are all the spells and this is a start tutorail for people who still have problems with it Fire: Sends a cone of fire forward , short range but lights target on fire, the first spell to unlock Frost: Sends a "unkhown" form of ice forward, midrange and can do Heavy damage, unlocked after the fire spell Excavation: Mines blocks pointed at, unlocked after the fire spell lighting: fires a bolt of GIGAWATTS at the target equal trade: select a block with it and then click on other blocks which will change to the selected block in your inventory while droping a changed block to pickup,usefull to make rooms underground Warding: clicks on a block to give it rune shields making them unbreakable tus makes great protection against grieving or dumb friends, its personal so other people cant see or ward blocks you warded already, this can also annoy friends alot as they cant mine the block or enter rooms hellfire: summons a hellfire bat which will follow the target and attack them for some seconds,Forbidden khowlage Ninehells: honestly i dont khow but it is Strong Pech: trows a missle to your target which will be debuffed by random if it hits,cant be crafted, can be found by mobs called Pechs primal: trows a "unkhown" form of energy which explodes if it hits something, Destroys blocks aswell, Forbidden khowlage
  26. Sebas1709 Hb in Spawn

    Here is the screenshot, but this one needs to be moved to Complaints section too. @KayWolves
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