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  3. It's a good idea I like it. I support you :D
  4. Welcome to craftersland. I hope you have fun
  5. I was fooling with Steve's Carts and broke a cart and crashed around 7:00 EST 8/20/2019. I have tried to relogin with no luck , crashes game after "Logging In..." screen. Any ideas on how I should go about resolving this? Thanks in advance, Shifty Your Name: ShiftyDreamerCoordinates: Level spawn location: World: (5003,48,5109)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6:30PM Eastern TimeZone , 8/20/19Description of Issue: I am crashing client side when I try to login to the server, crash-2019-08-20_19.33.33-client.txt
  6. the overclocked generator cannot be crafted and this makes it impossible to craft the most useful items like the rainbow and the final item is also included
  7. Yesterday
  8. yeah i get it, then this is as close as it gets. All i really lost now is a stack of lapis, a stack of leather, like 3 stacks xp bottles and some diamonds. If i don’t get those back it's not a big deal though. Thank you all for your help.
  9. Your Name: DemonWorgItem Name + ID + Amount: Sythe and Bag of holding (it was more but idc about them)Coordinates: Well its out of the borderDescription of Issue: So I was building with yellow wool while in the middle of me breaking the wool I get knocked and fall off the map I go back and check for my grave i go and get water bucket and slabs and ready to go to my grave right after i place one block it didnt place (and yes i did click m2) so i tried to test if i reached the border and every time I try to place the slab or block it insta deletes it (I do have a video but it is bad and it is zoomed in to the top left side so it is not very great I do apologise https://plays.tv/video/5d5c61cccdb54bb66d/what-the-fuck heres the video)Screenshots (Optional):
  10. Chunkloader placed in a chest next to you. Please keep in mind that chunkloaders only work in the overworld and will disappear if placed in other dimensions. T/C
  11. Rollback confirmed by player. T/C
  12. Password Reset Complete
  13. Successful & Confirmed T/C
  14. Hello, I believe this was possible as I teleported to your base to find that sections of the base were not fully claimed. Given it also looks like you rebuilt the house, I suppose you don't need a claim rollback? Thank you for the report, but I do suggest fixing your claims as they seem to be all over the base xD Below is a snap shot of your base, with gold being claim borders and glowstone being corner borders, as you can tell it is very congested. https://imgur.com/lcnOWWF
  15. Thing is that the way rollbacks work is that they get done twice a day (or 3 times I don't remember exactly), we can't rollback *EXACTLY* in the moment you died but we can get the nearest rollback to the time you died
  16. Ah thanks for the info, will go another route then
  17. thank you very much. the main things i wanted to get back were my enchanted armor/pickaxe. i got most of my stuff back, but i guess the time was a bit off since none of it was enchanted. (i was enchanting stuff, and went to the end to farm some levels, that’s when i got dc and lost my stuff) Can you see when i typed /spawn in the server log? If so, please rollback my inv to the moment i entered /spawn if it’s not too big of a hassle. If you can’t, just leave it as is, it's close enough. I appreciate your help either way.😄
  18. I joined the server, and tried to login, but it says register not requiered. Please fix
  19. Hello, Will you edit your post to follow this template:
  20. I am missing 1k awakened blocks!! Just kidding! Everything is perfect! Thank you
  21. Just bought a chunkloader and placed it down beside my builder in the mining dimension, and then when i got back it was gone. was told that if i wrote here i might get it back.. the coordinates was -2240 70 938
  22. pls i need my inventory back i die in the end for a bug of the server
  23. Talked with the player everything is fine. Thanks ManYouForgot. T/C
  24. Your Name: cKasuneClaim Owner Name: cKasuneCoordiantes: 2264, 69, 4008Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 14:00 GMT +2Description of Issue: I stuffed too many Full ME Storage Cells in a Backpack. Screenshots (Optional):
  25. Your Name: XashzItem Name + Amount: Eternium Plated Micro Sun Eater [Tier Nine] , 8 Neutron Reflector , 4 Awakened Draconium Blocks , 1 Stellar Creation dataCoordinates: X 1412 , Z -3755 , y 52Description of Issue: Lost my t9 micro processing in the large microverse projector due to restart , i had it around 30%~ and they was a restart i couldnt remove it nor do anything about it , once i came back on and checked the microverse said missing input items , i checked my ae thinking its done but it wasnt .kindly help me out here. thanksScreenshots (Optional): ,Maybe this can help
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