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  2. Hellfir3 search and rescue

    Has anyone seen or heard from him? Is he okay? Still alive? Missing hellfir3!!! Plz downayte to teh Hellfir3 fundz
  3. Pure Survival Duplicate keys

    I had more catches but I lost them...
  4. Pure Survival Duplicate keys

    Network Server: Pure Survival In-Game Nickname: Sokita Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Jiren_Pride and Keivin95 Description of the situation: Many illegal objects Screenshots/Video Proof (Required): Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/MX0uk
  5. GMC Access

    gmc access set
  6. Request Town Remove

    Yes, as Skull said it would help if you used the template. As on tekkit I don't actually get the location of the town through that plugin. I found it through that players last coordinates tho- Request accepted, town regened and removed. T/C. But try to keep the template in mind until next time
  7. Stuck in corrupt chunk

  8. Today
  9. Conversation with bruny

    Brunyman I'm a regular visitor of the server and I would like to talk to you about some things please let me know the best way for us to talk
  10. Request Town Remove

    Hello @earthranger , This is possible, please follow the following template and it will be much easier to complete your request. Thanks, Skull.
  11. /fix is the same command as /repair i believe.. and is an essentials command.
  12. Well... yes, I could. But would it not be rude to not let you speak your mind aswell? Brunyman mentioned it quite recently in a another server suggestion that the next step being skyfactory 3, will not result in skyfactory 2.5 to go down. But we don't question your research, nor do we blame you from not knowing- we are merely telling you that it is the case Yes! I understand this perfectly and it is exactly what I LOVE about crashlanding and it works well in a party enviroment with up to 4 players - but when creating a server you sort of have to think in the mindset of a game developer. We want as many as possible to play and understand our servers- some choices on our servers that you might thin is just a random choice... really isn't. Take for example the way you spawn in in most of our servers- It's a straigth path to either the market/shop/info monitor and in the end a random teleport sign. This is so that the player sees everything before they head out into the widlerness- cuz if they didn't they would get frustrated when they don't understand it. In a similar way this is too- We would need to optimize a server like this to get more players in and playing the modpack for it to make a profit. And banning players for a period of time will result in probably more than half of the players to just straight up give up on the server. That; in the long run, will hurt the server and ruin the server. I have, do I need to provide video evidence of me dying horribly to it over and over again- from 3 years ago? Now here is the big question: The distance between the crash landing and the city is a few hundred blocks(if I remember right) - so you suggest we would allocate all that space, including the city for each player or party? Or just put all the crashlanding sites side by side and have them all explore the same city? Neither, in my opinion would work very well. IF - they have their bases side by side it would ruin what crashlanding is, and a new player would simply walk over to their late game neighbor and ask for items. Ruining your idea of a hardcore modpack IF - they have their own "1000 block section" it would kill the server on disk space. How Craftersland today handels storage is that we use something that is called a ram drive, it is basically RAM memory allocated to becoming harddrive space. -Why?- Because it make storage much much faster than an SSD, and we have all our worlds and frequently accessed files in this ram drive. This in all means that every GB of world space is very pricy- allocating such a large area for a single player or party that will just end up dying and then not playing again would either force us to invest in much more RAM or just not be possible at all. And given my expectations of such a server like this, I don't see option one to being possible. Actually, the way plugins were coded in 1.6.4 compared to 1.7.10- and even 1.10 and later makes most plugins for 1.6.4 obsolete and weak. Our only 1.6.4 server -tekkit- is also the hardest one to find good plugins to. And not that this would matter much in this case, as the majority of the plugins would have to be custom coded for a project like this- also taking alot of time from brunyman. (And again, harder for him to make due to the version.) We don't wipe our servers because there are issues. As long as I've been here we have never wiped a server because there were issues - Even that one time when we had flames grief a 3000x3000 area on the infinity evolved server -We fixed that too.- (or bruny did.) We wipe because it's what the players want- they want to start over together with everyone else, aswell as the world size issue I brought up earlier- it free's up alot of disk space. This also gives us the chance to patch out issues if there are some, like exploits, dupes etc. but they are never the sole reason for the wipe. I'm not going to lock the topic yet, I am -as last time- going to give you a chance to reply if you wish. Otherwise it will be closed in a week's time. I really do like your suggetion and I would really hope that such a server would have been plausible but unfortunately it's not. :-(
  13. Request Town Remove

    Hi. We would like to expand our town and there is a town close by called “Land” he hasn’t been online since 30+ days. Is there a possibility to remove this town? Thank you for response.
  14. sasuke0711 Command Request @brunyman @powerwarp

    I know this is not my place, but @Sasuke0711- You should know that using worldedit by the means that you bring forward here; To help those who have been griefed to recover their items. Then you are breaking rule 4. [4] Using /enchant or gamemode for other players: -1st offense = 1 day ban, seizure of item(s). -2nd offense = 3 day ban -3rd offense = 1 week ban As without a staff rank and proper permissions to "refund" these players you are using worldedit to spawn in illegitimate items and is therefore punishable. As for /fix and /fixall- I've not heard that to be a command-atleast not in worldedit- but then again, I'm not a network player. - The mind of a Modded staff.
  15. Bug Armor CTW Post #3

    Thanks for reporting. (A ss is enough haha) T/C.
  16. HB in the Spawn (ACV1)

    Second time. http://prntscr.com/h00jlm
  17. Bug Armor CTW Post #3

    Network Server: CTW In-Game Nickname: Sokita Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Tomdopgamer Description of the situation: Bug abuse Screenshots/Video Proof (Required):
  18. Yesterday
  19. We did not had enough with Mainblost :v

    He tells that he saw Mainblost in the leatherboard so he changed to that name :v but yeah, he is MisterLuis123 also no, he is not impersonating me because i have seen him and he does not act like me and say the same things..
  20. HB in the Spawn (ACV1)

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : ACV1 In-Game Nickname : eZMoke23 Nickname of the one you are complaining about : NEFFMOU521 Description of the situation : Hb in the Spawn Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/BtVxb Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
  21. Team Troll CTW #2

    Thanks for the report, user punished http://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=ban&id=12273 T/C Topic Closed
  22. Unban TDB_AlexMcking

    Is not necessary that you test the bugs, that is the work of the staff members and the Ice Map bug is one of the biggest bug error on CTW, i think that you know about that bug, and you know perfect that Is a Bug abuse to make that T/C Topic Closed Ban stays
  23. Vakor NEI

    im only saying this post because my transfer was on monday and the nei usally takes a day to update
  24. Tekkit Town Help Plz

    Okay, there is a town called russki near our town that makes it so we cant make our town bigger and the owner and only member ar4a9 hasnt been on since a month ago so could you guys remove this town so we could make ours bigger? Thank you in advance
  25. BIG REPORT ( Im Back )

    OMG, Thanks for report but try to make small reports like 3 or 5 guys not 21 .-. but really thanks all the guys punished but you don't have sufficients proofs to punish the user "Steampunk_Gears" (If you have more proofs pm me ) T/C Topic Closed
  26. Unban TDB_AlexMcking

    Report post Posted October 12 [1] User name in game: TDB_AlexMcKing [2] Details of the situation: Banned on: 2017,10,20 [3] Ban Category: Bug Abuse CTW [4] Duration of the ban: 3 Days [5] Staff member: PandaSwag_ [6] ScreenShots: tell me error uploading photo [7] Your reason: I want you to give me the tests and if it is the ice map I did NOT ANY BUG, one logged in I do not remember who, but he told me you concocted lechy and I said yes and I sent a igmur I saw it and was bugging with wool in the hand and grabbed the 2 wool I enter to be a while, that I told him and I said ok and I went to the lobby thinking that I was going to be banned and then enter a full but in no time I did BUG not the I did not even have them where the photos of that Or what BUG is? I HAVE NOT DONE ANYMORE ...
  27. Team Troll CTW #2

    Network Server: CTW In-Game Nickname: Sokita Nickname of the one you are complaining about : YahavBA Description of the situation: Try to remove the blocks for me to fall into the void Screenshots/Video Proof (Required): https://imgur.com/a/oEQcM
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