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  2. Which modpack was this intended for? DW 1.12 doesn't have MatterOverdrive.
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  4. duplicate post Use your previous post
  5. Great suggestion Chicken Eggs { minecraft:egg } added to admin shop at 8 for $100
  6. Inventory Rollback Complete If anything is missing, reply below
  7. World Edit access added. Unfortunately, we do not give out /enchant, as there are no restrictions to unsafe enchants. Note: Any abuse of world edit will result in removal of access. Usage is logged
  8. Use this, it's free: https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1347142
  9. the card of deep mob lirning not work i cant craft it
  10. Permissions removed You should now be able to use the compass normally.
  11. Commands added Make sure to use worldedit responsibly and keep the working areas as small as possible. Keep in mind that abuse of worldedit will result in it being revoked and you losing the ability to create further command requests.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Item refunded to player inventory
  14. Thanks for the bug report. As for why it runs out of energy, I can't pin-point the issue. I've heard amongst other players that you may want to avoid charging it. ( Possibly could cause the energy depletion? ) I have placed a Creative Jetpack into your inventory. Only protection 4 was added
  15. Name:Littlebry05 Coordinates: 21254, 65, -15075 Time/Date:16/Feb/2020 Description of Issue: I have something in my inventory from MatterOverdrives and it wont let me login.
  16. Glad it was sorted 👍 Future references; The unstuck package is free and sends players to spawn within 5-10 minutes. Available on all servers
  17. Also, looking at the pastebin, it would be smart not to attempt to use that MiniGun again. 👍 Could corrupt your inventory again
  18. Inventory rollback complete. For future reference, we have a template for inventory rollback requests. It gives me more information to help resolve the issue. So I went ahead and used your player data save files from Feb 24th. If you are still unable to connect, reply below
  19. Bump,, Is there an eta on when or if this will be resolved?
  20. bottleofsyrup

    Chunk Loading

    Hi, Epic just made some adjustments and you should be able to use it now. You'll probably only be able to use the 1x1 option for now though, but you're allowed up to 4 different chunk loaders by default.
  21. Your Name: EdgentexIsland Owner Name: EdgentexCoordinates: x1788 z3326 y66 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Monday 17th feb 12:00Description of Issue: server hacked need is restored Screenshots (Optional):
  22. @brunyman, can you please i Inventory Rollback by my? Name: PCP_Prod Server: DDSS
  23. can you help me please? my friend PCP_Prod picked up an item that crashes his minecraft , so he need an inventory clean , can you do this please ? he could do it by him self because he is premium + , but as soon he try to join the server the game will crash... i write the request because he dont know good english , because we are german xD thx for the help
  24. Duplicate post Topic closed
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