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  2. Was there any member besudes you on the island when u left it?
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  4. Password for server

    Your forum password has nothing to do with the one on the server, you're supposed to set a separate password upon first login. If you're unable to register, you can file a password reset request following the steps above. That, or try a different account.
  5. Need Some Support

    Well first of all i dont really know if i can do this but i wanted to make 1 post relating all the posts where i still need help cuz is so annoying bumping and bumping post pher post So, 1.- My rank in TDB_iiMasterLoL 2.- My fame in _ItsFredy_ 3.- The prefix in _ItsFredy_ 4.- And my premium from iiFredy_ Hope bruny can see this post soon, greetings.
  6. Password for server

    It tells me the registration is not required or that I have a wrong password. I am just using my forum password.
  7. Sponsor Rank

    *BUMP* @brunyman.
  8. !.10.2 Ender dragon bugged.

    Name: Lucy_Anne2012 Server: DW20 1.10.2 Location : The End main island. I have been killing the draggy for my draconic items and I have spent about an hour trying to whittle him down the last time as 2 of the towers bugged and are healing him where ever he goes, they are also linked somehow to the spawning in mechanic for the dragon. I havent quite got to the point of 1 shotting him yet so would appreciate some assistance in resetting him so he is can be killed again. Also when falling in to the end portal back to the overworld it spawns you in glitched and you cant move, I tried to port to home but that crashed my client and I had to reset. When I did I had my normal inventory plus the starter inventory.
  9. Report - Survival Servers

    In the second image you have 3 xp levels, in the third image 103 and in the fourth image 200 totally legal lol
  10. Report - Survival Servers

    0 uses, learn how to report m8
  11. Report - Survival Servers

    Minigame: Survival Servers; SB, HPS, PS My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Players: 1. TDB_DantexD_ 2. Jiren_Pride 3. Pepito33 4. Necrocapo Situation: 1. Selling an illegal Diamond Sword with more than 7 enchantments. 2. (Not sure) Having duped Legendary Keys. 3. Selling 1 stack of Enchanted Golden Apples (Known as Notchs) for 9,000,000$ (Selling illegal items) 4. Swearing and writing a fake site on global chat. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/vOjs4
  12. Report: CTW

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : sofiagonzalez Nickname of the one you are complaining about : kevinz10 Description of the situation: (Original account is: kevinz10rq) kevinz10 (Caps and Ban evade, It's the second time he does ban evades) Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/CZSzg
  13. REPORT

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : alexthefail Nickname of the one you are complaining about : 1) ael 2) silverdan 3) Macogamer1 4) Miiguel_MZ 5) sawea 6) TheMordernNOOB 7) tutas11 8) BestLee 9) dfg15 10) iiTzSukoh_ 11) Richi_09 12) marcelo123 13) demons7676 14) ITZBRYANKILLERXD 15) ArdyPro10 16) tetio2006 Description of the situation : 1) Troll team ( flint and steal ) 2) Spam 3) Spam 4) Spam 5) Bug armor 6) Bug armor 7) Bug armor 8) Spawn wither 9) Spam 10) Spam 11) Spam 12) Insulting staff ( MarceLOL ) 13) Bug armor 14) Exploting the spawn 15) Spam 16) Troll team ( Lava ) Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : 1) https://imgur.com/btFr93K 2) https://imgur.com/QqQaW7a 3) https://imgur.com/Y3uLtLS 4) https://imgur.com/k1RRjyp 5) https://imgur.com/IXlMj0w and https://imgur.com/kni05Nr 6) https://imgur.com/XRBVeVZ 7) https://imgur.com/Y6Pz8st 8) https://imgur.com/XCtesj7 9) https://imgur.com/GxBTqON 10 and 11 ) https://imgur.com/sn9huv0 12) https://imgur.com/fcCBJZh 13) https://imgur.com/RdilBeF 14) https://imgur.com/q0NFDY8 15) https://imgur.com/ufMYDPQ 16) https://imgur.com/NkeTeZ1 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : LOVE CRAFTERSLAND'S ❤❤😍
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  15. Camping AssassinS v1

    Network Server : AssassinsS v1 In-Game Nickname : TheAlfredOne Nickname of the one you are complaining about : lolaso14 Description of the situation : Camping Screenshots/Video Proof : https://imgur.com/a/Ld3pE
  16. [Prefix]

    **BUMP x13
  17. [Fame]

  18. [Refund request] feduss

    @feduss use /crate it should be stored in there
  19. [Refund request] feduss

    First of all, @feduss template isnt usless. Template makes staff to refund faster and effectively. There is a reason why we ask people to use template. Secondly, @Voodoo thank you for your help but leave such things to staff. Thank you for your understanding.
  20. Ban Evade x2

    Banned. T/C.
  21. Stolen ME Drives

    Topic closed.
  22. Stolen ME Drives

    the drives have been located the mayor crashed with them in inventory would someone close this please thanks
  23. Stolen ME Drives

    Moved to Tekkit complaints. Please edit your post to follow this template: If you want a roll back of your base, use this template and make a separate topic
  24. Stolen ME Drives

    does an witness for the item count's? Well i have the times that the people of the town were on,he had loged in after an half a hour after i loged off , and nobody else logged on.I could give the photo of the times
  25. [Refund request] feduss

    in order to request a refund, you must use the correct template, regardless of your personal feelings towards it. This is so that the request contains all the relevant information and for ease of reading by staff member/s dealing with the matter. Whether you want to or not is irrelevant.
  26. Stolen ME Drives

    You need proof that you had the items and you need proof that he stole them.
  27. Marcelol about my report, if you look for jatoba555 you'll see that he's banned becouse of hacks, i think it's very probable that he's the same player

    1. MarceLOL


      I checked his ip and I saw nothing :s 

    2. MeJorge
  28. Hi, i don't use the template because of is useless. During the last vote party, my inventory was full, and i didn't received the legendary key (the 4x vote keys has been spawned in my left hand) Can i have a refund? 😂
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