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  2. After looking at the evidence, it was only enough for a R7 warning for the cursing. The enderchests are public, so not griefing (the players should private them, it's not hard) You have been un-muted and un-jailed. Your punishment has been removed from our record, and replaced by the Rule 7 warning. We apologise for the inconvenience and will make sure staff follow the correct ruling in the future. ~Management
  3. Items refunded. Items are in front of your /home T/C
  4. [Refund Request]Awesome_Andy1234 Your Name: Awesome_Andy1234Item Name + Amount: 1 tier 3 rocket schemetic(coming soon!) 1 cargo rocket schmeticCoordinates: was not in chest/I do not rememberDescription of Issue: just vanished in my inventoryScreenshots (Optional): I will put files in the replys
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  6. I was getting my sword from chest when server kicked me cuz restart. I know i shoul be ready but i just wanted prevent any of my good stuff despawn. And when i join back my weapon wasn´t in my inv or in chest. It was iced halberg with upgraded potentials education 3 critical strike 4 upgraded potentials, supreme sharp 5 adv mending lifesteal 4 arc slash 3 subject p e 5 penetration 5 fire aspect 2 adv looting 3 atomic deconstructor 2 vampirism 2. My nick is _HungryPumpkin_ i am not sure how to make this right. Thank you.
  7. literally the fucking kid told his friends and both of them said that i "stole from them"
  8. it fucking pisses me off when i get false banned i've gotten false banned like 3 times now and that costed me 25 dollars to buy a fucking unban its bull shit im not gonna just be calm im not tryna spend more money
  9. lol they didnt add the part when they started insulting me ALSO AND DONT BAN PEOPLE FOR THE WRONG REASON
  10. also i was taking there shit from the echest when there offline lmfao
  11. also technicly it was a fucking public echest its not fucking stealing DUH https://gyazo.com/dc1c1f8e57ad35e366d956dc82155706 LMFAO
  12. also i wouldnt have insulted anyone if you didnt jail me and i was defending my self cause it wasnt only me also i would have gotten muted not jailed so i cant do jack shit
  13. i didnt mean to do urss333 also i only did it to 1 person and he told his friends and they went on discord acting like i did it to multiple people also the second image i wasnt even talkin about u accept for the last part
  14. Server address: sb2.craftersland.net We just updated our FTB StoneBlock 2 server to mod pack version 1.18.1! This is a medium sized update with few mods added, fixes and tweaks. IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find this update only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App. Changes: Updated 18 mods Updated all configs and scripts Removed 1 mod Updated Sponge, LukyPerms and Nucleus The update is also available on our Launcher, download here: LINK Official change log: Stone all the way! sb2.craftersland.net
  15. [1] In-Game Username: Kara_Knight [2] Details of Situation: I was offline for 12 hours and when I tried to log in I saw that I got banned for 4 days. [3] Ban Category: No ban category [4] Ban Duration: 4 days [5] Staff Member: I don't know WHO banned me [6] ScreenShots: Don't have [7] Your Reason: I got banned for no reason while I am offline.
  16. The reason i muted/jail you is because 2 player report you stealing and insulting the player in cause are Slay and MKRussell411. https://imgur.com/a/LFBN7Ey As seen in the ss they say excessive cursing and caps+stealing. And here there was a 3rd player named ClarkStar1 user name in discord that sayed you where stealing from echest using the same color. We get a quite a lots of ss telling us players capsing/spaming/insulting etc... and we can't be 24/7 online cause we have a life so we take those evidence of players and apply the rules. Furthermore your attitude about this punish jail/mute is outraging you start raging and use a very insulting tone even some insults. https://imgur.com/uEzApBs https://imgur.com/a/RQzWLMP You could have dm me and explain the situation like those 3 players hate me and start telling lies about me in order to make me angry or get me banned... but you started with the attitude. So if you have proof of what happend before that and proof that you didn't steal you can present them here. I will not review this complaint by myself, but i will let higher staff or other sf3 staff to resolve this matter. Have a good day. Sincerely Urss333. P.s you may want to change the complaind a little like your in game name is not Urss333 is DuhRealFlame and you complain is about me. As its now its like i'm filling a complain about me...
  18. When reporting a player, you are asked to follow the following format in order to make your report easier to read and comprehend. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) :skyfactory3 In-Game Nickname :urss333 Nickname of the one you are complaining about : duhrealflame Description of the situation : I was on a public echest and i get banned for that... LOL and when did I EVER say a racist slur like honestly get better staff members Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://gyazo.com/73d59656066255fbbce48dc6403374b8 https://gyazo.com/1a543b788dbb51e4741f4e719cbb0ff7 https://gyazo.com/1935ca48542667041d7f76d37b1c4cbb https://gyazo.com/d761d1f59f1bd3bc16bbb3850a000920 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Note: The players not following the mentioned form will not be taken into consideration.
  19. [1] In-Game Username: Cl0ak and Raizeyy [2] Details of Situation: Banned for supposedly duppeds [3] Ban Category: Dupped items [4] Ban Duration: 3d [5] Staff Member: CriticLC_ [6] ScreenShots: Don't have ss so here's the link https://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=ban&id=16573 [7] Your Reason: I really don't know what's the real reason here, like, for what I had been banned? Because if it's for the gold I have been farming gold since quarantine, played like 8-10h a day in AC and also I've gotten more money from people that used to play there but left because of job and that, also adding that it seems to look so much and have so much free time to obtain the gold as it's all stacked and I have full inventory because of it, but it's only like 8m in $, and when I had that gold in my inventory it was because I was exchanging my gold to $ and saving it. And if it's for the chest, I obtained it by just killing a llama with it, like I used to collect rare items like saddles, papers, bamboos, shells, disks and others just for fun. Like that could count as a dupped item?
  20. Account Name: misskendell Town name: / Character name : Town: deletos , character : misskkendell Server: DW 1.7.10 Coordinates: x-700 y - 64 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 9:00 NDT Description of Issue: put resonant sachet in enchantment table by accident *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  21. Your Name: misskkendellCoordinates: x-700, y- 64Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 6/6/2020Description of Issue: i put my resonant sachal in uncrafting table by accident Screenshots (Optional):
  22. Yesterday
  23. The Revelation server always pings for a good few seconds after I refresh whereas other servers load almost immediately (makes me think its not a connection problem). After it finally shows up with a connection, it takes a while on the 'Logging in' screen and eventually once it finally looks like I'm going to get in it rejects me with the simple 'Disconnected' message. This is only a problem for CraftersLand specifically, as all other servers I am able to join as well as singleplayer. I tried downloading the CL launcher too in hopes of a better outcome, but still the same 'Disconnected' message. Help?
  24. Player banned. ( Raizeyy / Cl0ak ) Thanks for your report, have a nice day Topic Closed.
  25. Your Name: WaqoJaqoItem Name + Amount: flux infused pickaxe best enchants, fluc infused sword best enchants then i had a gold bag with a bunch of stuff for making reactor there was so much i can even write it all.i also had diamond armour and a jet pack Coordinates: x--3815/y-67/z-4779Description of Issue: i was in the nether collection quartz to make our new reactor look really nice when it was built and i was attacked by a group of zombie pigmen where i died a few times after i recovered my stuff i was followed through the portal by a pigman and was killed as soon as i teleported back to the normal world. when i went back everything was gone except me boots and me food, Screenshots (Optional): sorry i do not have any screenshots
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