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  2. Kaszanka_1234

    [REFUND] Lukanmtnsss

    Items refunded to player in game In the future you can just edit your topic instead of making a new one
  3. Towilloughby

    Character stuck in space, game crashes on login

    Sent to spawn.
  4. Today
  5. Lukanmtnsss

    [REFUND] Lukanmtnsss

    Your Name: LukanmtnsssItem Name + Amount: Machine Frame (Basic) 2xCoordinates: X-2713 Y78 Z1219Description of Issue: I was making machine frames in assembly table, i went to get them and the server restarted and i lost themScreenshots (Optional):
  6. GoldenCarper

    Rank removal

    My previous name was GoldenCarper and my new name is GoldenGreninja Thanks in advance
  7. flightcraft2

    [Refund Request]flightcraft2

    Your Name: flightcraft2 Item Name + Amount: flux-infused jetplate (1), dragon heart (1), charged draconium blocks (4), wyvern flux capacitor (1), draconic energy core (3) Coordinates: -4384, 3241 Description of Issue: a server rollback at around 1100 CST/1700 GMT on 11 DEC 2018 caused me to lose the listed items from my player inventory and chests. Screenshots (Optional):
  8. EPICfighters

    [Town Removal] Google

    Town regenerated and removed
  9. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback (DezeGames)

    Rollback was successful. T/C
  10. DezeGames

     [Inventory Rollback Request]DaBe00593

    Rollback successful. T/C
  11. donoskaro

    [Town Removal] Google

    Your Name: donoskaroTown Name: GoogleCoordinates of Town: X: -4061, Y: 69, Z: 4414Town members: SoapyGodReason for request: Weird claim pattern (see /t map @ X: -4094, Y: 72, Z: 4551) prevents town expansion.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  12. DezeGames

    [Command Request] donoskaro

    Commands Work. T/C
  13. All 4 ender chests are still empty, that didn't seem to restore them as I was really hoping it would. Was the time used before or after my listed time? The time I listed was right before the crash. I Downloaded a NBT editor to make sure of the location and it seems only the original Ender Chest saves to player data while the Ender Storage versions store to their own folder by the name of "EnderStorage" I did some testing on a personal world and this is what I found https://imgur.com/a/OyMkR5g Is there any way to roll back mine without affecting everyone else since it seems to save all Ender Storage mod chest data to the same file or did everyone loose their ender chest data? All 4 of my chests were diamond locked and from what I can see puts my name on the folders (not sure if that's their proper name) and should make them easy to find. Blood Magic seems to save it's data in the "data" directory as [playname].dat, it seems more files broke than I thought and I'm curious why.
  14. minion200502

    Island roll-back

    Your Name: minion200502Island Owner Name: minion200502Coordiantes: -15107 / -7932Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 8:00 AM Decemeber the 9th 2018Description of Issue: chance cube Screenshots (Optional):
  15. MeanManSlayer

    Rank removal

    Moved to technical support as i guess this is a buycraft issue.
  16. Manyouforgot

    [Town Removal] sdfggfdfgsdfghgftrd

    Town Removed! Feel free to expand
  17. Manyouforgot

    [Inventory Rollback Request] superkh

    Inventory Rollback. If anything is missing please make a rollback request below.
  18. DezeGames

    [Inventory Rollback] Magm0

    Seeing the fact it’s been over a week and no further reply was posted. Magm0 if you still need assistance please make a new post. T/C
  19. Manyouforgot

    [Inventory Rollback Request]flightcraft2

    Duplicate Post. T/C
  20. Manyouforgot

    [Town Rollback Request]flightcraft2

    You made a Town Rollback and an Inventory Rollback. Did you just want the Draconic bow refunded? I placed the item in you inventory.
  21. Inventory Rollbacked
  22. gerry_lmao

    [Inventory Rollback Request] superkh

    Topic Moved to Tekkit Technical Support.
  23. Manyouforgot

    Inventory Rollback Request

    Hello, i tried the other rollback I had for the Fourth (We only keep 2 points each day) upon looking at your inv this time it doesn't seem to have power armor in it as well. And looking at the 3rds rollbacks it seems you haven't joined the server yet. So i refunded the items you had in your post above, if there is anything else your missing please make a refund request below as thats all I will be able to do for this.
  24. Manyouforgot

    Inventory Rollback (DezeGames)

    Inventory Rollbacked. If anything is missing please make a list below for a refund request.
  25. Manyouforgot

     [Inventory Rollback Request]DaBe00593

    Went back one rollback further than the one i previously did.
  26. Manyouforgot

    [Command Request] donoskaro

    Corrected the speed command. Nucleus is sponge /top can be done with worldedit with the command //ascend and also //descend /trash would allow you clear chest and it could very easily be abused (as it could be used on anyone's chest) and im not sure essentials has that command either. You can use /clear for your inventory though.
  27. can I get my character teleported to spawn? I logged out in space and ever since then the game keeps crashing on login Name: SpongebobFan123
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