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  3. To invite a player to your island you need to do /is invite [playername] (Player must be online) The invitation will appear in chat with [Accept] and [Decline] for your friend (I think the choice here is obvious, click on this in chat) A message in chat will notify you once your friend has joined. P.S. Your island is locked so only island members will be able to travel to the island.
  4. I was able to go to your island with no problems. I TP'd you to spawn. Try logging in now.
  5. Topic moved to ULR Technical Support Command added. T/C
  6. Rollback complete If there is anything missing please make a list below for a refund.
  7. Rollback complete If there is anything missing please make a list below for a refund. PS: You only claimed a small part of your house
  8. This topic got out of hand quick. I do not see the "excessive" cussing for the majority. Now harassment is another thing, I have issued an ingame warning. You will need to learn to get along and if either party feels this is too much I would simply suggest using the /ignore command If you feel you are being harassed in the future please contact a staff and they will address this.
  9. IGN: ArticOblivion Server: ULR Command: /enchant Reason: I would like to be able to enchant regular things like pickaxes and swords at will. Thanks!
  10. This is not worth the time of a complaint. He is allowed to be in the Twilight Forest, if we did not want it on our servers we would of banned it already. T/C
  11. Town rollback If anything is missing please make a list below for a refund. I would check the modify permission and any other set to true.
  12. Base restored. Please in the future do not post with whatever formatting your using.
  13. I apologize but we do not have a rollback to this point. We can refund you items so you can start a new base, but I am unable to restore the old base. I am sorry for this inconvenience.
  14. Hi there, Please give me reward, I played 2 reviews IGN: Blommetje3
  15. Your Name: AtomicGrogItem Name + ID + Amount: 2 x 'Advanced Electrolyzer II' (HV), 10 x '16x Energetic Alloy Wire'Coordinates: Approx X: 5013, Z: 3630, y: 70Description of Issue: Removed the electrolyzers (axe) and they dissapeared, at same time one of the wires also. Used the remaining 9 wires to test the issue. Basically any attempted to be picked up dissapeared. Checked with normal pic (standard diamond pickaxe) which is enchanted as well as an unenchanted one to see if it was related to the pick. Asked linpost to validate. I tried a relog same issue however when i restarted the client it was fine.
  16. Big Oof on this one First of all, im just calling out on rule 7 that's it. Those guy's are not my friends if they agree with me.... There are certain parameters everyone should have when making a friend.... just because they agree with me and had a good laugh here and there, doesn't mean that they're my friends, just some people I know-ish. I just have one friend here, and he's my friend because I know that mofo, these guys I don't. Also, are we the good guys here, or just a bunch of dudes playing a video game? They were on my side because we all agreed on one thing atm, just don't confuse that with them being my friends or mates. Second, when you mean in any context it seems like paper context, because for crying out loud we were joking around before "server full of retards" came out on the chat (as if all of a sudden everything got serious the second before I put that statement), still doesn't excuse my statement if you look at it on paper and analyzing it by detail. But still, if you want to call me out on it and analyze every single thing I've said as if said by a robot, go ahead and take this as serious as you want to as if you want to just to get me banned or something to ignore the fact that I just want someone to look at the logs to see from chat if your use of profanity/cursing was excessive or not. Third and most important of all of all, I'm not excusing my behavior if it's unacceptable and pointed out by staff, not you, I'll take the punishment and learn from it (been there done that), all I ask is the whoever wants to look at this case just to look at the logs instead of us fighting, because the proof is in the logs... fourth and not really important, i thought you meant when I said "whalecum back" was anti-semitic, because you said anti-semitic puns. And just the word deported ain't a pun, it just rhymed with reported.... Also keep in mind I said that with a grain of salt because I live in El Paso and I'm Mexican, we hear that all the time and say it all the time as a joke (not an excuse anyhow, but you see where I'm coming from) Next time, I'll remember to screenshot rather than be busy doing my own thing on this server because this is gonna go nowhere if you continue to provoke this.
  17. You're attacking me on purpose, I can defend myself and certainly when I'm onto my rights. There is no look back, it shows what it shows, in any context you are saying that we are in a server of retards, this kind of sentence doesn't change with the context, it means clearly what is written. Don't play the "I've got no friends" guy, I specified mates or whatever they are, they were on your side and clearly up for some mockery and insulting me. Where are your proofs ? You are telling the story like y'all are good guys trying to calm me, so again where are your proofs ? Funny fact that you mention the rule 7 in game when you're yourself breaking it, isn't it ? And HELL NO for the third part, like what ? Because you're saying "we ?" all know you're stupid you should be forgiven ? There is your mistake and your weakness revealed, this is bullshit to say that you're stupid to avoid any concern for your anti-semitic joke and other dumb puns, we all know that deportation can only mean two things in dark humor, it's either for jews in WW2 or Mexicans in America. Don't play the stupid guy to be forgiven, that's a hell no and last resort cowardice.
  18. Town removed and area regenerated. T/C
  19. okay first, I guess you're trynna clap back, aight i see. time to comment some screen shots: first screenshot: look back before that my "retard" comment (very unnecessary as it is), but context matters because I was replying to someone that was talking about how stupid or retarded this chat conversation was. (check logs) Second: those guys are not my friends first of all, I don't know them as much as they know me. Second, a bit before that screen shot, we we're telling you to calm down (though maybe some of us, its been a while since), then you made another comment which gave the other members (as you see in the chat) to talk about how "edgy" that was (check logs...), including as you can see from wismicuwu comment about you. Including the fact that I was telling you to stop (by mentioning rule 7, even though I don't know what's considered excessive but anyhow why else would mention it....) Third: I think we all know that I'm stupid, and I have my moments including my puns But to think, that pun was anti-semitic... that's not what anti-semitic means.... it was a stupid pun... because I'm stupid
  20. I want to share my land with a friend and play together but no matter what I do, he can't teleport to me. I invite him and when he tries to join, it says he doesn't have permission because he isn't trusted but every time I try to trust him, I get told a plug-in won't allow me to. Am I doing something wrong here or is it broken or what???
  21. Your Name: XTEKX Town Name: Skamazi Coordinates of Town: +1645, 85, -235 Town members: baddannyfire Reason for request: Near a town I am trying to claim Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  22. Yesterday
  23. I think that we can clearly say you're a mature and grown man and not making anti-semitic puns at all. (With others dumb puns aswell).
  24. Hello, First of all I didn't threatened anyone, I made a statement that whoever did that would get backfired by his actions. Second, you and your bunch of friends/mates/whatever didn't tried to cool the situation down but made fun of me and, again, insulted and harassed me. By the way, if you wanna speak about rules you violated rules 7 and 15. But as you said, """what should we expect from a server full of retards""". I mean, yeah, you really tried to cool things off with yours friends as we can see. So I call bullshit that you're trying to say you and your friends/mates/whatever tried to cool things down, it wasn't the case at all.
  25. I mean if you don't have proof you can't do anything.
  26. I'm aware that the server restarts when it lags but right now the server restarted 4 times in a row without even running for like 5minutes. I don't know if someone is lagging it on purpose or what but just thought I'd bring that up.
  27. In-Game Nickname: BloodSkals Time and date: 2-3 PM Mountain standard time. July 7th 2019 Description of what happened: Bloodskals saw that someone griefed his dragon (which was in an unprotected area), and basically lost it, he complained about it, making threats to the guy. Then was just being aggressive towards everyone that tried telling him to calm down, but most of the stuff will be explained in the chat logs if you guys find it. This aggressiveness was even towards me, but I get that he was angry, still doesn't excuse the fact that he's violating rule 7 via profanity/cursing excessively (you guys will see). But it's up to you guys to say if it was excessive or not... Screenshots or Proof: *cough**cough* server reset b4 i took any screenshots.... List of eyewitnesses: kinda forgot who was in this, and i don't want to call out anyone who doesn't want to be apart of this mess. But just look at the logs to see who was involved
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