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  3. ohh shame i wanted to do it
  4. Thank you very much for the very quick answer ! Indeed, I didn't know that it worked like that for the ender tank ! You are a life saver ! Then I'll just need the refunds for my 2 chunk loaders and not need replacement Thanks again !
  5. A staff member capable of refunds will handle that part when they can -- but as far as disappearing, it's currently just a known issue that we are working on. In the meantime just continue to make refund requests for them as needed. Please also note that the server provides infinite lava via a red/red/red ender tank (as seen located in /spawn), so you do not need to make your own
  6. Your Name: YoruichiShunkoCoordiantes: x: -691 y: 36(2) z: 373Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): February 18th 2020 anytimeDescription of Issue: Hi ! So I tried to make an infinite lava pump in the nether with ender tank to have infinite early power. So I bought in-game a chunk loader for 250$ at spawn. But one day, it suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason. I bought another one, It was fine for few days, and again, the chunk loader disappeared. I did claim the blocks around it and closed it with blocks to be sure it wasn't grief. Could you plz explain me why it happens and the solution to make it work. And of course have a refund of the 2 chunk loaders. Thank you !Screenshots (Optional):
  7. In-Game Nickname: Dobroxx Time and date: - Part 1 (in the end): Feb 18, ca. 6pm (GMT-5) - Part 2 (in-game player market): Feb 19, 8:40pm (GMT-5) Description of what happened: Suspicion of griefing (killing players, stealing their items) - Part 1 (in the end): Whilst I fought the ender dragon, players Dobroxx and Zinne91 also joined the end. I died several times in a row (because stupid me used the /back command repeatedly, going back to the end unequipped and hoping to be quick enough to break my previous grave and put on my armor again, but ending up being killed by the dragon instantly several times). Dobroxx shot and killed me (I assumed it was an accident, as I believed both would join in on the fight, and eventually one of them killed the ender dragon). After the dragon was killed, I noticed my Wyvern helmet, chestplate and boots were missing, and I only recovered the Wyvern leggings from my grave-breaking attempts (most of my deaths did not result in gravestones at all, supposedly because I did not carry and items at all). Also, dragon heart, dragon egg etc. were gone. When asked, Dobroxx denied having picked up either of these items, parts of my armor, the dragon heart, dragon egg etc. Zinne91 also denied, but borrowed me a dragon heart of his and stated that he was also "accidentally" (Dobroxx' words, according to Zinne91) killed by Dobroxx before. - Part 2 (in-game player market): I noticed Dobroxx selling a Wyvern helmet, chestplate and boots in the player market, but no leggings. All three items were not fully charged. I asked him publicly in the public chat if he also sells the leggings and why they are not fully charged, but he did not respond to my questions at all. Screenshots or Proof: (Unfortunately I was too slow screenshotting the chestplate, as apparently someone purchased it in the meantime, but I saw it on the market) https://imgur.com/a/0YOSNmx List of eyewitnesses: Zinne91, list of players online when I asked Dobroxx publicly
  8. Your Name: Helle101Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 builder cant find ip sryCoordinates: -8449 92 -11517Description of Issue: i placed a builder and it diseperead Screenshots (Optional): dont have any but i got it from a loot crate
  9. Commands added Make sure to use worldedit responsibly and keep the working areas as small as possible. Keep in mind that abuse of worldedit will result in it being revoked and you losing the ability to create further command requests.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi guys, So last FTB Ultimate Reloaded server WIPE was on 8 June, more then 7 months ago. Time for a fresh start? As of all WIPE's all data will get a reset except for ranks, new map seeds will be generated and we will provide a download link of the old map. A WIPE will also reduce lag. Check the live server map HERE! Please vote in the pool above and let us know if we should wipe or not.
  12. Hey, i wanted to buy a item and clicked accidentally with an water egg on the ground. Im sorry ._.
  13. hey i had a vibrant capacitator bank dissapear and 2x magmatic dynamos and a endertank any help is appricated in game name XOJayXO
  14. @PeprBox Edit your topic using the template.
  15. Your Name: PeprBoxTown Name: HoelandCoordinates of Town: +3410 +91 +75 Town members: TrejoFultonReason for request: Town blocks expansion of my nation. User has been idle for 3 months, 21 days, 4 hours.
  16. Hey, i would like to ask if its possible to Change the restart times to like 3 hours or so, because ot does restart very ofter, but it doesnt lag at all... Sry for my bad english, im german :/
  17. Your items must have changed because you had asked for an Inventory Rollback Under your draconic reactor i have put a chest with the items you had before the rollback Please make sure you still need the Inventory Rollback and respond below so we can proceed with it.
  18. Account Name: SpongebobVEVORank: Sponsor+Requested Commands: Access to WorldEdit functions. Reason for Request*: Primarily for replacing, filling, and destroying nearby blocks. I'm unsure of whether or not this is reasonable, but saw it granted to another user with the same rank.
  19. Accessing locked islands and killing players in protected areas bypasses claim protection. You'll be only allowed to create portals to islands you are trusted in, if you don't follow the instructions rule 2 will be applied. If it happens again make a new complaint here and it'll be taken care of.
  20. Your Name: kevinjones1337Coordinates: x: -7994 y: 144 z:19214Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6th February 2020 11:30 pmDescription of Issue: Didn't log on for a while, lost my entire inventory for no apparent reason. I spawned with starter items in my base, but everything else I had previously is gone now.
  21. Your Name: b8coinCoordinates: x: -7994 y: 144 z:19214Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6th February 2020 11:30 pmDescription of Issue: Haven't played for 2 weeks because I was unable to. Logged out with Draconic Armor etc. and when I logged back in today I got some other stuff in my inventory which I did not have before. Basically my whole inventory got changed.
  22. ask Irgendwer + Bross, and the other players were ok with the head, i killed the animals and you can look into the logs
  23. HE was in infinity armor, I was completely unarmored. and I didn't touch him at all. He killed me while I was trying to type the /is kick command, then found out it doesn't work anyways. He turned into an endermite and then started dancing around my base since I couldn't get rid of him. EDIT Since he seems to be editing his post here and there, I'll explain further. I don't do much with Draconic and trying to look into it, all I could find was something about a pedastal, not what it did. He traded me some terrasteel chickens and got the orb, and I didn't think much more of it. After all this, I'd say the bound orb is sketch enough to be a blacklisted item, but you guys would know more than me about that.
  24. "Scared for my life" No, you have Infinity Armor and he just started, couldn't have gotten anything that could hurt you. Doom has also been teleporting to other people and killing them without warning, just to get their heads apparently.
  25. He got me by trading me some terrasteel chickens, and he didn't even bother to start saying what it does until AFTER he had traded me.
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