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  3. I'm sure this is not in the right section. Which server are you playing?
  4. Hello Ingénieur, besides the spawn building there is nothing copied to a new map. Also I don´t think world edit can handle the collapsable blocks anyways, I know that when the normal carpenters blocks are copy-pasted they all reset to default form and placement. I think those collapsable blocks you will have to redo on a map reset, but for the rest of your build(s) maybe you can use:
  5. Goldynden, please be patient upon inventory rollbacks. Our server managers do not do them every day, it can take up to a week.
  6. Why am I being ignored? Every other post gets a response within only a few hours..
  7. Hi, could you please give us your ingame name and the coordinates of your death?
  8. Your Name: JustAPalItem Name + Amount: 1x Desh Sword (sharpness 4 enchantment) Coordinates: X -5444 Y -2163Description of Issue: I was at my anvil and i renamed my sword. Then I wanted to add a book enchantment to my sharpness 4 sword. I tried to add it but then i lost connection to the server for whatever reason. When i logged back in after like a minute the sword was gone.Screenshots (Optional): None
  9. I second this, a working recipe for the Essentia Vibration Chamber would add a lot of value to magic users, and it can be set up to still be a very late game item.
  10. Your Name: KonstadoulisItem Name + ID + Amount: Shiny Beedrill 72% iv Base coordinates: Description of Issue: i caught it but it didnt appear into the pc for some reasonScreenshots (Optional):
  11. Hey, I have a problem. every time I try to join the server I get kicked. I also get an error message. Please teleport me to the spawn. IGN: Sir_Min3r https://prnt.sc/tcttim
  12. Your Name: Fang Langford (dba Ingenieur_13) Town Name: Mayhemstadt Coordinates: -244, 80, 128 (8) and chunks nearby Time/Timezone/Date: 8:28:36 CDT (-5 GMT) / 6 July, 2020 Description of Issue: I'm not sure I'll have Internet in the hospital and last time I needed to take a long break the server reset. It would be nice not to lose my whole build this time (I'm a little bit farther with it than last time, but I haven't had a chance to screenshot or 'film' it yet.) Is there any possibility someone could copy the build (for pasting)? (Those Collapsible Carpenters' Blocks are a lot of work!) Don't worry about the edges of the observation deck or the elevator, just make sure to catch the head, sail, fins, and the tail. No sweat if it isn't possible; I didn't think it would hurt to ask; I guess I can start over again if necessary. Thanks for looking into this. Stay safe and healthy, Fang p.s. Don't worry about the contents of the drawers and chests in my laboratory, I can donate enough to replace it all (including overall construction materials for the dirigible).
  13. Nickname: HowYouLikeThatBP Rank: Network Sponsor+ Requested Commands: In assasins: /hat, /skull and flyspeed Reason for Request: -/hat and /skull: I want to use it for fun -Flyspeed: I want to get to the cities faster uwu Proof: click here
  14. I recently died in the nether with my gear, my gravestone is in the no-permissions area and I cannot break it. I'd like help to break it and get my items back.
  15. Player made rollback request. Please list the items you are missing after the rollback in that post. T/C
  16. Hello, the title almost says it all. A few rewards are quite useless and it would be cool to change them. For example, in the mystic crate you can get in-game 2500$, which is not even enough to buy 2 ultra ball. The in-game 5000$ is enough to buy 3 ultra ball only. The money rewards should be increased to fit with the rarity of the box and the in-game prices of the items. Another example in the mystic crate is the orb. It is a common drop everyone can get and, to me, it doesn't belong to a mystic crate.
  17. Yesterday
  18. In-Game Name: TwistedRage Server infinity evolvedItem name + Item ID Draconic staff of power,(#5618/0) 5618 Time & Date 5ish pm eastern standard time 07/4/2020 coords : x:179, z:-3436, y:62 Description of Issue was removing staff of power from energy infuser after it was finished charging Evidence just made it and no screen shot for i rarely do screenshots of anything
  19. Can we increase the apricorn plant limit per chunk from 32 to 64 or more since farming them is hard if there's a limit of 32 plants each chunk
  20. Kirto2006, I don't know how stupid unintelligent you have to be to use the random teleport command in the End. Almost 70% of the End is made up of the void. And because this was a player-caused error, this request is denied. Next time, please do take care when are you going to use /rtp. Topic closed
  21. Your Name: kirto2006Coordinates: endTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2:29 7/5/20Description of Issue: i rtp into the void and was not safe to go back
  22. why doesn't the filler work in my town ?it used to work
  23. in the skyfactory 3 server I lost 25k of draconium car I put them in the quantum storage would it be possible to get padded mon nom ingame est lameur78
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