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  2. [Infinity] Pure ... Crystals despawn

    I noticed today that my growing crystals multiplied for no known reason, which caused so many growing crystals to appear in my pool that FPS and server performance was affected. Thankfully Imperatus came to the rescue and destroyed them, I had like 2 FPS in my base. This is the first time it happened (I had some in the pool basically since the beginning), which makes me feel like this is either a result of a recent server change or an issue with the Personal Anchor from Railcraft.
  3. It is raining all the time

    After doing some research my guess is: it's vampires (again). From the Witchery Wiki, Vampire L10 power: Call storm (make it rain, and therefore hide the sun during the day)
  4. need help

    looks like i cant join sky factory 3 with cracked client
  5. need help

    oky because when i try to login to server it says invallid session
  6. Spawn shop item <Book Binder>

    The recipe is all good above in my attachment it just needs to be decided if it should be added.
  7. Harder NetherStar generator Recipe

    The main problem I see off the bat with changing the recipe it would make it so no one would see the custom recipe without going to the forums first, and more than likely assume that it is banned/removed. Another solution could be to nerf the amount of RF it puts out per Nether star/block in the Nether star generator. But I honestly don't think any of that needs to be done a Nether star farm isn't the easiest thing to make. You gotta have consecutive wither heads, and soul sand coming in. And some sort of automation for block placing and timing and a mob grinder that'll work for wither (But since explosions are off you don't have to have the best designs and materials.) Sure the recipe isn't as expensive compared to BR which requires pellets of rtg but the fuel is more expensive in comparison to Yellorium/Blutonium. (And you could make turbines from BR, I know I powered 4 turbines off a single 6x6x6 reactor and outproduced the 40k/RFt the nether star generator produces, but then your dealing with multiple multiblock structures that could induce lag vs a single block generator which in itself can cause lag from its mob farms.)

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : OxyBrythe Description of the situation : KEVINxD1998 xMelody screenshots https://imgur.com/a/wD5Yk \ (VIP : OxyBrythe)
  9. That moment

    The moment when you hit 1 Million Yellorium! Also time to rebuild my base, looks a bit deserted now.
  10. Unban by wrong bane

    Unban iFlorio [1] In-Game Username: iFlorio [2] Details of Situation: I am iFlorio and I was going to play when I realize I'm banned of course ban evade from IITank [3] Ban Category Ban Evading [4] Ban Duration: 13 Days [5] Staff Member: Fire_Light [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/4Jn48 [7] Your Reason: Im not IItank and you can watch my ip
  11. Unban by wrong bane

    I am iFlorio and I was going to play when I realize I'm banned of course ban evade from IITank 1.I am not IITank 2. I do not even know why IITank was banned 3. Please check my ip in the case of an equal ip I do not understand please solve this and if they have proofs show me
  12. Still have NEI cheat mode

    Hello, I transferred my sponsor to FTB 1.10 a while ago and just logged on to tekkit and noticed I still have NEI cheat access.
  13. Greetings!

    I'm Dante, but most would know me by the name of IAmOneQuest. I come to this Minecraft community to play on the Skyfactory 3 server. Hopefully I get to meet most of the active players and staff here on the server. I've been playing minecraft for more than 5 years now, and don't plan on stopping for long!
  14. Yesterday
  15. KratosG

    Network Server : AssassinsS v1 In-Game Nickname : TheAlfredOne Nickname of the one you are complaining about : KratosG Description of the situation : Hacks - Kill Aura Screenshots/Video Proof : https://imgur.com/a/x8164
  16. Added Staff of Power with wyvern upgrades to chest, and moved the chest to your island, on top of tree.
  17. [Unban] [LarsOMG]

    This was almost a month ago. "Luckily", I still have the proofs. Someone told me to check Euronymous_'s home. I checked it, and it was full of duped items. That person told me that Euronymous_ was your account (LarsOMG), so I went Lars's home. I found more and more duped items, and some illegal potions. In addition, all your allowed's homes had also duped items, duped from you (I suppose). http://plays.tv/video/5a2d7548719d7a73f0/fdsa Unban request denied. T/C.
  18. Okay, I think we can all agree on the fact that the nether star generator produces far too much power for how easy it is to make, and the fact that we are given loads of stars for voting. My Big Reactor generator is practically beat for by the damn thing which takes far longer to make and the planning of a good design. I see three solutions to this, either make the machine harder to make, ban it, or nerf it. I would honestly prefer it to just be harder to make. The machine only takes a single block of unstable ignots, 4 wither heads, and a furnace to make atm. It is completely op seeing on how it produces 40k RF/t and again, we are given loads of nether stars for voting.
  19. need help

    No, all of our servers are for both cracked and premium.
  20. need help

    Hi i am a non premium user is the modded servers only for premium users?
  21. Report

    Users punished. T/C.
  22. Forgot Password

    Help my name is Tobesy on minecraft i need help reseting my password
  23. [Unban] [LarsOMG]

    [1] In-Game Username: LarsOMG [2] Details of Situation: i have been banned for an razon (Duped items) and don't understand (Why?), because i dont join in craftersland since 6 months. Now i join and have ban..... [3] Ban Category: Duped Items [4] Ban Duration: 8 days [5] Staff Member: MarceLoL [7] Your Reason: i want unban because i don't made nothing
  24. It is raining all the time

    I think that's some sort of Expert mode feature which makes it hard to use Solar power but i am not that sure about it.
  25. I set up my enderquarry in the mining world, the server reset, and the chunk it was in was reset, I lost the quarry, an 8x Culinary Generator, and a quarry silk touch upgrade. I am requesting a refund for these items.
  26. I set up my enderquarry in the mining world, the server reset, and the chunk it was in was reset, I lost the quarry, an 8x Culinary Generator, and a quarry silk touch upgrade. I am requesting a refund for these items.
  27. Refund Request(horn of the hunt)

    Item Refunded ! Topic Closed !
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