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  2. I recently set up my new PC and decided to get back into Tekkit. I found out that at some point I had registered on your server but I have no idea what my password may be. I just need that reset somehow. Thanks.
  3. Your Name: CDPlayuur Coordinates: x1272 y81 z-1287Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Died at September 17,2019, 2:26:12 PM so a min and/or a half before that. Description of Issue: I died(which isnt supposed to happen) using the orb of sacrifice, again. My capacitor was full then i broke my grave and noticed my Enhanced Charm of Dislocation is gone. Im requesting a inv rollback because im not sure if rollback request can recall all the places saved in the dislocator. So yea. Also the item had soulbound on it.
  4. But if they did and they weren’t, then they would be impersonating. Which is against the rules
  5. Everyone can change their nickname to display retired tho? a role would remove that ability of fake retired staff
  6. If people wish to display that they are retired they can do so fine with changing their nickname, I fail to see how that system doesn't work
  7. Items refunded. Confirmed. Note- The issue the player reported will need further review. T/C
  8. @ManDieAllesKan Would you like me rollback the town? I have enough information here, just reply with a time, timezone, and date to which it was all good.
  9. Dropping seeds into water causes them to outright vanish. You can drop the certus seeds onto the ground and watch them sit there, if you have a magnet on, you pick them back up automatically from a distance. If you drop them into water to grow them, they completely vanish. Even an active magnet won't retrieve them once they go in the water. I've lost 8 stacks of seeds when i tried to grow them to pure certus (I don't need them back, I've got plenty of resources), but this could cause newbies with limited resources a problem. Haven't tried pure fluix crystals, but I would guess they despawn as well. Bad_Wolf
  10. Yesterday
  11. I agree with this, it's something that can reduce confusion of who's actually retired or not since anyone can simply change their username!
  12. I kind of lost my base after the update to 1.9.0 because the /home command was reset and i was in the end; if anyone could help that would be appreciated
  13. @Henk Ok, so this is obviously just a suggestion but I feel like their should be a Retired rank to avoid confusion for when the user decides to change his/her name.
  14. Town Rollback Complete. If anything is missing or incorrect, reply below.
  15. World Edit Added. Speed Added. Please do not use it in excess, to prevent lag.All usage is logged any abuse will result in removal of access.
  16. Inventory Wipe Complete.
  17. Town Rollback Complete. If anything is missing please reply below.
  18. Town Rollback Complete. If anything is missing, please reply below.
  19. Town Rolled Back. If anything is missing, please reply below with a list.
  20. my minecraft username is jakin10
  21. I need to remove my non-premium account from the server in order to show my minecraft skin my username is jakin10
  22. Reckt

    Nether reset

    Can we get a reset of the nether on the dw 1.12 server. It's trashed and I can't find a nether fortress that isn't destroyed.
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