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  2. Cancel the request, the dragon was found. Due to a network delay, it did not come out of the horn, although the horn was not labeled "fire". I'm sorry to trouble you.
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  4. Moved to MC Eternal Technical Support
  5. Your Name: MrPsinaItem Name + Amount: Green fire dragon, 1Coordinates: I attach a screenshot at the place where the dragon was summoned with f3 pressed, because I did not find the coordinates.Description of Issue: Today I hatched a dragon and took it in the horn. After I wanted to give a name, I pull the dragon out of the horn and it disappears. Stage 1 dragon.Screenshots (Optional):
  6. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/ or /changepassword when logged in if you already know the password and want to change it.
  7. * Advanced Science - Portal Gun, banned item quest.
  8. how do i reset my login for the server?
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  10. Unfortunately you lost your inventory 2 hours after your first join so there wasn't a backup with your items. I manually refunded the items that you listed, if there's anything else missing make a list and I will refund them as well.
  11. Now I have my ME back. It's not bad that it is the save from the 10th. The most of my stuff should be there... Thank you very much ~ NitroniumHD
  12. Minecraft name: HOTKartoffel Server: Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles Me and two other players are stuck in a region wich causes our game to crash as soon as we login, wich would not be a problem, if its was not our home with everything we build. The crash report reads: ... Description: Rendering Block Entity java.lang.NullPointerException ... It happened after placing and using a pattern_replicator from cyclic and the crash report mentions it(or its preview blocks) as the cause: ... Block type: ID #5255 (tile.builder_pattern // com.lothrazar.cyclicmagic.block.builderpattern.BlockPatternBuilder // cyclicmagic:builder_pattern) Block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000 Block location: World: (4909,103,-2300), Chunk: (at 13,6,4 in 306,-144; contains blocks 4896,0,-2304 to 4911,255,-2289), Region: (9,-5; contains chunks 288,-160 to 319,-129, blocks 4608,0,-2560 to 5119,255,-2049) ... I have used the unstuck package and returned to spawn, just to crash again as i returned to our home. I would be grateful if this can be solved. Thanks in advance.
  13. HI I was trying to find some vampire room with altar of inspiration and I used corrupted chorus fruit for that. In first try it was work normally but in second i cannot go up and ended up falling in void and dying. I lost everything i had in my eq. Can someone fix that or something. And can I get back my stuf?
  14. Commands Added (Though the nodes were wrong since Continuum uses Luck Perms ) Please stick to our rules when using commands (like /god). Any abuse will result in the command being removed and you being unable to request commands in the future.
  15. Rollback Complete. Due to MCEdit not showing modded blocks, I have no idea if the drives have the items. Due to the time of the backups, I had to use the backup from the 10th, as the 11th backup we have is after the time you specified.
  16. Yeah, lets see. Good JVM Arguments may fix some of the lags. I'm just wondering why the poll is still open. The results haven't changed much in the past 1-2 weeks. The last time the poll was closed after 2 days. Many players are waiting for that
  17. Hello @AngelicHellHound, Could you provide more information. For starters, did you create a town and claim your base? If not, then someone may have taken your chest. I recommend claiming your base if you have not done so. Secondly, please fill out this template for a rollback to take place. Edit: Never mind, just noticed your Refund Request. Topic Closed.
  18. Your current base and the one in the backup were quite different, so I copied the chests from the backup and placed them at a wall in your new base. Not sure if the chests are correct, however these were the only chests in the closest backup we have.
  19. I believe this was already sorted out so I will close the topic.
  20. I found it out, was confused by the version numbers. Now a mod causes a crash. I think i screw it, thanks
  21. This happens randomly but every time i come over to my cables, 1 is broken off and i have to replace it. My entire base is claimed and i can only think its a server error. -Tow121 (formerly: rose000)
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