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  2. Moved to the right forum section.
  3. Your Name: Headshots_GGCoordinates: -7935, 100, 18175Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1/25/2020 11:00AmDescription of Issue: I died a few times in a row dealing with some mobs and when I collected my grave like half of my items were gone.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. I assume this is for network?
  5. Server: network hello I want to edit my prefix [CL] I wish it was [URU] Well, the color I want to leave as a light red Thank you
  6. Hi, i have been playing on the direwolf20 1.12 server for over a month now and been playing quite alot if i must say so myself, today where my issue happend i had been playing for about 3 hours prior where everything was okay, but after a visit to spawn, i returned to my base to find both my ME drive and ME controller missing, and i used it like 5 min earlier, its simply vanished. i hope there is a way to get it back, as everything i had was on those drives and the thought of starting over is not someting i really want to consider. incase you need coordinates: X:-3088 Z: -2222 Y:77 and X:-3088 Z: -2223 Y:77 Thanks in advance, Username: Timmovits
  7. Item placed in inventory T/C
  8. So suddenly my game crashed. Now I can't join the server anymore, either my game crashes or I get a error trying to join. I think it might be a corrupted chunk but I'm not sure. Anybody have any idea?
  9. Are you even talking mate? Quick tip: lower you game volume so that we can hear you. Anyways why is nether full of withers lol
  10. [Refund Request]ThatVietCongGuy Your Name: ThatVietCongGuy Item Name + Amount: Galacticraft Tier 1 Rocket (1)Coordinates: x:40 y:74 z:5074Description of Issue: I was trying to craft a rocket to take off to the moon, when I tried to grab the object from the NASA Workbench, the item seemingly disappeared.
  11. Your Name: DocRockulusItem Name + Amount: Chunk LoaderCoordinates (format x, y, z): -992, 69, -7629 (Simplevoidworld)Description of Issue: (Another) Chunk loader disappeared, just a refund pleaseScreenshots (Optional): I am retaining the screenshots of all of these, in case you need them, ask me on discord.
  12. Your Name: DocRockulusItem Name + Amount: Chunk LoaderCoordinates (format x, y, z): -992, 69, -7629 (Simplevoidworld)Description of Issue: (Another) Chunk loader disappeared, just a refund pleaseScreenshots (Optional): Again, I cannot post due to the 40kb image limit
  13. Ok .. I will wait for the response of someone from the staff to see if you are correct to ask to request the restart .. Yes ... a few hours ago I was in the game, but the problem is what I already said, when I entered (Premium IP) I was asked to log in when I should not do it ... And therefore I do not get my skin ... (I guess it has errors) Like MarceLOL said the server went through several updates and I've been idle for a long time
  14. Request a reset, mine works now and it doesnt ask me for a login. Edit: werent you online a couple of hours ago ?
  15. Is this right? It says it has a railgun and 32 graphite electrodes, but doesn't show any electrode:
  16. also upon investigation in land claimed area my old house someone has helped themselves to a loot collector 1 Vaccumchest 1 mob grinder draconium which i bought from you guys 1 4MRF powercell how can my stuff be stolen from my land claimed area??? ive claimed a damn big property south side of river and it's still claimed my house in middle of it has been looted of any good shit HOW?? can ya do a search on draconium mob grinders and see who done it ?? there was 1 ... i also had a chunkloader at location it is gone too ...
  17. Your Name: bottleofsyrupClaim Leaders Name: #1: duskassassin #2: Wulfshield #3 & #4: Juiko_Phang Coordinates of claim: #1: X: -2707, Y: 66, Z: 1725 #2: X: -2701, Y: 66, Z: 1770 #3: X: -2659, Y: 66, Z: 1784 #4: X: -2644, Y: 130, Z: 1911 Claim members: #1: (none) #2: Juiko_Phang #3 & #4: Wulfshield Reason for request: These people have a massive area claimed and about half of it is over the half of a village they destroyed. I would like to rebuild it and the surrounding area. Special request: No new blocks added to the area, please, since I'm just going to be rebuilding the terrain anyway and excavating the old stuff back. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): #1: #2: #3 & #4:
  18. Could u please make a refund request here using the template.
  19. If you do not use this model, your topic will be locked. Copy and paste this model to start the process of your complaint. Title: [Complaint] (Player Name) In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) Time and date: Description of what happened: (In chronological order) Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) If your complaint has been found void, do not make another one! Thanks for your help keeping our servers clean.
  20. Overview + Guidelines: Unfortunately if you are reading this post, it's probably due to you being banned. Follow the directions that are provided to you in this post for a successful appeal. Copy & paste this model into your appeal and fill out its contents before posting. Make sure that all fields are properly filled and try not to leave any of them blank. Instructions to Follow: [unban Model Below] Topic Title Should Be: [unban] [username here] [Copy Paste All Below and use it in your Unban Appeal Topic] [1] In-Game Username: -(Answer in this line)- [2] Details of Situation: -(Answer in this line)- [3] Ban Category: -(Answer in this line)- [4] Ban Duration: -(Answer in this line)- [5] Staff Member: -(Answer in this line)- [6] ScreenShots: -(Answer in this line)- [7] Your Reason: -(Answer in this line)-
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