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  2. (Town remaval) Sytry

    Hi, My account name is megaboy789 The town is called: Sytry coordinates: x=3690 , y=68 , z=-3553 townmembers: Jeremys556 They are too close to our town so we can't claim more+they have been offline for over 2 months Ty for helping me
  3. DW20 Rollback

    I can't find any town claim at that location
  4. Item(deaths Armor not working)

    Is this working fine in single player?
  5. Today
  6. Deaths armor when worn has a damage cap, now from my experience the damage cap is not working, i belive this to be because of setting on the server, this also effects many items such as runic shielding and other things i ask that this be looked into as it does not just effect one item ill provide a list of items effected and render useless, Deaths Set Any runic shielding items Awakened ichor sword soul hearts Bark belt
  7. Camping on Assassins Creed

    User punished, write right the name next time please! Also don't fight so much please. T/C.
  8. Chicken bug

    sorry in-game name is rediculous_skill, server sky factory 3, I noticed the chickens missing about 30 min before posting here, I actually already started getting new chickens because I saw that a server rollback was the fix and I just wanted to play but if someone want to give me some seeds that would be fine, no sense in rolling back everyone 4 days for 2 days worth of chicken breeding
  9. [Block Deletion] Volnage

    block removed
  10. Rollback request

    rollback complete
  11. Your Name: VolnageIsland Owner Name: VolnageCoordiantes: -8962/66/-11518Screenshots (Optional):
  12. rollback complete if items are still missing please post a list of items for refund
  13. Chicken bug

    Please provide all info, we don't even know your in-game name
  14. [Rollback Request]

    Account Name: michal359 Character name : michal359 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 18.02.2018 9pm UTC +1 Description of Issue: something is crashing my client i think i picked up something that is bugging my inventory and causing game to crash https://pastebin.com/vKkDJRdT
  15. [Town Removal]

    Account Name(you): Y0lin Town name in question(case sensitive): "removebase" Coordinates: X 212 Z 2832 Town members: Y0lin Reason for request: The town was unclaimed and all the items were left there. I claimed it and i found out that there were creative spawned items like creative portable tank. As you can see from the screenshots the owner was Ahryman. I think it's best to //chunk it since nobody is using it. Also, does the rule 4 apply in this case? Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/oykgU
  16. My island

    Here is the download link to your island: Download Will work for 30 days.
  17. [Investigation request] My town crashed the server

    Thanks, maybe I will use another type of chunkloaders instead of world anchor
  18. Suspect my madness treefarm cause lag and crashed server

    Thanks Brunyman, I've removed the steam oven and I don't think that I need the crusher again. And yes, I have 1 world anchor on the central chunk
  19. [Rollback Request]

    Alright, all good now. Thank you.
  20. [Presentation] Zawita

    Hello Zawita I like football too, but I'm nub at it, so I just play basketball :v
  21. [Town Removal]town

    Account Name(you): InfinityGamer22 Town name in question(case sensitive): town Coordinates: x= 1567 z= -3416 Town members: try_murder (new name: Teletolumby) Reason for request: I can't expand my base because of this town. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): https://imgur.com/a/bkwxT
  22. [Rollback Request]

    rollback complete
  23. [Rollback Request]

    rollback complete
  24. Rollback Request

    rollback complete
  25. Rollback Request

    Hi, the first topic was posted in the wrong section so i didn't see it. I removed the bugged battery box, you can join now
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