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  2. Your Name: VoidSpeedCoordiantes: -4257 / 64 / -2834Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 4:00 P.M. EST 4/7/2020Description of Issue: All the items in a colossal chest I had are gone
  3. Update As I have hand written code, since I can not import it yet, I have found that some of the CC API's do not appear to be working. The main one I am noticing is the modem API. Wireless modems are either not sending or receiving communications. I can't narrow down which is it because there is no way to test this in game.
  4. Hi, The same problem follows me, for me "Top Kills / Stats" still have errors https://prnt.sc/ruyely https://prnt.sc/ruyfo7
  5. Ok ok basically that is what happens in that city .. But they should fix that I suppose, since in that city the wings and the hook are used a lot .. and if the hook falls into the void as you explain it would not do much good. . Thanks!
  6. Your Name: Intel80386 Co-ordinates: -172 -350 -137 Time/date: 19.30 British Summer Time 7th April 2020 Description of issue: Was mining in the nether near bedrock, was standing on bedrock, brief server lag, then i fell straight through solid bedrock and died losing all my items to the void. I had my full set of power armour and enchanted flux tools + flux capacitor (redstone) + redstone energy cube.
  7. felicidades ostrich

  8. Commands Added. Do not use world edit on large areas, this can cause server lag. Any abuse of permissions and they will be removed, permanently. You will also not be able to request any further commands. Enjoy.
  9. Your problem was a lot of pages in your writing desk. Chunk was fixed after deleting it.
  10. we dont really refund items that are destroyed/vanished/missing by an action from the owner . we only refund items from a server cause accident also if you know the name from that player we could do something if you have proof or the time that you talked to him about the pick pls add to the template tittles to your topics too thanks
  11. In-game Name: Zingoboss13 Package: Sponsor+ Server :Assasins Proof Of Ownership: i don't think i have any, what can we do about that?
  12. Your Name: OverLimit Item Name + ID + Amount: Fire Dragonsteel Sword Sharpness XI Looting XI Sweeping Edge V Life Steal V Runed V Mending V Unbreaking X Imperishable Master Pyromancer Wand 3x condenser upgrade 3x range upgrade 3x storage upgrade 3x attunement upgrade 3x cooldown upgrade 3x duration upgrade I hope that was all I had on the sword and the wand, I don't know if i had anything else Base coordinates: 2942 97 937 Description of Issue: The server lagged and got my sword and staff in the thaum crucible Screenshots (Optional):
  13. thank you one more question, how im a gonna be able to get proof since i got a new pc and the emails are so old that got deleted probably? i do have the proof for the master assasin tho if that helps.
  14. Hi Zingo! Welcome back! Things have changed a little since you've been gone. To get your Sponsor+ role ingame, you'll have to fill out this template* and post in the Rank Transfer topic. And to reclaim your VIP in discord, you'll have to get your rank reactivated first, then you can follow the steps in this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/ruvvq1 Great to have you back
  15. Your Name: VoidSpeedItem Name + Amount: 1 Fortuna Pick Efficiency 5 Fortune 3 UnbreakableCoordinates: In a cavern near my base my base is at -4221 / 71 / -2835Description of Issue: My Fortuna pick was lost to lava I accidently dropped it in Idk if I can get a refund for that mistake but I would like to get a refund on it as my other one was scammed by someone quitting with it so pls refund it
  16. Item refunded Topic closed
  17. Username: no_far Items: 1 Flamed Dragon Bone Rapier (Enchantments: Smite 4, Unbreaking 3, Rune of Piercing Capabilities 2) Base Coordinates: -3303, 985 Description of Issue: I was raiding a dungeon and I guess ran into a mob that drops your sword. My sword dropped to the floor and before I could pick it up it disappeared. No mob that is able to pick it up was around it and none of the items around it despawned so it left me to believe this was a bug. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of the enchantments but I have a screenshot of me holding it. Rapier Screenshot: https://ibb.co/GH3WBTH
  18. It's usually a visual bug so relogging or just launching it again should fix it.
  19. Items refunded in your inventory. T/C
  20. What server is this for?
  21. Keys refunded in your inventory. T/C
  22. Your Name: evilyoda123Coordinates: 173, 9, -125Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11:30 - 11:45 am estDescription of Issue: I tried to use a dislocator to tp to nether but I was just teleported into a void
  23. i had bought the sponsor+ role back in the day, and haven't played for like 1-2 years, could i have my role back, i was also a mod on the forum but that's not needed since i just wanna play for now. my in game name is Zingoboss13.I also donated for a master assasin kit before the reset of Assasins 1 , and now i would like to get it again back. also i would like to claim my vip role in the discord , my tag is N0t0r10u5 B.I.G.#2716
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