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  3. We did not had enough with Mainblost :v

    Then he said he isn't Luis, but we all know :v
  4. PS - Armor Stand Problem

    Greetings. So I've noticed my armor stand will always be empty like 3 times every week (yes, it actually happened). Even with land protection, players can seem to remove armors from armor stands. Now that would be unfair since they are what you might call stealing other players' properties. If this could be fixed, not only me but most players would appreciate it. Yours truly, Voldemort
  5. Today
  6. Prem+ /gm 1 [Remove]

    As for the rest, In my opinion, I think the discs are so minor that you can keep them- it’s more about keeping the program within rather than the item itself. And when I regenned your base I understood it was for this reason but thought you already had gotten GMC removed. In this case I then agree with voodoo, you should of waited before you asked ti regen your base. Let’s see what the rest say
  7. Prem+ /gm 1 [Remove]

    To clarify and summarize: Ohanno_Whitewolf wishes to have his game mode C removed.
  8. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but the biscuit is poisoned and you will die. I wish a new backpack.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Prem+ /gm 1 [Remove]

    I dont see why you should be exempt from the rules. Everyone who has creative disabled gets their bases rolled back or regenerated AFTER its removed?
  11. Prem+ /gm 1 [Remove]

    Hello there forums! its me again! I'm a Prem+ use and I've come to find the game much more boring with creative i.e unlimited items. Also id like to commit to the server economy once again. The server rules state that i cannot have creative mode if I wish to trade. I'm perfectly fine with it being removed. I've already begun preparations for my creative powers being removed. I have already asked Henk [GM Tekkit Staff] to Regen my entire base. The base has been completely regenerated. Henk has also removed all of my items that I had from that base and my creative playing. Whilst I do still have /gm1 I have started a little place for myself, whilst i cannot fully prove that all my items are legit I beg to keep a handful of them at the least. those items include a stack of iron purchased off the in-game market, two floppy disks that contain a specially made programs made by a player for my use. He did not copy these down so they are the only copies I own. Honestly I would love to keep what I have built but if everything must be deleted I only ask that those items be saved. Currently as i'm writing this i'm on the server, being a world loader for a quarry inside of a mystcraft world I managed to stitch together. In case it wasn't clear what I'm asking for, [i know i can forget to say that lol] I wish for my creative mode (/gm 1) commands to be removed. And before someone comments; I DO understand that since I'm a staff member, once I reach Moderator [which i don't deserve and i'm glad i didn't get promoted yet] i will have my creative re-enabled because mods cannot interact with trade do to their access to /gmc. Please get back to me on this as soon as you can, because the more i play i fear the more people will not belive that im going legit. So i'm going offline for a while, ill return to fill in my time as staff and when my /gm 1 is gone. Also _Skilande does know of this or i know i sent him a message. i'm making this post in case he cannot get to it at the moment. i know he and the others are quite busy.
  12. Report

    I don't see any proff to punish Elpro (If you have the proof pm me) but thanks for the reporting, and sorry for the delay T/C Topic Closed
  13. Report

    Please guys don't swear on forums and @MeJorge try to do small reports, is to difficult to see those reports... And sorry for the delay, is my error and i know, And thanks for the report, users punished but see your proofs not all the users made fouls T/C Topic Closed
  14. HB in Spawn // ACv1 // ReDGH0STYT

    Is clear for me ZengZ, thanks for the reporting and sorry for the delay T/C Topic Closed
  15. HB in spawn #3 - Ac v1

    User Punished, thanks for the report T/C Topic Closed
  16. Report

    Hi, sorry for the delay, and thanks form the reporting useres punished And i dont see any proof of Quiroga if you have the proof, Pm me T/C Topic Closed
  17. Unban

    PD: srry for translate xD
  18. Unban

    here is the report with which they gave me a punishment...
  19. HB in Spawn 7th Offense // IPedrito // ACv1

    User punished, thanks for the reporting (Sorry for the delay) T/C Topic Closed
  20. Unban

    [1] In-Game Username: iiTzPaquin_ [2] Details of Situation: I was punished for exploiting tnt on an enemy base. [3] Ban Category: Team Troll [4] Ban Duration: 7 days [5] Staff Member: PandaSwag_ [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/vlDU2 [7] Your Reason: The staff should put more attention to the test reports, as it is not forbidden to exploit tnt on enemy bases, much less there is someone on my computer near where I am putting the tnt, in the images you see in the background that the spawn where I'm from the red team and my name is blue
  21. Swearing/Caps/Spam // iTomiiCBA // Skywars

    Sorry for the delay, User muted, thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed
  22. Blowing Up Teammates // iiTzPaquin_ // CTW

    Sorry for the delay, user punished and thanks for the reporting T/C Topic Closed

    The only think that i want to say is sorry, and i don't want to give excuses but i get in trouble in a personal problem, and i know that this is not a reason to don't enter on the server, so, that are the reason to i want to say to all the community sorry... I think that all the reports solved http://prntscr.com/gzktbo For today i can't do more, sorry guys, and sorry for my delay on the forums...

    Apart from Termi's reply on which I agree: I'm not motivated. I applied for Staff because I thought this community was an active one. But here I only see problems, and you already know them. Every week there is at least one person complaining about his rank because he hasn't got it in-game or something. In fact, it happened to me. One day, my judge and sponsor's permissions disappeared, and I had no replies from Bruny nor Power until I talked to Zyko and he told to Power. So I got my rank back a month later. Today, @victoraf33 told me that he is waiting a reply since february, he paid 100€ and he hasn't got the rank yet :/. The problem is that he is not the only one that suffers it. Most of the reports are because of bugs. Bugs that could have been fixed a year ago. We made a list, I recorded videos to show every bug in ctw, and some other videos from pure and ac. None of them was fixed. You complain that we are online while reports here are being ignored? Well, I can't take care of all the posts. Actually, if you see me online, I'll be probably helping people in-game or answering PMs. That's more important than a reply to a report of a person that has been writing in chat with caps. Nowadays, more and more people is reporting with lack of evidences, or only because they want to have lots of reports on their profile. Helpers are still waiting for "the next round". We could have 6 judges in two weeks, but nope. We need their help. From all the staff, only ~4 are active. Network needs more attention. I'm not proud to be on a server which is being totally ignored for more than a year. I'm tired. I was going to retire from staff, but I still have hope.

    @Terminator If things were done right on the server, there wouldn't be so many reports. Are u saying that u feel bad about banning so many players? So the rules shouldn't exist? Current AC players know exactly what mistakes are illegal to abuse.. This is not the first time they them as u will see the various reports. I understand that edveryone has a social life.. But for that u are enough member of the Staff, to help and punish those who do not comply with the rules. I'm not right? 3 GM+ (1 Inactive and 2 Actives) 6 GM (3 Inactive, 1 Semi-Inactive and 2 Actives) 3 Admin (3 Actives) 1 Mod (Inactive) No Judges (¿?) 1 Helper (But he has no access to sanctioning some reports. I still remember when the previous Staff was more active and more serious about these things. (AppleJack99, Sabeeh, MuZicQ, etc..) They punished all those who did not comply with the rules and responded to our reports and aid.. In those days there was no social life? Cant u give us 15 minutes of ur day to check our reports? The rules are set for nothing? The solution of all this is to let everyone do what they want and skip the rules? The only thing I'm seeing is how this community every day loses players because of these things.. I remember in 2013/2014 when there were almost 200 players or more.. Reasons why player have left the community: - Server failures. - Toxic player who don't comply with the rules. - Errors and more errors. - Bugs and more bugs. - Errors and more bugs. Modalities that have died: - TNTRun: http://prntscr.com/gzjcd3 - Survival Games: http://prntscr.com/gzjckf - Run From The Beast: http://prntscr.com/gzjctz - SkyWars v2: http://prntscr.com/gzjd88 - SkyWars v3: http://prntscr.com/gzjdfv - Space Factions: RIP - Factions: RIP - ArchePvP (KitPvP): RIP The ony reports u'll see will be: - Acv1: Bug Abuse, Bad Language and FlyPvP. - CTW: Duped Wools, Hacked Client, Bad Language or Spamming chat and Team Troll. - SW v1: Bug Abuse, Glitches, Bad Language or Spamming chat and Hacked Client. * 13 members of the Staff with access to /tempban.. * And u're all bussy with ur social life the same day? * Spend 3 days and none has been connected to sanctioned users who do not comply with the rules?
  26. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    That feels a little unsafe, bit of a weird way to do it by taking away another one of your tags. Let's be honest, it doesn't bring in any money either. I'll agree with the others, the right thing to do would be to get a new prefix. Cause what's the point if people stop buying new prefixes and everyone just edits their current one?
  27. [ACv1] Bug Abuse #22

    Do you have more evidence? Those screenshot dont show SkiriiLexx´s Name
  28. Ban Evade @Suomigamer_ + HB in Spawn again // ACv1

    Thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
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