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  4. Was opening Mystic chests on the FTB Rev server, got the Fluxomagnet (creative) as a reward i was trying to place it into my Baubbles inv and it was thrown from my inventory, and i guess dropped items at spawn are instantly deleted so it went poof into the nether.
  5. Your Name: MMDCoordinates: /Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Dec/5th/2019 10:40Description of Issue: I was fighting a blight (strong mob it can be a zombie/skeleton to anything) and every time you hit it sometimes it deals dmg back TRUE DMG* ( ignores armor ), it penetrated through my armor and instantly killed me, after that i came back killed it, then as i was picking up my items around 20-30 seconds from being killed i picked up almost a quarter of my items the server wiped the dropped loot and it was gone. The server doesn't display any messages about wipes happening in the next minutes or so on.Screenshots (Optional):
  6. What is the quest ID? Also the questline this one is in?
  7. in case you didn't notice it yet, it's december and there is still that cringe haloween stuff on the Pure Survival server. Why? I know the competence of Network staff (if there even is any) isn't that high, but atleast remembering what month it is and what updates need to be installed/deleted isnt that hard. I would appreciate if this post wouldnt be ignored like any other. Thanks
  8. I found some quests that are unachievable *White magic-T2 -teru teru bozu(banned) *Protectors Of The Earth -Mining Dynamite(banned)
  9. Geeksu

    Claimed areas!!!

    Really Really good idea thankyou lmao
  10. Okay so I'm fairly new around here but when I find a server I like I tend to play a lot. Playing on this server 4-8 hours each night I've noticed there are so many cool things around the map that spawn in. My issue being cool things like x:0 z:0 are claimed by someone who hasn't been on in 134 days as of today. There are partially ruined structures scattered throughout the map claimed by people who haven't been on in 40, 60, even 140+ days. This part isn't a complaint but I've yet to see a staff member on not saying the hours I play people are awake anyway. But I believe it falls upon the staff members to routinely check up on claim length and how long the player has been logged off. Unless noted they're on vacation or something I highly doubt someone who hasn't played in 100+ days is just gonna jump on to pick up right where they left off lol. Regardless I'm more than willing to help with this or if the staff would please take care of it I'd like to do a lot of cool things for and on this server to make it better, ie Landmarks, Mod guide building, and so on. Things to make the server more fun for new players and even new modded players in general. Sorry if this was too much to read I just genuinely like this server a lot as quality reliable Minecraft servers are getting harder to find and especially since you have so many packs it's pretty awesome.
  11. Moved to the right forum section.
  12. Item: Basalz Rod; Blizz RodPrice ($ for amount): 16 100$Reason for addition: Thos are Mobdrops, and thos Mobs spawn in spec Bioms Highlands and Mountens Not every Player make his home on this Biomes to get thos Mobs. But this drop is importent for @thermal mod, to get in stage 4 and 5 I tryed use /rtp to find soch kinde of biom and failed. This wod be a juge halp to the Players I think, I tell "LostItems(GM)" about it. greetings Balamb Edit: Glowstone wod be nice too, its rare in the nether by so many Players 64 150$
  13. Nothing that i can notice anyways everything is fine. Thanks.
  14. Hi there! While playing I got to the steam dynamo quest, made the steam dynamo, but it won't detect. Also it won't connect to any other blocks. Please help! Thank you!
  15. Your Name: EvilCatstererCoordinates: 8,66,8 dimension 6 per death info?Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 04/12/2019 20:26:42Description of Issue: I'm new to RFTools Dimensions and my first jump was to one that I don't think I created, and apparently it was collapsing when I ported in, and I died. I have no way to loot my gravestone. There wasn't a lot in my actual inventory, but I had several tools in my backpack that I'd like to not have to remake..Screenshots (Optional):
  16. Your Name: BonnuuItem Name + Amount: item name: God = Iced dragonbone Greatsword #5143 Enchants . Supreme Sharpness V + mending + vampirism 1 + sweeping edge 3 + Looting 3 + Subject p.e 4 + life steel 3Coordinates: I dont have cords for this Description of Issue: I was mining obsidian and i was minving downwards i got bugged and i couldnt move, i do /home and /back and i realized my weapon was gone .. I have spent so much exp on this weapon for it to randomly gone. please help.. there wasnt any mobs around me i killed them all than i went to mine obsidian and i lost my pickaxe but i dont care about that. i can remake that just that my weapon is gone. this only happens to me i swear.. im cursed, please help. . Screenshots (Optional): i found an older verison of my weapons here. this was from today without the looting 3 Icant post the actualy pic cause the file is massive here this is a link to the picture https://gyazo.com/43edec5609dfc53502d7b05451570820
  17. Inventory Rollback Complete If anything is missing or incorrect reply below
  18. Yes as Lolo stated, the mod is very buggy and that happens often. Use AE2 over refined or reborn storage. As for your lost items, if you lost anything of significant value, just reply below with item and amount lost. Also your in game name so I know who it goes to.
  19. Last week
  20. I placed the items in a chest at your town spawn. Assuming all items are returned, make a new thread if any are missing T/C
  21. Items refunded, chest at your town home T/C
  22. Derp

    Temporal bee

    Seems to be working again, thanks!
  23. I didn't get anything back, at this point i only care about the laser drill and prechargers, can those items just be refunded to me instead of doing an entire inventory rollback?
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