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  2. Exief

    SF4 bug.

    This bug is known, has been happening to others too. Will report back when we have a fix.
  3. Check the rewards for Legendary keys, theres a black spinning dice as one of the rewards. You get it in inventory and then right click it. Think it's called 'Dice of Fate'
  4. Vorgue

    SF4 bug.

    Server: Skyfactory 4 In game name: Vorgue Issue: When do /is home at nether, end or some other world, you will be TP'd to some random location or near spawn and fall into void. It happened to me and to my friend. Time when that happened: Yesterday.
  5. The 2 Mystic keys have been refunded to your inventory
  6. The issue with the mystic crates not giving the sponge has been fixed. Which spinning roll the dice thing are you referring to?
  7. Who needs mystcraft... not dono
  8. Server address: it.craftersland.net FTB Interactions Server update to mod pack version 1.2.1 is complete, about 34 mods updated, 1 added and 1 removed and a lot of configuration changes! Changes: Updated 33 mods. Updated almost all configs. Added a new mod that adds lamps called Simply Lights and removed a mod called No Night Vision Flash. Updated scripts and libraries. Updated Sponge, Griefprevention and Lukyperms to fix some protection issues. The update is also available on our Launcher, download here: LINK Official change log: Cross mod interactions! it.craftersland.net
  9. Yesterday was a fun day [Mystic Crate] As part of my rank reward yesterday I received 2 Mystic keys. The first of which I won a creative sponge. However it didn't appear in my inventory. Second key gave me 10 Legendary keys, one of which gave me another Mystic Key.. And the reward for that was another creative sponge which didn't appear either. In both cases i had plenty of space in my inventory, I checked bauble slots etc, definitely no delivery. Am not looking for replacement (else i'd have posted as a refund) just want to make staff aware of the problem. Could it be a restricted item? [Command Block] As part of a Leg reward yesterday I got one of the spinning 'roll the dice' outcomes, having activated it a command block was the rewards, suspect it was whipped away rapidly as it never appeared in inventory. Again for awareness.. pretty sure it's a nasty device in the wrong hands. Cheers, Atomic
  10. Yesterday
  11. Happy birthday Jim! 😜

  12. Your Name: coolguythatscoolCoordinates: x=18687, y=72, z17152Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2:15 PM EST Description of Issue: My /fly command fucked itself and I started falling, I was in the nether. Draconic armor kept me alive until like y≈-150. I decided to do /is tp at 1 heart. So I died at my island but when I was dead and on the "You've Died" screen, my hotbar was empty, and when I respawned, it was still empty. No grave was placed either.
  13. Helo there, i think that the spawn that we have in direwolf20 1.7.10 version needs a re-work , or atleast some upgrades. I can help in building (i don't care if it's not builded by me)but it must be friendly enough to new comers, and include the following things -a cool spot where players will spawn and login -a better shop with more explicit content than some items in a frame -the creative water and lava place -the old reactor for free charging rooms -the jail -rules section -ranks info -vote crates -a monitor with the current program about server info and stuff -another info section about how the towns work -better details (design) -and the other stuff such as random tp, kits, end portal, a small map of the spawn, and some info about some mods And there can be much more.
  14. Good evening from here, @Henk. First of all, I'm sorry, previously I left without giving any concern notices, that was really irresponsible act from me but I can assure that I will be leaving with notices next time. I was handling my personal issue that I'll be dealing every year. Is it possible for me to be able to join back the staff group or do I've to re-apply for it? If it's possible for my return, I would like to help out SF4/SB2 in any circumstances. Thank you.
  15. Server address: sf4.craftersland.net Our new SkyFactory 4 modded server is now open to public! It's running on latest recommended version 4.0.1, and can also be downloaded on our launcher with optifine and vanilafix mods as optional. Make sure you read all info at server spawn to help you get started. Thanks for your support that made this new server possible, to all staff that helped testing everything so now we all can have fun! "Back again for more modded skyblock fun! SkyFactory 4 offers a brand-new experience never before seen in the series. Full automation, tech, magic, and bacon resources! This iteration offers over 30+ world types so you can play the pack like never before! While some world types are based on the classic tree on dirt others are designed with unique recipes and advancements." More details about this modpack you can find on the official page: LINK As our other modded servers this server also features: Economy (Server shops and Players Market) Clans (PvP) Grief Prevention cave protection. Crates and rewards Hosted on a dedicated server in Germany Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Build your sky factory! sf4.craftersland.net
  16. I look at at the pic. in the post here 1. what I see is Silver telling Incisura to tell everyone to get off because of lag ??? 1a. NoxxyGizmo said hes not getting that much (l very little to none) 3. from the pic they look like not even Staff members 4. to me that breaking a rule Staff Impersonation telling people to get off that what I see here
  17. Correct same rules apply there too. T/C confirmed by player
  18. Many thanks Exief. So far i've only done a basic select area and "//replace stone air" but it works fine. Presumably same rules apply here as to pulling items out from /GM1? Regards Atomic.
  19. The list of restricted items on our FTB SkyFactory4, MC 1.12.2. Last updated 19.04.2019. Disabled Mods: Controlling - Client side mod. CustomMainMenu - Client side mod. InventorySorter - Possible dupes. MouseTweaks - Possible dupes. TipTheScale- Client side mod. Restricted Items: EFLN > Tinker's Construct - Protection bypass. Music Disk 13 > Minecraft - Easter egg Issue. Block breaker > Industrial Foregoing - Protection bypass. Bomb > ViesCraft - For safety. ChestBuilder > CompactStorage - Server crash. Portal Gun > PortalGun- Protection bypass. All creative only items are restricted. Items disabled by JEI are also restricted. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries.
  20. Exief


    Commands granted. Make sure to use world edit on small areas so you don't lag the server too much. Every command will be logged. Abuse of the commands will result in the removal of your corrent commands and the possibilty to request new commands. let me know if there are any issues
  21. Commands granted. Make sure to use world edit on small areas so you don't lag the server too much. Every command will be logged. Abuse of the commands will result in the removal of your current commands and the possibility to request new commands. Let me know if any issues
  22. Requirements: No record of any kind of command abuse A donor rank of Sponsor or Sponsor+ A relatively clean ban record Account Name: AtomicGrog Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: World Edit Reason for Request*: (1) Trying to clear out a lot of space around my cave and make it feel more open. Doing so with Drac axe etc., magnet, void ring is cumbersome and even with best intents leaves blocks behind. Also with World Edit can deal with the process more accurately, using axe is leaving irregular walls. Was trying to use the RFTools builder but it's not possible as it bypasses claims and is considered a Grief risk. (2) Want to be able to beautify the environment - large walls, cascading water, lava etc, easier with WE
  23. In-Game Nickname: Silver_Blood538 and Incisura Time and date: ~10:20 Central Daylight Time, April 18 Description of what happened: (In chronological order) First Incisura got on the chat and told everybody else to get off the server (which feels like some kind of rule violation im just not sure what it would be listed as) and when i asked why, they said because lag and "silver" (Silver_Blood538) is white so "he thinks he should get to play instead of everyone else" to which Silver_Blood538 Got in the chat and said "hey man white power you know?" Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) https://imgur.com/H0dkjb6 List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) Scrabbies Myself (NoxxyGizmo)
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