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    Top Voters | June 2020

    Notice: You must be active during the voting period to gain the Top Voter rank. If you are not an active player, then the next player will get the rank. Congratulations to all the Top Voters!! Congratulations to ViroCMN for being a Top Voter for the 7th consecutive time! Congratulations to freeq81 for being a Top Voter for the 6th consecutive time! Congratulations to Papikus_ for being a Top Voter for the 5th consecutive time! Congratulation to cabalmaster for being a Top Voter for the 4th consecutive time! TOP VOTERS The June Top Voters are: Tekkit: cabalmaster Skyfactory 2.5: duskovec Skyfactory 3: Tank_1298 Skyfactory 4: Papikus_ Sky Adventures: Sir_stickhead DireWolf20 1.7: ViroCMN DireWolf20 1.12: Electro_Burn Revelations: Coros, BrandoLP Infinity Evolved: TzadO, _Sinipix_ Continuum: aak204 Stoneblock 2: 0815slimeboy Interactions: SlingCraft Ultimate Reloaded: Paaat89 OmniFactory: Ketoconazole Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles: freeq81 RLCraft: sxranger Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: pinochet777 Project Ozone 3: Slyklaw Network: DongSniper On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! Ranks will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly on Discord. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28074-monthly-top-voter-rank-rise-above-them-all/
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    [Refund Request] Trapped_Soul

    Items have been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
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    Unban request

    Hello @DjPalos! Hope you're doing great! Sorry for the inconvenience, it's not your 2nd offense, it's your 3rd offense! Thanks for letting us know! i'll add 2 more days because of the 3rd offense. Unban request Denied T/C
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    [Unban Request] Geeky#8058

    [1] In-Game Username: Discord: Geeky#8058 [2] Details of Situation: As FAR as i KNOW i was banned because the Texex bot gave me Staff role and i was perm banned on discord [3] Ban Category: False Discord Ban [4] Ban Duration: Perm. [5] Staff Member: think his name was something like Exief (correct me if im wrong) [6] ScreenShots: i dont think that is needed [7] Your Reason: My reason to be unbanned is because its a clear false ban, with me reciveing a perm ban for something i didnt do, i do not have any proof that its a false ban but i am not giving up on this case and i also think that the situation was very poorly handeled and i dont feel like anoyne is even listening at all, and i hope you staff members can take a final look into this stupid case, and actualy put some effort looking into is aswell istead of just banning me, Thankyou.
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    FTB SkyFactory 2.5 Map download

    Here you can download the old FTB SkyFactory 2.5 server island map, before the server WIPE. DOWNLOAD The download link will work for 30 days starting now.
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    Wand of Animations - Unrestricted

    The Wand of Animation has been a hot debate ever since we launched the server. We, the server managers, decided to limit the usage of the Wand of Animation to be blacklisted inside the Mob Duplicator due to the duplicative nature of this item. For those that have never heard of either of these items or simply have no idea what I'm talking about - With this wand you are able to "animate" blocks, turning them into entities. If you then capture that mob in a Mob Imprisonment Tool you are then able to spawn them repeatedly with little to no cost. It's also worth pointing out the mob also drops the block when you kill it. The question of "lag" also arose when discussing this item- as relatively large setups needs to be built in order continuously spawn in these mobs. Some argue that it's less lag than the alternative, but for some bizarre reason, with this version of Minecraft and with sponge, mob entities are usually the laggiest chunks on the server. 10-15 mobs outweigh hundreds of machines. That's pretty crazy. But because players have been really persistent about wanting this item to work fully, I have decided that we are going to give it a try. For a short while this item will be removed from the blacklist on the Mob Duplicator. The point of this is to run a test to see if it's viable for server performance to have this item unbanned, and the idea is to run this test for 7+ days, but if it comes to it being ridiculously laggy then we may cancel the test early. This however, comes with it's own restrictions and a few things you should know if you plan on using it: Items gained from using the Wand of Animation, as well as EMC gathered from the Wand of Animation, is not allowed to be sold, traded or given to other players. This will count as an offense against Rule 4. Don't go overboard. The point of this test is to see if we can really have it unrestricted, if you, yourself, lag out the server with the mindset of "It's only unbanned for a few days, I gotta get the most out of it!" you are not only hurting yourself but also the playerbase. A few disclaimers- We reserve the right to limit the functionality of the animated blocks, when it comes to spawn rates, drop chances, etc. But for now it's all default. If staff find setups that cause unnecessary lag on the server they have the right to demand you to either turn the setup off or tear it down. If you are not compliant or unreachable, either or those things may be done for you, with no option for a Refund Request. And in extreme cases it can be punishable according to Rule 12
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    New server??(First Post!)

    Is this a new server?
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    Hi guys, our Vanilla Network is now 1.16 compatible, means you can join the server with 1.16 but we are not yet fully updated to 1.16 yet as we need to wait for Spigot release so we can start updating plugins and then fully update our servers, stay tuned for more news abut this. The 1.16 update is also available on our launcher, download here! Learn more about this update here:
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    just a couple questions

    When server wipes happen, everything, apart from your rank is reset. One-time benefits such as in-game cash that is purchased standalone (not with a rank) cannot be restored. This allows players to experience the mod pack once again, clears out the inactive players, and resets the economy. If players were to keep their inventories, you could pack it full of items that you need for "end game" and "finish" the mod pack in a matter of minutes after a reset. Don't worry though, resets are usually done roughly every 6 months, so there should be plenty of time to enjoy the game. As to whether there is a reset planned for RL, I cannot say.
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    Hello everyone, hope you doing great today. Small story This night, I had situation with 3 players that were begging me to add them in discord and 1 even asking me to add him in snapchat, told them 2 or 3 times that I won't add random people to my discord, but they kept begging. Main idea The main idea is that staff could create additional rule that prohibits players to beg for other players private info and ask them to add them somewhere they don't want, Example: If player A asks player B to add him to somewhere as discord for example, and if player B refuses to do so then it is forbidden for player A to ask again for it. (Can ask only 1 time) (Idea is to prohibit begging for private info and to add somewhere, not prohibiting to ask) Why this could be good idea As we know, not only adults are playing here but also kids, that may not understand that adding random people somewhere is not always good idea, and they could be insulted via discord as example or any other app and maybe get their private information leaked accidently, and CL staff can't do anything about that cause its not in CL Network. (If adult will not fall into "HaHa you are not adding me cause you are scared HaHa" it does not mean that kid won't fall into it and add toxic person) In additional it will stop toxic people to beg to add them somewhere non-stop as I had it yesterday as exmaple. (This idea is for an additional step to insure safety in CL, not only for servers, but also for players that are playing here and to try prevent other people be harmed outside of CL network by other players.) Please tell me what you think about it in commends, I will be happy to know your opinion on this and suggestions if there is an.
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    iventory reroll

    Hello Unfortunately the helmet breaking/you dying and all the further events that originated from that are caused by a player error, in which case we do not issue refunds. Also, please use the correct topic title. T/C
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    staff member abusing

    After looking at the evidence, it was only enough for a R7 warning for the cursing. The enderchests are public, so not griefing (the players should private them, it's not hard) You have been un-muted and un-jailed. Your punishment has been removed from our record, and replaced by the Rule 7 warning. We apologise for the inconvenience and will make sure staff follow the correct ruling in the future. ~Management
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    [Refund Request] MrTNTPlayz

    Looks like the cause is clearly player-sided. We only issue refunds and rollbacks for server-caused issues. Please be more careful around sharp objects.
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    Solved. Topic closed
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    Rollback Complete.
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    Reset and clan error (altair990)

    Hello, I recently had a password reset, this was because I started playing on the server as a non-premium user, and I requested the reset so that my account was updated to a premium user (which I already own), however before Reset was part of a clan, and now I still have it, even though I'm not really a member anymore. The problem is that I have created a (verified) clan on 2 occasions and both times it removes me from my own clan, the last one was made up of 3 people and when I connected today, I was no longer part of the clan, which no longer had a leader . The only explanation I can find is that I am still on the list of members of my previous clan, and therefore it removes me from my new clan. I have already entered the old clan, but my name appears 2 times in the list. Could anyone help me please? :c Images: https://prnt.sc/syvxrr (clan lookup) https://prnt.sc/syvy4p (Clan roster DWS)
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    [Town Removal]

    Towns removed Topic closed
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    Ideas For 1.16 in Pure Survival

    or just reset the nether world, since 1.16 is mostly focused on it
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    Entity Wipe/Clear Warning

    Ever had an item on the ground vanish? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. This could be a result of Entity Wipe. You never know when it is going to happen, so you can not leave anything on the ground without fear of it being wiped. I am suggesting a warning which appears in chat prior to the 'Entity Wipe'. A warning in chat "Entities are cleared in 1 minutes time, any items on the ground will be deleted.", also possibly another warning 10 or so seconds before. I play on Infinity Evolved, I encounter losing items at random times, such as: When using the lumber axe to chop down large trees there are many entities to collect, having prior indication to a entity clearing would prevent the chopping of the tree until after the clear and not losing any resources. Also when bidding and purchasing from the auction, sometimes having a full inventory requires the items to drop on the floor. In the past making space for the dropped items won from the auction are cleared because of the entity wipe. If the server was to have a notice for the entity clearing then users could wait until after the clearing to start their auction (if they are auctioning a large amount of items). also If possible limit total amount of entities in the server, when entity limit is reached then the oldest entity is deleted. (or the oldest 100/1000 entities are wiped) Then we would not need a warning just don't leave the items on the ground for so long. <but problem with this is that players are able to dump as many entities as they want on the ground (deleting all other entities of other players). Thanks for reading. Feedback is good.
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    Server Wipe

    I've been on the server for about a month now and in that time i started not knowing that RLcraft even was to having completed most objectives i had set myself even becoming Baltop 1 which was quite easy if i do say so due to the current position the player market is in. I have seen a countless number of players come and go, not because the server is bad but merely because players have everything, its so easy to obtain endgame gear due to it being on the market, this isn't the fault of the players or the mods but merely the fault of time.. i believe its been around 8 months since the last server wipe and feel that its a bit overdue to say the least i feel the RLcraft server has gotten more popular and more busy therefore making this a perfect time to wipe, It makes old players not leave as its a brand new beginning and new players feel apart of the community and actually feel like they're helping to build the server up, it might even attract old players to come back, i feel a server wipe would overall be beneficial for every single player in the long run. i am writing this post not as someone who is still playing, but as one of the players who are leaving with hopes to return once a wipe has occurred. Thanks for your time. Farewell FavorableNick
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    [Refund Request] Marwys

    Items have been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
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    Item Transportation

    Hello! Its me! Awesome_Andy! Today I will be talking about item transportation! Also, I will NOT be covering logisticspipes(too complicated). So what are we talking about here? We are talking about itemducts, and buildcraft pipes. Please correct me if I'm wrong with anything. First, we got buildcraft pipes. How to craft them. They are usally just glass inbetween 2 of the matirials the pipe is made of(check NEI). Now the basics. Most pipes have uniqe functions. some are self-explanatori some are not. I'll be only explaining the hard stuff here. Iron pipes are routing pipes. they can have up to 5 inputs and 1 output. the output is the see-through side. it can be edited with a buildcraft wrench. Diamond pipes are used to sort items add items to the sorting list by clicking on the pipe with them and putting them in a slot. Emerald pipes are sorting extraction pipes(I'll explain extraction later) they dont seem to work though(for me). Last, obsidian pipes will suck up nearby dropped items if if it is powered by RF. Now we talk about extraction. Connecting a normal pipe to a chest wont do anything. You need an extraction pipe! Extraction pipes are wooden and emerald. connect them to the inventory, power them with RF, and connect them to other pipes like stone or gold. If the inventory is full, the items will be spat out. Now itemducts. They can be configured with a cresent hammer and is built with 2 copper and 1 lead/pulverized lead. The arrows point towards and tells the itemduct where to transfer the inventory. blue means the item goes in, red means it goes out. The red side must be powered by a redstone signal to transfer the items. and now we're done here! Meet you in tekkit! if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Edit : Please ignore the spelling mistakes
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    kirto2006 refund request

    item: emerald dragon scale leggens cords: raid world me and my freind got over runned by mobs and i died lost my leggings enchants
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    Refund Request: Sxranger

    Item has been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
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    you can a) uninstall tabby chat b) decrease GUI size to fit more stuff and make the chat window bigger c) hold shift and click on tabs to remove them
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    Wipe will take place today, thanks for vote
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    Unban request

    [1] In-Game Username: WinterDusk_ [2] Details of Situation: -I get banned [3] Ban Category: -Big abuse [4] Ban Duration: -5days [5] Staff Member: -southrumble [6] ScreenShots: -ban list lul [7] Your Reason: -I get banned for bug abuse second offense but is my first offense and the time for the first is 3 days, is wrong because is my first offenseee
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    Hello! You have to make a post in this area by filling out the form
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    Applications are now Under Review
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    Refund Request

    Items refunded T/C
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    Server address: sb2.craftersland.net We just updated our FTB StoneBlock 2 server to mod pack version 1.18.1! This is a medium sized update with few mods added, fixes and tweaks. IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find this update only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App. Changes: Updated 18 mods Updated all configs and scripts Removed 1 mod Updated Sponge, LukyPerms and Nucleus The update is also available on our Launcher, download here: LINK Official change log: Stone all the way! sb2.craftersland.net
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    Item has been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
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    Refund Request: Sxranger

    Item has been successfully refunded to the player Next time please do use the Refund template, or we won't refund your otherwise. Topic closed
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    refund request

    THEcouchpotatoj, you already made a duplicate post(inventory rollback request) in which you have already described the same issue as in this request. Making duplicate posts won’t make anything quicker. Please be patient. Topic closed
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    Refund Request: Sxranger

    Items have been successfully refunded to the player Topic closed
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    [Chunkloader reset]

    Sorry, my nick is Soraq, (Ive changed name from Soraq1 to Soraq.)
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    Command Request

    Time set - Added - Don't use this command too often, some players may want the current day/night. Enchant - Added Worldedit - Added - World Edit actions are logged, any abuse of this will result in it being permanently removed. This can only be used in your claim. TP - Denied - This a staff command only. Summon - Denied - No one has this command, not even staff. Restart - Denied - Do I even need to explain the reason for this? Enjoy.
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    Villager Breeding ?!

    Players have been using villager breeders, so I'd say they aren't disabled, however it might be that they are on other servers. T/C
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    what the actual fuck

    Rollback complete, if you still have lost items please post a list of items for refund. Thanks!
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    Can you get online?
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    [Refund Request]HaythorSama

    Items refunded. T/C
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    Server address: omni.craftersland.net Omni Factory server WIPE is complete, enjoy fresh new worlds with new seeds! Let's get those factories going! Server changes: Updated Nucleus and Lukyperms All data reset except for ranks Generated new map seeds Download the old map here: Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! The deep tech pack! omni.craftersland.net
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    Issue resolved, please be more constructive both in content and titles. T/C
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    [Town Removal] Beasts

    Town removed T/C
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    [Town Removal] Villified

    Town removed T/C
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    Craftersland Server Trailer

    Made a little server trailer of the craftersland Network server actually planned to do it 2 years ago but forgot about it. Hope you like it
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