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    Haloween update...

    in case you didn't notice it yet, it's december and there is still that cringe haloween stuff on the Pure Survival server. Why? I know the competence of Network staff (if there even is any) isn't that high, but atleast remembering what month it is and what updates need to be installed/deleted isnt that hard. I would appreciate if this post wouldnt be ignored like any other. Thanks
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    Time for a Forum maintenance and bug fixes update! We updated the Forum core to IPB 4.4.9, latest IPB version with few fixes. IPB 4.4.9 Changes: No theme updates needed. The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
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    [Command Request]

    I don't think so. If we start giving people /enchant then you'll all just make OP sets again and sell them for cash which honestly ruins the game for everyone. Part of the experience is building up your own gear using methods that we provide in game. And we're not looking to take that away from anyone just so we can sell you a more powerful rank that will more than likely mess up the server in the long run.
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    Mystic crates

    Greetings! does anyone remember what happened to the mystic crates that were implemented in the last wipe I think they were very cool and IÔÇÖd love to see them back
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    Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 6.5! Added 1 new mod and updated 7 and some fixes Changes: Updated all configs and scripts. Updated quests. Updated the launcher client version. Updated 7 mods. Added 1 mod Official Change log: Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack ddss.craftersland.net
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    Do you think that you, personally, deserve to be granted access to such commands after this? : I don't.
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    [Command Request] CashMere_

    Account Name: CashMere_Rank: SponsorRequested Commands^: access to worldeditReason for Request*: I wanna make a nice fancy Base by using World Edit.
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    Item refunded, sorry for the delay ­čśů T/C
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    Hello My Name Is Alpha_Darkwolf and as much as it pains me to do this i feel that the server is at its breaking point and needs a way to Find a more Permanent Solution for a ongoing Player Problem, let me Explain, the Player that goes by Militahobo in world, has been Witnessed on multiple occasions Harassing other players, both by other players as well as by in-game Staff. However The Punishment for Harassment, According to Acting Mod Bottleofsyrup and Admin Fraizer, is Muting and Jail Time, sadly This has no lasting effect, And Essentially does not stop the issues, We are Asking "As A Server" that an Exception be made in this situation, And that Due to The Constant Harassment From Militahobo that He Be "Banned" from Further Access to the Server, Even The Admins Are Tired of The Constant issues this player generates and have stated that they would have already blocked him But Feel they are powerless to Take Action Against This Player Due to The Covert manner in witch he is Trolling, Grieving and otherwise Harassing Everyone, and due to the Rules Set forth on the admins and mods, as to what punishment can be Preformed concerning the act of hurassment. There have been Multiple Players Constantly Asking and Telling Militahobo to Stop And this Constantly Goes on from the moment he gets on till he gets off again this is all he does and all i hear. He has even done this with me to a degree, however i have Experience with Dealing with These Things From being a Security-Moderator in Online Chat-rooms and 3D World Servers, as well as Real World Security Experience, although that last one doesn't really madder here, Anyway he backed off and Started messing with Others in World, and one Outside it, He has Repeatedly Copy & Pasted In Game Private Chat from Players Into Local Chat using Some Sort of Link as well as Information he discovered about other players (Sometimes Private Lives). You Click the Link and you see your Words or another's Posted back at you in the Web-browser or some other Tid-bit of personal Information (Not Law Breaking per-say But Still Very Private Things Others may not want anyone-else to know about them Kind of Private", I have Witnessed him do this LIST OF ISSUES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Constantly causes Unrest, Disorder, and Chaos Within The Community, Everyone who tries to help him (Mostly New Players to the Server) He Trolls and Grief's, till they either go off or Leave the Game, Everyone has Complained about him and We need Something Done, Sadly its beyond the acting Mods and Admin To Take any Further Action without The Approval of "You=The Higher Ups". So Please For The Sake of Everyone Of Us Who Genuinely Enjoy playing with the Community and on This Server Please Remove Militahobo From this Server so we can Get back to Enjoying The Fun that is FTB Direwolf20 and having Fun with each-other in a way that is not Stressing Everyone out, as this is Ruining the Experience for everyone. Again I am Sorry to have to be the one to bring this to your attention, But We Genuinely Look Fword to A Favorable and Very Permanent Outcome So we can Put this Behind us Once and for all, thanks for your understanding Signed A Concerned Bystander :Alpha_Darkwolf.
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    Discord and Forum VIP

    VIP Rank granted, T/C
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    As you were found innocent, I apologize for banning you. It seems that you were victim to another exploiter that made it look like you had spawned in an item. Ban has been lifted.
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    That happens when certain blocks hinder server performance. They turned into bedrock/obsidian. What are the cords and I can remove it?
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    [Inventory Rollback Request] MMD

    Inventory Rollback Complete Confirmed T/C
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    [Command Request]Silenthill17

    nvm i got it to work
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    [Inventory Rollback Request] MMD

    Inventory Rollback Complete If anything is missing or incorrect reply below
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    Claim removed, T/C
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    [Claim Removal] winedhard

    Claim removed T/C
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    Can't join server, AGAIN!

    Oh oke, time to buy Premium then...
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    Chat Spam Request

    I completely agree. I've seen nothing but complaints about it both in my server and on the Discord, and has always been a point of frustration for me as every time I'm trying to help someone, it fills chat, completely derailing the conversation, so I either have to hope they saw it or repost it and feel like a spammer. Blyatman mentioned the idea of a toggle, so if Bruny could code something for that, maybe we could have an opt out command?
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    [Command Request] mikewerf_

    Permissions Added
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    Refund request

    Refund done. T/C.
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    Source xisumavoid´╗┐ More Details here!
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    [Closed] Modded Helper Recruitment

    Applications are now closed. Congrats to the new Helpers!
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    Inventory Rollback Complete
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    That's weird, the color codes are the right ones in the executed command: "&4[9er] &6" Try now, thanks for support!
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    I have no idea where to post this so Ill post it here. Please fix the grammar,capitalization,font size and color on the website. I probably missed something but you get the point. Example down below is from Skyfactory Sponsor rank. That is not the only place with those errors. I am sick and can not be bothered to get more examples.
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    Crashing on entering server

    I've had this error before, reinstalling the modpack fixed it for me
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    Clan Removal

    Clan disbanded. T/C
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    [Command Request]

    Well, thanks EPICfighters for responding, your new profile updates are good.
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    Claim removal

    Claim Removed
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    [Claim Removal] DanPoulsen

    Claim Removed
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    [Claim Removal] Colbe_215

    Claim Removed
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    Abuse of lightning

    He also spawned big number of some boss (on the picture) in the house of some innocent newbie, and made a total wasteland of that place coords are somewhere around -1026 -1747 ´┐╝
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    [Command Request]

    look I say it and I say it again I do not sell armor and swords the only thing that I sell and only in PureSurvival They are mansions, houses and different constructions and the theme of which you speak ruins the game for the whole game in Network It is already ruined and if you want to know the reasons why Network is spoiled with pleasure, I tell you I understand you Jimmel but my intention is not to ruin the server the reason because I told you that Network is ruined they are for the illegal Iten that walk all over Network
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    Edit your post to English and use the template below.
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    [Refund Request]Magical_Coww

    I placed the grave in your island, just right click it with the key you have in you ME system to get your stuff back, just so that you know you can craft the key with an enderpearl and hold r-click and it'll tp you to your grave, then you just have to open it and tp quickly to your base. T/C
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    [Claim Removals] ERyKse67

    Claims Removed
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    Claim Rollback request

    Claim Rollback Successful. Mining_Dynamite has been restricted for reason: Bypassing Protection
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    Report - Pure Survival

    Hey thanks for reporting. Oswaldo and Kike are banned right now. T/C
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    [TEMPLATE] Inventory Rollback Request

    In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your inventory rollback request topic.For´╗┐ your topic name, use [Inventory Rollback Request]*YourName* Your Name: Coordinates: Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional):
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    Unban (or not) xDrews_YT

    As SuperSlimesKing mentioned before, sending the IP of a server is illegal. If someone knows about your server without you having to speak about it on the chat and wants the IP, message him through private messages, don't use the general chat to send the IP since users will most likely be curious and join your server. I'd like to reiterate, promoting your server, someone else's server or doing any other type of advertising has a consequence. About you not knowing that it wasn't illegal, it's not the staff's fault that you didn't take the time to read the rules of the server, even the server's chat reminds it to players quite oftenÔÇŽ Unban Appeal Denied. T/C.
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    Unban (or not) xDrews_YT

    [1] In-Game Username: xDrews_YT [2] Details of Situation: I got banned for Advertising, even I didnt really avertise but just sent the IP of my server in Chat when some Guy (DongSnipper) asked for it. [3] Ban Category: Tempban [4] Ban Duration: idk like 2 days it got expandeb bcs i ban evaded [5] Staff Member: Gerry_lmao/Superslimesking [6] ScreenShots: Screenshots of what? [7] Your Reason: As i said, i dont really understand why this is under the Category of advertising. I didnt ask ANYONE to join my server or didnt write anything would be an advertisement. I also dont know why someone even reported this one out of hundreds of Chat messages as advertising. Guess this guys last brain cell is just bouncing around in his head like some screensaver. Now for the ban evading thing... i was like: "well im already banned so nevermind." I leaned one thing of it. I schould use aVPN next time so no one can trach my IP. I know, this perhaps wont get me unbanned, but im fine. I just want you to overthink like some rules, like the advertising one. Why dont make it 1st offense Kich/wanr like it is in general? Thats if from me now. Im out. See you guys in 2 days or maybe not. BYE
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    Um... what?

    Peanut butter jelly time
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    Your Name: StevenArchitectItem Name + ID + Amount: lapotronic energy orb+ #4402 + 1Coordinates: x:2855 y:-4852Description of Issue: just disappeared from my inventory Apache7X gave it to me so i can charge my jetpack and my vajra
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    Report A.C

    In-Game Nickname : ElixAssasin Nickname of the one you are complaining about : destroyeK257 Description of the situation : Camping, Abuse of an item The user has done Spawn camping on several occasions, abusing a game bug and the item of the bombs in question. Evidence:
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    Your Name: bottleofsyrupCoordinates: X: 4408, Y: 79, Z: -2551Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 27 November 2019, before 5pm CSTDescription of Issue: Was trying to make Alchemical Brass for a player and my stupid scroll wheel jumped to my RFTools Storage Tablet, which basically had everything in it, and since I was right-clicking iron ingots at the same time, I right-clicked my Storage Tablet into the crucible at the same time, turning all my belongings into vis and flux. Since that was all of my possessions anyway, I'm just going with an inventory rollback.Screenshots (Optional): This is all I have. It's the last screenshot I have of the tablet on my bar (slot 8).
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    today I went in and met this person called Frawliet with lots of Legendary Crate Key Tests: https://imgur.com/a/tPZx1SL I asked him where he got the keys from and he replied that Battlefiled gave him for letting himself be killed. Battlefield was recently banned for this issue and another the truth that a ban ip deserves because it does not stop and will continue to do sorry for my English
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    i knew that you would say that
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