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    Monthly Top Voter rank! It's about time we bring this back, but on a much larger scale. This used to be a thing years ago but it was slowly left out due to new projects taking up most of the past administration group's time. So what's this entire shenanigan about? Well I'm glad you asked, continue reading. I will divide this post into two sections. The first part will cover the condition needed to gain the rank and how the rank will actually look in-game. The second portion will cover all the commands and goodies you will be rewarded. Have fun reading! Conditions There is only one condition to get this rank. No second, no third, no technicalities, no loopholes. Be the person who has voted the most in the server for the entire month. That's it. I will count the votes at the end of the month and the people who have voted the most in their respective servers will get their rank on the server. There is just one thing you guys need to know, there will only be 1 Top Voter of the Month on the server, meaning that if you want to keep your Top Voter rank, you have to keep on being the #1 voter in the upcoming months. If you can't keep up then your rank will automatically expire after 1 month has passed so best of luck! This was done to keep giving every player a fair chance each month on having this rank and personally, I think this rank is the best choice for those who can't afford to be a donator. Anywho here's how the prefix looks :]. Permissions When becoming the TopVoter of the server, you will be granted with the following permissions: $50,000 cash 10 Legendary Keys 30 Vote Keys /repair /nick /skull /time /speed (Both Fly and Walk) /weather /bal others /afk /hat /workbench /enderchest /enderchest others /heal /invsee /me /feed /ptime /fly /firework Use colours in chat, message, nicknames and signs Use styles in chat, message, nicknames and signs Keep XP on death NOTE: /fly and /speed are disabled in network minigames. /firework does not work in SF3, Revelations and DW1.12 NOTE: Do /vote in your servers to see the vote links of the server. Each vote link resets every ~22-24 hours NOTE: You can also check out the vote links over here https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28149-voting-links/ This isn't related to the Conditions part but I am always open for suggestions. Feel free to either reply down below or message me in discord. May the best voter win. Become unstoppable, don't hesitate to vote, show everyone else what you're capable of!!
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    Welcome to the first newsletter post of Crafter's Land in 2018! We have been getting several requests on starting one of these and I feel like it's about time we do. This is the first newsletter after several years, so it'll be kept a bit more shorter than i'd like it to be. Feel free to leave suggestions down below (e.g player base screenshots) ideas you would like to see on the servers and improvements you would like to see in this newsletter. I'm all ears for this. Without further ado, let's get started! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= DIREWOLF 1.7.10 WIPE During the start of the month, we wiped the Direwolf 1.7.10 server as it's time for a fresh new map had been approaching near. We also enabled Biomes O' Plenty generation this time around change things up a bit. Some fixes regarding dupes and crash bugs were made so thank you to the staff members that reported these to us! Underneath is a breif changelog of what changed. Server IP: ftb.craftersland.net Banned Field Kit from Binnie Core mod because of dupe bugs. Full server WIPE except ranks. Generated new map seeds. Fixed some market signs not working. Updated vote links. Enabled Biomes O Plenty for world generation. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= REVELATION SERVER LAUNCH Yes! It was about time we got another 1.12 pack on the community. The sponge platform for 1.12 has been much more stable than for 1.10 so hopefully lag issues will be lower than what we've experienced on Direwolf 1.10.2. Anyways, this modpack is made to be a general purpose modpack but with a lot of mods installed! So much so that FTB Staff claims themselves that this has been the largest pack they have ever made aswell! Feel free to check the server out, we're tweaking small stuff every maintenance to ensure that you guys have the best experience on the server. Server IP: rev.craftersland.net (We are running the 1.10.0 modpack version) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ASSASINS CREED V2 UPDATES Throughout the entire month of may, brunyman has been working on getting a lot of behind the scenes stuff ready on Acv2. Granted that he was busy with maintenance and all but we still managed to pull out a decent bit of progress before the official launch. We are using an entirely new permission system for network. It's the same one which we use for our 1.10 and 1.12 servers (The famous LuckPerms). Other than that, there's open inventory for staff and........let me just link the changelog brunyman made down below 😛 AssassinS 1.12.2 Update Changes: Added auto messages. Added Tripwire hook Fixed fall damage issue so that it will only reduce fall damage when you land on leaves and hay Fixed roll issue so you will only roll when you press shift Changed the permissions plugin to a better one. Created permissions groups and configured them. Added the network bans system. /checkban Added open inventory system for staff management. Added auctions plugin. /auction Added clans. /clan Changed fame chat tag. Updated spigot to latest 1.12.2 build. Updated the anti-cheat to latest version. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= NEW GUIDES Fusion Reactor Guide: Thanks to @xxDragonJCxx, you can now create your very own Fusion reactor with the help of his guide! He has made a picture-by-picture setup tutorial along with a materials list so you can prepare it well ahead of time. If you play on the tekkit server, this guide is made for you! Click Here! Botania Fix 1.12.2 Guide: Another special thanks to @akaElite, who has found a way to fix a certain issue on 1.12 servers. If you're planning on using botania and it isn't working the way it should then we would recommend you to check his guide out as it's just a simple claim-flag click fix. Click Here! Any future guides will be highlighted in upcoming newsletters. Be sure to create great ones! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= PLAYER CREATIONS Time to review a base everyone! This has been made by @Swimsam777 and replicates the Yoglabs on the Tekkit server! It's quite nice and it is very expansive, if you want to get a tour of his entire base be sure to ask him! Credits to @belgarufo for taking the pics! Any future creations will be highlighted in upcoming newsletters. Be sure to create great ones! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= FUTURE IDEAS New Promotional System for Content Creators Updated reward system Acv2 launch New Network update and fixes Update the entire Network fully to 1.12 (Fixes anti cheat issue) Back-end clean up of Network Network Proxy rework New modded server
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    Content Creator Program!

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    So I've been a staff member for near on 3 months now and in that time I've seen a lot of people don't like henk. And he is a hardass, But I've had enough, this can't go on. I've got undeniable proof that henk is unfit as a member of this community and as a member of staff! First off, He is a prequel fan, He even went as far to say he liked them more than the originals! But more than that, he's not watched startrek... utterly shameful. Oh and think it can't get worse? Well guess who thought 2001: a space odyssey looked too old to watch! And he claims he's into scifi... But wait there's more, he didn't like the masterpieces of films, the godfather, nor did he like ALIEN! With god fucking damn Ellen Ripley! So people, I'll let you judge this monster, this 'scifi-loving' impostor your selves. But I say we burn him at the stake! And one last tidbit for you tech infused out there, he uses a gtx 1080... at 1080p... what an utter travesty. A lavish, vulgar use of gpu power...
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    A Hundred Million Reasons

    I covered this entire topic made by Drews in May. Yes, I know that Network has been declining, brunyman has been aware of this too but I didn't want to risk my entire future career and life by not paying attention to my exams and tending to the issues of Crafter's Land in the month of May. I said this on that topic, "But don't worry, as soon as my exams will end, I will strike back to 100% activity in full swing with a lot of promising ideas in mind for CL." How hard is it to wait? The only reason Network declined is because there was no proper communication between Powerwarp and Brunyman, both of them were busy during their own times and had a very hard time discussing issues with each other for longer than 30 minutes. I don't want to offend Power in any way, the upcoming sentence isn't directed at him either, he has done a lot for the community and has remained one of the rolemodels for Craftersland, but me and Henk weren't made as managers just to slack off, we were made to bring ideas to the server, bring improvements, do stuff which makes people amazed at our progress and I think we have started walking down on that path now. I told you guys that we will never give up on Network and that will always remain true no matter what! We are really hesitant on adding young helpers and here's why. It's all due to immaturity, and I do not mean that in a degrading manner. Every person in their life needs some time to learn how to act mature -either in online of in real life- situations. For some, it may hit early just like you but for the majority, it usually kicks in round about the age of 15-16. We've had a handful of bad experiences with young staff acting immature to the point where this had to be in ''effect'' There is not really an age limit on applications but it gives out a slight edge than younger applicants. I'm extremely sorry that you got denied in your application even though it was wonderful, but not everyone gets the slice of cake early. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't have given up, and kept on trying and maybe a certain staff would've been highly in my favour and accepted me in the second round all due to my efforts despite being rejected in the first try, . But right now things are a bit different, it will take a while to recover the effects of this topic, even when i'm writing it there are 20+ new replies already. I'm pretty sure that I'm not on the same page for this case but I don't think he has been playing for 4 years, in his application he stated that he started playing only 2 years ago. About his inactivity, if we notice him inactive for a long time on all servers, he will be removed from staff as it's the natural course of action to do and about his server-specific activity only, he won't get promoted until he does work in other servers, in discord and on forums frequently. This is a little known secret but it's quite obvious honestly, you won't get promoted by slacking off, this is how every community manages its promotions. Helper is meant to be a trial rank, it didn't even exist 4 years ago on Craftersland, it's sole person is to shortlist dedicated staff who have decided to join the staff group. No offence to the current helpers and all of the ones planning to apply in the future, you all are amazing but this is my veiw on the rank. The real staffing duties stars when you reach judge :), and i'm sure you can admit this aswell. I'm really sorry for not learning Spanish but if he's acting toxic in-game, you have the right to make a complaint against him for that. Just be sure to get proof to back you up as it will be the only thing between him getting punished or not. About the command stuff, in this topic he mentioned that he didn't have any intention of provoking jealousy, and this issue in fact turned out that henk asked them to test the command in-game by others. I know it's painful to be rejected on applications, the regret and pain is more or less similar to being denied like in a job interview for some people. Back when I was staff member of skyfactory 2 only, I motivated those who didn't get accepted (I had Mod rank that time), even though it's not the same thing as me being helper and motivating them, but it did have a great effect. This is why I've had so many contacts from skyfactory 2 people on my discord, even to this day I get messages from them :). I'd like to advise all the staff to motivate those applicants who got denied, it's rough to be rejected and they should know that it's not the end. Just keep improving yourself and you'll surely get it in the next round. I'll make this brief and say that we did have a 10 minute rule for CTW, but it was discarded when the new rules topic for network was pushed out. I would suggest reading each and everything clearly here so you know what's changed or not. Although it is now legal to finish maps under 10 minutes, I would recommend not to as it ruins the experience for others -as it has the same effect as being a douche on the server as seen by others. It's the same as how you can take items from a non-claimed area but we generally recommend people not to do it as it is someone else's hardwork and effort. Who gave you the impression that you couldn't report staff? I made it extremely clear that every player on craftersland has the right to report a staff, even me or henk. But the reporter needs to have sufficient evidence for his case else it would get denied. I know people use these sort of language tricks to persuade the person reading the paragraph but please avoid using it, I will reply the same way if you rephrased it in a direct way. No one over here hates you, nor do we plan to ignore your opinion even if you're a normal member on the server. Brunyman wanted this community to be ran by the people and I 100% agree with him. Read the paragraph where I discussed promotions up above. I believe this issue was discussed in the replies already but I would strongly urge you not to look at the negative side of things. Get the story from the other side, maybe you're missing some key information which you weren't aware of. This is actually one of the key things of being a great staff member -knowing the entire situation before doing the final judgement. If you are still not satisfied with the results of this CTW incident, please let me know and we will discuss and try to resolve it hopefully soon. From what I can tell, the southrumble caps warning given was simply a "wording change" instead of it being another warning since the offence number was the same and about the "cry", he only said that after you provoked him with the taunts. I know staff are meant to be more patient than normal members and I'm thankful for southrumble to not insult you back but there is a limit to everyone's patience. Please, it's a request from my side, do not taunt people in the future, even if you hate them. I'll tell you a story about me and @Swimsam777. We've had a fair bit of issues between us, mostly due to rules breaking but I never once insulted him in PM's and despite the last major issue caused by him (which was much more intense than a simple "cry"), I do believe he has started to change. Although he has received a complaint recently but from his attitude in the past year, it has improved. Again please, I want to make this reply as short as possible while it still be meaningful so please read up above as i've already answered this. That's not a nice thing to say freefall, again, if there is any incident where a staff have been treating you unfairly then by all means please make a report. But I should also tell you this, disrespecting people, especially staff will work against you. This is the same penalty for staff. Please try to remain calm whenever you create an argument as it will contribute positively instead of negatively in the community. I haven't seen the replies yet but just know that being hostile and aggressive will yield back hostile and aggressive replies. That doesn't mean that staff will post hostile replies against you I do not like to reveal contents of conversations between me, Henk and brunyman as they are highly confidential but you would think otherwise if you read the entire conversation between us about Network. No, i'm not going to post it here but you will have to take my word for it. Me and Henk have tried a lot to get brunyman to update Network and without us, Acv2 would've been left ignored again. We have plans on updating Acv2 soon and much more updates for Network and i will try my level best to get it done in this month of June. We've gotten Acv2 so close to it's launch that i'm sure brunyman can't wait to create a topic named "Acv2 is officially launched". I did say to @Jimmel almost an entire year ago that I will try my best to get brunyman to pay attention to Network and I can't tell you how much convincing I had to do while being a GM on a single server. I'm sorry that it had to be delayed by this much and I'm not planning to relax until we get Acv2 out. He has been a staff here much much more longer than me and he knows how hard it is to contact brunyman about Network. The entire network update plan is most likely weeks of work, if not, months just to get it revived again and that excludes new gamemodes we have planned to add. Please, I know that the server is going downhill, and these topics do not get ignored, I still remember the entire topic of Drews upto this day and this is why I made the TopVoter rank so quickly than later this month -so that I could work on Network with brunyman and Henk. Your topics and replies do not get ignored. What kind of a person would call himself a Manager if he would just ignore the topics made by the community? I still remember Isma's topic, his second one, his third one, Drew's topic and now your's. Believe me Henk has done much more than we to let brunyman focus on Network issues and we have had brunyman look into them a lot more frequently than he used to years ago. It's small steps but everthing will get better, don't worry Hi, thanks for reminding me about this, even though this rule won't get changed, I will need to look into that topic someday since it's been massively outdated and need a review to make sure every rule is up-to-date with the ones we've been practicing. Thanks! Can you provide the log file of the entire day about this? And on which server? That was a mistake on his part and i'm glad that you did consult Henk about this. I will defend south for this case as this was more or less his first mistake and we don't demote staff on first offences unless its a medium-level issue or more. However, that is not to say that they are left without a warning, they do get an official one. It's not nice to say things like "you got scared because you knew you did something wrong". Your application proved to me that you were mature enough, but this topic is giving me doubts. Please in the future try to be helpful and don't provoke others. Read my posts if you need an example on how to reply calmly to situations. You can do /seen <name> to check a person's activity. If you see a staff being too inactive, please feel free to post a complaint. We don't encourage this behaviour though as Henk already has a system setup for removing inactive staff but it should be enough to satisfy your worries. Geri isn't a manager, she doesn't have the right to punish another staff. If there is an issue like this in the future, direct these complaints directly to me or henk (about staff being involved in a complaint). Also, I absolutely do not want staff to skip on Rule Number and offence name in their punishments. We use the reasons to keep track of players and not adding one will surely confuse us in the future too. @geri33 Please me mindful of this too, you can chat to him in-game that you didn't mean to be rude. It's a protocol of the server you have to follow, thanks :). I can understand that the tone of this reply is due to your anger but we do not treat players like garbage over here. Read above on what I said about reporting and attitude For Network, absolutely, if that's not what you're asking for then please tell me clearly in PM :P. I don't want to be a hypocrite or anything but you, as a player, spoke up about the unfair warning given to you. Henk didn't say that you were wrong rather he gave a warning to south for not being updating with the rules and asked him to remove the warning. This is just one example. I can keep on going but this reply has gotten too long and I need some sleep I wouldn't have punished a normal player either if he said the word cry in that exact same situation I spoke up about this in staff chat recently :P. There's a clean way of getting everything done, freefall, and in fact, the clean way gives better results than straight up swearing. This isn't real life. Rules are the absolute here and this is why going the clean way is more beneficial than straight up insulting and provoking others. I would highly urge you to go through my posts, especially the ones in unban cases. See how I have replied and how it all went in the end, that should help you get a much clearer idea about the "clean way" i'm talking about. I know this reply has been overdue since the conversation has basically ended but I wanted you all to know this. Me and Henk are here on Craftersland and we're not planning to leave anytime soon. Updates will come to network don't worry and even though this topic has changed a lot of people's views on you but don't worry, just give it some time and effort. It will take quite a lot of work to get everyone to support you again but I promise that this is not a lie. We've had staff who have had a pretty rough history with them yet we were willing to give them a second chance. It's not to show that we're generous """gods""" rather it's to show that we're forgiving and always look on the positive side of things whenever we feel like the person has changed. I still remember the reply I gave to drews and I will speak to brunyman soon about ACv2. Sorry things had to be delayed this way.
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    Voting links!

    Voting links Vote now and receive the Top Voter rank on the server! More information in the following link: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28074-monthly-top-voter-rank-rise-above-them-all/ Direwolf20 - 1.12 https://goo.gl/7VRBd4 https://goo.gl/GxYmD5 https://goo.gl/LYzjR9 https://goo.gl/oxtX6V https://goo.gl/oz7GoR https://goo.gl/Zq6dGi Revelation - 1.12 https://goo.gl/ovx12L https://goo.gl/qHA24E https://goo.gl/yVNpgD https://goo.gl/pKykf8 https://goo.gl/K9c7fz Skyfactory 3 - 1.10 https://goo.gl/ihH5uC https://goo.gl/89W1s4 https://goo.gl/GXkNfE https://goo.gl/xjPAvy https://goo.gl/fbPHFi https://goo.gl/phPkNP Skyfactory 2.5 - 1.7.10 http://goo.gl/JYLzkH http://goo.gl/6OCy5Q http://goo.gl/e3U7S4 http://goo.gl/FgygRN https://goo.gl/wJNHpL http://goo.gl/OFhXrw http://goo.gl/tYGPxJ http://goo.gl/PvN9Rh http://goo.gl/XWOsWs Direwolf20 - 1.7.10 http://goo.gl/EJCysi http://goo.gl/5KQqxm http://goo.gl/LSAHgp https://goo.gl/9GDt91 http://goo.gl/tcUNPU http://goo.gl/n6PrRo http://goo.gl/PBoKZ5 Infinity Evolved Expert mode - 1.7.10 https://goo.gl/iZt4ak https://goo.gl/1HHVVU https://goo.gl/m7Dhx4 https://goo.gl/aT2lur https://goo.gl/14VPuo https://goo.gl/ihRA8E https://goo.gl/6sLlrG Network Vanilla Server - 1.8-1.12 https://goo.gl/phGyQ https://goo.gl/A8oJ1o https://goo.gl/a0HHZr https://goo.gl/epbQvV https://goo.gl/YhfLGk https://goo.gl/vbvUV6 Tekkit - 1.6.4 https://mc-serverlist.com/vote.php?id=7251 https://topg.org/Minecraft/in-362680 https://mcserverstatus.com/vote/17250 http://minecraftservers.org/vote/64748 https://tekkitserverlist.com/server/0OAEWDv3/vote https://minecraft-mp.com/server/14938/vote/
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    New Lobby By SS (SlendydiegoPro and southrumble80). [1.8] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Craftersland Community, we made another spawn to the minigame "Capture The Wool". (We hope you like it!). we've noticed that the ctw lobby has spent a lot of time online, which is why we decided to conduct surveys on the players, which resulted in a ctw lobby. Our goal is that our lobby is in place of the old spawn, otherwise, it will not matter we will continue doing more lobbys! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures https://imgur.com/a/3BWXFg2 Download This Awesome Lobby [1.8] http://www.mediafire.com/file/rl7ckzxzkyo3p2l/Spawn CTW.rar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks For Read This Post! -SS
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    A Hundred Million Reasons

    Alright!! First, about the /list command, was a question of a guy that asked me how to know which rank people have, and i solve his question, if you toke it like i was trying to make u jelous, ur wrong,I didn't even talked to you and either you didn't talked to me, i was playing just like i do everyday on CTW, next, the warn that i gave u was wrong, i know, that's why i unwarned you the same day, because that rule got removed, even if i'm a staff member you can judge me, there's no problem, we're humans, we're the same, we have the same rights. And yeah, i know that you think that i'm the worst staff ever, you tell me that everytime you play and i'm there, you have even insulted me almost all times, and "lack of inactivity" I play everyday, i'm very very active i'm here the whole day, and when i gtg to school i play like 6 hours or more, and comments like "i'm not so good playing" doesn't matter, you should include all ur insults before i said "cry" and how Geri didn't do anything, you didn't used caps "a bit" you did it a lot of times, even when RuisuMC and me asked you to stop, the warn that Geri gave you was removed, and it didn't even said the rule number or the number of offense it just said "Caps <3" which isn't valid. Even before all of this started i told you that that rule was removed and there wasn't a problem if i do it. I have supported the server and played here for a long time, and all the time that i have been playing here ALL the players (even who didn't donate) were treated with the same respect, maybe you forgot all the insults that you said to me, but i don't, and even if i were the worst staff member that CraftersLand ever had, i deserve respect. Thank you for posting!! I finish with this!
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    Chestshop Plugin

    Chestshop plugin removed due to exploits. Good job guys, we can't have anything nice 😛 T/C
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    [Presentation] ViperBites

    Name: Frank but I perfer to be called Viper IGN: ViperBites Age: 26 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Revelation [Helper] Location: Murica! A short description of yourself: ummm I am pretty boring. I work all night. Listen to wrestling podcast while I do. Come play minecraft with my GF @TaraBites Hobbies and interests: Wrestling (been watching 23ish year) Video Games
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    Goodbye Crafter's

    Thanks man, I appreciate it 🙂 and you too! Oh haha, my bad. Will close it now. Thanks to everyone for all their kind wishes, great to see how well craftersland is doing!!
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    Swearing - Jiimmy_04

    User warned. Thanks for reporting! ☺️ T/C.
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    A Hundred Million Reasons

    And you wanted to be staff. This is disappointing. We all have bad days, but you should not go insulting staff like this. It's one of the rules. I think this is why there's an age limit/maturity test for staff applications.
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    Well friends of Cl, i have come here to present you a preview of a new map that we are creating with @Slendy, it will take time to finish it but i come to ask for help @Yusixs of @Henk to put it into service once finished, and not just leave it there without paying attention ❤ Screenshots : https://imgur.com/j03Hezs https://imgur.com/UMMEF84 https://imgur.com/oitcgzI
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    [Complaint] Swimsam1

    In-Game Nickname: Swimsam1 Time and date: 8:43 PM 05/31/2018 Description of what happened: Nearly every time I see him, he constantly disrupts the integrity of the server. Generally he will speak ill of others, whether it be to them or to others, about them, but just enough so that it isn't seen as harassment or insulting others. He consistently insults staff members (myself included), and claims that "Helpers aren't staff, they can be insulted, @Henk said so!" I'm sick of his terrible constant attitude towards everyone, both staff and fellow player, and immature hateful outbursts towards whenever the slightest things don't go his way. I do not think he will change his ways, as he has shown with multiple bans stacked up on him, and a complete disregard to want to change his attitude after either. And I believe the server's members will continue to suffer as well as the server's numbers if he is allowed to continue with his current attitude towards everyone and everything. Something must be done about him, he needs to learn that it is not alright to act out as a child would, especially when he is close to becoming a legal adult, and it is not okay to treat people however you desire. Screenshots or Proof: Can check chatlogs. List of eyewitnesses: Contact the majority of server members.
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    A Hundred Million Reasons

    So,I've been wanting to make this for a long time,but I can't take it anymore.I'll just be straight forward about this.. Back in 2014,when I started playing on this server,there were nice staff,a nice community,everything on the server was nice and good right?And 2 years ago,I noticed things started going a little bit down hill for network,not that much activity anymore,people getting a little bit more cancerous,not just the community,so were the staff.Currently,with the last helper apps on network,I've been devasted.Not because of I didn't get accepted just because of my age which in my opinion is 100% wrong,but hey,can't do anything about it,already talked to Henk about this and I don't wanna bring this subject back,but what I was most pissed about were the people who got accepted.First of all,these are my opinions,so you have no rights to warn/punish me for this unless you want this community to die. -TanujGaming: He hasn't really been on any other servers than pure survival,in my 4 years of playing,I have NEVER seen him on AC v1,CTW or skywars.He isn't as active as most of the people that applied could be(Not on the forums OR the server),this resulting in my thinking he did not deserve staff.Not only this,but he lied about his age on a different community just to get accepted cause he was too young. -southrumble80 I do not know if it just me or this guy got more toxic since he's been helper.First day he got helper when we both met on CTW,he wanted me to type in a command to see that he got helper,with the intention to make me jealous I believe?Anyway,got past that part,some time later,I used pearls to get the wools on CTW right?With his mind,he warned me because of finishing the game with pearls before 10m when my team did NOT win the game,and I did not place the wools.Right,past that part again,humans make mistakes right?And sometimes still stick with their dumb opinion when they know it's wrong,but hey,who am I to judge a member of the craftersland staff right,just one of these people that support the server with money and my playtime right?And what made me do this post was this,not only that in my opinion he is the worst one that could have gotten picked as a staff,because of lack of inactivity like tanuj,but when he did this,that was the last drop for me.So me geri and wolfie were on CTW right?We were playing together like some good friends we are,and then I started using caps a little bit,geri warned me,which I was ok with,but then a little later,southrumble decided to use pearls to end the game in 5m which he previously warned me before,remember?I don't have proof,but you can ask geri and sniperwolf.Right,whatever,I know that he's not good so he must use pearls,got over that,but later he told me "cry" because I called him out for using pearls.Geri and sniperwolf were witnesses,then we got into arguing because of this,not going to go into detail because I can make another post of that if I need to,he then removed my warning that geri issued for caps,and then warned me just so he could get the lame feeling that he desires to always feel.This was wrong,because since geri warned me,I haven't used enough caps to be issued a warning. Oh but who am I to say all of these,one of these pesky non-staff people that complain about this server ?I believe that staff with absolutely NO experience and are abusing on this server are now being treated with more respect than people who have donated,supported this server everyday and veterans that have played on this server for YEARS.Lemme tell ya something,I didn't wanna see this server die like this,but if the AC v2 update is not gonna be released soon,this server is going to be DEAD.Especially because of the staff,they're gonna be the only ones playing on this server,because of all the veterans leaving and being treated like absolute garbage by young staff members that have no ideea of what they're doing..Oh but why did I even make this post,it's gonna get a reply with excuses,no action taken,and going to die just like the server is going to if no action is taken.Hope I gave you guys an ideea of what's going on and why this server is going down-hill very quickly.For me there are just 4 people that I play on this server for:geri33,KayWolves,BySniperWolf and mirs(waiting for Jimmel to come back).That's it,if it weren't for them,you would've lost me,but who cares?Just another one of these people that we should try determine to keep playing on this server.It's just getting more cancerous and more inactive.That was it.Hope this doesn't get ignored like the other posts...
  17. 4 points

    A Hundred Million Reasons

    Slow down... Jesus I make the choice on who becomes helper based off the application and also by the help of staff. I never said your age was the only reason, but maturity in difficult situations is key for a staff member. You haven't shown very much here. Helper is a trial rank, so is judge even for that matter. Making the choice on the application I can never be 100% how one staff member will end up becoming.. which is why there is a technical "trial" 😛 And while it might sound wrong, a staff member can never be loved by everyone- and just because you don't like the staff member's approach in dealing with a situation you were involved in does not mean they were doing a poor job. But regardless, your complaints have been heard. I don't think it was south's intention to " provoke " you by showing his helper rank, it was merely a test as I told them all that I need to add the helper rank thru buycraft- meaning it takes a minute to apply and it's not 100% certain. I asked them to test it. Would you have reacted this way if I - or some staff that you respect - had kicked you today?
  18. 4 points
    This isn't true. As Yusixs has said, normal players have the right to report rule breakers, even if they are staff members. However, having a good behavior and being calm always help. In this case, I don't know who's wrong and who's correct, because I wasn't there.
  19. 4 points
    They love me, what can I do. I'll ban him just a day as a warning since I don't see a serious impersonating, he looks like he's joking. T/C.
  20. 3 points

    Favorite History Topic?

    I'm currently a history major (Thinking of switching to English, though, with a minor in History, instead of vice versa). I wanted to see what you guys enjoy in World History. Favorite moment, favorite god/goddess, anything having to do with all of history This should be a fun topic!
  21. 3 points

    Vote links

    Good idea, some servers have the vote links in their general section, but we should have one common place for all the links. I’ll post a topic in a few hours(when i get off work)
  22. 3 points

    A Hundred Million Reasons

    Agree. can you close the post pls? i don't think the post won't be necessary anymore
  23. 3 points

    A Hundred Million Reasons

    First of all, he hasn't said a real kind of insult until you told him to 'cry' (https://gyazo.com/c6274a9cc3e0d6062c869525bea5dbcd) (at least for me. it isn't a sincere, it was because he was mad on the kitters) And I don't get offended if someone insults me, however you could get, but you were in-game and you have the power to warn him since you have got offended by his words. I prefer staying away from useless scandals and dramas that aren't related to me so I didn't want to join that but you guys made me do it. I didn't like your behavior towards an user, no matter he has insulted you or something.You could always just warn him for that as I said. I've passed this way, I've learnt from my own mistakes like that so I know that this wasn't the way you should behave. As a staff members we should be an example for users, the best ones we could be, as Henk has told me over 2 times when I had made mistakes in the past... And I think I got better than before, not saying I'm perfect now or something, I simply say that we all should learn more. And about me not putting the number of the punishment, and the way I've done it (with the heart) I don't think I have made such a irreparable thing, I warned him of that he used to be toxic cuz of kitters, so he deserved the warn and I just added the ❤️ because he is my friend and I don't want him to get mad on me because of my obligations as a staff. When I've told you that you behave bad using this kind of attitude, you told me that Ruisi has used to insult as well, even worse. What is this South? A true friendship? Why this was even needed in this case? You do things for you, not for others, you are responsible for yourself not for others... Such a bad act for me saying that for a friend...
  24. 3 points

    Jiimmy_04 speaking cursing

    Can someone move this to Complaints and lock it? (I have already warned Jiimmy_04) GorunmezKahve next time post in complaints and use this template or your post will be ignored.
  25. 3 points

    Server Wipe Due

    Last Wipe was 6 months ago on 24 November 2017, do you think the serer overworld has still room for new players to start? I will take a look, there is some server lag sometimes when certain bases are loaded, but other then that is ok. No plan to WIPE now, we need to evaluate
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