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    Accepted Personal Information: Name: Zac Minecraft Username: BulletProofMonk Age: 20 Languages you speak: English Country + Time Zone: United States, Pacific Time (PT) Do you have a microphone?: Yes Discord Name and ID*: Sergeant Arch Dornan #4401 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: 1-2 at the least Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes, and I do Have you ever been banned?: Not from this network or from the network's that I have previously played/staffed on A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): I would say that because of my previous staff experiences at TheNode, my ability to communicate and problem solve at a high level and my ability to answer questions on mods within the Tekkit modpack are my strengths. I may seem standoffish or rude but this isn't my first rodeo and I refuse to brag about things i've done in the past because there plenty of better people out there than me. However, I am active on tekkit, consistantly at the top of the money and clan leaderboards and I want to try and help the server. I understand that PvP as a staff member is not allowed and I would be willing to give that up for this. Not only that, I will drop all current and past feuds across all of the people that I have probably bullied since I started playing, about two server wipes back. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): I think that my biggest weaknesses would be my narcissism and my impatience, If someone tells me that i'm worse at something then I feel the need to prove them wrong and 1-up them. My impatience is situational-based, I find myself becoming less and less patient with people who are trolling or just plain daft. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: I can offer over a year's worth of admin and mod experience across many different servers and modpacks, knowledge of mods within these modpacks and modpacks being run at Craftersland, ability to work with other staff members and resolve problems between them, ability to be respectful to players who are seeking their questions answered and their problems solved. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: I was Admin of Pixelspark 1 & 2 (Pixelmon modpack) for TheNode network for over a year and a half. I also moderated for their FTB Infinity server around the same time. In addition, I moderated for their prison server as well, so I have experience being staff across several different modpacks. I am used to working with other staff members as well as working with owners or mod authors on important issues. On a side note, I am also an experienced builder and built much of the spawn from TheNode Infinity server. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Tekkit Modpack?: I would rate myself around a 9, there are only a few mods that I cannot do or answer questions on, Modular Forcefields and ComputerCraft mainly. When it comes to answering questions about the pack, if I can not answer a question, the best course of action would be to help the player find the resource he is looking for in order to answer his question. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: Yes I have and i understand them all except the "join full server" part of permissions. I am assuming that means I have the ability to join the server, even if it's full, which is fortunately part of my VIP rank because that grants me a reserved spot and should allow me to join if the server happens to be full. Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: First, would be to determine if the players could be joking around or just messing with each other (maybe they're friends outside the server or are just playing around and not purposefully trying to disrupt chat or be rude to each other). Second, is if the words they are using are appropriate and not excessive. If that happens to be the case and they truly are fighting each other and being disrespectful then I would step in and warn them about acting like that in global chat. These two players can have the choice of explaining why they're fighting and being mature about it OR they can choose to immediately drop the issue at hand. If they agree to it then no one has to be punished for now and they can have a warning. However, if things were to escalate quickly and these two players were to turn on other players or myself then it would be my job to step in and warn them again/mute them if they cannot contain themselves. Lastly, as a last resort, would pull higher level staff to have them sort the problem out. However, I understand that higher staff members also busy with life and other things among being the highest level of staff, but I would expect there to be someone to handle it (which I know there is because staff are very active in discord and quick to address a problem when they see it). Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: From my experience, dealing with upset or staff members who are fighting, at myself or other staff members, I think the best course of action is to give each staff member a chance to explain their grievance against the other while it is moderated by a higher level staff member. Particularly other voice chat because it can go faster and people can understand that the other player is a person and they probably make mistakes too. In my past, I haven't encountered a problem between staff members that could not be solved through moderation, but there have been events in the past where staff members were forcibly removed or left of their own accord because of a personal issue or problems with others. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): The first thing that I would do is begin to record the player in the act if possible with obs, I am comfortable with the program and can quickly use it for events like this. In the past, I have caught players breaking rules with this at TheNode, but also here at Craftersland where I have recorded evidence and given it to a higher staff member (Admin and GM) so that the player is punished. I have worked with these staff at Craftersland before and they can attest to my efforts to help them (Will give names upon request).
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    Tekkit Server WIPE is Complete!

    Tekkit Server full WIPE is Complete! Everything except ranks got a reset. This WIPE was needed because the last reset took place in January and the main map was all full. On this WIPE we took the time and fixed a list of documented bugs and dupes, thanks to staff and players for reporting them. Also we generated new map seeds on all worlds and changed the biomes on main world to large. Changes: Full server WIPE. New maps seeds on all worlds. Main map biomes are set to large now. Fixed a lot of dupe bugs. Removed the Fuel Vote Reward and added Legendary Crate Key as Vote Crate reward. Removed Tier 2 Rocket and Cargo rocket legendary rewards and replaced them with Heavy duty plates and Advanced solar panels. Old world download link: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
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    My suggestions for Craftersland.

    These are all of my suggestions for Craftersland that I think will make it more of an enjoyable experience for players, reduce hackers and rule breakers in general, and make life easier. Please note that this list is ongoing and will be updated as I think about new ways to make this network more entertaining for all! Make CTW an official gamemode. There's no reason not to, it's a strong marketing point and original to most people. It can attract a lot of players' attention if advertised and developed right. It also gets sufficient amount of players to be a main gamemode- it's not really a "minigame" anymore. Add more maps. Right now in CTW and in most lobbies/games in general, there aren't enough maps. It's just the same old maps being played over and over again- not that this is bad but it shows that not a lot of effort is being put into the server and puts a bad mark on the server. Removing "Frozen Arena" on CTW would also be much appreciated as it's a nightmare to play on with the anticheat. It always thinks you use the 'step' hack. New punishment system. The current punishment system is rather flawed because hacking is a week long ban. That just isn't right, 3 weeks at the minimum. Players will just get back on and start hacking again and again. I also see a lot of repeated offenders in my reports quite often so it just adds more evidence that the current punishment system is not working. I might do out an example table of a better system. Better translations. Get some people in here who can translate English & Spanish fluently. It looks really unprofessional if all the deathmessages are saying, "Username was shoot by username". That's just in game though, a lot more of the mistakes are on the forums. 1 day would be all you need to fix all the mistakes... Better AntiCheat. I know I probably just sound annoying now but I can't stress how important a good AntiCheat is! It really drives new players away if they are continuously getting kicked for "autoclicking" when really they were just mining! Sure, it might stop cheaters, but any new player won't want to stay a day here if it keeps happening and they don't know why! When I first joined I had to ask Marce why it kept happening but I doubt most people would even bother themselves to do this. They'd just leave! Fix the commands in CTW. Again, another minor issue but none of the commands in CTW work! To message somebody you have to use: "/minecraft:tell username" whereas in Assassins you can use/msg, /tell and /w! You also need to fix /tp Creative instead of observer before/after matches end. Maybe it's just personal preference but I think that going into creative would be more visually pleasing than observer mode. It also means you could use /tp instead of scrolling through your hotbar looking for the right player which is rather annoying and difficult! I will be updating this list over time and I would love to hear more suggestions! Just reply and I will add it!
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    After a long time with no updates, we updated our server to latest minecraft version 1.12.2, this is a full update and not a compatibility update, it needed for plugins to be updated from 1.10.2 to latest. We will try to push out some more plugin coding to get the server ready to replace the original server. You can always support our work with a donation on our store: http://craftersland.buycraft.net/ Now a summary of the entire update progress: NEW Server full update to Minecraft 1.12.2 Added player health under players names. No fall damage when landing on Hay and Leaves Blocks. Players can roll to reduce 50% of fall damage if they crouch on landing. Re-coded the assassins climb feature. Disabled 1.9 attack cooldown. Added infinite Lapis Lazuli to Enchant Table. Added AssassinS music in key map areas. Re-made the enderchest plugin and the new code is much more optimized. Added particle effects when the enderchest is upgraded and enderchest name is now Vault. New spawn traders added using a different system with NPC's. The economy system will be formed by NPC and Villagers to trade items and the Players Market. The changes in prices are more similar to the first assassin version when the server was first open. AssassinS Masks will change players skin, there are multiple assassin masks types, each one with a different assassin skin. AssassinS Masks will also hide your real name and give you an Assassin code name. AssassinS masks will not allow you to equip armor but will give you effects to make you stronger. Added particle effects when activating masks. Added particle effects when repairing items on anvils. Anvils will self repair when get damaged by usage. Added action bar messages when player balance changes take place. Added option to control the anvil rename feature, we may restrict it for VIP's. Repairing items with right click on anvils will cost money and not coal. Added permission to drop the repair price by half, we may use it on server boosts. Map size reduced from ~600MB to ~80MB by removing chunks outside the map. Should improve map loading time. Removed the lava outside the map and replaced it with barrier blocks. Small cosmetic changes to some buildings. Shopkeepers are replaced with a Player's Market GUI. More coming soon, stay tuned!
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    Staff grief/abuse

    Why you look to start fight out of nothing? Why can't you just play the game? Staff can break any block in a claim if that is considered to cause harm to server like lag and tps drops. Refunds can be done if its something important... but you complain for 4 pieces of damn cobble... really? If you look at 1.10 technical, you can see that we do refunds for all kind of lost items or rollbacks. So it's not like what yusixs did was intentional... it was so that didn't have to replace the block with obsidian... if that's what you wanted... Lets just end these shenanigans and resume back to normal. There is no point in continuing this. This will be locked now.
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    As pointed out by Terminator and Jimmel, this application is mistakenly placed, i would like to resign this application for Network, and keep it for a position on Tekkit, if and when one arises. Many thanks Voodoo 1. Personal Information Name: Chris Age/Sex: I am currently 24, and yes please! What? I mean, I'm a guy, sheesh, I have a girlfriend. Minecraft username: My only used account is "Voodooshrimp123" that's the famous one, I also have a second account I only used several years ago "Voodooshrimp" Skype username + Discord ID: I don't have skype, used to use it, fell out of love with it. My Discord ID is "Voodoo" with the number #7534 behind it. Do you have a microphone?: It's possible, but it's rare that I will chat, I'm quite capable of typing up an essay, as you're about to find out. Playtime hours per day: I have a tendency to play before and after work, so around 6 hours pre-work, and 2-3 hours post work, depending on how tired I am at 2am. Do you think you can meet our requirements?: As long as you don't require me to speak on Discord often, I don't even talk on Xbox live! With regards to other requirements, 8 hours per week in activity would be a breeze on the most testing of weeks, my Minecraft knowledge is top Notch, if you pardon the pun, as I have played since the good ol' days of Beta 1.7.3. when I had to use a free website to play. With regards to modded, I've played Tekkit classic to death, I helped with the Wiki for Tekkit classic because if you know something well, always help others to understand. I played Hexxit for a long while, until I figured it all out, fun modpack, recommend. I have played Tekkit main about as long as I played TPPI, which are both amazing modpacks, I think TPPI is better than Tekkit main, but that's just me, we're entitled to opinions, (they have Voodoo dolls in TPPI). My maturity is somewhat toggleable, depending on the situation, if I am helping others, I will judge the situation and what kind of service the player needs, then act accordingly, always try to keep things light hearted and fun, after all that's what we're all here for, there's no room for doom and gloom. This means that if I am being serious, everyone knows it. Teamwork is something you rarely see on Minecraft in terms of staff, each member should be able to work alone until something big happens, or there's multiple staff members online, in which case we can all buddy up and have a laugh, and enjoy a nice cup of tea together. I always attempt to remind others of the servers rules no matter which server or rank, as where would we be without them. (one time I was put in jail as the moderator at the time didn't like me helping other players and showing him up, I wasn't even staff!) The first thing I do on a new server is check my boundaries. Over the years I have often brushed up against most rules, lesson learnt and I never break that rule again, and help others to do the same, as I learn from experience, It's easy to know what you can and can't do, when you get a ban hammer to the face, I am not a troublesome soul, I am a infinitely more helpful than I am rule breaker, the only times I will break rules is when I mean to, and only ever for the greater good, (some of you may understand this, not everyone) Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Country + Time Zone: I don't speak fluent English though. >.> Google translate for the win! Nah I'm joking, I live in the country that invented the language, good ol' UK. We ARE the time zone! UTC+ 00:00 and EST + 01:00 we're currently experiencing technical difficulties with our summertime, it's raining, a lot. ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: I spent a good few years as staff members on server from vanilla to Tekkit classic and Tekkit main. I know my way around, I can help with almost any issue a player may have when it comes to the game itself, plugins are different for each server and come with hard practice and research, I have always made a positive impact on any server I've played, be it through helping players in game and on the forums or just having a good time with the community. I know my boundaries which means I know when someone is breaking them, like a kind of Spidey sense. I am naturally cautious and suspicious of everyone, which means nobody is too good for questioning. I bring a fair and just example to this fine establishment, everyone gets a fair chance, I am not easily riled up, which makes for a calm and trustworthy player-staff relationship. Have you had any past experience?: I have been staff members on several servers, from Mod, to Admin and Admin with Op, and even gave running my own server a shot, I was helping some ex-players to set up their little venture, and discovered I was pretty apt with the old server configs and setting up plugins, thought I'd give it a go since it was so easy, we had a few players, but I like more than 5 or 6, so I closed it down. That was a Tekkit classic server. I hope you don't mind me writing in purple, it's just a better colour than blue. The most memorable time I became staff, was on my first ever Tekkit classic server, I'd never played before, this was my first Technic modpack, and I was figuring it out by myself, I was 2 weeks in, and I'd cracked buildcraft, so everything was build craft pipes, Soon after I finished making my HV solar panel automated factory, most of the starting pipes got backed up and started flooding items all over the place, 40 thousand items on the ground later, me, the owner and 2 admins were trying their best to clean it up at near 1 frame every 10 seconds, and stop the chaos, we succeeded and I added lava pits under the pipes, I applied for staff, and the rest is history. That was quite the team building exercise. Needless to say I don't use buildcraft pipes anymore. What do you value in a good Staff Member?: In a staff member I expect to see a good, equal measure of authority and playfulness, it's one thing having a laugh with people, but you need to know when they stop being your friends and become a problem, people will take advantage if you let them, I have seen this all too often with new staff members, especially ones who are long time players on the server, we have friends, we go easy on said friends. This is intolerable because each player, staff or member gets the same treatment, regardless of rank or prestige, you break the rules, you get told. you break them again, and I break your face. Calmness is also an invaluable trait to be blessed with. A good staff member should always have the ability to look past previous discretions and allow a player to re-join the community uninhibited, we're all here to have fun. Two players are fighting in global chat, using excessive caps and vulgar language, what do you do?: 1, Mute them both temporarily whilst I explain why we don't spam or swear in the global chat, if they want to shout at each other, use the private messaging option or change their chat channel to local to spare everyone else. 2, In private messing, (the global populace has had enough of this by now), get to the bottom of this fight, and if no reason is ascertained or they continue to spam the global chat, implement a 15 minute mute for each of the offending parties. After that a 30 minute mute without warning, etc etc. Spamming is the scum of the earth. 3, once the offenders are dealt with, assure everyone on the server that the incident is dealt with, then reinforce yourself with a quick "if anyone else spams or swears, they will get the same treatment" for good measure. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation My motivation for being the very best I can be is simple, I expect a calm and fun environment for everyone to play in, anyone breaking this peace is an enemy, and will be dealt with according to their crime. We are the police of Minecraft. Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: I believe that I would fit in well around here, after being part of the server for 2 weeks, gaining a good relationship with many players, either through helping them out, or simply being a friend, not to mention that I can't turn off the staff member in me, I have spent more time on Technic modpacks as staff than not. I have spent a while getting to know my way around the forums, and enjoy being an active member on them. What are your expectations from us?: I expect a level of clarity of what is going on server side, though private forum posts or messages on Discord, which I suppose I should start using more often. If something is happening on the server, I would like to know about it, or of it. During the past weeks, with the server wipe, it has been very clouded in confusion, everyone asking when it was happening, most of the staff not knowing, no notice in the spawn to assure players. I and many others spent the last 2 weeks not putting much effort into the server as the impending reset was, today? tomorrow? next week? who knows. Why are you interested in our servers and community?: It seems like a well made, and well run organisation/community, thanks to Brunyman and Co. I am yet to venture past Tekkit onto the other servers on the network, but if they're as good as the Tekkit server, I am in for a treat. ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: A long, long time ago, a lot of members who play wouldn't have been born when I started. The year was 2011, the version was Beta 1.7.3 when I started playing properly. The first time I ever set foot on Minecraft soil was 6 months to a year before then, there wasn't much happening, so I gave it up as a bad game, then it popped up on something and interested me again, this time I got addicted, and here we are, 6 years later, still playing with blocks. I also have Xbox edition, still good Do you have premium or cracked account ?: I own 2 premium accounts and have done since it was about £8 to buy an account. I can't believe how expensive it is now! When did you start playing on Craftersland?: I started not long ago, I had a week off work last week, so the 11th or 12th of August 2017, then every day since. Have you ever been banned?: Ever? Twice, the first time was a misunderstanding, and was quickly removed I don't remember the details, this wasn't on Craftersland, this was many years ago. The second time, this one is on Craftersland, I'm hoping will be the same, but I doubt it as I didn't inform anyone of my intentions until after the event, so I understand. Though I have never done anything with malicious intentions, and I hope this goes into consideration with this application. Over the years though, I have suffered numerous kicks (most of which were whilst I was staff, fun times), mutes (also staff), many minutes of jail time, and I had my forum post deleted once, because an admin didn't like that I was uncovering his crime spree, he was banned soon after. But after all this, I still come back for more, and gather more and more experience along the way. If anyone wants to buy my book.... ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information My current profession is an Electronic gaming technician at a casino, so fixing faults, and ensuring everyone who plays is happy and content while staying professional and keeping to strict laws, rules and regulations is what I do for a living, it's an art form. The image attached is from my facebook showing just how exciting 1.7.4 Minecraft was, that's literally all there was to do.
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    Accepted Name: Alex Minecraft Username: HellFir3 Age: 26 Languages you speak: Arabic,Romanian,English Country + Time Zone: Romania , GMT+2 Do you have a microphone?: Yes Discord Name and ID*: HellFir3#7604 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: Depend on days, but over 3-4 hours daily .. on some days maybe over 8-10 Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes Have you ever been banned?: No A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): Yep i'm a good team worker, I like to help and teach others with what i know for example. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): Hmm .. angry? Nope, always trying to smile. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: Help the server and it's players What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: Yep i On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the SkyFactory Modpack?: I used to play skyfactory here around 2-3 years ago .. i finished the game .. i had the knowlegde of everything there, know i just need to remember it. I think i can say 10 slowly after i start playing it again now. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: Yes and i understand them! Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: Try to calm them down, and see if i can solve the problem between them, asking them nicely to move to private chat. Mute them?! Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: Report him on forum, or a higher staff member if online, or discord. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): (Jail? idk if helper got this access) or try to stop him somehow , ask him to stop nicely, report him, screenshot him
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    uncalled for mute

    Okay so let me get your first doubt out of the way, if I don't side with your opinion on a certain case, that does not mean that it's because I resent you. I don't ban people just because I have a personal grudge against them, it's because of the actions of that said person which brought him to that conclusion. These bans/mutes etc are done because of my role as a staff member, not as a comedian trying to be funny or a politician trying to win everything. If you think I resent people because of me giving them a punishment then take a look on skyfactory, i've banned, muted, jailed, warned countless people on skyfactory yet I still have good relations + chats with the vast majority of them upto this day (The minority are the ones who like to hold a grudge indefinitely.) Second thing we're going to clear is your concern as to why there are multiple staff members stating their opinion on the topic where they haven't witnessed the situation. In craftersland, we don't allow the victim staff in the complaint to handle the issue alone anymore, nor we allow him to have the ability to lock the topic. Don't you think it would be a bit weird seeing as how you would report me and i'd say "Nothing wrong here, ban was deserved. Topic Closed" That would be unfair for the compliant don't you think? This is why it's a must for other staff to have their say on the situation and decide the result among the higher staff. Third thing, for the warning case you mentioned just above, that issue should be discussed in a separate topic, if you want to add it as to add doubts to everyone's minds then I'll have to close this topic for going off-topic. What I will say in this regard is that I usually take screenshots/video proof of actions people did which results in the punishments given to users. If by chance, I don't have it then I rely on the log files as evidence. Note that I have never warned a person for saying jesus. I hope that satisfied your answer for this issue. Let's get onto the main issue now, suppose there's a person who's demeaning your family, discriminating your father and mother infront and behind your back for trying to impress his friends for how much of a bada** he is. Would you let that pass without saying a word? Ofcourse you won't, you would stand up and do what's right. This case has the same core elements as to your situation, but your's is much less intense and has less severe concequences. Your words did hint towards racism and not all people take racism lightly. This is one of the main concepts I tried to indirectly convey to you when I mentioned about context. This is also why I dont have a borderline for racism., there are just too many unique instances of racism where it's difficult to place a line at. That's also why there is no description for the borderline on the racism rule, we just don't tolerate any of it in the server. You have to understand that not all people take racism lightly as you, there are certain people who will throw a storm based on such lightly comments of racism. Please be mindful of your words next time, you've already sworn enough on a regular bases where I am forced to keep an eye on your sentences to ensure if you're bringing a pleasant environment to the server or not. I've known you for a while faves and I know the past actions of yours on the server which led to some unfortunate series of events, but that didn't stop me to think that you would start to change into a better person. I'll repeat what I said before, please be mindful of your words next time. Are there any objections?
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    [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    I don't see the need of a wipe. There are almost no issues with lag and people that want to start over can delete their island.
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    Accepted Personal Information: Name: Josh Minecraft Username: xxDragonJCxx Age: 32 Languages you speak: English and Bad English Country + Time Zone: USA (Central Time) Do you have a microphone?: Yes, when I am at home. Discord Name and ID*: xxDragonJCxx #4689 Staff Requirements: On average, how many hours can you play per day?**: 8+ hours, a lot of time at work from 8-5 central time with afks Can you join the forums everyday?: I've lurked but hardly post. Have you ever been banned?: Yes, the playful and misunderstood snowball fight with justadrii of 2016 incident. A short description of your strengths (For example, a good team worker): I'd like to think I am very knowledgeable with the modpack and do like helping people in need of help. A short description of your weaknesses (For example, getting angry sometimes): Kryptonite? Also lack of patience for stupidity and people who would rather troll or hurt others. I also cave into belgarufo's peer pressure. What can you offer us if you were chosen?: I am knowledgeable with the modpack and like to help people who needed it/deserve it. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: I use to run my own minecraft servers for friends and myself. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Tekkit Modpack?: 9 Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions?: Yes Scenarios: Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do?: Mute both of them and teleport them to the server's gladiator Colosseum of Death where each must do battle to earn an unmute. Loser stays muted until they forfeit their argument and apologizes. Or maybe just warn both to take it to /ch l or /msg and if continues and is offensive/spam to the server a short couple minute mute to get point across to take it /ch l or /msg. Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do?: Screenshots/evidence gathering and report to someone who has real power. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? (Helpers do not have access to ban): Screenshots/evidence gathering and notifying the true gods of the server. If unable to get a higher up involved, then warn player of the consequences of their actions. If continues and is harmful and no god available, temporary jail of the player until god can respond and smite accordingly.
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    Accepted Name: Jesse Minecraft Username: SKULL9867 Age: Currently sixteen years old. Languages you speak: Just English, nothing special. Country + Time Zone: Australia; AEST Do you have a microphone: Certainly do. Discord Name and ID: SKULL9867#3659 On average, how many hours can you play per day? I play as often as I can, usually this is around 3 hours on weekdays or upwards of 6 on weekends. (This can change, depends on how busy I am with school/social life) Can you join the forums every day? Visiting the forums and looking through topics is no problem for me. It can be completed many times, daily. The official discord will be checked throughout the day as well. Have you ever been banned? As a peaceful member of CraftersLand I've had no intention on trying to get myself in trouble. I have no punishments whether it be a ban, mute warning. A short description of your strengths: Some of my key strengths would be sorting out conflict between players, helping out new players either with commands and mods, If I'm given a task, i wont stop until It's completed. and just being a friendly peaceful member of the CraftersLand community. A short description of your weaknesses: Rarely I may get angry with some people depending on the situation, I will remain calm and professional towards members in such situations. What can you offer us if you were chosen? If I were to be chosen as a staff member I can offer things such as: Minimising conflict between players, increasing the well-being of the server. I can fill in most of the gap where staff normal aren’t on due to time zones. I have also had some previous experience with moderating and managing servers. What experience do you have any experience as a staff member? Exemplify: Previously i have been a staff member on a few servers, ranging from a helper to an admin On a scale from 1 to 10, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Tekkit Modpack: I would say that I am a very experienced Tekkit player (8). I know that basics of the modpack and can help others. When it comes to advanced aspects on the modpack I can cover almost all parts, some exceptions to this would-be mods such as: ComputerCraft, Mystcraft and some small parts of mods. Have you read the requirements and the list of your permissions? All requirements and permissions have been read over and all can be followed/used appropriately. Two players are fighting in global chat, what do you do? First, I would try and suppress the argument down to a peaceful level,ask them to move it to a private message if required, then privately message each part to hear their side of the situation and come to an even conclusion for all parties involved. Some punishment may be dealt, this depends on the severity of the conflict. Another staff member is giving you grief, what do you do? I would simply ask them in a polite way to stop and why they and bothering me in such a way or if it was something i did, if this behavior continues I would contact a higher tiered staff member about the incident. You see a player griefing spawn, what do you do? If a player has been seen griefing spawn and I'm active on the server I would gather my evidence, talk to the player about what they are doing and /warn them and pass on evidence to a higher tiered staff member so action can be taken. Thank you for reading over my staff application. Hopefully I have what it takes. ~Skull.
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    builder interaction is now restricted in overworld
  13. 4 points
    Memorial Garden: Openned!
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    1. Personal Information Name: Angela Caceda Age/Sex: 14, Women Minecraft username: Mainblast Skype: MaineZkaip and Discord: [Sponsor] Mainblast#2856 Do you have a microphone?: YES. (I did not have before) Playtime hours per day: 8 or 9 Do you think you can meet our requirements?: Yes. Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes. Country + Time Zone: Spain. GMT ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: Make this community grow. Have you had any past experience?: No. What do you value in a good Staff Member?: Punishing fairly, resolving problems, and trying to help this community. Two players are fighting in global chat, using excessive caps and vulgar language, what do you do?: Help them, and know why are they fighting, and try to solve the problem. If not, I will just tell them to stop or else they will be warned. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: Because I always wanted to help a community and make it bigger, so we can have more players and have more fun! Keep away all the rulebreakers, help anyone with any problems, and much more! What are your expectations from us?: A community that it may be small for now, but we can get the attention of more players and making this community BIG. Why are you interested in our servers and community?: Because I love this server. These players are all really competitive and like PVP. ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: 2 years ago. Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Premium. When did you start playing on Craftersland?: 1 year ago. Have you ever been banned?: Yes. (And I regret what I did, and never did it again.) ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know. I left minecraft some time ago, but a month ago, I came back. Roblox was not enough fun for me.. So I renembered this server where I bought Sponsor, and got into reporting. Now this server is extremely cool, because there are not enough servers out there that has this settings. I have a LOT of friends of this server, Swaggirl200, MarceLOL, ArisPVP_Gr, SwaggySenpai, TDB_PoTaTo_, iiTzKukash_, HoruheMC, RuisuMC, and a lot of more friends who I could say but I forgot names sorry xD. I have known a lot of things on this server. I just wish, I could get helper, and help this big server, so in my country more players are available at the morning. Good luck who all of the people who wants to get helper, and have a good day! Bye!
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    So I thought, why not add a little fun to the forums it's mostly about requests for certain things, but there are many misc. topics, so we should use them to our advantage! I wanted to try something I've seen before. Pretty much take random people's sentences, and put them together so that it is hopefully understandable as a story. I'll say 1-3 sentences per reply, and it can literally be about anything. EDIT: If two posts are made, you made reply to either one. I'll start off: There once was a half-fish, half-man (waist up was fish, waist down was man legs), who lived both on the land, and in the ocean. One day he stumbled upon a treasure chest the was only covered by leaves. He was so intrigued, and really wanted to open it, but he didn't have hands to do so... he thought, "how will I ever get this open?"
  16. 3 points

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    But hark! What was this? A half a shark, the forwards part only, swam in front, blocking his path! The shark spat out some orange dust, making the water very strangely colored as it mixed with the pink goo from the tree! A sign rose out of the muck, and as the water cleared, Dave struggled to read it.
  17. 3 points

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    He started to feel something strange.. it felt life he was being torn in half.. and he was! His body slowly detached itself, but only moments later, his fish head grew a fish tail! And his man legs grew a man torso and head! The man stared at the fish, his stomach grumbled...
  18. 3 points
    He followed the map to find the Temple, alas, he thought so. What he found wasn't exactly a temple. It was a tree. A living tree. But a living tree underwater, how could that be possible?! The closer he came to it, the worse the urge to puke became, but it had the same irresistible sparkles, co he just had to go to it. What could ever be the case of this all?
  19. 3 points

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    Deciding that he'd spent too long in the sun, his fish-half drying out, and sticky from the pink goo vomit, Dave travels to the island of Hruthemalitwaii to seek his temple. He travels by dolphin back, it takes a few weeks, but eventually he arrives on a warm snowy beach, quite confused by the weather, he jumps into the water, key in hand and walks onto the island...
  20. 3 points

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    He thought to himself "If the key itself is made of gold, whatever it is destined to open must be worth more" and he started to wipe his chocolate covered mouth but suddenly his stomach felt strange and he started puking what seems to be a pinkish sparkly goo.
  21. 3 points

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    So he proceeded to eat his way into the chest; by the time he was done, he'd had more chocolate than he could ever imagine. A trip to the dentist was inevitable. Getting to the main compartment, the man was now looking at what appeared to be a weirdly shaped golden key covered in rust, and a map with another location not very far from him marked on it. "What could this be?" he wondered.
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    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    He licked the chest to get a taste on how to handle it, and got the biggest surprise of his life. The chest was made of chocolate, and somehow hadn't melted in the cool ocean water!
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    Report - CTW

    true :v
  24. 3 points
    Hello! I want to congratulate you for 6 years of this awesome community! I love this community ~Wolfie :3
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    Hello guys, last night Minecraft 1.12.2 was released, check more about changes in 1.12.2 here: We updated all our network servers to be 1.12.2 compatible so you can join the network with latest minecraft version, the server is still compatible with older versions . Have fun!
  26. 3 points

    Abusive staff HunterHQ

    Let's get started then. About your missing quarry, I was the one who deleted it. Normally Quantum Quarries use about 0.5-3% of Time/Tick but yours was using 15%. This was causing the server to lag heavily and I used /blockzap to eliminate the source of lag(Your quarry) which did result in the tps remaining stable (~19 tps) for 3-4 minutes before it started to lag again. If you're worried as to why GunnerHQ didn't put the blame on the quarry to staff was because I never informed him about it. So in his mind, the highest possible reason for the quantum quarry disappearing would've been someone griefing you. Eitherway, the quantum quarry was refunded in a chest at (-851, 90, -482). Hope you're satisfied for that, let me know if there was any filter/enchanted book in it. I noticed that you only talked about your quantum quarry issue for which gunner did reply. Then why did you state this in your report that you asked him before about your quarry and he didn't reply? Perhaps you didn't read it or understand what he meant but the paragraph above and the chatlog should explain the situation. If a staff member doesn't reply for a while, then you should ask about the issue on the forum or ask other players playing on the server. I'm sure you can realise that we're not bots and can't monitor the chat 24/7. All of us have personal issues to deal with aswell. Gunner did look at the chat on and off and replied to concerns listed. You can't always expect a staff member to watch the chat every second if he doesn't have anything to do other than refunding players and just reading the chat. Just to clarify, we are not paid to monitor the servers but don't take this as an excuse this is merely a reply to your "business model" question in your previous topic. As a rule of thumb, giving some respect to staff will result in getting a better response to your situation, bashing on them isn't going to help alot. Finally, about his attitude. When you reply to a person in a joking manner, more precisely: "[CHAT] [Premium] Lucy_Anne2012: Must have been the minecraft faries then........", you shouldn't always expect to get a serious reply from him :P. I don't see him anywhere acting like an egomaniacs with god complex's if i'm being honest with you but I realise that not everyone can take jokes lightly. If you're concerned as to why he replies with alot of dots(.) in his sentences, don't be. He isn't using them to simplify his sentences for you to understand. He uses them just to convey whatever he's thinking as accurate as possible. Not everyone has had perfect education in English language and you should pay some respect to those who still try their best in speaking English despite being a bit weak in certain areas. As a conclusion: I don't think anything should be done, having a staff on the server who atleast replied on issues after 3-5 minutes is better than having no staff to tend to your questions. Try getting along with him, instead of /ignore'ing him and making smirky remarks in the future. He's a really good guy. Also, his name is GunnerHQ, not HunterHQ :P.
  27. 3 points

    Time for new helpers?

    Recently I've noticed that not a lot of staff members are active. So I'd say it's about time to recruit new helpers to help staff the tekkit server. I'm sure plenty of people would want to help out. The previous recruitment was nearly half a year ago... so if it's possible, it'd be awesome to open up a new recruitment as soon as the Skyfactory one is closed! Thanks in advance, ~ Nukes, Tekkit Judge
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    Here are some of my paintings~ Hope you enjoy. https://imgur.com/a/k7iX8
  29. 3 points

    Howdy folks!

    Name: Marc Bensoni IGN: i_Waffle_i (ez) Age: 17 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Network Location: Usa/Mex A short description of yourself: Im back from a long break i took a few months ago probably more than a year now, im happy to see all my good old friends, hope to play with everyone and have a fun time! for those who dont know me, im just a normal guy who likes going around making friends. Hobbies and interests: Minecraft, basketball ( Golden State Warriors ) Discord / Skype Name: I forgot my skype password, this sounds weird but its true! ): (L)
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    That might be harder to implement than it sounds, as the plugin they're using for the custom weapons on v1 isn't compatible with 1.7+ MC versions. To be honest I don't want a crippled experience, I think what the people need is an answer to the question; is this getting an update anytime soon? I recall bruny introduced S+ and a couple other perks about a year back in an attempt to gather funds and push development for the update. Over a year and a lot of S+ purchases later, we're left with nothing. No offense but please don't keep us in the dark, it's been a while already.
  31. 3 points

    HB in Spawn - AC v1

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : ACV1 In-Game Nickname : Zawita Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Vargascraft Description of the situation : This guy was testing hb i bought him on stream but, that was YESTERDAY, and he doesn't stop asking for gold. Also, as I said no, he started to hb me in PvP Safe Zone. Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
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    Staff grief/abuse

    Let's get started with this part of the complaint "Yusixs decided that he can make up his own rules for the server". Now let's look into the pastebin log, where does it say it's a rule made up by me? Is it perhaps that you thought of it as a rule (The pastebin log is enough to prove this) because such a discussion like this was going on in staff zone during your time as a staff made you think that my suggestions and concerns in making these builder in the deep dark would also imply as a rule? Not once have I mentioned that "I'm going to delete this because it's a rule" or "I'm going to ban/jail/warn you if you don't comply in removing this". Think about it. Forking this discussion to your liking in the complaint isn't going to help in making your case better. Next up, "and tried to break my overworld miner" Please tell us, Where exactly did I say that i'm going to break it? Even if I tried to break it physically in-game, I would've said it right here but that's not the case. During this whole 1 month+ of this server being officially launched, I haven't broken a single builder of other people no matter how much lag/overworld rupture it caused. There was a case where I forcefully had to destroy a RS controller before due to immense lag coming from it but then we changed his whole system to AE storage with equal amounts of items. Even if your builder was lagging the server, the most I would've done was to switch the lever back into OFF state. Would you prefer that or have your builder turn into obsidian due to the server plugin? And finally, "refused to replace the items he broke/took from my base" This was the main reason for your report, the first two were just minors to fuel up the complaint. Honestly please clarify this to everyone else, why did you add "took" in your complaint? You witnessed that I broke 4 cobblestone near instant with my fist (Aka creative mode). Indirectly implying that I was stealing items perhaps? or are you going to deny this? [14:15:34] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <Gucci> faves: would be highly unfortunate if a GM were caught griefing someone because of a rule he made up [14:15:54] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <Staff> [GM] Yusixs: would be highly unfortunate if said GM didn't refund you the cobble he broke :P. Read this, I refunded you 4 cobblestone before you even made the complaint. Being stuck up about the conversation we had and trying to get the smallest amount of material against me possible isn't going to make your report a good one. If you're bothered about the way I replied to the situation was because being mad at people isn't what I fancy, taking this approach against you was the best in making you realise that staff aren't happy with the environment you're bringing in the server. Heck, in henk's report, I even told you twice to be careful about your words and that didn't seem to go as planned did it? If you're bothered about making a complaint of me for breaking 4 blocks of cobble in your base (Which were refunded before this complaint aswell) then you should really re-consider this report. If you're concerned as to why I refunded you and not placed it back myself, not everyone's IRL life is stable when they play a game, I had issues going on during that time hence I refunded you instead of placing it back as it was the quickest solution possible.
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    My suggestions for Craftersland.

    I agree with most of the stuff you said. The anticheat they use currently is AAC which is from spigot. I believe this is a bad choice considering a free hacked client can get around it. Twnynics, also the server owner is the developer he is a very good one. If any owners can contact me I own an anticheat that no cheaters can cheat with, called shadow.
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    This was put together with the Network servers in mind, as it seems some of the players there can't do the proof part correctly, oftentimes providing insufficient proof of ownership. Translated to Spanish by: @Main @MarceLOL @Fire_Ligth. Thanks! [ENG] [ESP] Example request/Ejemplo:
  35. 3 points

    [Complaint] (Dumblore)

    Dear Readers, Upon speaking with TrickRider2002 Privately about Dumblore, I realized how much he was affecting other players and clans. I remember verbally telling many members of GCorp to stop TPA killing and harassing other clans for their tags. This has been Occurring ever since the wipe, and most likely before that. The primary reason for all of this hate and harassment is apparently justified -said by many GCorp members- as a act of plagiarism. Dumblore and others wish to be within a unique clan. Which is respectable and honorable, however their delusions bring them to the conclusion that GCorp is being copied by many players, merely because of a similar clan tag which could translate into countless things. Much like ICorp, HCorp, who are both receiving this harassment from dumblore and his followers. Such clan tags ending with 'Corp' are very common among servers. The Genesis Corporation -or- GCorp in my time here have always been on the top of the leader boards due to their vast members and resources. Now I understand why. At first I thought The Genesis Corporation to be a kind mannered clan which has vast connections with many people and have a well structured system of trust and cooperative players. Upon my research -both intentionally and unintentionally- I have found that many of GCorps members never joined GCorp because they wanted to, but to halt the harassment brought down upon them by the leaders of GCorp. I urge anyone who is harassed by GCorp to report it in this post, and to me or other staff. I refuse to let such harassment take place, especially under such ridiculous reasoning ("They are just copying us" ~Many GCorp members). Many reports of comments like "Kill all HCorp on sight" and "Leave your clan or we wont stop" have come into my PM in-game. I as well have seen some of these comments firsthand. I do believe action is to be taken. Thus I support this post with every part of my being. This harassment has been taken too far, for too long. I will however remain within the staff rules and will only give out punishments when they are due according to the rules, so I will not use my power as staff as an advantage, but if I am told to do something, I will do so, gladly. Thank you, all of you for reading ~Ohanno Kyejiin -Personal note- Such harassment and cruelty is just unbelievable and childish. It's hard for even me to comprehend why someone could be so mean over such insecure reasoning. I personally would be flattered to know that my clan had a role in inspiring another to start something grand as I did. If anyone wanted to truly be unique in this situation, ill share something with you: "Be yourself, Live, and do not be afraid to share what you are and what you have created with others, because when you share yourself and your ideas, you inspire, you change many people in that way, and you show compassion for who you are. We cannot show hate because of our compassion towards what we have created with, and for others. That's inhuman. What we do is but a single verse in another story. Don't be the antagonist in that story. That's all anyone can ever ask, and its all I ask... For someone who never gets to see it personally, I hope you chose to not be that antagonist. because you can hurt, as I can, and you can be hurt, as I have. What makes you and I different is how much we chose not to hurt" ~The Keeper
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    Good job, I'll polish your translation Main Transferir un rango: El staff no esta buscando pruebas de que tu cuenta tenga un rango, ya que eso es fácil de verificar. Lo que se pide es una prueba de que tú seas el dueño de la cuenta. Demostrarlo es bastante sencillo, se puede hacer in-game (desde el juego). Aquí tienes los pasos para tener una prueba sólida: 1- Usa tu cuenta actual y loguéate al servidor en el que quieras transferir el rango (si es un rango Global, cualquier servidor valdría). 2- Quítate el nick, con el comando /nick off 3- Escribe en el chat "forum proof: [nombre de tu cuenta del foro] - rank transfer to [tu nuevo nombre/servidor] - [fecha]", y haz una captura de pantalla con F2. 4- Vas a imgur.com (o a cualquier sitio que se puedan subir fotos), la subes y pegas el link de la foto en "proof of ownership", en la plantilla de transferencia de rango. 5- Asegúrate de que has rellenado el resto de la plantilla, y de que lo estás publicando en la sección correcta. Transferir stats Lée primero "Transferir un rango". Los pasos 2, 4 y 5 son los mismos. 1- Usa tu cuenta actual y loguéate al servidor al que quieres transferir los datos. (paso 2 de arriba) 3- Escribe en el chat "forum proof: [nombre de tu cuenta del foro] stats transfer to [nuevo nombre de minecraft] - [fecha] y que se vean tus stats en la MISMA foto, con /stats. Para transferir fame en AssassinsCraft V1, en vez de poner 'stats' pon 'fame', e incluye los resultados de /rank en la MISMA foto. ¡Listo! Ya has hecho la parte más crucial de transferir un rango bien. Relájate, y espera a que brunyman (dueño del server) vea tu petición. *Fecha de este post.
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    ACv1 Quest: Scythe's Armor.

    Quest: Scythe's Armor. If you're looking for something entertaining on Assasins Craft, you can start your quest looking for the Villager named Quests, the cost of taking this quest it's 1 Iron Ingot, you'll receive a book with instructions to start with your searching. Also you will get a big prize for participating in this quests at the final of the stages. I hope you guys like this, I worked too hard for creating this for all of you. Special thanks for my teammates who helped me with the dungeons: AdriStrike Zengz Cuadroto Zyko Terminator FireLigth PandaSwag_
  38. 2 points
    Rank Information: Permissions: Requirements: Application: Please reply in blue. Do not reply in bold. I wish you the best of luck!
  39. 2 points

    Reactivate Sponsor (CTW)

    Hi, @brunyman and @Powerwarp I would like to obtain my sponsor membership in ctw since I have it but very few parts and in ctw bug because in the majority of maps or posters I do not have the rank completely and does not let me choose team among other things. Tests of confirmation : http://imgur.com/a/Vyu27 , https://prntscr.com/gluat7 , https://prntscr.com/glub3x all that happens is for the name change that was erroneously transferred the range but everything else is perfect only in that game mode is the problem. Thanks!!
  40. 2 points

    Disable creative.

    Hello. I would like to first of all thank @brunyman for the rank transfer. Secondly i would like to request that my creative access be disabled. Seeing as my island and everything on it is now worthless. Ill have to restart. Without creative. Unless if possible. My creative access be disabled and my island and player be rolled back to before i had creative. Your Name: Voodooshrimp123Inventory Rollback or Island Rollback: bothIsland Owner Name: Voodooshrimp123Co-ordinates: X: 4600 Z: 15,000Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): before my rank transfer 16th september 3am GMT Description of Issue: i dont want creative. But i would like to keep my island. So i want creative disabled and my island rolled back to before i had it so i can continue playing as before. And rejoin the economy.
  41. 2 points

    offended by these frogs

    1. Your previous complaint was closed because you didn't show evidence of your island being stolen from you and you didn't follow the template which on its own it's enough to close your topic. 2. Do not insult our staff team by calling them frogs or anything else, if you want help you have to respect the staff. 3. You do not have "all the power" in any matter, all you can do is present the evidence and wait for the staff to take action. 4. I assure you that if you go on making anymore threats it will not end well for you. I'm going to leave this open for a while for you to write a reply or use the proper template.
  42. 2 points

    offended by these frogs

    Nobody from mentioned people did offend your rights. You made false accusation about RC4675 'stealing' your island and logging in your MC account. We have evidence that his IP does not match to those used to log in to your account and I have chat logs where you are saying that you willingly gave your island to RC4675. You was even asking for command how to do it. It is not fun for staff to deal with such false accusation, and as you now see we have ways to find out facts - but it takes some work. When you claim something you should have evidence to provide. Also when doing complain use template and provide all needing information As of your problem of not being able to create new island this is real issue. Please contact me in game so I can try to solve this.
  43. 2 points

    offended by these frogs

    Nobody has sided with anyone, they're just going off what proof they have, it's not personal dude. They can't go off speculations and hearsay from player to player, has to be hard evidence. :/ sorry to say this, but that's how it works. They need Proof.
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    Sounds like the issue was handled in game, T/C
  45. 2 points


    Hi @EL JOAO good video and good editing! In my time when I was a staff member, there were a number of requirements that u will have to meet in order to have and maintain the Youtuber rank. · +1000 Subscribers // +500 views per video // 2 videos per month Previously there was the MiniYT rank (I had it me on ACv1). But it was eliminated because the requirements were low and anyone could create a channel with 100 subs (bots) and 50 views per video (spam videl url, on forums or friends). Well said @Terminator, you must wait for the response of the Powerwarp. Q: Which servers are the most played and recorded for u? Q: What kind of videos would u record? A greeting!
  46. 2 points
    BUMP: Sneak Peek https://imgur.com/b8Ido1y New dungeon comming...
  47. 2 points

    Really bad Lag in Mystcraft

    Hello I am sort of stuck in a mystcraft world due to the world making me experience a really bad like minecraft stops working lag. If someone could like bring me to spawn or something that would great, thanks! Edit, Whatever it was is gone now, deleting this book so I dont experience it again.
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    Golden Bag Of Holding Bug?

    Thanks for reporting, it will be great to find out how he duped so easy and fast so we can fix the problem.
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    Ruisu's Report

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : RuisuMC Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Xyuh zombitoooo 159serhat159 Jeaffry hghghf alvarorm DiegoUzumakiARTS Keivin95 RogelioleHD sosoi anthonyxd12345 devol127 Jeangray sawi jorge453 ReynalCrazy UnTalPvpGam ResuPvP sophiafofa JuanDiegoCR gokunaruto1gamer Description of the situation : Xyuh: Troll with TnT zombitoooo: Bug Abuse (armor) 159serhat159: Bug Abuse (armor) Jeaffry: Bug Abuse (armor) hghghf: Bug Abuse (armor) alvarorm: Bug Abuse (armor) DiegoUzumakiARTS: Bug Abuse (armor) Keivin95: Troll with TnT RogelioleHD: Bug Abuse (armor) sosoi: Bug Abuse (armor) anthonyxd12345: Bug Abuse (armor) devol127: Bug Abuse (armor) Jeangray: Bug Abuse (armor) sawi: Bug Abuse (armor) jorge453: Bug Abuse (armor) and Bug Abuse (wool) ReynalCrazy: Bug Abuse (armor) and Bug Abuse (wool) UnTalPvpGam: Bug Abuse (armor) ResuPvP: Advertising sophiafofa: Bug Abuse (armor) JuanDiegoCR: Bug Abuse (armor) gokunaruto1gamer: Bug Abuse (armor) Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : http://imgur.com/a/S0gm9 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Edit: please, if u aren't from staff don't reply to this post because this isn't a conversation. I just wait an answer from the staff.