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    First thanks for your suggestions! Please vote in the pool above and let us know what mod pack you think we should open a server on. For more info these were suggested mod packs: Ragnamod V - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ragnamod-v Farming Valley - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/farming-valley Life in the village - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/life-in-the-village Journey Across The Void - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/journey-across-the-void Manufactio - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/manufactio Compact Claustrophobia - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/compact-claustrophobia Bounds - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/bounds UnHoly Craft - 1.7.10 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/unholy-craft Kinda Crazy Craft - 1.7.10 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/kinda-crazy-craft Resonant Rise - 1.12.2 : https://atlauncher.com/pack/resonantrise Augmented Triad - 1.7.10 : https://atlauncher.com/pack/AugmentedTriad TrollCraft - 1.7.10 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/trollcraft Enigmatica 2: Expert - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/enigmatica2expert FTB Beyond - 1.10.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-beyond All the Mods 3 - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/all-the-mods-3 Rebirth of the Night - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rebirth-of-the-night GT New Horizons - 1.7.10 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/gt-new-horizons SevTech: Ages - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/sevtech-ages Infinity Evolved Reloaded - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/infinityevolved-reloaded Dimension Zero - 1.12.2 : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/dimension-zero Thanks for votes!
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    New CraftersLand Launcher This is a new launcher for the CraftersLand servers and community. As of right now it is not official, yet. The launcher is currently a work in progress and will be available for public beta testing sometime in the near future. Features Currently planned features include: - [x] Minecraft Login - [x] Saving Minecraft Login Information - [x] CraftersLand News - [x] Fetching Modpacks List - [ ] Downloading Modpacks - [ ] Support for Optional Mods (BetterFPS, Optifine, Schematica, etc.) - [ ] Theme Editor - [ ] Launch Arguments - [ ] Memory Minimum & Maximum - [ ] Launching Minecraft - [ ] Auto-update Launcher - [ ] Auto-update Modpacks - [ ] Native Installing - [x] Dynamic Launcher Libraries - [ ] Automatic instance migration from old custom launcher Any other ideas? Reply to this post and I'll consider adding it to the launcher. If you have any ideas for the UI let me know as well. GitHub Link for bug reports here. Media
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    This is a rule suggestion. Your name: southrumble80 Name of the rule you're suggesting: I've seen a lot of players talking in spanish while we can't do that on discord, it doesn't sound like a problem right? but we do have one problem, almost 85% of the players speak spanish and again, most of them can't understand english, i'd like to suggest a rule were network players (or all players) could speak spanish without getting warns, personally i've never seen english people talking on #network_vanilla, we don't have many players left and i'd like to help the rest of them... Rule Description: Supress the Spanish rule on #network_vanilla (or all servers) Rule Type (Construction/Competitive/etc.): Language Where? Discord, Network.
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    Time for another Post, has been a while since the last one! First of all, I want to thank the whole Network team for working on Assassins Craft! A lot of things have been fixed and a lot of new cool things like Glaskerville and Items got added, which i really appreciate. Same as last time, this post should be meant as a positive critique and I'm writing it because I care about the server and don’t want it to die or decrease even more. I will Cut this post into several parts, in which I talk about the server in general and then about some specific game modes. Things affecting the server in General Playercount As we all know, since some years now the player count on network has decreased a lot, this perhaps affected by the popularity of Minecraft itself or also the server. There are number of possible ways with which we could try to bring back more players to the server, which i will list below: Advertising the server You could advertise the server by maybe partnering up with for example a discord of some sort so you advertise their discord and they advertise Network. Also you could try to bring content creators to the server, like it happened some years ago with Youtubers like Inachete and Hiipo, which got a lot of views and brought a part of their community onto the server. Another way of advertising it is also social media platforms, for example on reddit or twitter where you can advertise the server and get new players interested in it. Downgrading to 1.8 1.8 is much more stable on both servers and computers and also has a better combat system than the current 1.15. A lot of players also still play on 1.8 for that reason and a lot of servers support that version too. The downgrade doesn’t need to be on the whole server, so modes like pure survival can keep getting updates like the new nether update. The server hub should be 1.8 to 1.16 and there you need to get either 1.8 for pvp modes or 1.16 for survival/creative gamemodes, as it was some time ago with 1.12/1.10/1.8. Frequent events/updates Instead of focusing on just one gamemode, make updates for the most played ones more often, they don't need to be big, it can be just small additions that will make players want to play and check out the update. Also why not make community events, where players compete or have to do something for a small prize (like ingame money)? Fixing bugs/plugins There are still some bugs that make the game a bit annoying and that are quite easy to fix for someone with a bit of knowledge about the plugins. Also I made the suggestion for a Skin plugin for cracked accounts some time ago (its called SkinsRestorer i think), why not add this? It's updated to the newest version and would give players more personality unlike now where all cracked players have to use the default steve skin. Things regarding Assassins Craft Gameplay Since the last post I’ve made a lot of bugs got fixed and some new stuff got added, but still there are some annoying things like bugs or unbalanced items, which can make the game a bit annoying or unfair. Another thing is the skill gap between players that play actively and have good gear and newcomers that are not very familiar with the server and usually get killfarmed by better players. In my opinion it is too easy to farm gold and get to a high level in a short time. To make that skill gap smaller following things could be done: Reset Resetting the entire Assassins Craft mode for every player would bring all players down to the same level, so new players also have a chance to fight against these or to go loot chests without the fear of getting followed or directly killed off spawn Decrease Loot To make better gear harder to get, chests should either have less gold / weapons in them or gear like armor or weapons should be more expensive in the shops. Another idea is to make loot more random, so there isn’t a 100% chance for at least 3 gold to spawn in a specific dungeon but that there is also the chance to get none or just some iron. For players that know every dungeon it's easy to get around 64 gold in under an hour (assuming you have fly from sponsor rank, more later). Unfair Items / Abilities Some items and other things are really unbalanced, like playing against these in a fight is really annoying or unfair. To make them more balanced they should get made weaker, so you have more chance to fight against them but that they aren’t useless. Sniper Rifle / Musket Both the Musket and Sniper can be found in some dungeons quite easily and they are really strong in ranged fights. The problem with them is that they are: too common to find in dungeons hitscan, so the bullet instantly hits there where you are aiming with the crosshair ignoring enchantments on armor and do the same damage like they do on unenchanted armor making too much damage in general, even the default sniper without any extra perks like + damage or poison can instantly kill a armored player with a headshot To make them more balanced, you could make them more rare in dungeons or take them out completely so they are only available in the market give them bullet travel and dropoff, so the shot takes some time until it hits a ranged target make them detect enchantments like protection or projectile protection and reduce damage depending on this reduce base and headshot damage, so a full enchanted diamond player doesn’t die from 2 headshots disable double rifle which can be used by having a rifle in each hand and swap to the other after shooting with the first one. Anti Knockback Shield The shield does what a hacking client with andi Knockback and Blockhitting does for you, it blocks damage from incoming attacks and also makes you resistant to any knockback an enemy would give you normally. Just think about it for a second and imagine fighting against something like this as a normal player. Overpowered right? The shields abilities could also be reduced and balanced by changing following things: Reduce the anti knockback 10 enchantment to like 5, so it blocks 50% of the knockback but not all. Give it a cooldown of some seconds until it can be used again after a certain amount of hits on it. /Fly for sponsors Just think about making a game mode focused on parkour (at least a big part) and then give players the ability to fly through the parkour to the end and get the loot that is there. Sounds pretty boring because it requires absolutely no parkour skill and is unfair to players without the permissions at the same time. Makes it pretty much pay to win, as I said somewhere above with fly you can get a stack of gold in less than an hour, while free players need to do every parkour without fly and have a higher risk of dying by falling into a trap or lava and take much longer to get the same amount of gold. Removing fly completely would be fair to every player that hasn’t paid 50€ just to upgrade their stuff faster. Also it would remove the ability to pvp while flying completely. Things regarding other gamemodes Pure Survival Creative Mode It’s a SURVIVAL server, so why is there a creative mode? There is also a Creative server meant for creative building, and I think having creative mode gives an unfair advantage, you don’t have any challenge achieving something compared to players that don’t have a sponsor rank and have to do all their things in normal survival. Also creative brings exploits like doing PVP with creative generated Items. Yes, its written in the rules that its not allowed, but not everyone doing it can get caught and not every player knows that their enemy is using generated items that took no effort to make. World Edit I think Worldedit is a great tool, but it should rather be something for the Creative since it also gives unfair advantages, bypasses claims, like you can delete someones house which is claimed and also blocks generated with World Edit don’t have a Creative tag, so you can mine them as a survival player and make whatever you want with them. This ruins the economy when someone can create stacks of diamond blocks and give them to others or sell them in the market. Nether Update The server got 1.16 compatible some time ago and we still can’t use the new Netherite items or go into the new nether biomes. Updating the server completely to at least 1.16 or higher and removing 1.15 support could allow you to enable these things which would be really cool and also would make players come back to the server to try out these new things. CTW 1.8 downgrade Yes, this was talked about multiple times, but we still got no real answer to why id doesn’t get done. The server has no players currently, so why don’t you give it a try and put it back to 1.8? In that version it had the most players since there was the old PVP system and also the chat still worked. There is nothing to lose, since the lobby server can just be 1.8 up to 1.16 compatible, and in there you can choose between the different servers that just require different minecraft versions. Advertise this gamemode There are not many minecraft servers having a gamemode like this. The only one that I can think about is Hypixel, which usually has a lot of lag and doesn’t have a good anticheat. So why not use this as an advantage to get players that like the concept of Capture the wool and don’t want a lot of lag? Use sites like reddit that have categories where you can promote a minecraft server. That was a lot of writing, hope it was worth it. Thanks to everyone taking his time to read this, if you want feel free to comment your own ideas or give feedback. And yes, the formatting is weird since I made it in google docs and the website doesn't seem to like that xD.
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    [Closed] Modded Helper Recruitment

    Applications are Under Review.
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    Agreed i would think this would make a great pack for the server for the players who want a challenge! and not an easy time most the packs have the same feel to the but this would be way more challenging and worth the time and effort to play
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    [Closed] Modded Helper Recruitment

    Permissions: Requirements: As we grow to more servers, it is hard to keep a constant up-time of applications. We will continue to use this method of form-responses to allow us to capture applications/responses in a more easily readable fashion. These applications will be open across all of the modded servers. This application is open for all Modded Servers within Craftersland. Including, but not limited to, Pixelmon and our newly opened MC: Eternal. To complete this application please submit this form
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    Yes, probably not anytime soon. We don't have an ETA for the Polls to be closed yet. But I can promise you one thing: We're just as excited as you are!
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    NOD_Soldier Report

    Hello @ArtyArazor, I apologise for the delay. We have viewed the content you, and a few others, have provided and have decided that this is very unacceptable. Due to the excessive extent of the harassment, we have decided to ban the player for 5 days, rather than the regular warning that Rule 15 dictates. Please contact us if this harassment continues after the punishment has been served.
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    Heyyy thank you again for your words. This kind of community posts help a lot and its an amazing way of being heard. The other day we had a talk with @brunyman in order to address some issues you are talking here, I hope he reads this too. About PS, WorldEdit being able to destroy claimed regions issue has been fixed and the fixed version will be added when we update to 1.16 About other topics I think I agree with almost all of them. About creative it is a hard topic because many people payed for that so its hard to change that but Im not the one who could make a decision about it (I agree that something called PURE Survival doesnt have sense to have creative, and also economy in PS is useless). Just as a reminder to higher ups, we had this post: And about bugs, well we have a list I made with a lot of found bugs which I wont share the number because it is sad but in my case I will do my best to do what I can to fix them (I cant do much but yes offer some help, for example I fixed a loooot of bugs related with the protection plugin in PS which hasnt been updated yet because of what I said before) and well I know that higher ups will try to give Network a little bit more attention. Thank you again for taking your awesome time on writing this, people's opinion is always welcome!
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    gregtech new horizon please. dont listen to these guys suggesting that ftb beyond 1.10 unbalanced crap
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    Agreed with this guy
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    @Henk I hope Network spanish players can be heard. Network is different from everything here in CL and we all know that. I totally understand pros and cons, but, is it easier to force the entire network playerbase to speak spanish or to put staff moderating that understands it? (Ruisu is a Discord Moderator and speaks spanish so its actually possible) Some Network players dont understand a thing about english. Is it fair to force them use google translator? You all know my opinion and also saw me angry about this topic. I hope this rule is changed, we all know the reality and we cant force majority. Thank you!
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    So basically, since explosions are disabled on server, no matter what claim setting... Would be nice if someone could add 2 items to spawn shop. 1. Mad Scientist Bee Theres no way to make this mutation work. As on screenshot of how to make this bee: None of below explosions work: Mini TNT (ae2), Gunpowder Explosive (vanilla), Dynamite (cyclic), TNT (dark utilities), Obsidian TNT (mekanism) Further going, tried claiming land in both nether and end, in both cases was messing with claimflags as seen: And still, explosions dont destroy blocks, so they dont count as real explosion by forestry requirements for apiary bee breeding. So yeah, adding "Mad Scientist Queen" is pretty mandatory for anyone that chose Bee-way of lifestyle 😜 Id, name, meta, below: 2. Compressed Iron (basically there is only 1 tnt that works to make compressed iron, but it would be proper way to add it to spawn, since many ppl may have problem with it without anyone's assistance) Id, name, meta, below:
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    Update: Added dynamic launcher libraries. Reduces launcher file size from ~11MB to ~850KB. If you're unsure what I mean, here's a short explanation. The launcher downloads the libraries it uses instead of including them in the executable.
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    Top Voters | August 2020

    Notice: You must be active during the voting period to gain the Top Voter rank. If you are not an active player, then the next player will get the rank. Congratulations to all the Top Voters!! Congratulations to ViroCMN for being a Top Voter for the 9th consecutive time! Congratulations to freeq81 for being a Top Voter for the 8th consecutive time! Congratulations to Coros for being a Top Voter for the 3rd consecutive time! TOP VOTERS The August Top Voters are: Continuum: Yanturas Direwolf20 1.12: Electro_Burn Direwolf20 1.7: ViroCMN Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles: freeq81, _Zorny_, Lightnessxp Infinity Evolved: Philmahootrs Interactions: miluine Network: mosito OmniFactory: invscape Pixelmon: Konstadoulis Project Ozone 3: flarikhd Revelation: Coros RLCraft: Funwitit Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: BLAZINGWOLF1804 SkyAdventures: miroslavvanisak Skyfactory 2.5: Thunderbird9 Skyfactory 3: RDMCz Skyfactory 4: Undertakerin Stoneblock 2: Wippi81 Tekkit: ND_Sandman Ultimate Reloaded: Greirik On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! Ranks will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly on Discord. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28074-monthly-top-voter-rank-rise-above-them-all/ If there are any problems, please contact me on discord. EPICfighters -> Jord#7794
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    [Refund Request]-AlonB7

    Item refunded T/C
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    grave removed and items put into chest T/C
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    [Block Deletion] Skar6

    blocks removed T/C
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    An important topic

    @brunyman just ignored this, at least I hope we can get some advertising, the server is just turning bored asf because AC is the only game that still have players.
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    An important topic

    Hey, idk if you knew but players cant chat in CTW servers because of an NPE every time players send messages and also the 1.8 pvp system is really bugged, sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. There are videos showing that @brunyman It makes me sad because CTW was one of my favuorite servers and a really played one, but now its impossible to play because of those two important aspects
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    GregTech New Horizons would be perfect even tho its 1.7.10 its a very stable pack
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    Buycraft Issue ShawnC6 / Nieeek

    Hi, I can see you already bought the ULR Premium rank. I created a coupon code for the Infinity rank so you can buy something else, check your private message. Thanks for support!
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    SevTech: Ages GregTech: New Horizons Farming Valley
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    i agree with this since the modpack is very well maintained and pack devs listen to the players in my opinion it's more updated than most FTB packs
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    Gregtech : New Horizons
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    Same opinion. Long lasting fun but a 1.7.10 pack. Very active Modpack-Devs which fix bugs pretty fast. Due to the massive Progression tree, you have to invest a lot time, dealing with the good and bad things happening while running diverse machines, players may get binded to the server for a while.
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    [Discord Spanish Rule] (southrumble80)

    how about creating a spanish channel instead
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    An important topic

    Please I ask you to read the whole post, it is important. It is not a secret that the server has been falling in number of players lately, this post is intended to give ideas for the server to stabilize at least a bit like before. 1. Reactivate CTW. This minigame is the one that had the most players all the time, having several hours of continuous play, with games with many players, this minigame was the one that most caught the attention of users, and the reason why several players bought a rank . 2. Bring back 1.8. Last year, there was a smaller number of players in CTW, but this number dropped to 0 when the server became exclusive for version 1.15, and that happened even in AC, the server was very good when you could enter with version 1.8, Maybe it was moved to version 1.15 by Survival, skyblock and Hiipo minigames, but I think it was a bad idea to change the version. 3. Advertising. I suggest that they give more publicity to the server, either with a youtuber or somewhere else, but that this is when the server is in version 1.8, lately the players have been playing more than 1.8 servers (A clear example may be HY ). I would like you to comment if you agree with my post, especially on the subject of changing the server to 1.8, or if you have any suggestions, I ask you to comment on them :p The post in spanish:
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    Inventory rolled back
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    [Command request] Almoace

    Commands Added (Though the nodes were wrong since Continuum uses Luck Perms ) Please stick to our rules when using commands (like /god). Any abuse will result in the command being removed and you being unable to request commands in the future.
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    [TEMPLATE] Password Reset

    Duplicate post Topic closed!
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    [Refund Request] lawfromchaos

    Topic moved to Tecnichal Support MC Eternal.
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    [Suggestions] Ruby's at Spawn

    ill put some on the market
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    [Server Issues] DDSS

    Ok guys, it starts to be really annoying. 1. Everytime server restarts i have to replace security station (AE2) cuz apparently im no longer "owner" of my own network. 2. Some restarts, some cables from AE2 stop working, so i need to replace half of my cables to find a cause. 3. EVERY restart, Importer from Refined Storage stops working. 4. EVERY restart, ALL xNet channels are gone: 5. EVERY restart, Integrated Dynamics Network is getting corrupted, no screenshot this time cuz removed all of it cuz it didnt last for restart. 6. EVERY restart, Draconic Evolution' Wireless Crystals stops to work and further dont respond to linking tools: ^Only Mekanism machines seems to be able to be connected (but they still dont get power) Apparently, crafting NEW draconic wireless crystal (which isnt easy), makes it possible to link to EVERY machine, but it still doesnt pass the power I literally have no idea what else i could use, everytime server restarts i find a new thing that is broken so i replace whole setup with new. + the whole Botania is working slow, ANY OTHER DDSS server is fine with Botania. You are respected network with many servers, please do work on them... Anything that comes in my mind is that its based on Chunkloading Basis. I never noticed a problem when there was a restart while my chunks werent loaded by ChunkLoadingWard so maybe u went crazy with setting these up ?
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    Item Removed

    What kind of dragon egg did you have?
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    Commands added You may sell bases, as long as it doesn't contain creatively influenced items (worldedit counts as creative influence). You can provide basemates with creative items (and worldedits) as long as these stay within the base. You may only use worldedit inside your claims. We'll evaluate the schematic you requested and make sure it doesn't break the server
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    Thanks for suggestions, time to make a vote pool
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    Gregtech: New Horizons This modpack is a massive progressive kitchensink pack with many mods and very enjoyable while challenging. Despite it being 1.7, it is incredibly well optimised and many people (incl. myself) are really interested to see this pack on this beloved community.
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    Topic moved
  45. 1 point
    @Meisterchen55 What server are you playing on?
  46. 1 point

    [Refund Request]*Dawsondude11*

    Player no longer needed refund as stated in another post. T/C
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    [TEMPLATE] Command Request

    If you wish for any extra commands for in-game usage, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your Command Request topic.For your topic name, use [Command Request]*YourName* Requirements: No record of any kind of command abuse A donor rank of Sponsor or Sponsor+ A relatively clean ban record Account Name: Rank: Requested Commands^: Reason for Request*: ^ = (Add the node of the commands if you know it so they are easier to add. E.g nucleus.feed.base) * = (Add the reasons for each command you are requesting) Notice! Abuse of permitted commands will result in you having your requested commands revoked with complete denial of granting any future command requests.
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    we want Innner Promotion to admin
  49. 1 point

    [Unban Request] Geeky#8058

    After numerous topics, you have been given a second chance and unbanned. However, a second time won't be revoked. Enjoy
  50. 1 point

    Grave retrieval

    Hi, could you please give us your ingame name and the coordinates of your death?
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