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    It's finally here! The dark woods of Glaskerville is now open to the public, for those that dare venture inside. Glaskerville has been a long ongoing project where we aimed to bring some new concepts to the table, give more of a reason to do parkours and dungeons than just gold. In Glaskerville you will be collecting Tokens alongside your gold, these tokens will let you unlock special traits that are usable inside Glaskerville. You will also be able to trade them for Enchanting books- for our loyal donators this might not be especially exciting as they already have that available to in their donator-only areas. But Glaskerville aims to unify the ranks and give an alternate method of obtaining these enchanting books. You go through progression steps in Glaskerville, finding clues and unlocking new areas, all while following the storyline of the area. If you have no idea where to go after reading this, then go speak to Ronald at spawn. He'll give you some good hints to follow It should also be noted that the creation of Glaskerville required a lot of custom configuring, the config for the menus alone is 4500 lines. So there ought to be some bugs, and because of that I have opened up this topic for you to report any issues you might have: Credits: SlendyOff - Main builder Flamefurno - Assisting in building Zengz - Parkour creator Henkekalmar - Anything else
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    Permissions: Requirements: As we grow to more servers, it is hard to keep a constant up-time of applications. We will continue to use this method of form-responses to allow us to capture applications/responses in a more easily readable fashion. These applications will be open across our "Network" servers. This category includes: "Network" Which will refer to our vanilla Network servers. To complete this application please submit this form
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    AssassinsCraft - Glaskerville RELEASED

    Thank you @Zayphing! It took more work than some people might realize , I have received some critique of it being too short, but that is because it took so long to create, especially for me when I had to learn how to do this all from scratch. I don't think it's It is an understatement to say that we four combined have spent hundreds of hours on Glaskerville alone. But...! For those that might feel it is a bit short, this is merely the beginning. We won't immediately add any new dungeons of parkours to Glaskerville per say, but there will still be content added on to it. That is the whole idea of Glaskerville, that it will be something you return to again and again. And the next quest to be worked on will be saving Ronald's Family: Dora and Ellie. If it will be to save their souls or save their lives, only time will tell - But before then I need to work on some stuff behind the scenes, as well as fixing bugs that have arose with the release. But on top of that, the neighboring area is looking really hot too, also created by the fine gentlemen who built Glaskerville. Expect to see the doors open for that in the near future
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    Is it time for a WIPE? We got several WIPE requests since February I think the map still has some room for new players but there is some lag during traffic hours. Vote in the pool above and decide, this will be a fast vote pool. The last server WIPE was on 6 October 2019, about 6 months ago. The reset will get us new map seeds, fresh start for all, all data reset except ranks and less lag. We will provide a download link of the existing overworld map. Check server stats here: http://minecraft-mp.com/server/14938/stats/ And Live Map here: http://tekkit.craftersland.net:25800/# Vote in the pool above and let us know what to do next. Thanks!
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    Wipe will take place today, thanks for votes
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    Top Voters | March 2020

    Notice: You must be active during the voting period to gain the Top Voter rank. If you are not an active player, then the next player will get the rank. Now, I know what some of you may have been thinking. How could one person be the Top Voter on all servers! Well, I'm sorry to break this to you, APRIL FOOLS.😆 The Top Voter list has now been edited to display the real Top Voters! I know a lot of you probably got the joke straight away Congratulations to all the Top Voters!! Looks like Tekkit has its main voter back! He was out of action for a month but has made a comeback! Congratulations to ViroCMN and SysOpsKernel for being a Top Voter for the 4th consecutive time! Congratulations to gamsmurfs1 and freeq81 for being a Top Voter for the 3rd consecutive time! TOP VOTERS The March Top Voters are: Tekkit: cabalmaster Skyfactory 2.5: Mikkeldkgamer Skyfactory 3: Papikus_ Skyfactory 4: sophiemarceau Sky Adventures: Wippi81 DireWolf20 1.7: ViroCMN DireWolf20 1.12: SysOpsKernel, Tank_1298 Revelations: Progshredder Infinity Evolved: TzadO Continuum: Ficik Stoneblock 2: gamsmurfs1 Interactions: han_Leon Ultimate Reloaded: Moweed OmniFactory: kiyanox Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles: freeq81 RLCraft: poly_slight Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: QueerGoose Network: TOMASANTONIOJUAN On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! Rank will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28074-monthly-top-voter-rank-rise-above-them-all/
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    Greetings! @brunyman allot of players including myself have been talking about this next server wipe It’s been roughly 5 and a half months since the last server wipe and there are a few point to consider when wiping. Server stability, Playerbase, time since last wipe. the server stability it average if not below at this point it is not bad but only will get worse as we see more and more restarts that are required. player base: Staggered in the low 10s usually TSLW: 5 months. in my option we could do for a wipe but it’s not needed. i want to hear everyone’s opinions on this subject
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    [Under Review] Modded Helper Recruitment

    Permissions: Requirements: As we grow to more servers, it is hard to keep a constant up-time of applications. We will continue to use this method of form-responses to allow us to capture applications/responses in a more easily readable fashion. These applications will be open across a select number of modded servers listed below. This application is for the following modded servers in Craftersland: -Interactions -Sky Adventures -StoneBlock 2 -Continuum -RLCraft -Ultimate Reloaded -Dungeons Dragons & Space Shuttles To complete this application please submit this form
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    Unban Request and abussive staff

    [07:31:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;35;22m[System] [m[0;35;1m[0;33;22m[Sponsor] Nick: [0;30;22mItz[0;31;22mNicolas[m [0;35;1mopened a [21mLegendary[m [0;35;1mcrate[m [07:31:55] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;35;22m[System] [m[0;35;1m[0;33;22m[Sponsor] Nick: [0;30;22mItz[0;31;22mNicolas[m [0;35;1mopened a [21mLegendary[m [0;35;1mcrate[m and minutes later, still opening: [07:34:43] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;35;22m[System] [m[0;35;1m[0;33;22m[Sponsor] Nick: [0;30;22mItz[0;31;22mNicolas[m [0;35;1mopened a [21mLegendary[m [0;35;1mcrate[m You know very well that you didn't just open 3, but many more. [07:30:22] [Server thread/INFO]: isaac_cabrales issued server command: /r we sabias que si entra algun mod puede ver el chat? de cuantas llaves has abierto? [07:31:01] [Server thread/INFO]: llijzenga issued server command: /msg isaac_cabrales uhmm no esos valen caca pero si entra el henk o ness si [07:35:02] [Server thread/INFO]: llijzenga issued server command: /msg isaac_cabrales geri That's when I joined: https://imgur.com/a/AXs6kmP So after that we went to pure and you showed me the shulker box with the keys: https://imgur.com/a/cyqbFAv And lied to me as you do now, that you never took any advantage of them 😛 I checked the balancetop yesterday too and you didn't have that amount of money. The only person that you are trying to fool is you. And I'd ask you not to insult the staff team, because at least we do something good for the community and don't ruin the other players experience.
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    Warp Sponsor is back!

    Warp Sponsor It's Back, Feel free to give more ideas for this warp or another. Images: https://imgur.com/a/odpXiP4 PD: Still need to add more things.
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    Applications are now under review.
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    Glaskerville Bug Report and changelog

    A place to report your bugs you might stumble across in Glaskerville. 2020-04-04 2020-04-03 - Launch day! Added cooldowns to the Lantern and the cursed books. Removed Notes# around the map, as that was a parkour concept that was scrapped. Added loot to missing chests. Implemented checkpoint system on Elytra parkour. Raised the Elytra parkour by 5 blocks to allow checkpoints. Added a Glow effect to the "book" you need to interact with after collecting the clues. To further hint at which one to right-click. Fixed issue where /tpa /tpahere still worked. Fixed a bug that made mobs not spawn in sub-regions of the main region. Fixed incorrect tooltip of Jabra's Soul Added a hint message when entering Glaskerville, to bring a Lantern. Added Archers and Guards in Jabra's Castle. 2020-04-04 Fixed bug with Lantern and made the notify message to be when cooldown it over. Changed Lanterns tooltip to show 180 seconds. Any new item will show 180seconds. Fixed bug which made checkpoints not work sometimes. Added a barrier floor to the "Spideey" parkour, to make the grappling hook work better. Changed Jabra's attacks to be wither skulls instead of lightning. As that caused issues with above ground. Bill that appears after the Jabra fight no longer drops items 2020-04-05 Changed default respawn time of NPC's to 3 minutes, affecting the Guard and Archers in Jabra's Castle. Fixed regions overlapping to the scythe parkour. Reported by @CriticLC_ 2020-04-06 Begun implementing a debug menu, for players to see their current progress status through Glaskerville- and for staff to change it if needs be. Should be in the hands of players and staff in the coming days. Fixed an exploit allowing donators to teleport players inside the Jabra's Castle Implemented more checks when joining the Jabra fight through Benny- that the player has completed all the clues and gained access to Jabra's Castle legitimately. Made a lot of changes to Jabra's Fight, for both Jabra and his minions NPCs should now see you if you are hiding behind blocks and go chase you NPCs are less likely to attack eachother- but still will. And will still get real mad about it. Ranged NPCs will run away when they are being attacked, but still attack you during it Enabled close quarters chasing, should mean it's more optimized on chasing you in close quarters 2020-04-07 Jabra's Minions should now be immune to eachothers' attacks. Does not work for Area of Effect attacks, such as the splash potion and Wither skulls.
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    Thanks to everyone who made Glaskerville possible. You guys cant imagine the amazing work this people have done and the effort they made! Wish you enjoy the city!
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    Craftersland Server Trailer

    Made a little server trailer of the craftersland Network server actually planned to do it 2 years ago but forgot about it. Hope you like it
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    Unban Request and abussive staff

    [1] In-Game Username: llijzenga [2] Details of Situation: banned by duplicate keys in ps [3] Ban Category: rules 2 [4] Ban Duration: 3 days [5] Staff Member: geri33 [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: I want to request the removal of my account since it is true that I duplicate legendary keys, but I never use them or take advantage of them, apart I want to report constant abuse of the server staff since the staff member who banned me is not fully mature for take his position since at one point he laughed and said "Haha you'll see how I reset your account, I have contacts" without any reason I think that is abuse of power
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    Unban Request and abussive staff

    Don't worry, we will investigate more and more people in the upcoming days in order to clear the server from dupers and dups. Also a friendly advice : don't look at what others do, take your responsibilities of your own actions.🌵 Unban denied. T/C
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    About 2 years ago I already wrote a post similar to this one here and I decided to write an updated version now, as players are coming back on the server. In the last post I wrote, i talked about the server in general, in this one, i’ll be concentrating on Assassins Craft, as it’s the most played one at the moment and the other game modes either are unplayed, so it won’t be worth talking about their problems or they don't have any problems. I saw a lot of new players join Assassins Craft in the last days and also saw some players returning, which i haven’t seen in years. I don’t really know what caused that amount of players to join the server, but i am happy to see the server having population again. Maybe its the general Minecraft hype that’s coming back due to more free time caused by the coronavirus or just because Assassins Craft is a unique gamemode that doesn’t exist on any other server. Also there were a few smaller Content updates on the server like the Scythe armor and the opening of the Winter Village dungeons that are really liked by the community. Aside of all those cool things that are happening on the server right now, there still are things that need to be FIXED and possible SOLUTIONS, about which i will talk now: Spawncamping: Now that there are a lot of players active in Assassins Craft again, we again have the problem that players with high level Equipment (Like diamond Armor etc.) are Spawn Camping and also following low level players and beginners out of spawn to kill them. To stop this from happening, there could be a sowan protection added, that allows people to go out of spawn and have like 10 seconds of in which they are unkillable and can’t deal any damage. With this we could: stop people waiting at the spawn exit until someone leaves from killing them give beginners the chance to exit the spawn and the city without getting attacked and killed. Grappling Hooks: BUG GOT FIXED Fly PvP: Players with Sponsor or a higher Rank have the ability to use the /fly command to fly around the map. This feature also brings the problem that it can be abused to fight while flying in the air, which brings a lot of disadvantage to the enemy and ruins their gameplay. I know, it says in the rules that its forbidden, but why not directly do something in the game against it? My Idea would be, that whenever a player activates fly with the /fly command, he won’t be able to deal or take any damage. With this we could make Fly PvP impossible, because the player who is flying, can't attack anyone. Sniper Rifles: In my opinion, the Sniper Rifles (Netherbricks) are too overpowered, especially the Epic and Rare ones, that can be found in dungeons. They deal 5+ hearts of damage on a player, who has Full diamond armor with every piece enchanted on Protection 4. the Rifle shots seem to ignore the protection enchantments on armor and do full damage, like they would do on aa unenchanted set of armor. Make the Rifles detect the enchantments the armor have and lower the damage on armors with Protection and Projectile Protection enchantments. Scythes Armor: First of all, thank you for bringing the armor back into the game. In its current state, the Scythe armor is a bit useless for the fact it has a 1% spawn rate and is only obtainable in 4 dungeons. Its a normal leather armor with unbreaking 3 on it, except its dyed. NOTE: I don’t know if the armor is still being worked on. Giving the armor additional enchantments or potion effects would be a cool addition and the armor would be worth wearing in a fight. For example: A slight regeneration effect that gives back health over time while wearing the armor. It increases with every armor part you’re wearing A high unbreaking enchantment, since it’s still a leather armor and it has a low durability Jump boost on the boots. This post isn’t meant to show that the staff is doing a bad job, and it's not my intention to discourage anyone. I really appreciate all the things they are doing and i know that they have a lot of work to do with all the modded servers. I think that was it for the moment and i hope it wasn’t a total waste of time to write that. Thanks to everyone who took their time to read this, and feel free to comment something if you like to. EDIT: I don't know why everything is bold, i cant change it.
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    Current state of Assassins Craft

    Heyy, I said this on chat but wanted to let you guys know that we are listening and that this topic will be considered! Again, if someone wants to say something, all suggestions are more than welcome (of course if you are being respectful). Regarding the Hook bug, it has been fixed! (If you want you can edit and hide it with spoiler) About Spawn Camping, this is a really hard to solve topic. There are a lot of ways of dealing with it, none of them could be 100% effective and surely none of the solutions will make people happy. So yeah, if you have more ideas of what we could do with this, let us know! Also, here is a post from Jimmel talking about this: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/20661-ac-v1-dealing-with-spawn-camping/ Thank you guys!
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    STAFF RANKS - Explained!

    Hello, for quite a while I've received questions from both players and staff about what each staff rank represents and Powerwarp once intended that a post like this was made but he never got around to it before he retired as a manager. And this is to also explain the different prefixes you might see ingame. There are currently four members in the management group and I think it's best to start with us before diving into the staff group, as our duties and responsibilities wary a lot. So in descending order we've got: This is brunyman, he is the sole owner of Craftersland and he mainly performs the maintenance's we have twice a week - on mondays and fridays - consisting of anything from refunds, rollbacks, command requests, password resets, sometimes rank transfers. He has unlimited access, hence the "Owner" part and can therefore perform all duties. Some that he shares with Yusixs and myself. There are a handful of things that only brunyman can do however: - Password resets on Network - "Fixing" major hiccups with server - And some donation issues This is me, my permission level is the same as Yusixs and it consists of full server access with file and console, as well as buycraft. While this allows us both to do essentially everything there are a few things that we don't do due to uncertainty, lack of experience or to await judgement from Brunyman. While our permissions are the same our duties wary as we have split what we both can do. My duties include managing staff, creating applications, picking new helpers, dealing with promotions and activity checks for staff. Helping with everyday staff incidents. I also develop new servers for Craftersland, while in the past both me and Yusixs have created DW1.10, DW1.12, SF3 and Revelation I am currently working "solo" on a network project that some of you guys might've seen in the server menu on Network. And by "solo" I mean without Yusixs, but I still have a team of 9 people. I maintain the servers and also deal with donation issues, such as command requests and rank transfers, as well as general issues. Do note that the prefix Brunyman, myself and Yusixs chose can be bought in our donation shop and it does not reflect our permissions as it is just a prefix. Check the buycraft store if you are interested, it's labeled " Fancy Animated Tag Dragonlady is the newest addition to our Manager team and is a some-what new concept and we like to call her a " Super moderator". What her permissions are is that she has full PEX or Luckperms access- meaning she can grant players permissions or assist with staff permissions. This is very helpful for us since that means she can help out a lot when there are rank transfers, promotions or helper applications. On top of that her ingame rank is GM, but what sets her apart from all the other GM's - except what I just mentioned above - is that she is GM on every server. Meaning that she can be available to help regular staff issues anywhere and in no time at all! Now, that's all for the manager team and let's briefly go through the staff ranks, some of their permissions and duties. This is the GM+ rank and unlike the rest of the ranks this one is very special and has a bit of a story behind it. The original requirement to be promoted to GM+ was that needed to have extremely good activity on the server(s), discord and forum. This was meant as a very competitive rank as one server could only have 3 GM+'s at the same time and would you slack off one month you could easily be switched out for someone who was previously a GM. It was meant to be a very fluid rank and to encourage activity when you reached GM, however it wasn't achieved very well, since everyone who was GM+ and had to go down to GM felt that as a demotion while in reality that was how the rank was meant to work. It was a very difficult rank to work with and for many other reasons Brunyman decided a year or so ago that we would slowly remove this rank from all of our servers. At this rate we no longer have any GM+'s on modded servers but we still uphold the GM+ on network since it was so hardcoded into Staff's mind and was something many had set as a goal a long time ago- I wasn't about to take that away from them. The permissions and duties are the same as GM and all ranks below, plus the right to request staff permissions like spawn bypass and worldguard. On network they also have permissions to change loot chests and add new ones, as well as make changes to the to the map itself(Not on CTW, but for ACV1 for example.) GMs is in most other cases the highest rank as staff and has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. But what stands them apart from Admin is that on some servers they have access to the entity profiler, which essentially is what let's us scan the server for chunks that are laggier than others and address them. They can also perform ingame money refunds. They also have permissions to reset passwords and on some servers also the ability to perform manual restarts- Which we never advice for since the plugin we have automatically detects if it's laggy and restarts. Admins has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. It is also the first rank in which Worldedit is given, as well as the ability to reset nicknames on donators - for profanity reasons. - They are also the first rank which has access to "Mytown Admin" which lets them edit anyone's town, adding members manually for example or disbanding abandoned bases(Notice: That if you request a base to be disbanded the base will also be /regened) Moderators has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. Moderator is when you start getting access to the fun stuff- You get things like /vanish as well as the ability to tp to players or positions, spawning in items - for refunds - and to check offline player's inventories and also edit them. They can also Moderate the auctions and Marketplace if needs be. Judges has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. What sets Judge apart from Helper is the ability to Jail, kick and tempban players. While they don't have very much use for ban since most of the rules which results in bans needs a moderator+ to investigate. But this is the point where we gradually start adding permissions to staff. Helpers has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. Here is where we all began, everyone that's in staff was once a helper - well, apart from brunyman. - even myself. This is the most basic rank and for many reasons stands as the "trial" for staff. Often to test if the player in question is committed enough to be active until they reach the higher ranks. So for these reasons the helper's permissions are somewhat limited- They have access to check IP's and see who's ban evading. They can check offline inventories but not edit, they can talk in staff chat and they can warn and mute players.
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    Good afternoon ... Today I want to go to the whole "The Network" community to make a proposal, a suggestion and perhaps a solution to some of the server problem "I want to focus specifically on the Pure Survival mode" This is what I think. Since it became fashionable on the server "Among the sponsors" to ask for access to "WE" has become problematic, both by creating structures with base stone, destroying contructions of other users and abusing it. Lately I have noticed that the "Sponsors" use the //we to give to the other players, as is that? simple. They only mark a base with such a command and permission and copy blocks of value as "Diamond Blocks and Emerald Blocks" or simply from some block that serves a player. Clearly the manager of the server can control this with the console, seeing the logs of the players and so put some prohibition, but being honest sometimes they do not have time for that by having obligations and it is a little.. Solution: (From my point of view) From my point of view, the solution would be that the sponsors cannot use said command in protected areas and that the blocks generated by them from said command // WE exit with Spawner by .. This would avoid duplicating blocks, emeralds, diamonds, etc. .. Or just remove the command .. ¿Why should the command be removed if it is a "Tool" requested in the forum? Simply ... the // WHAT is an administrative command, a command used to create large constructions that in my opinion should not have a user "Sponsor" The sponsor has access to the /gmc command I do not think it necessary that said rank with the commands that it has amerite the /WE as I said.. It’s kind of annoying for the staff to be always fixing these kinds of problems when they can just be avoided.. Note: I am also an operator of the // WE command "Regarding the /GMC command" With respect to this command it is clearly very difficult to remove it because for this you would have to agree with the server managers.. From my point of view I consider that since this command there have always been abuses of the, simple patrocidadores duplicando item and always this asks the give to users in some way or other that the server tries to block it always this. I have considered that it would be better to remove the command of such modality since there are always duplicates and things that generally problem for the server... As a solution I think It would be better to create a /Warp which allows the sponsors or drivers of /gmc to get all the assets of the gm, to each item of alli create a Spawner by global, example "Spawner by VIP" so that only the ranks with access to the gm can get it, Duplication would be avoided, problems for the server would be avoided and staff members would be spared work because they would not have to worry about such things and would be a community and a cleaner mode of play.. In the same way, the / item command would remain, without having / gmc it could be used and it would be a great advantage Note:The truth would be much better to be in the mode without this command, because personally it always brings chaos or problems for the server, duplicates and more. Older users will remember that there was a disaster in version 1.7.2. which was because users with /gmc found a way to create unbreakable items, immortality positions, 127 level incantations, damage positions with 10000 damage, arcs etc. from that point the server is forbidding players.. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid that problem and just create more order with the commands? The solution at that time was only to give an update to the server, placing it in version 1.8 that version also took over these items, not so much with in 1.7.2 but if they were seen. Lately, the server is prone to the same problems happening again ... because there are already tools to do this type of item again ... If it happened once, why can't it happen again? If there is any other problem regarding these fixings or do you have any other fixings let them know in this post, I want the greatest possible attention and the most opinions from different members of the server
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    Applications are now under review.
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    You guys should be unbanned now, someone used some sort of a hack to gain full perms on the server. We had to do a rollback to undo all damage, if you lost anything please let us know and we will try to refund your loss. We also did some updates with improvements to our anti-hacks system to try to prevent it in the future.
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    Glaskerville Bug Report and changelog

    Hello, report that one of the Scythe graves (the one in the tree) was protected with the same permissions as the city (Glaskerville) without being able to put commands / fly, / tpa and blindness. I don't know if you are aware of that and they put it like this or it is an error ... (When you enter, it gives you blindness and deactivates the / fly It is even worth noting that if you die in such parkour, you will reappear in the city and not in the spawn. https://prnt.sc/rt6jhz https://prnt.sc/rt6m1b https://prnt.sc/rt6mbc https://prnt.sc/rt6mq9 https://prnt.sc/rt6mxe
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    [refund request] Edgentex

    Refund confirmed by the Player. T/C
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    Really impressive city! I can't imagine how much work is needed to create something like this. The buildings, the details, the history, all is amazing. Also I am so happy to see new dungeons in ACv1 after a long time ago! I only can say one big "THANK YOU" to the creators! @Slendy, @flamefurno, @Henk, @ZengZ Keep the good work, guys!
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    Me and Tomy discussed that and we think that it should stay the way it is. We can't be sure that you didn't take advantage from the many ways possible to get money. Also, in modded servers they reset the whole player's balance/base etc. It's part of the punishment. 🌵
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    @Henk Hey there are mainly two problems, the first is that most chests do not have loot, and the second is that there are certain parts or a certain error that / tpa sometimes allows
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    Source xisumavoid Change log!
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    Hi @JuanJo17X If you have any complaint or report, please apply it in English since reports, questions, etc. are made in English in the forum and it is easier for the administration to carry it in that language.😉 Hola @JuanJo17XSi tiene alguna queja o informe, aplíquelo en inglés ya que los informes, preguntas, etc. se hacen en inglés en el foro y es más fácil para la administración llevarlo en ese idioma.😉
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    Hi, I'm SakuraFox_ and fairly new to the server. I have 3 suggestions to make about economy and don't feel like making a separate post for all of them since that would be forum-spam and they all talk about economy. I firstly would like to point some things out: -Sorry for bad English if I make mistakes, it's not my first language. Also sometimes I might use a word weird because I don't have a better synonym in my vocabulary. -If you don't feel like reading, you can read the Recap under each point. I would appreciate it of course if you did read it all (especially point 3) -Even tho they all speak about economy, you don't need to see it as an all-in-one package but rather as three separate suggestions. But of course all have some influence/reaction on eachother. 1. Spawn prices A lot of players in the servers start to get their own T6 void ore miner, some people having multiple T6 and some people even selling kits of them. This makes it so everyone has resources and ores in mass. Selling prices on /market are really low for resources and it almost has no need for them to be listed on the spawn shop. I hear a lot of people joke about spawnshop of it being a ripoff since we have a very motile economy on the DW1.12 server. Recap: Remove/reprice certain spawn items (especially resources like ingots) because they're way too expensive/not needed. 2. Vote Chest items Everybody knows Vote crate < Legendary crate < mystic crate I'm going to talk all of them below. Vote crate: it has some basic loot which is helpful in the first 2 or 3 days on the server, but then you're with the problem discussed in "spawn prices": Resources are very cheap. But I don't see them as a problem since you can obtain the crates rather easily. Legendary crate: Sound cool but isn't. It gets some stuff you need once or twice and after that, never. Tinker's kit on first or second day -> Hell yeah! Tinker's kit after a week -> Damn again? The amount of railguns I've never touched is way too much. Builders wand? yeah nice but I get 4 for every time I use 1. Also they're not really difficult to make, are they? 1 diamond and 2 sticks are rather cheap if you're already placing resources by the hundreds. Everyone just now gets a legendary crate and hopes they just get cash or a mystic crate. I think it would be greatly appreciated by many if you can't get them that easily and find actual decent loot in them. Mystic crate: Damn nice, all great loot! Also rare enough to not crash the economy. Recap: Legendary crate could use some revision. 3. Mall This might sound really stupid, but hear me out please. I always liked malls, no matter the modpack or vanilla. Everyone specializes is something else. It also gives this place of community and every player can also show what they do and decorate their shop in their own way (aka. minecraft malls ofcourse). I don't know if we have the right plugins for them but they are really easy to use and hard to bypass flaws. Please consider this as it could be really cool. Don't feel like building one? You got a lot of very capable veteran players who can build very epic and colossal buildings (I think Josh is the best non-staff example). I can also build if you want but I ofcourse understand I'm not recognized by many yet since I'm fairly new and therefor not trusted with such a task. Recap: Mall plz?
  31. 2 points

    Unban request

    I have online school and no time to deal with shit. I told you not to evade, plus 6 days isn't that much. There are plenty of servers you can play on until your ban expires (and as we talked about that, yes, there are only a few good ones, but if you search, you'd find one). And once again, I understand that you feel sorry and wanna play, but you don't have an option, rules are rules for everyone, we don't unban people except if they were false banned. I'm not gonna repeat myself over and over again, If there is something you know my DMs. Please don't make useless posts. 🌵 Unban request denied. T/C.
  32. 2 points

    thats not what he wanted

    Well it all started with this: https://gyazo.com/02a9e1c5c8d562ea29364440b2c5fc37 https://gyazo.com/bf94b1c776e69860928e2b14b92706f9 https://gyazo.com/fb94f340ed4ddc41c6335ed35cb8f84f At this point it doesn't look like a prank to me. He doesn't look happy about it: https://gyazo.com/80ee04db3d08006abb6db8c5602e5d4e That's why you have been punished for griefing.
  33. 2 points

    [Complaint] xtomyserrax

    Hello @yEstoQueEh You have made 5 posts for an unban. However, you were found with duped items and items that can't be obtained legit-ly, it is clear you broke the rules. Just because it didn't work, doesn't make duping "ok". I have nothing more to add, as you have already had an explanation in the previous 4 posts..
  34. 2 points

    Warp Sponsor is back!

    OMG this warp is so cool and op! Thank you for making it, its just amazing!
  35. 2 points

    Current state of Assassins Craft

    To Deal with the spawncamping problem, i thought about something like this: I Tested it on singleplayer with a downladed spawn. It gives you weakness and regeneration on level 30 so you cant really do damage or get any. when you get out of spawn the effect lasts 20 more seconds, which is enough to get out of the city.
  36. 2 points
    What I'm about to say is directed to brunyman and the Managers and isn't focused only on Assassin's Craft (Although it would be cool if it were indeed implemented). Okay, so. I'm sure that this has already been suggested before by others (including myself), but I would really rather play the PvP modes of the server in the 1.8 version. Despite the fact that there is already a plugin allowing us the change the combat system, we still do not have the same feeling as if we were to get if we played in that version (1.8). Lots of things have changed since then, some of them being the way the fishing rod works and the sneaking animation. Both of those aspects and many more now have a different impact on the way players fight (the rod no longer deals knockback and it's not convenient to ninja-bridge with the new animation). My point is that the fact that CTW, Skywars and other games are in 1.14 (or something like that) discourages players from actually playing them. It's no good when you want to play a fast-pace game but a newer version doesn't allow you to. I don't know if what I'm asking for is possible but our community members would be pleased to play these PvP games in the correct version without any problem. This is my point of view. In terms of what I'm suggesting, I believe that PvP based modes (like CTW, Skywars, even Assassin's Craft if it's possible) should be reverted back to 1.8. Either way, that's all I had to say for now. If you listen to us, I'm certain that you'll have great results. You don't have anything to lose, so why not give it a shot? - Aris
  37. 2 points

    Command request

    Hello SerbanHero🙂 Rank [Premium] do not have additional permissions only for [Sponsor] and [Sponsor+] You Can To get better Your Package to Sponsor or Sponsor + for Command Requests
  38. 2 points
    Player admitted of griefing Topic closed
  39. 2 points

    Ban without a reason by Mikwerf

    Okay, So I got my base rolledback and I compared my ME with yours Can you explain this: Your ME: https://imgur.com/a/85KUVsc My ME: https://imgur.com/a/c8q2xk8 Coincidence? I don't think so Your ME: https://imgur.com/a/uebyWIu My ME: https://imgur.com/a/X6zBY84 And that all happend after I friended you and you randomly got extra stuff after that: Before the grief: https://imgur.com/a/rU0LQYY After the grief: https://imgur.com/a/sgkNkHO
  40. 2 points

    Color in Ocean

    This is actually a modpack issue, rather than a server one. This also happens in singleplayer. unless anyone knows how to fix this within the pack itself, there's not much that can be done i'm afraid 😕
  41. 2 points
    I kept telling you over and over again that we are not obligated to offer any sort of refund if we state it clearly and include it in our terms of service. Which we do, as pointed out very neatly by the gentleman above me. But you kept spamming your copy paste and stubbornly not listening to a word I was saying. There is a difference between offering a refund with a purchase of goods- If the company can't deliver said goods, or you received something different than what was advertised then you have it in your right to demand a refund. From either your bank or from the company you purchased from, because that is fraud. That being said, that is not what is going on here, as I explained to you previously you are in essence donating to support the upkeep of our servers. And in turn you are rewarded with an ingame rank, same way different charities gift rewards for donations- such as plastic bracelets for the 4Ocean association. It is not a purchase of goods in the same way that you would if you purchase from an ordinary online shop. That aside, looking back at my first example, your need for a refund does not stem for that you didn't get what was advertised- instead it's because you changed your mind about your donation. That, which is something every association, every company and every shop has the right to deny if it was previously stated clearly. This is what we offer, we do not offer a refund. That does however not prevent you from going through your bank and making a false statement that you did not received what you had purchased. But at that point you are committing fraud, as that is simply not true. This all being said, I hope you still had a good birthday even though you feel like one of your gifts were wasted. Topic Closed
  42. 1 point

    [refund request] Edgentex

    Sorry, i didn't see that at all. Added to your Inventory.
  43. 1 point

    [refund request] Edgentex

    Items added to your Inventory 🙂
  44. 1 point

    [Refund Request]OverLimit

    Moved to RAD
  45. 1 point


    Brunyman will make a wipe vote poll when he thinks it's ready for a wipe. T/C
  46. 1 point

    [Buycraft Issue] Zaphod_965

    Added to saved list, thanks!
  47. 1 point


  48. 1 point
    Claim rolled back T/C
  49. 1 point

    [Presentation] Zawita

    Name: Hello my name is Sawai and I'm proud of my rare and weird name! IGN: Zawita Age: 12 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Network Location: Argentina (I was born in Venezuela) A short description of yourself: I'm a very social person, I love being interactive with other people. I have a cool dog by the way. I've just entered highschool and my life is starting to get better and rougher trough the years. I love sushi. Hobbies and interests: I love playing computer games, football, and next year I'm planning to train tennis, hope it's fun! I'm interested on having a good life, and have a very big family. Discord / Skype Name: zawita#1349 / sawaii78 I made one of these before but I don't know where did it go... wtf?
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