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    Tekkit server main map is a bit full, server traffic also is very low, so what about a fresh start, with new map seeds? In order for a WIPE to take place please vote in the pool above, also note that if there are too many votes against even if more are for WIPE we will not have a WIPE. The last server WIPE was on 29 March 2019, about 6 months ago. The reset will get us new map seeds, fresh start for all, all data reset except ranks and less lag. We will provide a download link of the existing overworld map. Check server stats here: http://minecraft-mp.com/server/14938/stats/ And Live Map here: http://tekkit.craftersland.net:25800/# Vote in the pool above and let us know what to do next. Thanks!
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    Ok WIPE will take place today
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    Hello guys! It's been a while now since we've talked about what has been going on behind the scenes on network, what's being worked on, what's completed and what are our future plans for the coming months. First and foremost, Drop Zone! Ever since Dropzone was updated to 1.14.4 and re-added to the server selector, we've been working on polishing it up and fixing a few of the crucial bugs that occurred. And here are some of the bigger changes that were made: Bugs and additions Fixed a bug that let you sometimes shoot through walls Fixed a bug that made your weapon get stuck in your offhand, and would only get fixed by you dying. Fixed a bug that had to do with a huge lag spike every time you would die, fixed by implementing an improved respawn system Added killstreaks and a killstreak reward every 3rd kill, that lets you reroll your weapon. Updated the resourcepack to a 2D pixelart, as the old resourcepack gave complications to half of all players. Visual Added a NPC at lobby to use to connect to the server Added a sign that let's you rightclick to join the gamemode Added every weapon with it's stats at spawn Set up the Resourcepack to work as a server-resroucepack or downloadable through a LINK Added a server selector as a join item, as well as a discord, resourcepack and buycraft informational item. And this is the current state of Drop Zone, there is still some work to be done and a few more bugs and features that I would like to get. But grab a friend, hop on and give it a go! And feel free to give any feedback about the gamemode, personally, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I enjoy playing more than I thought I would. And I've heard other say the same Don't be shy! Secondly, Glaskerville! To me it seems like this is what you guys are most excited about and eager to experience, which is why during the past month we've put our main focus on bringing you this new addition to AssassinS. For you that haven't heard anything about this and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the teaser announcement made about a month ago: But today I want to talk to you guys more about what our plans are, and where we are at, and when you can be expecting it to be released to the public. The whole philosophy with Glaskerville is to put a greater focus on RPG elements and custom features, and at the same time give you a reason to revisit and replay the parkours and dungeons within this city that is more than just pure gold. When completing dungeons in Glaskerville you will have a chance to earn one or more Tokens that will be used to purchase upgrades to the shop inside the town, that will then offer you better deals, some of which might be tied to a cooldown. You will also be able to purchase "effects" that are exclusive to inside the town that will make your time in Glaskerville a bit more... comfortable. The town will feature 3 full length dungeons and numerous traders for you to find. The town has also gone over a visual overhaul seen in the picture above. The left is the before, and the right is the after. There are still one dungeon left to build and a handful of features that needs to be properly implemented. I've stressed before how difficult it is to put a "release date". But right now we're looking at e release of around mid October, but Halloween at the latest. You guys voted on a previous topic what you guys would want to see next from Craftersland, and that vote decided that you guys wanted to see a brand new server added to the network. And that is still very much our plan as I've slowly started working on it, but what kind of server it'll be has yet to be determined!, So if you've got any ideas or suggestions please post them as a response in this topic or create a "suggestion" topic. The current pipeline: Dropzone - 90% done Glaskerville - 60% done Bringing back old ACv1 dungeons - 30% done New server - 10% done
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    I wonder why so many votes against if so little players play on the server
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    [Command Request]Houston_Ratledge

    World Edit added. Please refrain from using world edit on large-scale operations in order to prevent lag. Also, any abuse of world edit will result in removal of access. As for the other commands, we do not give access for TP or /give to non-staff members. You do have the ability of /tpa which is the teleport request, most of the time if you ask to teleport to a player, they'll accept. As for JEI, the only way we'd be able to hand out cheat-mode access is to hand out permissions that we do not give out as it is nearly the same when it comes to nodes.
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    Second World for DDSS

    We need this world, some things are literally impossible without ancient dust..... Also, we want to play "Dungeons, Dragons and space shuttles" not ", and space shuttles"
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    First of all thank you for the work and effort you've put into this Henk, I don't really know how hard it is to put everything together but, it doesn't look that easy, we all appreciate it.­čśŐ I have a small suggestion that a lot of people would like, I personally would love it. I want to ask for the Factions server back, it was really fun to just gather stuff, go raid people and have fun. It was something new everyday, and people are already trying to do that on pure survival. They try raiding people and that isn't allowed there nor possible, that's why I'm posting this small suggestion, because it was really fun and I think a lot of people would play it again. If you want to make a poll about it I'll be one of the first people to vote
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    [Command Request] Thejoikabolla

    Account Name: ThejoikabollaRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: /godReason for Request*: I dont want to die in my own base. I just had a heart attack from 3 zombies magically spawning on me without a message because of the halloween plugin and i dont want that to happen again. I also have cryothium in my base so i was on 3 hearts before managing to fly up.
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    [Inventory Rollback Request] Mo3Nox

    Rollback Complete
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    Hi guys, server wipe is complete. Everything got a reset except for ranks. We got new map seeds for all worlds and I think we finally managed to get fixed the mushroom biome issue. Changes: Data full WIPE. Generated new map seeds. Enabled the crafting recipe for Energy RedNet Cables. You can download the old overworld map here: As for players that donated for kits, ranks, we reactivated all purchased stuff this week, for older purchases please post a reactivation request here: Live Map: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! We generated a new map seeds for all worlds, and the server should run smoother for the next months now. It's a nice time to start fresh as everybody starts from the same point. Modded for the Experts! inf.craftersland.net
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    Review money

    Topic Closed
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    [Buycraft Issue]CrownedC

    sometimes it can take up to 2 buisness days to acknowledge the payment, so you'll just have to wait a bit, if that's still the case after 2 days bump the topic also makse sure that your payment went through
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    Ghm... I mean tme map is freaked so wipe should be done. For new players it would be blessing
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    Source xisumavoid´╗┐ More Details here!
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    [Claim Removal] ZealousGamer

    Claim Removed T/C
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    [unban] [PRAIM]

    PRAIM is a friend of mine and 20170813 is also a friend only that we are in a CYBERCAFE or public internet where we play the game, the intenter is of several people so it detects the same ip
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    [Command Request]

    Applied the fix to the remaining servers.
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    [Unban] Alyssuu

    Free the MVP
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    Second World for DDSS

    Its been a month or something since DDSS released. Almost every dungeon you can find is empty and almost every dragon you encounter is already dead. I would love to have a second world that resets every month or something where you can continue exploring this awesome Modpack.
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    Server address: sb2.craftersland.net We just updated our FTB StoneBlock 2 server to mod pack version 1.16.0! This updated 81 mods, configs , sponge and 2 plugins also needed to be updated. Changes: Updated 81 mods and configs. Updated scripts. Updated Sponge API Updated Forge Updated 2 plugins, GriefPrevention and a custom utility one. The update is also available on our Launcher, download here: LINK Official change log: Stone all the way! sb2.craftersland.net
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    [Claim Removal] Shrimp_Friedrice

    Claim Removed. T/C
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    Mystic Crate has banned item

    Mystic Key Refunded. I have edited the restricted list to un-restrict that item... Something seemed to have happened with the meta data and that version of the creative storage upgrade shouldn't have been banned. T/C
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    And I just built a nice new house. ­čśş but the server needs a wipe
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    Wippety wipe.
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    Community Forum Update IPB 4.4.7!

    Time for a Forum maintenance and fixes update! We updated the Forum core to IPB 4.4.7, latest IPB version, no forum theme update needed. IPB 4.4.7 Changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
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    Many servers practice map regeneration, maybe you should think about it?
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    Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 6.0b! 46 mod updated, 4 utility mods added and other changes. Changes: Updated 46 mods. Updated all configs and scripts. Added 4 utility mods. (Dank Null, Artisan Integration, Clumps, Better Questing Forestry Expansion) Updated the launcher client version. Official Change log: Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack ddss.craftersland.net
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    Claims Removed. Items within claims removed. T/C
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    [Buycraft Issue] DemonicArcher

    In game name: DemonicArcher Proof of Purchase: Description of Issue: I did a rank swap between DDSS and Tekkit. I had Sponsor+ on Tekkit and Premium on DDSS. After the swap I decided I wanted to upgrade my Tekkit account again, however, the cumulative pricing for my existing rank was on the DDSS buycraft page ( like when you buy Premium and go to upgrade the price of Premium is deducted from the higher ranks). Is there anyway to get that pre-existing credit that is on the DDSS server (on which I now have Sponsor+) moved to Tekkit so that I can upgrade from Premium at the reduced rate I would normally recieve for having Premium? Date/Time of Purchase: I can dig this info up if it is truly required Items/Rank Bought: Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received
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    DW20 1.7.10 wipe?

    Thanks for votes, WIPE took place on 27th September.
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    [Buycraft Issue] DemonicArcher

    Hi, looks like I can't do much on buycraft to fix this, so I made a coupon for you that will get you 10 euro off for Tekkit Ranks. Use code: DemonicArcher5623 Thanks for support!
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    [Claim Removal] BatistaMx

    Claim Removed. T/C
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    [Refund Request] Lightnessxp

    It is common for chunk loaders to disappear, usually caused by loading a chunk that is laggy. Item Refunded to player's inventory. T/C
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    World Edit added. God added. Please refrain from using world edit on large-scale operations in order to prevent lag. Also, any abuse of world edit will result in removal of access.
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    Spawncamp Report

    Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : AC In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : AsTheGame, watson2, jaissonL Description of the situation : they camped at spawn and killed everyone trying to get out Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : i think jakin10 alsow saw everything bcs he was at spawn the whole time
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    Spawn Camp and Insulting.

    Network Server: ACv2 In-Game Nickname: Fearsu Nickname of the one you are complaining about: JaissonL and TOMASANTONIOJUAN Description of the situation: Spawn Camping - JaissonL and TOMASANTONIOJUAN. Insulting - TOMASANTONIOJUAN. Proofs: https://imgur.com/a/VPSru5A
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    DW20 1.7.10 wipe?

    Please wipe it.
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    Network - Glaskerville

    Soon to a forest near you. Glaskerville will be the new up and coming addition to AssassinsCraft, it will include a wide range of dungeons and parkours. With the addition of a few new shopkeepers, selling you rare and new items that can only be obtainable in Glaskerville. It will also have a new mechanic to help you navigate these dark woods. Glaskerville ser├í la pr├│xima y nueva adici├│n a AssassinsCraft, incluir├í un amplio ├írea de dungeons y parkours. Con la nueva adici├│n de unos nuevos aldeanos, vendi├ęndote raros y nuevos items que solo se pueden conseguir en Glaskerville. Tambi├ęn tendr├í una nueva mec├ínica para ayudarte a navegar entre los bosques oscuros.
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    A Witchery Ideea

    It's a good idea I like it. I support you :D
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    @CowGoesBananas@CowGoesBananas im sorry, but I will have to look for a different server then.
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    Any player can at any time start over, you dont need to wipe the map for that. So that would be an incredible egotistical reason.
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    @CowGoesBananas so the point of the wipe is to annoy some players?
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    [Command Request]

    Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ @EPICfighters @Henk @brunyman Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: / skull , AC [ /weather clear in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] [ /time set day too /time set night in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Also [/God in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: I requested this command but in AssassinCread mode It is not activated: AC here is proof of what I say https://imgur.com/a/1pKOBGR in the other game modes I already have the command but I'm only missing in game mode [AC] Thank you /weather clear: I want this command because the rain is annoying at the time of construction, it gives me a little delay, but I will always ask the people who are connected if they agree to execute the command /time set day/night: This command is due to the fact that new creatures called Phantom are annoying every time I am building very tall structures around them, they are disturbing. but for others I know what it feels like not to be able to make tall constructions, for this reason, these new creatures with the command will die and at the same time help others /God: I ask for this command: because I die without noticing my trolls friends almost always kill me when I'm AFK I also always wanted to have this command Another thing is missing [Vip] in the forum I introduce myself as a Member Add me the [Vip] Thank you Sorry for my English
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    [Discord Unban] Geeky#0169]

    Bump... x7 @Exief
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    [Discord Unban] Geeky#0169]

    @¡¡TzFermin_ no need to be triggered, ur not a staff, so why you even care about my answer. (i know, im no staff either). Also, in what way am I OFFENDING the server?, just because in my opinion its not ok to just ignore or not even read a post that was made like 2 weeks ago.
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    so in short i would like to request: worldedit, /enchant, /thru /gmsp, /skull, /god and /ptime or /time. if you want me to find all the command nodes. i'll be happy to do so.
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    returning to staff ItsBattlepro_

    No T/C
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