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    Unmute DGRasmey

    To be fair i had warned DJ about 50 times not to use caps and still she was using them and when i did mute she bypassed mute with /me
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    Absent for a while.

    I'll wait for you to return ZengZ
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    [bruny_man] Inventory clear

    reset complete
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    [UNBAN] icedmoca

    I banned you cause you were infact server hating, in many ways. You just suggested buying Craftersland, saying how you would make everything better and such, tbh we dont really give a dam, the only reason you wanted to buy CL at all was because i made sure that nobody else apart from GM get worldedit, i dont have proof but @quagmacan back me up on this, that you said, "How much more money do i need to spend to get WE." its simple, unless your GM your not having it, Period. You also said that having our main developer bruny as the current owner is a bad idea and all i can say is then how has this Communtiy constantly grown over its ~5.5 year lifespan You also made points that the servers plugins are bad, yes they can be a bit buggy, but bruny is one of the busisest guys i know, especcially with his wife just giving birth, the severs plugins are constantly being improved at a rate we can handel, our plugins do the job there supposed to. Side note, if you really want Worldedit, get staff then wait ~a year to get GM Conclusion, your not getting unbanned from discord, you may still play on the server though if you abide by the rules.