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    New Minigame....

    I would not like just another simple PvP server because as Myiume said, the traffic would just split from other pvp servers. But if we were to add a new minigame UHC would be worth a try, i think it would keep players on it for a longer time as its interesting, and if you want to practice PvP you can do that on any PvP server i asure you.
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    U can give perms with /ps allow (name)
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    New Minigame....

    In order for such a minigame to be beneficial, it requires a considerate amount of active players to make ranked games worthwhile. A new original minigame would bring more players on and give them a reason to stay. For that purpose, a "Practice PVP" gamemode would not be the best idea, as it would simply divide traffic between multiple servers that have it. A new original minigame, refined and fun, will surely bring new opponents for you to fight against, and that's the main goal of any community after-all. It's both the interest of the owner to bring new players as it is yours to prove you're better than others. It brings a whole new competitive standpoint to all the concept. I hope you understand my point now ^_^ Best regards, Myiume
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    New Minigame....

    From what I understood of@Myiume, is that we can take a PvP minigame (or not PvP) and modify it. I thinks it's a good idea, CraftersLand needs to innovate.
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    New Minigame....

    I have a better suggestion for you Kayo ^_^ How about tweaking some original gamemodes and making everything better and unique? ^_^ Adding yet another minigame to the combination would not be a benefit. If you have any ideas and suggestions, I'm sure someone would like to hear them.
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    CTW Hack

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : JordanSG Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Iianadii_00 Description of the situation : Using hack fast place Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :
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    Don't double post. You should of put all that information in one post ...
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    Did you make a rank transfer? There is a section in forum for this. You make a post following the template and we pass your rank to your new user http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/
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    @ZengZ As you didn't punish him I have done it now T/C
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    Suggestions for FTB dw20

    Hello @Pumpkin, Thank you for your suggestions, however. 1) Maintaining three lists of banned items - Our list in the configs, the forum list and then this ingame list would just result in errors everywhere. It's easier for us to manage a single " public " list on the forum and that's why we link to it ingame. And if you want an ingame command to givey ou this link then there is. /ifo banneditems. 2) Have you ever tried to explore the land of DW20 and then bumping into a town that had entry deny on it and you had to make your way around it tediously. Imagine if ever town you walk into had this permission, it would make it very difficult to explore the world. And still we don't have a problem with griefing if the area is protected and the modify/access permissions are setup properly. Frankly, we have a bigger problem with in-town members griefing their own town than outsiders griefing. 3) I believe it was decided to be put in a trade-o-mat because it's a very complicated item to spawn in, and adding it to your starter inventory was a difficult task. As we manage the starter inventory by the help of Essentials, which in turn uses a similar method as " /give " and if you can't spawn it in using /give then it makes it very difficult to put it in your starting inventory.
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    New Minigame....

    If they could not fix the CTW kits in 2 months, how much do they think of a new modality ?, Factions 1.11 lasted little more than 2 months and it took them a good time to do.
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    True ACv2

    I might have something in store for that server in the near future. Stay tuned
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    [Rollback Request] Tiredman72

    You know what they say "With great power comes great responsibility". You ought to be careful with worldedit. It looks to me like a lesson for you. You can always rebuild that, the damage ain't that great. Be careful next time!
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    New Minigame....

    Exact @xKayoZzGx I would also like to add another modality of pvp, with pvp kits, etc .... since since 2012 they have not added any new modality, except Space faction that was not a big bet for the server that already lasted only a month , I think the "Practice PvP" would be a very good idea
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    New video SECRET ON IT :3

    Yay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZKDOss-_S8&lc=z13nxbagomjhcjltn22mi3s5duf5gtt5s04