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    pvp or pve?

    After talking with staff about this, seems that we will add a pvp toggle system, so only who wants pvp will be able to pvp, and as of restrictions for sponsors for economy will return as it was before so they can use the economy for items that are not creative spawned, but if they will sell creative items then they will be banned from using the market. This will have to be coded first so we need some time as now we also work on some other projects
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    I refunded jet pack to player as i happened to be on, i'll leave the rest in your capable hands
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    Belgarufo's Screenshots

    Just felt like mentioning this but well done @belgarufo & @RandomNukes
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    Useless T_T

    TDB_Greeny: https://imgur.com/a/R6k4f Nothing more to say. gtaVI: I'm not going to write anything here, my answer it's here: Users not punished. T/C.
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    Nicee, good job! p.p my money xD
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    HB in Spawn // CamilaXz0 // ACv1

    Ok... this is ridiculous, you're pushing people to hb you in spawn so the people you hate, will be banned. This is not how it works, and I've seen all the video and also the one of vKiiziUwU, you have been following and annoying him until you got what you wanted, them throwing you an hb in spawn. Also, this video shows perfectly that he did it without wanting, you were oustide and she threw you an hb, and you came inside the spawn before the arrow arrived so you god hbed inside the no pvp zone. User not punished.
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    Please upgrade the server

    I hate it when the server grasses
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    Quagma Inktober Challenge

    Okay, new update: here you go: I won't add any more delay: here's another colon: https://superheroesonly.weebly.com/comicblog/inktober-day-whatever https://imgur.com/a/3KemN
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    No Evade

    Make yourself clear so we can understand.
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    No Evade

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    No Evade

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : OxyBrythe Description of the situation : sorry, use poyhito to be able to take a picture of a guy who was trolleying in Ctw (he disconnected and can not report it) \ \ (VIP : OxyBrythe)
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