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    [Unban] mirs

    Greetings. I want to ask something, if mirs has his/her own forum account, why you ask the unban instead of him/her? Second, staff doesn't ban people without reasons, if mirs got banned is because she did something, checking our forums I found this: Third, last but not least, I will have to ask you SniperWolf to stop with the attitude of being "a poor hated" user, nobody hates you, don't act like nobody likes you.
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    [Unban] mirs

    I'm gonna close the topic because there are lots of replies already. The ban will stay. Unban request denied.
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    [Unban] mirs

    Wolfie let mirs answer by herself, I'm just going to say one thing: Mirs, if you were banned for owning duped items, why did you accept AGAIN kiwer's keys? You already knew it was llegal, so tell me, why do you keep them AGAIN. Yeah when a staff asks you, you show them; but if not, you keep them? or what?
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    [Presentation] Zanda

    Well this is a long time coming I guess, Judge and no one knows who I am! Whats that all about eh? So I'm just going to alter the template some what, just to get the basics out of the way then I'll have a bit of fun explaining who I am. Name: Zanda IGN: zax141 Age: 17 Crafter's Land Servers you play: IE mainly, but I jump on DW1.7 and tekkit from time to time. Location: New Zealand Discord / Skype Name: Justlaptops_Zanda#7649 So introductions, I'm Zanda, A rather new addition to the craftersland family. I'm a kiwi, born in new zealand, spent a few years in fiji while I was growing up though. I know the basics of Maori, due to my mother being Maori. I can understand some German, and speak very basic, broken German. I dropped out of highschool at 15, I have nerve damage that causes me intense pain when trying to walk, rendering me unable to make attendance at school. Meaning, either drop out or be kicked out and have that on my record. Though it all worked out for the best I've got a well paying job, a nice flat, a really good computer, and I enjoy my work. Now that the short version of my life story is out of the way, lets get to the fun part! Hobbies, Past times, and Stuff I enjoy. I absolutely love, love, love! building computers. Here's my current PC: Besides that, I enjoy Paint Ball, Go Carting, Gaming, Wood Work, and fixing electronics. I do program but not for fun anymore, Mostly Web and scripting languages (JS, Lua, HTML, CSS, Python, ect ect) Eh not much else to say except I'm glad to be here, and I hope I get along with everyone! Love you all, and have a good time.
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    [Unban] mirs

    Even though mirs gave the keys to geri, she had still owned duplicated items, so the ban should stay.
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    [Complaint] Momoloquendo (wtf, bug?)

    Nope, Mainblast ban him 10d, but it was a mistake since that wasn't bug abuse. So he was banned for 1d for team troll.
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    [Unban] mirs

    the thing on this server is when you try to be legal you are stupid and whatever you try to do you are banned plus gerry_lmao was there when i gave the keys to geri
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    [Unban] mirs

    Your alt Bwbbles. Idk why do you keep acting as if you didn't know
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    [Unban] mirs

    Please @SniperWolf stay away from this, i know you made the unban request for her, but now this is for geri and mirs only, thank you.
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    [Unban] mirs

    Why do you lie? "a random player told her that I have 'duped items' " Yesterday I went to pure survival with you and I took all the keys, and you know it because you was with me. And what person are you talking about? I haven't sent anyone cuz I already had the proofs. Here they are: https://imgur.com/a/rIy4i You told me that Kiwer has given you those keys last time when you joined the server, 4 days ago) Also he is banned exactly for this reason.
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    Town removal requests

    Of course you won't get banned, thanks for letting us know. Well done for being responsible and re-claiming it after you realised. Chunks regenerated and town deleted. T/C
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    Network Server (Ac v1.) : In-Game Nickname : Richi09 Nickname of the one you are complaining about : MRsanty222 Description of the situation : HB IN SPAWN Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/10tqYh8 https://imgur.com/wyrBp29 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
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    That's much too overpowered. I would rather go with Wyvern gear.
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    Perhaps replace the "Refined Storage Kit" with an Applied Energistics Kit? Or maybe add an Applied Energistics Kit, and keep the Refined Storage Kit as is.
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