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    SF3 Plugins

    We need a clearlag system, and a easier/well known way to sell player items. Thank you for making this post
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    SF3 Plugins

    The item auction is sadly the best plugin that the staff could find - and there's no good replacement - market doesn't even work - preventing us from deleting it. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Unlike vanilla servers, quite a bit of the lag doesn't come entirely from ground items. It also comes from stuff like huge reactors and cloche spam. Having a lagClear plugin might help, but it won't get rid of the lag entirely. I'm glad to see the auction house suggested. It's a great idea that we should implement.
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    SF3 Plugins

    Pretty simple, better plugins. Let's start with the auction plugin, there are many bugs that come with such a long command: /ia [acceptbid/(auction)/{bid}/cancelauction] {Auctioneers username} {Amount/(Amount)} The different parenthesis show in which order to type, now if that's not difficult for new players to figure out (if no one helps) the bidding system is also broken. No matter the price you auction the item you're selling, players can simply bid zero. And to add to that players can also spam chat by bidding the same amount as the previous player, but even though they bid last the player who bid that amount first gets the item. There's also been a new way of spamming chat with the system, a player can spam auctioning an item then canceling right after and then repeating. Honestly just getting rid of this system would be great, and adding a new one would be better. Plugin #2 Clear lag, yes many players get annoyed by clear lag, but players also get annoyed by lag. Just removing the thousands of items from backlogged mob farms (or anything that drops a bunch of items) would improve the server's lag significantly. Plugin #3 The Auction house, I know we have the /market but that also spams your chat and can get difficult to read since everything is jam-packed in a few lines. As show in the screenshot players can simply just look for the items they want, and there are more items in just one screen, also, and one of the better features, is that it has a time limit for items that are up in the auction house. This is so players wouldn't see dirt priced at a few grand in every page, and the final feature is that players can only sell a limited amount of items on there (I've mainly seen the limit being at one or two) Thanks for taking your time to read, -xRegency
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    Report - CTW

    Dude, we can't ban/warn/mute people for every single word they have said... Also, NotAnEasyGuy has been warned yesterday for exactly the same reason (Spam and Caps) by Jimmel. If you're gonna make reports, first - don't crop the images, second - use actual proof for a punishment, saying an offensive word once is not the end of the world and everyone could get pissed off and couldn't be able to handle himself at some point sometimes. It's not like you don't say those 'insulting' words too Hope you get my point. T/C.
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    Report - CTW

    I think that the player BySniperWolf SHOULDN'T be banned.
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    Currently, the only way to view a players playtime is to scroll through a long list of names and hope that the scroll doesn't block out their name between lists. I think it would be extremely productive and helpful if Infinity Evolved, or all servers, had an easy to use playtime plugin. It would make finding dupers and people who have gotten creative handouts a lot easier, as we will be able to see how much time they have put into the server without scrolling through a long, hard to use list. Thanks, iiHero
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    Builders: xRegency Location(Where it's built. x,y,z): 8960 82 -17640
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    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Hiipo In-Game Nickname : xTTetiia Nickname of the one you are complaining about : MEGALOLYT Description of the situation : Duplicate Items Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/9Oc5aII Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : me xd
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    SkyFactory 3 Playtime Plugin

    You can already see your playtime when you go to your inventory and click on the book on the left with serverinfo. There go to leaderboards and check time played. I got almost 130 hours at the moment!
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    Refund Request

    Refunded, thanks for reporting T/C.
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    Refund Request

    A GM will have to take a look at this and give you a new helmet. Please be patient, it shouldn't be too long.
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    Rollback request

    rollback complete
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    Hello there, I've watched a lot of movies and an okay-ish amount of series in my short life, so I wanted to share them with you :). If there's a titel in bold, it means I liked it Movies: Watched Planning on watching Series Watched Planning on watching
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    Well, let me point out that its in rules, I am staff meaning I need to follow them and go with what they tell me to do if someone broke one of those rules. Meme or not, joke or not, no matter what color, ethnicity or religion you are part of, not allowed. Everyone is equal. Oversensitive, not even close, nothing to do with me. Kinda ironic to say silly oversensitivity but you are the one who made a post to point out how "funny" it is and how you dont care about mute. In future these parts of forums are for serious topics and posts, if you you will joke like this then please, dont post anything. T/C.
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