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    Recently I have been building houses using vanilla blocks to allow for routing of ME cables in the floors, ceilings etc. As ME cables require facades to be used in order to cover them up (microblocks do not work). Facades are only available for vanilla blocks. One of these blocks is the stone slab. After looking up the crafting recipe I found out that the recipe requires a structure pipe like any other facade, but also a double stone slab block which to the best of my knowledge cannot be obtained without the use of creative mode. I would therefore suggest making a new crafting recipe (if possible) that would consist of the structure pipe, and a single stone slab in order to make the crafting of this facade possible in survival mode. Or, as an alternative allow the crafting of the double stone slab block using 2 stone slabs.
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    Ok guys, thanks for votes, we will open the new server soon and also keep SkyFactory2.5 server!
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    [Suggestion] Infinity Evolved Wipe

    T/C Let wipe polls only be posted by Brunyman of myself, please. While I understand that you guys want to show us that you want a wipe, it also sends a different message to all other players- That they expect a wipe based on a poll that a player made, and we've even seen drop in players because of such player-made polls that are far from "official". That's why we prefer to keep such topics, and such polls, to only be official. A wipe was considered previously because the server was acting up in ways we couldn't identify or predict. But in the end we solved this issue, and it was due to a faulty CPU cooler. So we switched to a new host. Otherwise a wipe would not usually be considered this early on in a the server's lifespan- usually a wipe happens ever 6-9 months, and in the past IE has been on the later end of that span because it is such a lengthy modpack. And the last wipe was on 1st of august, that's only 5 months ago.
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    In-Game Nickname: TheDarkNightPvPTime and Date: 1/3/19 8:30Description of what happened: my friend teleported him to my base to help, we all died, he grabbed my stuff when i broke my grave, and ran, then when he said i could have it back, tp killed me, i lost 2 backpacks, one is named "Ingots" had almost a stack of diamonds in it around 33 steel, redston/ iron blocks, lapis, and gold, and a backpack named misc tools which had my engineer hammer and my revolver Edit: he stole my eff 4 unbreak 3 autosmelt 3 diamond hammer alsoScreenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/cq4ekKw https://imgur.com/a/cq4ekKw {proof of tp kill and admitting he has my stuffList of eyewitnesses: JessRed
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    As the talks about IE wipe have been going on for a couple weeks I have put off playing the modpack as to wait for the new start. What applies to the game right now, tick speeds are below 20 even with 5-6 midgame players online. Also, the player chunkload radius seems really low as well. I suspice it's been set to same as on SF3, only 2 chunk radius from player. This, combined with obnoxiously slow crop growth rates makes it impossible to cultivate crops, e.g. my potato i planted 7 minecraft days ago still hasnt grown above 0% As to the twilight forest, yes twilight forest has always been server killing and laggy. As in a whole, TF provides little to none to the progress in the pack. It can be considered as mainly a fun side-mod, that enhances gameplay experience, but in conclusion, isn't necessary.
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    [Suggestion] Infinity Evolved Wipe

    i think bruny should either lock off the twilight forest or fix the bug causing it to kill the server, wheres the poll to vote on that?
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    [Suggestion] Infinity Evolved Wipe

    Of course not everyone playing the server will be vastly rich in an end-game status or at such an early-game status that a wipe wouldn't matter. There will always be players mid-game and looking forward to reaching a certain point, and if a wipe was to occur I would be empathic but sometimes it happens. I understand what you are saying and the point of a wipe would be to completely start fresh with every player on the same starting point. Thanks for the input!
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    [Suggestion] Infinity Evolved Wipe

    Hello Crafter's Land players, I recently joined the Infinity Evolved server to get a better modpack experience and a littler more complicated experience than the classic Tekkit Main modpack. I joined the Infinity Evolved server and soon after found that many people were vastly rich already and there were many towns/bases that could be found easily with random teleporting (/rtp). By checking previous posts, hopefully I did not miss anything, I found that the last Infinity Evolved server wipe was completed on August 1st, 2018 which is roughly over 5 months ago. Noted; I realize that is a little shorter than the previous wipes, however, I still believe it is a justifiable length for a server wipe. I've noticed many requests for a server wipe and I would like to suggest a server wipe formally on this forum. I will add a poll to gain the opinions of the players and staff team. Live Map: inf.craftersland.net:8120/# Thank you, Ness,
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    [Suggestion] Infinity Evolved Wipe

    I agree with a wipe due to the current state of the server.
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