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    Current state of "Network"

    Hey all! I'm making this post today to ask the management of Craftersland and the Manager of Network, which if my information is correct should be Henk? What is happening with Network... There has been some additions and updates to Network as a whole but that's still not enough, the current Skyblock server is bugged, you can't create Islands for some reason and it just replies with "Your Island is currently being created" but that's an infinite being created message, and the island is never actually created. Pure Survival: Yes, this mode improved the player count for Network by a decent amount, but still nothing close to the glory days of network. The community that exists within Network is purely Spanish, and that frankly is upsetting that there isn't a global community. The community enjoys pure survival but there is too much focus onto modded network instead of Vanilla/Minigames. Yes adding Pure Survival was a good move and smart one to increase the player count of Network, but simply not enough and in reality I'd call it a band aid fix for what Network used to be. Skyblock: The current state of Skyblock is a massive joke, the island aren't being created and it makes the entire server unplayable, this needs to be addressed instantly, no ifs or buts or we can't because of x reason. People enjoy Skyblock, focus on it and improve it to bring in a new community. Management need to seriously focus on this and not neglect it anymore. Minigames: Yes, I understand it's hard to advertise and bring in attraction to vanilla server nowdays, but it's a joke to fully neglect it. Yes it costs money and resources to invest into something that might flop, but at the current state Network is in, MANAGEMENT IS DOING NOTHING to improve this aspect of Network. For once, you opened a poll for modded server to be created, How about Network gets a poll for a server to be created? I understand it's hard to make plugins, maps and staff time. But it's better than doing nothing at all, I know someone from the managers team will reply with a long essay, save the time. Network has had enough of the lies and sugar coating, reply with what the time line for Network is showing the upcomming projects or updates and be open and honest with the current state of Network. Henk: Henk you're the manager for Network, but I've only seen you on Network once, and that was fixing the buycraft issue for top voter. Please hire people or look outside of the walls of CL for someone who can actually bring something useful to Network instead of a Retired Manager doing work for the server. I know I'm not a Network veteran or staffed there, but I've seen with my own eyes the state it's in, Network staff have left and retired because of the emotional frustration and stress they've had to endure over x amount of years and I don't blame them at all for wanting to give up after having to deal with the neglect. I'm asking you to PLEASE focus more on Network, Modded is in good hands with the staff it has, but Network seriously needs the care. Network deserves an honest and genuine reply that isn't sugar coating because you're leaking behind the scenes, they deserve it and have done for a long time. For once be real and open with the community you're the manager of. After all you're the community manager I'm not sorry for this essay, I've wanted to put this out there for a while. -Rammah \o/ Quick Edit: https://imgur.com/a/oKvTaPS Quite popular post, let's hope it's not ignored. Also this was ignored sadly, I hope this post is also taken seriously too.
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    Current state of "Network"

    So... As I think everything here has been said more than just perfectly... I just want to add that as Network staff and a normal community member, also as Ex Manager , I've seen how much attention modded receives and I think Network should as well. Since I joined the community, in late 2016, nothing has been changed on the server, except mc versions and some plugins, which always were buggy af. (Good Yusixs added a map to ctw that has been created like em 2 years ago?, aslo thx for the lobby NPCs, but this doesn't help as much as it would've when there were still people) I tried my best, as all of the staff, to bring some life to it, but as we don't have the power to do that we were basically helpless. I also tried to help when I was gone, and then when I returned. I wasn't ready to return yet, but I did cuz you Henk saw me ''staffing'' and staff can't be doing that unless it's not in the discord. And what was I expected to do since I had my perms, simply joined the server to play a bit and a guy asked me for help? Ignore him and be like, "meh I got perms but I'm retired, so ask the staff"?? Henk, you did right removing my perms as Manager, since I didn't listen to you and didn't know what I were doing. BUT I want everyone to know that I never had the intention to harm/damage/hurt the server or anyone at all. Why wouldn't I listen tho? Em, maybe because nothing changed for so many years and I couldn't just stay and watch anymore... You know new people started joining Skyblock? and in general, the whole server. But guess what, when they joined and saw the plugin not working they asked when it's going to be fixed... best part I couldn't reply cuz no one knows lol Nevermind. I did that just to keep them on the server and I don't regret my decision. I don't want to throw shades at anyone for this. There's no need since everything is pretty much obvious. And the fact that I returned a week ago and still have no role on the forum... Will leave that like this, unfinished, as Network is. There's so much to say, but meh, words do nothing, actions do. Take my Deivid now ?
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    So this is a spare time side project that me and some old collage friends started more then 1 year ago, I did the code part while they did the graphics, animations and sounds. This game is called Taponaut, it's a small free mobile game that we did more for practice and see if we can actually do it, it's not monetized and the game idea was to control an astronaut and help him fly over obstacles and try to go as far as you can, there is also a stats area with achievements and best high score scoreboard. The game is available for download on Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store and Galaxy Store, please give it a try and leave us some feedback if you can. As a challenge try to beat my high score , give it a try and leave some feedback. Thanks! Here is the game website with more details, social media and download links: https://robotpixelstudio.com/ Apple App Store Download | Android Google Play Download Here is the game teaser video:
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    Hello guys, So 8 years ago, in 2011 late August we opened our first CraftersLand server, it was a vanilla survival server, Minecraft was still in beta at that time, few months later we opened our first modded server on Tekkit Classic pack. Now today thanks to your support with donations, votes and by just playing on our servers we are still running Minecraft servers. Thanks to all staff members for helping out and keeping everything running. We will continue to host and manage Minecraft servers for as long as we can, now we are working on more Network updates, a new modded server you guys voted and maintaining our existing fleet of servers with maintenance and patches. Hope we will still be here many years to come, thanks again to all of you for supporting our work and for making all this possible.
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    Current state of "Network"

    Everything written below until the red line was written yesterday, so keep that in mind when you read words like "today" for example, as I won't go thru it all and change the grammar to reflect it being yesterday Hello everyone, it's me. I'll try to answer to everything you guys have brought up, I will try to keep it in somewhat of a chronological order, but a few different points may come up twice and then I'll try to get both my points across in one instead of repeating myself further down the line. First and foremost, yes, I am the Network manager. Yes, this should've been looked into ages ago. However, I did message Bruny on Tuesday asking if he knew anything about this, and if I could go in and tweak a few things to see if I could get it working. Since Craftersland has a lot of custom made plugins we also have a lot of custom patches on plugins. A good example of this is like the market plugin has a bug in it where you can specify max listings with permissions, we have a patch in place for that, and if I were to update the plugin then that patch would get removed - unless of course the plugin creator fixed the issue. Anyways, he got back to me on Wednesday and I today spent a few hours trying to fix the issue. It's actually quite problematic, you see, skyblock relies on three key plugins - Worldedit, Worldguard and uSkyblock. for those unaware, worldedit deals with the whole deletion of your island as well as pasting the schematic in for your island. Worldguard handles protection so you dont' get griefed, and uSkyblock handles everything else, like the /is commands. Problem was that uSkyblock got stuck in a loop whenever someone would create a new island, or remove his old, or restart her island. This is because the version of worldedit we are running doesn't work very well, so what happens is worldedit fails to paste the schematic or remove your island. and since uSkyblock is waiting for that to happen, it gets stuck in a loop. Ok, what can I do about that? I could update the plugin- Which I did, and it shouldn't come as a surprise for someone what happened,... Worldguard broke instead. Meaning that protection on the server stopped working. Since Worldguard in turn relies on Worldedit to work, brilliant, right? And with me having tested all available versions of worldedit, as well as for uskyblock and worldguard, they all have one of these bugs. So why is this? The problem is that we are running on a 1.13.2 spigot version since the 1.14.4 doesn't work on SB. - but we use a protocol hack to get around this so that 1.14.4 clients can still join. Hello! It's me from the future, I already tried the version of spigots that we have available. But I also spoke a bit more to Bruny today and he said he would attempt to update to TRUE 1.14.4 and see if he can fix this in the coming days. And this causes a lot of complications with plugins, it gets really confused about if 1.14.4 blocks should exist or not.. for instance. But I cannot do anything to fix that bug at the before worldedit/spigot fixes theirs. The server is still up in the meantime, so that anyone that has an island already can still play. Do you guys wanna see more minigames? We have some great buildings and cities left over from the Drop Zone project that I imagine we could perhaps make something with. But I want you guys all to understand that publishing a new server alongside the ones we have will take a lot of development time, especially more so if it's something that would require a lot of Bruny's attention. Such as... CTW maps, Since each game is a server, so you'd have to first create a server from scratch, set up all the objectives with a great plugin bruny once made, but that lacks any documentation, and then once that's done have it tie together with the existing system that also is poorly documented. Honestly? I wouldn't even know where to start there and that's something Bruny would have to do almost on his own. But creating something from scratch is different. It will still take a lot of time Alright, I will. They are open now, whether you believe it or not, I had every intention of putting those apps up after this one had concluded. It ran a bit longer than I would've hoped. But I saw this topic and I read it, I never responded as I expected I would be putting the apps up within such a short time anyways- better to show than tell, right? Guess this time i should've done both. ---- We released ACv2, which could be argued to be just a new version. But we also worked on Drop Zone, and also published that little minigame. Yeah, it's not much, but it's very far from "nothing". It was nothing against you and I know you had good intentions, but it reminded me that we shouldn't have a bunch of ex-managers running around with permissions they no longer should have. And it's much harder to blame someone who isn't manager anymore if something goes horribly wrong I'd much rather take the blame myself if I mess something up. Then tell us... It's not like you were intentionally not given the rank on the forum, that was an honest mistake. ---- I will say I have also done a fair few giveaways in the past, and staff arranged that pvp tournament a good while ago now. Not to say that I could take any credit of that. But sure, I'd be open to doing more events, I'm not overly creative bu feel free to put suggestions forward and maybe we'll just do that https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/154-suggestions/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- red line -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I definitely agree that we should be more open about what is happening or anything that is up and coming. But I also think that certain things should remain behind the scenes - not for all eternity, but until the time is right. Let's take a real life example: Game Developers generally never announce a project before they are far along into it that they with almost certainty can say that it will see the light of day. And that is important, because otherwise you would disappoint your community. A community that waited on something to happen, anticipated it.. and then it never did. Let's take a craftersland example: DropZone. We did not announce this project because of the same reasons, we only did announce it when we had decided to cancel the project and make a small minigame out of the work that a handful of dedicated staff and ex-staff had put into it. And first then tell the story. That project lived on for more than 6 months, imagine if I would've announced that on the first week? We would have people asking about it, asking about when it would be released. Asking why it is taking so long. These are all things that we can't anticipate beforehand, and that is why an ETA is so hard to give when a project isn't further along. And I don't want to disappoint people in announcing projects that may or may not be cancelled. Things do get cancelled and that's not a bad thing. -- Regardless of this, I feel we should still be more vocal about things that is going on. I think we should include you guys more about the changes that we make on the server and when we make them, even if they are small or larger. We used to have a monthly newsletter, I can't say that I agree on having something like that be a monthly thing- Because some months it just felt really forced. We didn't have much of an update because behind the scenes servers were having issues and we didn't make any advancements in any projects we had. I think it's better to say something when you have something to say. For the record, I became manager on February 2018, so yes, I was around parts of this "era". But that's only when I received AdminCP on the forum, it was an additional few months until I'd call myself a manager. But I don't think it's very fair to assume just because the events of me becoming a manager, and the decline of the players happened at the same time that it is the reason behind it. Correlation does not imply causation. I actually did a lot of work for network around this time and I did what I could do prevent it. But let's take a stroll down memory lane to go over this a bit further... Ironically, when Craftersland Network was open to all versions between 1.7.4 and 1.12 we had a lot of bugs and issues that were simply not possible to fix. Since we used a lot of protocol hacks to make it possible to join with all these different versions- Just look at Skyblock and the reason why that is currently having a bit of an issue atm? It makes every issue a million times harder, because one version of a plugin needs to work on all these versions. And they rarely do. So we were a bit stuck here, 1.13.2 version came out and the spigot developers expressed that they had to drop quite a bit of backwards compatibility with bukkit and previous spigot versions due to how huge 1.13 was. This would completely break the whole protocol hack thing. So we had to make a choice, to move forward or keep the entire network at 1.12, obviously we chose the latter, since having servers like puresurvival not be the latest version? What would be the point in that. So, we had to do a lot of work on network to get this ready, we had to completely re-do Acv1 using a bunch of custom made plugins to mirror the original game mode as much as possible. Since bruny did not want to make many changes to it. But finally we were ready to change the version of all of network to 1.13!... But it flopped. I don't exactly know why, I know we had a pretty crappy re-release, as we had gotten quite a few more issues with the whole 1.13 update. Since spigot was still in a test version and wasn't even recommended to run on a server But I feel like maybe people left because of that, or that people were just using their old updates, and when they saw that they no longer could connect to it they just jumped to the next server instead of getting a different version. I am not exactly sure. But this was a move that we were forced to make, and sadly it didn't go very well. The decline started to happen, I launched my Drop Zone project in June of 2018, hoping that a new and very unique game mode could bring some light back to Craftersland. But we know how that went So again, I don't want to say that I sat idle and let this all happen. Could've I have done more? Probably. Could it have been saved or prevented? I don't actually think so, not without Bruny. We needed him to be more ontop of these bugs, and perhaps we should even have split the network into one that ran 1.7.4-1.12 and one that ran 1.13.2+. But that would've been a lot more servers, a lot more work to get it working, not to mention it would split the community in two, sort of making the point of a network obsolete. Side note... I'm not sure how these graphs work fully, comparing the network one to the modded one, I could only assume that it takes the highest playercount of each day of the month, and then averages those values. Because that is what makes the most sense on the modded side... But I honestly don't remember a time where network peaked at 200-400 players daily, but maybe my mind is just mistaken. Which for modded doesn't make a lot of sense either, we had many months were we didn't break 100 players per day, according to the graph we do... Actually, looking at a few other figures, like daily rewards - which I can't share for GDPR reasons - it's actually an increase overall, so I'm not sure how accurate the graphs you are showing are. Regardless, it is a horrible decrease of players on network. ----------------- Yes You and I have spoken about this on discord already, but to give a bit of a recap for those who can't read our PMs ? - This was a bit of a misunderstanding on both our parts, I thought flame was talking about building something for a brand new server or minigame. And I did briefly explain with the example that is CTW, that it would be very difficult for me to implement a new map like this. However, I can more than easily add something to ACv2, but that never really came up in our PMs, or at least that's not how I interpreted it. If you guys want to make maps, then by all means. And if we don't use it today then perhaps we will further down the line, I already have a few plans of utilizing the cities from Drop Zone for something. Right, okay. But it's about a bit of pick and choose too, though? Would you guys like to see an addition of a single new map on CTW.. Which would take longer to do than make a new game mode from scratch? I don't feel like that would add anything to a gamemode which no one really plays at the moment, and people would be more eager to test a new game mode than a new map. Because, looking back at it, Yusixs did add a "new" map to CTW and that didn't really change anything. But I will add a poll to this topic That if you guys want to see updated maps for your favorite servers, or if you would prefer we would focus our work on something fresh, something new. And depending on where that result goes, we could open a new topic discussing more in detail what you guys are looking for. ----- I don't think there's much more to say about Flame's response, it was more of a well structured summary with what everyone else had said and a few new bits and pieces that I feel I've responded to above. But before I finish off this topic, I want to say that in the coming weeks I will be working on updating and fixing old and new issues, but also maybe even start thinking about a potential new server and planning that out. I also want to completely finish the drop zone minigame we have now, as on Friday me and Exief spent a handful of hours remaking parts of the plugins and server to work for 1.14.4. And as of right now there is a new little army dude in the lobby which you can use to access the server. It is not much at the moment and I am looking to make it more accessible even for those without the difficult-to-download texture pack.
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    It's finally here! The dark woods of Glaskerville is now open to the public, for those that dare venture inside. Glaskerville has been a long ongoing project where we aimed to bring some new concepts to the table, give more of a reason to do parkours and dungeons than just gold. In Glaskerville you will be collecting Tokens alongside your gold, these tokens will let you unlock special traits that are usable inside Glaskerville. You will also be able to trade them for Enchanting books- for our loyal donators this might not be especially exciting as they already have that available to in their donator-only areas. But Glaskerville aims to unify the ranks and give an alternate method of obtaining these enchanting books. You go through progression steps in Glaskerville, finding clues and unlocking new areas, all while following the storyline of the area. If you have no idea where to go after reading this, then go speak to Ronald at spawn. He'll give you some good hints to follow It should also be noted that the creation of Glaskerville required a lot of custom configuring, the config for the menus alone is 4500 lines. So there ought to be some bugs, and because of that I have opened up this topic for you to report any issues you might have: Credits: SlendyOff - Main builder Flamefurno - Assisting in building Zengz - Parkour creator Henkekalmar - Anything else
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    Current state of "Network"

    First of all, I want to introduce myself for everybody who doesn't know me. Some of you who have been here for a long time still might remember me as Seragus, (#BlameSeragus), but as you can see. I have been playing on my main account, flamefurno since late 2017. Second of all. I have a request for everybody else who is feeling motivated to create a reply after reading our posts: Please don't. As much as you want to let out your feelings and thoughts, this post was meant to give Network some attention and I think with these big walls of text, that we have more than succeeded in that. With that out of the way, let's get to the main topic, shall we? I've been part of this community for multiple years and I joined the staff team in early 2016. Although I mainly play modded, I have paid multiple visits throughout the years to our Network server and even though I don't have as much knowledge about what is going on as some other fellow members of our Network, I still feel like I should give an input here, as I have been around for quite some time and together with them, as sad as it is to say, have witnessed the fall of Network. After all, CraftersLand isn't just a community, it's a minecraft network right? There is no denying that Network has been a delicate subject for the past couple of years, Throughout the years many staff members came and many went away. Some because of personal reasons, some not. Some could not stand the downfall of Network. Some could not handle the stress and frustration Network gave when they weren't able to help, because of issues on the servers side. If volunteering staff members go away because of reasons as these, then isn't it maybe time to reconsider how certain things are being handled and shouldn't they be changed? As someone who has been around CraftersLand for over a third of his life, I am grateful. Grateful for the people I met, friends I made, opportunities I got, the laughs made, the tears I shed and just being part of everything that makes CraftersLand so great. CraftersLand and everybody part of it is like a family to me. I guess because of this, it hurts me so much to see how poorly Network is being treated. As Onion showed in his post, we can clearly see the state Network has fallen in. A steady decline during the past one and a half to two years, if not for longer. Our Network servers are a part of our CraftersLand community and I am sorry to say I feel disgraced by the neglect it has received. Henk, if you are reading this: Although we usually shit talk each other (which I wouldn't have any other way ) , I really think you are a great guy, I honestly do. However, with Yusixs leaving the manager team and explaining his reasons to me, I started to have some doubt in certain manager aspects to say the least. And let's kick in the door here: When I told you I was planning to work on a new map for AssassinsCraft to bring some new life towards Network, you said that bruny didn't want to update the map with the latest update and that it would require a lot of work. With this reply, I must congratulate you, because this was the first thing in a long time that actually completely blew me away. Network has slowly been dying, ofcourse it takes a lot of work to rebuild that! And unless you are also against updating the map: You are the manager. If you think that a new map would really help the server, then shouldn't it be your task to try to convince bruny to let us help him revive network? Bruny, if you are reading this: I have never really spoken to you about anything important, as that was usually just me telling stuff to my higherups and them forwarding it to you, so for that, all I can do is thank you for creating this amazing community. However, as this community contradictionary to our Network servers is growing, I think it would be a good idea to put some more trust into your staff members. I know of the initial incident why you lost quite some trust in the first place and don't give all the permissions to just anybody. However, that era is gone. At last, I have a suggestion that in my opinion would support our growing network: Get 3 managers and if wished, give them a maximum period of being a manager. With 3 managers, there will be no tyranny and no endless discussions between two parties trying to convince each other. For everybody who read our posts, thanks for taking the time. The goal of this post was to bring serious attention to Network and I believe we have more than succeeded in that. For the higherups: Please come forward, accept the situation and stop letting Network suffer like a chained starving animal. Either kill it, or put in the time and effort to let it recover. With that, another thanks to everybody. involved. ~Flamefurno
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    AssassinsCraft - COUATL RELEASED

    Introducing... Of course everybody has heard of the Temple of Couatl, better known as the Temple of Fortunes. It is said the native residents of the jungle build the temple to pray and make offerings to their god, Couatl. For long it's been nothing more than a myth, many adventurers have been looking for it over the ages but always returned empty-handed, if they returned at all. That is, until recently... After years of hard work and effort an unknown explorer and his crew dedicated to finding the temple finally succeeded. They managed to clear a path to the front of the temple, but the trees were too dense to progress any further into the jungle. The natives were known for their cunningness and tales are told of the temple still holding riches... Perhaps it's worth to give it a look? We present you... THE TEMPLE OF COUATL! This marks the opening of the new area Temple of Couatl, featuring one main dungeon with an additional three parkours and dungeons. You will find the temple far north-east, on the outskirts of Glaskerville. Happy treasure hunting! Credits: @flamefurno - Temple, parkours and jungle @Slendy - Temple and Parkours @ZengZ - Temple
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    Hi guys, as 2019 ends and a new year starts, I would like to thank you all for all your support, for keeping the community alive. The fact that we are still here after 8 years is thanks to all of you, each player that plays on our servers and staff members. By looking into the 2019, a year ago we only had few modded servers running, we doubled the amount of rented dedicated hosts and servers, keeping all these running is getting more and more challenging but also it is still fun doing it. So plans for future are to keep existing servers running with maintenance and updates and open more servers with different modpacks. In January we will have to do some Dedicated servers maintenance, means take them down, install all updates and reboot everything. We have 8 dedicated servers, all of them are running on i7 gen7 CPU except for one that is a Ryzen 7 first gen. By the end of Januarry and beginning of February we will replace 6 of them with new intel i7 gen10 and Ryzen 7 3rd gen hardware. The nice part will be we will have more compute power at around the same yearly cost. We will post more info about maintenance or transfers to new hardware after New Year. Thank you all, have a great New Year!
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    Network Staff Applications

    With the recent increase of player count for the network pure survival server, and no network staff applications for like a good solid year, it might be a good idea to open them, plus it'd help with the huge spanish community it has. Odly enough Network has been outshining modded servers recently and it deserves new staff so it'd be a good idea to open the applications. Just a thought
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    Good afternoon ... Today I want to go to the whole "The Network" community to make a proposal, a suggestion and perhaps a solution to some of the server problem "I want to focus specifically on the Pure Survival mode" This is what I think. Since it became fashionable on the server "Among the sponsors" to ask for access to "WE" has become problematic, both by creating structures with base stone, destroying contructions of other users and abusing it. Lately I have noticed that the "Sponsors" use the //we to give to the other players, as is that? simple. They only mark a base with such a command and permission and copy blocks of value as "Diamond Blocks and Emerald Blocks" or simply from some block that serves a player. Clearly the manager of the server can control this with the console, seeing the logs of the players and so put some prohibition, but being honest sometimes they do not have time for that by having obligations and it is a little.. Solution: (From my point of view) From my point of view, the solution would be that the sponsors cannot use said command in protected areas and that the blocks generated by them from said command // WE exit with Spawner by .. This would avoid duplicating blocks, emeralds, diamonds, etc. .. Or just remove the command .. ¿Why should the command be removed if it is a "Tool" requested in the forum? Simply ... the // WHAT is an administrative command, a command used to create large constructions that in my opinion should not have a user "Sponsor" The sponsor has access to the /gmc command I do not think it necessary that said rank with the commands that it has amerite the /WE as I said.. It’s kind of annoying for the staff to be always fixing these kinds of problems when they can just be avoided.. Note: I am also an operator of the // WE command "Regarding the /GMC command" With respect to this command it is clearly very difficult to remove it because for this you would have to agree with the server managers.. From my point of view I consider that since this command there have always been abuses of the, simple patrocidadores duplicando item and always this asks the give to users in some way or other that the server tries to block it always this. I have considered that it would be better to remove the command of such modality since there are always duplicates and things that generally problem for the server... As a solution I think It would be better to create a /Warp which allows the sponsors or drivers of /gmc to get all the assets of the gm, to each item of alli create a Spawner by global, example "Spawner by VIP" so that only the ranks with access to the gm can get it, Duplication would be avoided, problems for the server would be avoided and staff members would be spared work because they would not have to worry about such things and would be a community and a cleaner mode of play.. In the same way, the / item command would remain, without having / gmc it could be used and it would be a great advantage Note:The truth would be much better to be in the mode without this command, because personally it always brings chaos or problems for the server, duplicates and more. Older users will remember that there was a disaster in version 1.7.2. which was because users with /gmc found a way to create unbreakable items, immortality positions, 127 level incantations, damage positions with 10000 damage, arcs etc. from that point the server is forbidding players.. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid that problem and just create more order with the commands? The solution at that time was only to give an update to the server, placing it in version 1.8 that version also took over these items, not so much with in 1.7.2 but if they were seen. Lately, the server is prone to the same problems happening again ... because there are already tools to do this type of item again ... If it happened once, why can't it happen again? If there is any other problem regarding these fixings or do you have any other fixings let them know in this post, I want the greatest possible attention and the most opinions from different members of the server
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    Hello guys! It's been a while now since we've talked about what has been going on behind the scenes on network, what's being worked on, what's completed and what are our future plans for the coming months. First and foremost, Drop Zone! Ever since Dropzone was updated to 1.14.4 and re-added to the server selector, we've been working on polishing it up and fixing a few of the crucial bugs that occurred. And here are some of the bigger changes that were made: Bugs and additions Fixed a bug that let you sometimes shoot through walls Fixed a bug that made your weapon get stuck in your offhand, and would only get fixed by you dying. Fixed a bug that had to do with a huge lag spike every time you would die, fixed by implementing an improved respawn system Added killstreaks and a killstreak reward every 3rd kill, that lets you reroll your weapon. Updated the resourcepack to a 2D pixelart, as the old resourcepack gave complications to half of all players. Visual Added a NPC at lobby to use to connect to the server Added a sign that let's you rightclick to join the gamemode Added every weapon with it's stats at spawn Set up the Resourcepack to work as a server-resroucepack or downloadable through a LINK Added a server selector as a join item, as well as a discord, resourcepack and buycraft informational item. And this is the current state of Drop Zone, there is still some work to be done and a few more bugs and features that I would like to get. But grab a friend, hop on and give it a go! And feel free to give any feedback about the gamemode, personally, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I enjoy playing more than I thought I would. And I've heard other say the same Don't be shy! Secondly, Glaskerville! To me it seems like this is what you guys are most excited about and eager to experience, which is why during the past month we've put our main focus on bringing you this new addition to AssassinS. For you that haven't heard anything about this and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the teaser announcement made about a month ago: But today I want to talk to you guys more about what our plans are, and where we are at, and when you can be expecting it to be released to the public. The whole philosophy with Glaskerville is to put a greater focus on RPG elements and custom features, and at the same time give you a reason to revisit and replay the parkours and dungeons within this city that is more than just pure gold. When completing dungeons in Glaskerville you will have a chance to earn one or more Tokens that will be used to purchase upgrades to the shop inside the town, that will then offer you better deals, some of which might be tied to a cooldown. You will also be able to purchase "effects" that are exclusive to inside the town that will make your time in Glaskerville a bit more... comfortable. The town will feature 3 full length dungeons and numerous traders for you to find. The town has also gone over a visual overhaul seen in the picture above. The left is the before, and the right is the after. There are still one dungeon left to build and a handful of features that needs to be properly implemented. I've stressed before how difficult it is to put a "release date". But right now we're looking at e release of around mid October, but Halloween at the latest. You guys voted on a previous topic what you guys would want to see next from Craftersland, and that vote decided that you guys wanted to see a brand new server added to the network. And that is still very much our plan as I've slowly started working on it, but what kind of server it'll be has yet to be determined!, So if you've got any ideas or suggestions please post them as a response in this topic or create a "suggestion" topic. The current pipeline: Dropzone - 90% done Glaskerville - 60% done Bringing back old ACv1 dungeons - 30% done New server - 10% done
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    Network - Glaskerville

    Soon to a forest near you. Glaskerville will be the new up and coming addition to AssassinsCraft, it will include a wide range of dungeons and parkours. With the addition of a few new shopkeepers, selling you rare and new items that can only be obtainable in Glaskerville. It will also have a new mechanic to help you navigate these dark woods. Glaskerville será la próxima y nueva adición a AssassinsCraft, incluirá un amplio área de dungeons y parkours. Con la nueva adición de unos nuevos aldeanos, vendiéndote raros y nuevos items que solo se pueden conseguir en Glaskerville. También tendrá una nueva mecánica para ayudarte a navegar entre los bosques oscuros.
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    Current state of "Network"

    Bruny we know you see / will see this but please don't take it for "another one of those". This is a post that just describes the state of network perfectly and hopefully it won't be neglected the way it's been for I would say close to 2 years. Might not seem like it's been 2 years but network has been going downhill for so long and it's been sugarcoated for just as much. I think bruny's attention and just solid staff that we know we have can make the server better, because it's just a shame seeing potential just fly by. I don't want to repeat anything else said prior to this reply, but I think many players will be happy to come back to this server eventually. This is just something I've had on my mind ever since I've seen where network ended up. I really really hope this server can be brought back to what it's been because it has been a pleasure playing on it in 2015, when mostly all was going good. ❤️
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    Due to some issues with the database of the Players Market on AssassinS Craft server, we need to do a database reset for the market, this will remove all existing listings. Please do not add more listings on the market and cancel any existing listings you may already have so you do not lose the items. The Market WIPE will take place Monday 27 April. Thanks!
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    [Complaint] Mikewerf

    Hello, thank you for your complaint. We have discussed with our staff on professionalism and how to handle scenarios such as bases causing lag. As it is difficult to detect the source of lag on Tekkit, we try to reduce areas that have a large process. By this, I mean places with lots of machines, conduits, pipes and so forth. Below, I will go through each screenshot of your base to try and make adjustments to prevent further lag on the server. Even though your base may not be the source, it’s better to make adjustments to prevent any possible lag on the server. [1] Removing itemducts and fluiducts from the enchanting system The setup doesn’t look that bad, it’s likely it wasn’t even causing lag. However, you could easily improve the setup. I imagine you are enchanting books right? In my opinion, I would use ME export buses/import for the items, and level emitters on the export buses. The level emitter will check the ME system for the specified item, and how many it has stored. This will make it so the enchanting is only active when there is a shortage. This setup will also reduce the number of items going through itemducts, which can cause lag. [3] Fluiducts connection removed to the fusion reactor I haven’t seen your fusion reactor setup at all. However, just looking at your setup, it’s very inefficient and needlessly large. I also don’t recommend having multiple Fusion Reactors setup above each other, in the same chunk. This can cause heavy lag. Your fluid storage also seems pointless. I recommend using ME fluid storage. You can store much more fluids, you can even use the partition editor to make each storage cell storage only 1 fluid type. Using this ME fluid storage, you can transport the liquid from a remote location with the Ender Tanks, as you have in the image. The setup I recommend for a Fusion Reactor is the one I use. Go to /t spawn EpicVille if you want to have a look. If I was you, I would use the Fluid Transfer Nodes and Energy Transfer Nodes. This will also give you an extra spot for an electric turbine. If you have the transfer pipes going to the bottom of the Fusion Reactor, you can transfer both power and fluid with one pipe. There is no need for any upgrades to the transfer nodes. This will reduce the amount of storage space required and the number of fluiducts you have. Power can be transferred with a tesseract. For the turbines themselves, I recommend using Redstone Energy Conduits, as these transfer the most power, and the energy transfer nodes can make a lot of lag when used in large quantities, mainly on Fusion Reactors and Fulmination Generators. [4] All cursed earth changed to grass Just one look and I can already see a major flaw in your design. Too many mobs in one single chunk. Yeah, this causes lag. From what I was told, the grinders were not killing the mobs quick enough. I recommend having a maximum of 4 floors per chunk, two mob grinders should be the minimum for a mob farm using cursed earth. Second flaw. Your grinders are connected to regular chests. This is probably why there were a lot of mobs not being killed. When the chest is full, and in this case, it will have gotten full quickly, the grinder stops killing mobs. This is because there is no room for item output. To fix this, I recommend placing an enderchest. Connect the enderchest to your ME system (have an enderchest near your ME system with a precision import bus connected). Now I know that mobs drop a lot of useless loot that can fill an ME system pretty quickly, like armour and bows. To fix this, connect multiple fuzzy export buses to trash cans. You can then choose which items are deleted. You can use the damage indicator to only delete items that are under the specified damage value. By default it’s at 99%, meaning anything that is slightly damaged will be exported to the trash can. You can also use an ender tank to transfer the mob essence from the grinders to your ME fluid storage (as mentioned above). Place the ender tank underneath the grinder. [5/6] Fluiducts, Conduits and Itemducts removed from snowball gen and ice block gen This setup is not too bad, but I recommend reducing the amount you have. You don’t need this many for snowballs and ice blocks. [7] Turbines changed to obsidian This is a likely cause of lag due to its size. Heck, I’ve had 5x5 Fusion Reactors turned to obsidian before because it was causing a lot of lag. Reducing the size can help towards this. A small reactor, like a 7x7, produces a good amount of power. With this, adding together with your secondary reactors, is just excessive. [8] Fusion Reactor blocks turned to bedrock Blocks turning into bedrock is usually some by management because that specific block is causing lag. For the Fusion Reactor, making adjustments as mentioned above could prevent this from happening again. However, if it does, get a staff member to replace it, and ask if there is anything that can be done to prevent it from happening again. [9/10] Fluiducts and Impulse Itemducts removed from Stone/Obsidian gen For starters, the link for [9] is the same as [8]. Similar to the snowball gen, just reduce the amount. This many is not needed. 66 of these is just excessive. You only really need about 10 for stone gen and 10 for obsidian. I also recommend using ME import buses, this way you can use a level emitter to stop production when you have enough. This will reduce the lag by quite a bit as the machines won’t be constantly running. [11] Transfer Nodes, Transfer Pipes and Upgrades changed to obsidian A large number of transfer nodes/pipes will cause lag. Especially if you have them all decked out with speed upgrades. For a cobblestone generator, 1-3 transfer nodes with speed upgrades are plenty. There is no need to have around 60 or more of these. [16] Another town having 1k laser drills If this is the case, they will be removed. I assure you of this. [18] Laser farm at the space station Laser drills at a space station don’t always cause a lot of server lag. However, this can be checked with /cofh tps (for normal players). If there is a lot of lag, this command shows which dim is being affected the most. If the lasers are still a problem, try reducing the amount. Some useful advice to reducing the lag I have probably already provided many ways you could adjust your base to reduce the lag. I’m going to say a few more things that I haven’t said. For starters, reduce the amount of PAs you have. 15 just isn’t necessary. 5-7 is more than likely enough. Sometimes PAs stop working, this is because of the Atomic Electromagnets changing to regular Electromagnets. If this happens, contact an Admin or GM to change them back. You should stop the PA if it’s broken, no point keeping it running. Spread out everything. I say spread out, but what I mean is just tidy your base it. You should create areas for specific purposes. Ore Smelting, Storage, block generation such as cobblestone and obsidian, ME auto crafting with machines (Using ME interface with Furnace, Pulverizers, etc), and so forth. If you separate your base into sections, it looks far neater, and can even reduce possible lag. If everything is in a specific section, you can easily reduce the number of cables, conduits etc. Last but not least, when something is changed to obsidian or bedrock, it's because it is likely causing lag on the server. Most of the time this is carried out by management to reduce server lag.
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    Our AssassinS Craft Network vanilla server is now fully update to spigot 1.14.4! There are still some issues that will be fixed in time after some more API updates, the main issue that we were unable to patch is the AssassinS Mask Skin not applying this requires a lot of changes to an external API we use, it would take too much time for us to update so we will wait for official 1.14.4 udate on that API for now. Changes: Updated to spigot 1.14.4 API Updated all plugins for 1.14 API Fixed Crate Key and Grappling Hook conflict. Fixed a bug that made Anvils sometimes break Moved the server to a new dedicated host for better CPU load balance. Become a master Assassin! mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
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    Hey! Me again your favourite essay writer , nah this is a suggestion post , as mentioned by Henk in his reply to our Current state of Network post, that he'd be open to doing more events, and seeing it was Craftersland's 8th birthday recently, why not a massive Craftersland wide PvP tourney? for fun, bring the modded and network community together for an event to celebrate everything that CL has acomplished in the 8 years it's been around? There could be Teams/Solo/Duo's maybe in Assassins Craft? Someone could stream it? y'know something different and fun todo, and of course the bragging rights ~RamRam
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    Craftersland Server Trailer

    Made a little server trailer of the craftersland Network server actually planned to do it 2 years ago but forgot about it. Hope you like it
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    32,767 items

    So you thought the best way to let us know of the issue was to abuse the bug and ruin the economy and player experience? All of that when you could have just reported it to multiple staff in private and not make matters worse. There is absolutely no excuse for what you did, and that's why you got banned. These problems are getting fixed very soon anyway. Was the attention you brought to yourself worth it? I don't think so. It's a really stupid idea that will get you banned for good. T/C
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    Server address: ddss.craftersland.net Our new Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles modded server is now open to public! It's running on latest recommended version 5.7b, and can also be downloaded on our launcher with optifine and vanilafix mods as optional. Make sure you read all info at server spawn to help you get started. Thanks for your support that made this new server possible, to all staff that helped testing everything so now we all can have fun! "Over 14 Months of developement (and still going ) have formed a wonderful and balanced Modpack around Extended Crafting Tables and Artisan Workshops. Almost every recipe and all configurations have been modified! This Pack comes with a large variety of powerful Magic and Technic mods. They are all balanced in each other. Use Magic Mods to give you advanteages in terms of Technology and vice versa! At a certain Point you will need to follow both paths to build powerful things. All Machines require items from different mods and are crafted in big Workbenches. (5x5, 7x7, 9x9) You will need a lot of resources if you want to master everything! Also, there are a lot of Exploration and Adventure mods to have as much fun as possible! You will find a lot of usefull stuff.. believe me, it's worth it! Currently there are 1550+ Quests in English & Pусский! The quests are custom made to fit perfectly in with the modpack. Most of the quests have rewards which help you along with other quests. These quests guide you through the pack, helping you reach the end objective." More details about this modpack you can find on the official page: LINK As our other modded servers this server also features: Economy (Server shops and Players Market) Clans (PvP) Grief Prevention cave protection. Crates and rewards Hosted on a dedicated server in Germany Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack ddss.craftersland.net
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    Our Network Hiipo Survival server is now fully updated to Minecraft 1.14.4! Enjoy all the new blocks to build epic stuff! A full server WIPE was required for this big update. Check what was added and changed in Minecraft 1.14 here: Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.14.4 Full data WIPE except for ranks. Updated all plugins for 1.14.4 Updated configs where needed. Added a new anti-cheat and auction system. Pot survival! mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
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    UNBAN xKiwer

    Hello! You were banned for ownership of clearly duped legendary keys, which falls under Rule 2 (Bug Abuse). You say you didn't give them to anyone and "they" didn't let you know. I feel like it's pretty much common sense that duping is not allowed, but it is in the rules which can be found right here on the forums for future reference. And of course, not knowing that it's illegal doesn't mean it's justified, imagine how many people we would have to unban if it did though ? As for the appeal, I don't find it appealing enough and you didn't even use the correct template. Ban request is denied. T/C
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    Current state of "Network"

    At almost 6000 characters written already, I think I will take a break and resume my novel after some sleep.
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    Craftersland spends quite a bit of time doing Quality assurance before publishing a server. We have a testing phase where we go thru tons of reported issues and fix as many as we can. This is all so that we can bring you the best possible server for when it launches and thruout it’s lifetime- granted, all issues can’t be found or fixed this way. A lot requires testing or just stumbling across. This also includes potentially new plugin development. So, we yet don’t have an ETA. The server will be published when this phase is completed, but to give you a very rough estimate... at best it’ll be in a few weeks. At worst, probably more like late-late august/early september. But don’t quote me on that there’s a lot of things that needs to be done by then, - and if we need to make any custom edits to mods or create plugins from scratch then time carries away pretty quickly- and this all makes it hard to give any sort of estimate. There are too many factors to go thru as of yet
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    1.I think we should add Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles. It is updated to 1.12.2, has over 1550 quests, and has something for everyone such as tech, magic, and exploration/adventure aspects. 2. I also think that Enigmatica 2: Expert could be added so that we have another expert level pack other than IE and OmniFactory(LagFactory). This is also up to 1.12.2 and has over 650 quests and also has tech and magic mods like my number 1. 3. Final suggestion if Greg Tech New Horizon. I'm not sure what version this one is up to yet, but I feel that having another greg tech pack other than Omni would be nice.
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    Hi guys, So last FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 server WIPE was on September 26, 2018, more then 8 months ago. There is still room on the map but some users requested a server WIPE. As of all WIPE's all data will get a reset except for ranks, new map seeds will be generated and we will provide a download link of the old map. Check the live server map HERE! Please vote in the pool above and let us know if we should wipe or not.
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    Ok, WIPE will take place later today.
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    Top Voter Winners | April 2019

    First and foremost, I deeply apologise for not doing March top voter winners. There was an unforeseen circumstance which prevented it, but I won't make any excuses. For this month's winners, I won't be adding Interactions and SkyFactory 4 as they have only recently been released. Fear not, they will be counted for the May winners. Congratulations to the April winners. Cabalmaster has now had 4 wins in a row!!! Truly amazing, keep up the dedication. You truly are the Vote King. April has truly shocked me. There has been an unexpected outcome for this month's winners. There are 3, yes 3!! Winners for Revelations!! I am truly gobsmacked by the dedication of the players during April, the vote count has been outstanding. We have a new contester this month too. Let's have a round of applause for Stoneblock 2 for making it into the race for the Top Voter Winner!! ? TOP VOTER WINNERS The April Top Voters are: Tekkit: cabalmaster Skyfactory 2.5: _Fischi Skyfactory 3: Scharlie1 Sky Adventures: Ziboo DireWolf20 1.7: Zaphod_965 DireWolf20 1.12: BrownNSpicy Revelations: Mfauz, Schneewolf1982, Smestad Infinity Evolved: Llaya Continuum: RUkiddingMeBro Stoneblock 2: LayaElisabeth Network: Osoriope On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! (ranks will be given shortly after this post)
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    STAFF RANKS - Explained!

    Hello, for quite a while I've received questions from both players and staff about what each staff rank represents and Powerwarp once intended that a post like this was made but he never got around to it before he retired as a manager. And this is to also explain the different prefixes you might see ingame. There are currently four members in the management group and I think it's best to start with us before diving into the staff group, as our duties and responsibilities wary a lot. So in descending order we've got: This is brunyman, he is the sole owner of Craftersland and he mainly performs the maintenance's we have twice a week - on mondays and fridays - consisting of anything from refunds, rollbacks, command requests, password resets, sometimes rank transfers. He has unlimited access, hence the "Owner" part and can therefore perform all duties. Some that he shares with Yusixs and myself. There are a handful of things that only brunyman can do however: - Password resets on Network - "Fixing" major hiccups with server - And some donation issues This is me, my permission level is the same as Yusixs and it consists of full server access with file and console, as well as buycraft. While this allows us both to do essentially everything there are a few things that we don't do due to uncertainty, lack of experience or to await judgement from Brunyman. While our permissions are the same our duties wary as we have split what we both can do. My duties include managing staff, creating applications, picking new helpers, dealing with promotions and activity checks for staff. Helping with everyday staff incidents. I also develop new servers for Craftersland, while in the past both me and Yusixs have created DW1.10, DW1.12, SF3 and Revelation I am currently working "solo" on a network project that some of you guys might've seen in the server menu on Network. And by "solo" I mean without Yusixs, but I still have a team of 9 people. I maintain the servers and also deal with donation issues, such as command requests and rank transfers, as well as general issues. Do note that the prefix Brunyman, myself and Yusixs chose can be bought in our donation shop and it does not reflect our permissions as it is just a prefix. Check the buycraft store if you are interested, it's labeled " Fancy Animated Tag Dragonlady is the newest addition to our Manager team and is a some-what new concept and we like to call her a " Super moderator". What her permissions are is that she has full PEX or Luckperms access- meaning she can grant players permissions or assist with staff permissions. This is very helpful for us since that means she can help out a lot when there are rank transfers, promotions or helper applications. On top of that her ingame rank is GM, but what sets her apart from all the other GM's - except what I just mentioned above - is that she is GM on every server. Meaning that she can be available to help regular staff issues anywhere and in no time at all! Now, that's all for the manager team and let's briefly go through the staff ranks, some of their permissions and duties. This is the GM+ rank and unlike the rest of the ranks this one is very special and has a bit of a story behind it. The original requirement to be promoted to GM+ was that needed to have extremely good activity on the server(s), discord and forum. This was meant as a very competitive rank as one server could only have 3 GM+'s at the same time and would you slack off one month you could easily be switched out for someone who was previously a GM. It was meant to be a very fluid rank and to encourage activity when you reached GM, however it wasn't achieved very well, since everyone who was GM+ and had to go down to GM felt that as a demotion while in reality that was how the rank was meant to work. It was a very difficult rank to work with and for many other reasons Brunyman decided a year or so ago that we would slowly remove this rank from all of our servers. At this rate we no longer have any GM+'s on modded servers but we still uphold the GM+ on network since it was so hardcoded into Staff's mind and was something many had set as a goal a long time ago- I wasn't about to take that away from them. The permissions and duties are the same as GM and all ranks below, plus the right to request staff permissions like spawn bypass and worldguard. On network they also have permissions to change loot chests and add new ones, as well as make changes to the to the map itself(Not on CTW, but for ACV1 for example.) GMs is in most other cases the highest rank as staff and has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. But what stands them apart from Admin is that on some servers they have access to the entity profiler, which essentially is what let's us scan the server for chunks that are laggier than others and address them. They can also perform ingame money refunds. They also have permissions to reset passwords and on some servers also the ability to perform manual restarts- Which we never advice for since the plugin we have automatically detects if it's laggy and restarts. Admins has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. It is also the first rank in which Worldedit is given, as well as the ability to reset nicknames on donators - for profanity reasons. - They are also the first rank which has access to "Mytown Admin" which lets them edit anyone's town, adding members manually for example or disbanding abandoned bases(Notice: That if you request a base to be disbanded the base will also be /regened) Moderators has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. Moderator is when you start getting access to the fun stuff- You get things like /vanish as well as the ability to tp to players or positions, spawning in items - for refunds - and to check offline player's inventories and also edit them. They can also Moderate the auctions and Marketplace if needs be. Judges has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. What sets Judge apart from Helper is the ability to Jail, kick and tempban players. While they don't have very much use for ban since most of the rules which results in bans needs a moderator+ to investigate. But this is the point where we gradually start adding permissions to staff. Helpers has the duties to moderate the servers, moderate the forum and discord. Here is where we all began, everyone that's in staff was once a helper - well, apart from brunyman. - even myself. This is the most basic rank and for many reasons stands as the "trial" for staff. Often to test if the player in question is committed enough to be active until they reach the higher ranks. So for these reasons the helper's permissions are somewhat limited- They have access to check IP's and see who's ban evading. They can check offline inventories but not edit, they can talk in staff chat and they can warn and mute players.
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    CraftersLand Launcher v1.1.1! (Me, Henk and Brunyman were discussing ideas to be brought into CraftersLand back in May) And so it began, I embarked on the task to get it done after my exams (well, a tad bit after but oh well) and it went great! Albeit, it took me a couple of days to learn the ins and outs of this but it should contain almost everything you need for your experience on the server with the addition of optional custom Optifine and A LOT of other fancy features which i'm sure you all will enjoy. Best thing about this is that even cracked players can use this launcher! The modpacks available in this launcher are all of the ones we are currently hosting right now and will be updated whenever an official FTB update is released. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything to update the modpacks, the launcher does it by itself! This launcher is also capable of smart-updates, meaning that you don't have to re-download the entire modpack whenever a new update comes out. For all of you who play on our Network server out there, you are not left out either. I added in 2 "Forge Vanilla" modpacks which are MC Vanilla version 1.8.9 and 1.12.2. These vanilla minecraft instances have a lot of optional mods which you can choose and the server IP's are already included in them so you can launch these and join the server without any fuss. Screenshots Features Support for both Cracked and Premium accounts! For cracked players, enter your name and click "Play Offline". For premium players, enter your ID and Password and click "Login..." Custom Recipes on our Revelations, Infinity and Skyfactory 2.5 have been added client-side, so you all can view these recipes in NEI aswell. TTKami config tweaked for Direwolf20 1.7.10 (Allows you to unlock TTKami Research on our server) Automatic Console Window opens in the background to record errors for quick copy-pasting Each Modpack already has it's own respective CraftersLand IP already added into it Forge Vanilla installation with a handful of useful quality of life mods Fix Direwolf20 industrial foregoing client-side crash with a patch Shaders included in Forge Vanilla 1.12.2 (Disabled by default) Schematica mod added as optional for every modpack Optifine mod added as optional for every modpack ReAuth mod added in almost every modpack Smart-Updates capability Discord RPC added for every modpack running in MC version 1.12 Vanilla Fix added as optional for every modpack running in MC Version 1.12 Download Below Note: There are 2 types of launchers, normal and portable. Normal one will download and install the modpacks in your My Documents folder (C drive). Portable one will download and install the modpacks wherever your launcher is (do not delete portable.txt else it wont work!). Note: For Mac and Linux, use Universal Normal or Universal Portable. Note: Java 9 and Java 10 will NOT work for this launcher, please use Java 8! Note: If you are using 32-bit Java then the maximum memory you can allocate in options is around 2.5GB, any higher and it wont run The following texts are click-able Windows exe | Mac OS | Universal jar | Universal Portable jar
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    Greetings! @brunyman allot of players including myself have been talking about this next server wipe It’s been roughly 5 and a half months since the last server wipe and there are a few point to consider when wiping. Server stability, Playerbase, time since last wipe. the server stability it average if not below at this point it is not bad but only will get worse as we see more and more restarts that are required. player base: Staggered in the low 10s usually TSLW: 5 months. in my option we could do for a wipe but it’s not needed. i want to hear everyone’s opinions on this subject
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    1] In-Game Username: Discord name Geeky#0169 [2] Details of Situation: this part is where i am really confused about, so i got banned from the craftersland discord server without me doing anything and i really hope you can trust me on this but i dont know why and what happened but i was a like stand in my city and when i come home i was banned i really dont know what more to say [3] Ban Category: idk i just got banned but some mods say that i hacked a bot or smth and bypassed something with the server and i havent done anything of that i am 13 and dont know how to hack and bypass a system [4] Ban Duration: idk maybe perm ban but i really dont know i am really confused and upset since i got no info on the ban or anything i am really confused and i dont how long ot lasts [5] Staff Member: Exief [6] ScreenShots: i dont really know what to post here [7] Your Reason: my reason to be unbanned is that i havent done anything at all i am completely inocent i dont know what happened and all i know is that a bot or someone gave me staff and i got banned for it when i didnt do anything please belive me i love this server and i dont want to leave it becuase of a false ban thankyou ~Felix its the same as the other one but this is taking so damn long so i made another one just like the other one
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    Actually, there isn't a +1 emote/reaction for this to be possible, and generally when people do +1 it allows for the managers/admins to notice the interest and hype over a certain suggestions. +1 Thonk to your reply ❤️
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    Complaint - Car

    Banned for 2 days as per rule 20- due to admission of duping and unacceptable behavior. We refuse to tolerate this kind of behavior, I hope that you take these two days to reflect on the way you act and come back with a completely different attitude, or I fear we'll be back with another complain very soon. You should know better- T/C
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