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    So this is a spare time side project that me and some old collage friends started more then 1 year ago, I did the code part while they did the graphics, animations and sounds. This game is called Taponaut, it's a small free mobile game that we did more for practice and see if we can actually do it, it's not monetized and the game idea was to control an astronaut and help him fly over obstacles and try to go as far as you can, there is also a stats area with achievements and best high score scoreboard. The game is available for download on Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store and Galaxy Store, please give it a try and leave us some feedback if you can. As a challenge try to beat my high score , give it a try and leave some feedback. Thanks! Here is the game website with more details, social media and download links: https://robotpixelstudio.com/ Apple App Store Download | Android Google Play Download Here is the game teaser video:
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    Town Permissions

    Here's a little (probably not) guide to the town permissions. Hopefully, this guide will help solve problems and clear misunderstandings in the present and future. I noticed there are a few different topics about MyTown commands/permissions but they seem to be a little outdated. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered editing them. This is only a guide for the town perms, no other commands have been added as there are other topics on it. Town Rights Everything else Thank you for reading, ~EPICfighters P.S. Feel free to ask questions and/or supply extra information.
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    Tekkit Old Map Download

    Are their any rules against stealing creations? using WE?
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