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    1.I think we should add Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles. It is updated to 1.12.2, has over 1550 quests, and has something for everyone such as tech, magic, and exploration/adventure aspects. 2. I also think that Enigmatica 2: Expert could be added so that we have another expert level pack other than IE and OmniFactory(LagFactory). This is also up to 1.12.2 and has over 650 quests and also has tech and magic mods like my number 1. 3. Final suggestion if Greg Tech New Horizon. I'm not sure what version this one is up to yet, but I feel that having another greg tech pack other than Omni would be nice.
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    Dungeons, dragons, and space shuttles has tons of exploration and adventure stuff. I bet you'd love it. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/dungeons-dragons-and-space-shuttles
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    DW20 1.7 gets new players everyday though, I don't think you should speak for servers you don't play on. This isn't about getting rid of servers anyway, it's about adding a new one.
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    Enigmatica 2 would be very nice
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    My base (with shaders)

    There are people way more talented than me haha
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    My base (with shaders)

    Hoya, I'm at it again with, now, shaders on. I hope you'll like it !
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    My base (with shaders)

    This is by far the most beautiful thing I've seen in minecraft.
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    [Command Request] World Edit

    I think your banlist speaks loud and clear, sorry, but we’ll not be granting worldedit perms
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    I would like to give Builder's paradise a chance, most packs are about progression, rushing the pack and moving to the next one and having one centered on something else would be nice. Well I know our playerbase and if it ever came out it would only be me and 3 other players there sadly xD
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    FTB Legacy Simply Magic Magic based modpack, not many will probably agree with my decision but ill just put it here. In short its a magic based modpack, unique in my opinion.
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    enigmatica 2 expert sounds like a good choice in my opinion
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    How do you please the "oooooh minecraft is tooo easy for me, I need a hardcore pack" and tech pack people at the same time? https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/gt-new-horizons There's your new server. Might as well lock the thread.
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    +1 for dungeons, dragons and space shuttles
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    Its also possible to react to the comment, as to not spam this topic.
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    Ok so ... since i obviously know what im talking about ... Tekkit Classic
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    BloodSkals' new Dragons and Kraken

    Hoya citizens from all over. I made two new dragons and a kraken, enjoy ! The kraken's head can be seen underwater, you can discover it by visiting my base through the hub.
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    [Complaint] (Zethrindor)

    This is just ridiculous. Topic closed until further review.
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    [Buycraft Issue] Vetal

    In game name: Vetal Proof of Purchase: 9CV783508F253870G Description of Issue: I bought my rank and waited more than 30 minutes in game and didnt recieve my Rank. Date/Time of Purchase: 7/26/2019 at 12:32 PM EST. Items/Rank Bought: Premium+ Screenshots (Optional): http://prntscr.com/okhlvg (couldnt upload url or post picture so got a prntscreen of it) Any other important information: Probably bought using vetal and not Vetal which is what it is in game
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    Look at my suggestions if you like those Edit: gimme a cookie
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    Actually, there isn't a +1 emote/reaction for this to be possible, and generally when people do +1 it allows for the managers/admins to notice the interest and hype over a certain suggestions. +1 Thonk to your reply ❤️
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