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  1. D34DPlayer

    [Command Request] ASOOD

    God and speed granted, we don't give enchant anymore. Be careful with speed, as loading chunks too fast can have a bad impact on the server.
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  2. Luidark


    Bueno me retiro de crafterlands ya que no me solucionan el bug adios que les vaya bien.
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  3. mikewerf

    item disappear

    Next time use the template Refunded Topic closed
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  4. Moved to Continuum Tech Support.
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  5. Items have been placed in players' inventory Topic closed
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  6. Fixed please wait up to 30 minutes upon login for it to process.
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  7. Everything looks good on Buycrafts end the commands are processing for the username JaffaC4kes @JaffaC4kes But you have never logged into Tekkit. So this is why you have not gotten the rank. Please confirm what your username is and what server you are playing on.
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