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  1. Your Name: SRCDeadWolf Item Name + Amount: one dragon a fire one that was blood red with iron armor Coordinates: spawn Description of Issue:i was at spawn and i went to put the dragon down at the brig it pop up the vanshed Screenshots (Optional): i dont have any
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  2. Account Name: Rednaxe_ Rank: S+ Requested Commands^: Basically all world edit perms or access to //set //pos 1&2 //undo or //Replace and //redo Reason for Request*: i'd like the world edit command because it would help me so much with building and expanding base. Permissions: worldedit.* or worldedit.history.undo, worldedit.history.undo.self, worldedit.history.redo, worldedit.history.redo.self, worldedit.selection.pos, worldedit.wand , worldedit.wand.toggle , worldedit.region.walls, worldedit.region.set
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  3. Bump since its been over 2 weeks.
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  4. OutlawUSA

    furnace gen

    some going to need to check the spec on theses furnace gen there bugging out on people there stop working and crashing server
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