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    Top Voters | June 2020

    Notice: You must be active during the voting period to gain the Top Voter rank. If you are not an active player, then the next player will get the rank. Congratulations to all the Top Voters!! Congratulations to ViroCMN for being a Top Voter for the 7th consecutive time! Congratulations to freeq81 for being a Top Voter for the 6th consecutive time! Congratulations to Papikus_ for being a Top Voter for the 5th consecutive time! Congratulation to cabalmaster for being a Top Voter for the 4th consecutive time! TOP VOTERS The June Top Voters are: Tekkit: cabalmaster Skyfactory 2.5: duskovec Skyfactory 3: Tank_1298 Skyfactory 4: Papikus_ Sky Adventures: Sir_stickhead DireWolf20 1.7: ViroCMN DireWolf20 1.12: Electro_Burn Revelations: Coros, BrandoLP Infinity Evolved: TzadO, _Sinipix_ Continuum: aak204 Stoneblock 2: 0815slimeboy Interactions: SlingCraft Ultimate Reloaded: Paaat89 OmniFactory: Ketoconazole Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles: freeq81 RLCraft: sxranger Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: pinochet777 Project Ozone 3: Slyklaw Network: DongSniper On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! Ranks will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly on Discord. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28074-monthly-top-voter-rank-rise-above-them-all/
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    Glaskerville Fly bug

    Description of the bug: Whenever you fly near glaskerville using the Sponsor /fly permission, it gets disabled and sometimes you even die to fall damage. Also while being in glaskerville it cant be enabled again. Why it should be fixed: The sponsor rank is a quite expensive rank and it says in its description that you get access to fly without saying it wont work in glaskerville, so as someone who bought the rank i assume that it also would work on the whole map. If it is intended I either would like if you could enable it or mention in the sponsor perks in the store. Anyways i don't know if its intended or just a bug, anyways it would be nice if it would get enabled.
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    Town Rollback Sorry for the delay on the rollback, if anything is missing please make a list below for a Refund Request.
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    Our new server is now open to public! It's running on latest version of Pixelmon Reforged 8.0.2 and you can download the modpack from ATLauncher, Technic Launcher or on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods. Server address: pixelmon.craftersland.net As all our other server this features: Economy with NPC Traders and Player's Market Clans Build and Adventure worlds GriefPrevention as land claim Crates Gyms and Quests Daily rewards and more! Download our launcher HERE! Thanks to all of you for supporting our work, and too all staff members that worked hard on this server. More tweaks and improvements will come as we test stuff out. A pokemon world! pixelmon.craftersland.net
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    Solved. Topic closed
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    Hello there ! Are you a newbie trying to explore some dungeons/structures but you're tired of seeing them already explored and all those loots you could've get ? Or maybe a veteran but you didn't know this trick ? Do you think a WIPE is the only solution ? Well here I have your solution ! Simply put, all you need is a hunting dimension portal which create an alternative overworld dimension filled with unexplored dungeons/structures. It also had a lot of dragons' nests. So, how to craft the portal ? First step : Get yourself some wood (32) Second step : Craft some arrows (4) Third step : Craft some hunting dimension frame (16) Fourth step : Assemble the portal, just like a nether portal , and light it (Almost any weapon works to light it) Fifth step : Sneak on the portal and enjoy the exploration !
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    FTB SkyFactory 2.5 Map download

    Here you can download the old FTB SkyFactory 2.5 server island map, before the server WIPE. DOWNLOAD The download link will work for 30 days starting now.
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    [Refund Request] MeanManSlayer

    Your Name: MeanManSlayerItem Name + ID + Amount: Legendary Key 2xBase coordinates: 4384, -4055Description of Issue: Didn't get the legendary keys from a crate party donation by mike due to a full inventory at the timeScreenshots (Optional):
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    [Town Rollback Request] Lookchub

    Refund done. T/C.
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    Space Station removed, you should be able to create another one now. If any issues occur please post below.
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    Buycraft issue

    Packages are waiting to process, you will need to wait up to 30 mins while ingame for it to process.
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    Buycraft issue

    Ingame name - solidbang123456 Transaction ID: 28M52665V12290222 I have not recived the items ive bought i had bought ingame cash and a sheep spawner i would like to get my items more than id like a refund
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    I do not have a rollback that goes back a month. You will need to do a refund request instead.
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    You will need to follow our templates for a rollback. For a Town Rollback you use this Template: For a Inventory Rollback you use this template:
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    Refund Request Zen613

    Item has been refunded to player's inventory Topic closed
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    i'm having an issue in glaskerville which consists in trying to buy the Channeling book (or named in glasker, 'Channelning') and wouldn't give me the book but take my tokens off my inventory
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    Glaskerville Fly bug

    Hey, this is not a bug, its intended. Fly isnt allowed in Glaskerville because the intention was to bring something amazing and a new experience different from what we are used to in AC. So Ill tag @Henk so he can leave a better answer if he wants and also his opinion about what you said about the shop description
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    refund request

    Baubles refunded to a chest at base. In our experience tps starts dropping when there are 20+ players online. There isn't much we can do about it, however everyone can have their own input by for example, not flying dragons, not using heating/cooling coils etc. T/C
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    Rollback complete, if you still have lost items please post a list of items for refund. Thanks!
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    inappropriate actions - mikewerf

    i know for a fact i wasted my time making this but nobody will do anything about it until they're backed in a corner and forced to, i think more people need to make posts like this
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    inappropriate actions - mikewerf

    In-Game Nickname: MikewerfYour username (Optional): ChefbutterTime and Date: 3:00 pm 6/30/20 Description of what happened: i log on and ask my townmate (iibritish) what happened to my dog, he says mikewerf killed it for having an inappropriate name. I didn't give it a name tag so obviously I'm confused, and I say mikewerf is a (bad word) for killing my dog without talking to me about it or first asking us to change the name. I had nothing to do with the nametag, so I shouldnt have been punished for it. In response, I got a warning/kick for calling out mike. Not mad at Dono for giving me the warning, but the situation pisses me off to begin with. From what I hear from LOADS of other players is mikewerf has a track record for shit like this. Screenshots or Proof: https://gyazo.com/51a750af369ea09b4fdfea4d1ce5b58d List of eyewitnesses: iiBritishLaw
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    Im going to move the post. Please remember next time to make it in the correct section, this is Network (vanilla servers), the proper one would have been in Modded (of course in rlcraft section)
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    inappropriate actions - mikewerf

    Warning: This reply is not harassment or something else... This is what I see from my side. Chefbutter, don't get me wrong, but I think you wasted your time to make this post, as you said, its not first time when here are complaints about mike, I personally also created one. The issue is that nothing will be done about him, for him it works as when he got harassed, he punishes straight away, when someone else got harassed, he don't care and is doing nothing. (Explained this in my topic where I was complaining about mikewerf). I made complain about him on 22th of June, and even today (1th of July) here are no replies from managers, as I understand they will not be looking into cases where players are complaining about mikewerf. So from my perspective making this topic was just waste of your time, suddenly turns out I also wasted my time when I been creating my topic. Note for staff: If you find this as harassment, please note that this reply was not created to harass someone, I just said what I see from my side of view, if say it with other words, what you made me to see.
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    Top Voters | June 2020

    Congratulations to the new Top Voters
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    refund request

    Dragon Refunded T/C
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    Can you get online?
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    [Command Request] WratzZ

    World Edit access added. Note: Refrain from large-scale operations to prevent lag, and do not abuse world edit access.
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    [Command Request] WratzZ

    Permissions added
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    Refund request WaqoJaqo

    Items Refunded t/c
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    Refund Request

    items refunded Topic closed
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    Honestly you're right. The current staff are AMAZING don't get me wrong, but I do understand the concern Jaq. MORE STAFF!
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    The lack of staff for a majority of the days leaves some players unable to continue to play which saddens me. Although staff do a great job when online they are not able to be there 24/7, getting more staff members that are active at times when current staff are not will greatly improve this server in all aspects.
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    Would be great more staff online (maybe during peak hours?) #waqoforstaff
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    it does need more staff dont ban me for this
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    Mystic Key's missing

    Hey! You posted this on Network (meant for vanilla servers). I just moved this topic to the proper modded section!
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    inventory rollback request Funwitit

    Glad it is good now! t/c
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    [inventory rollback request] Lolveelol

    Inventory Rollback Complete Current inventory was placed in a chest at /home lolVeelol in a chest. Reply if anything is incorrect
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    inventory rollback request Funwitit

    Inventory Rollback Complete Reply if anything is incorrect
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    For your information, Keep inventory isn't on. Did the items despawn right after your death?
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    download link added in the topic above
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    Nice XAssassin
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    Entity Wipe/Clear Warning

    Ever had an item on the ground vanish? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. This could be a result of Entity Wipe. You never know when it is going to happen, so you can not leave anything on the ground without fear of it being wiped. I am suggesting a warning which appears in chat prior to the 'Entity Wipe'. A warning in chat "Entities are cleared in 1 minutes time, any items on the ground will be deleted.", also possibly another warning 10 or so seconds before. I play on Infinity Evolved, I encounter losing items at random times, such as: When using the lumber axe to chop down large trees there are many entities to collect, having prior indication to a entity clearing would prevent the chopping of the tree until after the clear and not losing any resources. Also when bidding and purchasing from the auction, sometimes having a full inventory requires the items to drop on the floor. In the past making space for the dropped items won from the auction are cleared because of the entity wipe. If the server was to have a notice for the entity clearing then users could wait until after the clearing to start their auction (if they are auctioning a large amount of items). also If possible limit total amount of entities in the server, when entity limit is reached then the oldest entity is deleted. (or the oldest 100/1000 entities are wiped) Then we would not need a warning just don't leave the items on the ground for so long. <but problem with this is that players are able to dump as many entities as they want on the ground (deleting all other entities of other players). Thanks for reading. Feedback is good.
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    [Command Request] WratzZ

    Permissions added
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    Why The Ban

    @MarceLOL ooof Okay xD The ban remains
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    CTW Weather/Night

    Bumperino. It's a good idea. Any answer?
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    [Refund Request] MeanManSlayer

    Mr. Dumb a.k.a MeanManSlayer found his keys in his chestplate slot. Refund no longer needed, T/C
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    [Refund Request] Konstadoulis

    Your Name: KonstadoulisItem Name + ID + Amount: pheromosa lvl 61 /deino lvl 43/deino lvl 32 /gible lvl 34 / gabite 45/ 4 shulker boxes / safety goggles /diamond pick : efficiency 4 , fortune 3 , curse of vanishing / quick claw and some other stuff that i dont remember Base coordinates: -204 78 640Description of Issue: something went wrong when i log on and i lost my progress plus inv and pokemons even though the data is still thereScreenshots (Optional):
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    Yup yup its definatly happening they aready made all the templates and such
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