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    [Unban] Joey4213

    Due to the fact that nothing concrete has been shown showing that you have not done it and the evidence that has your creative tag on it, I am going to deny the ban appeal, at this point you are just fishing for any possible way to try to get out of it and have changed your story more than once. Ban Appeal Denied T/C
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    Source: xisumavoid Official change log
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    Nice pic Jim :p! hehe How are you going?
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    [Complaint] EPICfighters

    In-Game Nickname: EPICfighters Time and date: Sun 13 Jan 17:27 Description of what happened: Player _Xflex_ has been jailed for killing 2 players, while in jail _Xflex_ used /g and /l to speak with players including me and GravityCube. DezeGames then informed us that speaking while in jail is a violation of rule number 2 which covers bypassing punishment. Later on, EPICfighters logged in and issued a 2 day ban for _Xflex_ for violating rule number 2. Now, nowhere does it say that while in jail a player cannot talk, there is no sign in the "cell", there is nothing in the rules about it. Even from my experience while I was jailed before, I could speak freely just not move about. Now it makes perfect sense that bypassing punishment in this case would be getting outside of the jail cell and speaking would not. Sure, there is a message of "You don't have permission to chat in this region!" when in the cell, however, even when not jailed that message still shows. If speaking while jailed is considered by the staff as something that shouldn't be allowed then commands like /msg, /l, /g should not be allowed while jailed, or there should be a sign informing the player that they should not try to communicate with other players. I think that the player _Xflex_ should be unbanned for breaking rule number 2 in this case since he did not have the required information about how the jail works on this particular server and a sign be placed inside the cell informing players that contacting anyone is prohibited. Screenshots or Proof: n/a List of eyewitnesses: _Xflex_, GravityCube, DezeGames, DaBe00593
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    Market Mail Command

    I believe that tekkit should get the /market mail command as many of the other servers have it and it would make life easier instead of traveling to spawn just use the command, it would reduce the time it takes to retrieve an item from your mail Thanks -DaBe00593
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    [Unban] Joey4213

    I understand what Gravity is trying to say here. Before the incident, Joey was in the AOD town. If before the first kill happened and the time he was in his home, he used /spawn and not let's say after the first kill, then that could prove that he was not there. Of course he could have teleported to an acomplice however that could be checked as well.
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    [Unban] Joey4213

    also u cant dupe keys and no i bought my own fucking rank
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    [Unban] Joey4213

    Before the incident: Joey doing his stuff in his house (you can know when this was by seeing when was the last /t spawn or /home before the incident. If between that and the time when the incident happened Joey did not use /spawn then he is innocent for obvius reasons.
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    [Unban] Joey4213

    i have read through the rules and i was not asking alarming questions i was asking arbitrary ones because the rules are not super clear with the creative shit and no the question was is it ok to give an alt creative items
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    [Unban] Joey4213

    Actually im pretty sure DezeGames bought him his rank, And no he wouldnt have had to go /home because he owned the force field he wouldnt have been affected by it
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    [Complaint] EPICfighters

    I am very glad about this, as it will no doubt help to give concrete information to players who might end up in jail in the future. I would hardly argue that the "You don't have permission [...]" message is good enough to inform the players that they should not speak in jail. Using commands such as /l /g should be treated as normal chat as it is simply specifying a channel. If that works, and the player is able to speak then they have a right to be confused about this (hence the sign). I believe this is just a case of forgetting to disable these commands in the region, however in doing so, players have a right to be confused as there are 2 conflicting sources of information, one, the aforementioned message and the other being able to speak. Since the server is a private entity and most things can be controlled, one would think that if messaging while in jail would be not allowed then the related commands (/l, /g, /msg, etc.) would not work. Unless he used a private message this would not be what actually happened, taken from my chat logs: 2019-01-13 17:17:55 [CLIENT] [INFO] [CHAT] [L] <AOD> [P+][Mod] DezeGames: Flex you broke rule 2 like insane amount of times 2019-01-13 17:18:00 [CLIENT] [INFO] [CHAT] [G] <RBT> RobotMan2412: how much do you want for it 2019-01-13 17:18:01 [CLIENT] [INFO] [CHAT] [L] <AOD> [P+][Mod] DezeGames: So after talking to Epic 2019-01-13 17:18:01 [CLIENT] [INFO] [CHAT] [L] <AOD> Nick: void: whats rule 2? 2019-01-13 17:18:06 [CLIENT] [INFO] [CHAT] [L] <TIK> [P][Galactic][Judge] DaBe00593: Bypassing a punishemnt 2019-01-13 17:18:08 [CLIENT] [INFO] [CHAT] [L] <AOD> [P+][Mod] DezeGames: your going to get banned for Rule 2. Therefore, to the best of my knowledge, Deze did not warn _Xflex_ about a rule 2 violation but simply stated that he will be banned.
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    [Complaint] EPICfighters

    Deze just said that he was there the whole time and he was talking to you about it. Not even he was sure about the violation of the rule 2. About the first punishment he told us that he teleported to another player and after 10 minutes or so he killed another guy that was close to the first one. I have no idea if this is true but I believe that is a considerable amount of time to be consider a fair kill, not to mention that he did not tp to the victim directly. I would like to know what you think about that because I consider that a situation that is not described in the rules.
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    *I Seen this in a old fourms post for sf3, Assuming i can do the same because there is a bug after so many day's you lose your island and im going for a bit so i want the file for myself to keep for memorys Island File Request Towilloughby IGN: Towilloughby Coords: -8480 128 -17698 X Y Z Coords
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    Ok guys, thanks for votes, we will open the new server soon and also keep SkyFactory2.5 server!
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    CraftersLand Launcher v0.1.2! (Me, Henk and Brunyman were discussing ideas to be brought into CraftersLand back in May) And so it began, I embarked on the task to get it done after my exams (well, a tad bit after but oh well) and it went great! Albeit, it took me a couple of days to learn the ins and outs of this but it should contain almost everything you need for your experience on the server with the addition of optional custom Optifine and A LOT of other fancy features which i'm sure you all will enjoy. Best thing about this is that even cracked players can use this launcher! The modpacks available in this launcher are all of the ones we are currently hosting right now and will be updated whenever an official FTB update is released. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything to update the modpacks, the launcher does it by itself! This launcher is also capable of smart-updates, meaning that you don't have to re-download the entire modpack whenever a new update comes out. For all of you who play on our Network server out there, you are not left out either. I added in 2 "Forge Vanilla" modpacks which are MC Vanilla version 1.8.9 and 1.12.2. These vanilla minecraft instances have a lot of optional mods which you can choose and the server IP's are already included in them so you can launch these and join the server without any fuss. Screenshots Features Support for both Cracked and Premium accounts! For cracked players, enter your name and click "Play Offline". For premium players, enter your ID and Password and click "Login..." Custom Recipes on our Revelations, Infinity and Skyfactory 2.5 have been added client-side, so you all can view these recipes in NEI aswell. TTKami config tweaked for Direwolf20 1.7.10 (Allows you to unlock TTKami Research on our server) Automatic Console Window opens in the background to record errors for quick copy-pasting Each Modpack already has it's own respective CraftersLand IP already added into it Forge Vanilla installation with a handful of useful quality of life mods Fix Direwolf20 industrial foregoing client-side crash with a patch Shaders included in Forge Vanilla 1.12.2 (Disabled by default) Schematica mod added as optional for every modpack Optifine mod added as optional for every modpack ReAuth mod added in almost every modpack Smart-Updates capability Discord RPC added for every modpack running in MC version 1.12 Vanilla Fix added as optional for every modpack running in MC Version 1.12 Download Note: There are 2 types of launchers, normal and portable. Normal one will download and install the modpacks in your My Documents folder (C drive). Portable one will download and install the modpacks wherever your launcher is (do not delete portable.txt else it wont work!). Note: For Mac and Linux, use Universal Normal or Universal Portable. Note: Java 9 and Java 10 will NOT work for this launcher, please use Java 8! Note: If you are using 32-bit Java then the maximum memory you can allocate in options is around 2.5GB, any higher and it wont run The following texts are click-able Windows Normal | Windows Portable | Universal | Universal Portable
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    [presentation] SassyBirch

    Welcome to CL !
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    Going to close this one we already got a ongoing topic The issue is expanded but Epic is going to give a really good look into the issue. Just please give us some time. There is a way of playing BUT you won't be able to go back to your base if you want to be sent to spawn ask in discord or ask on a new fourms in technical support! Thanks Link to old post
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    You are being very ignorant by even suggesting this. Just because you want your stupid shop people who use signs from openperipherals will have to suffer. Stop being so stupid and understand not everyone ignores computercraft
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    Gonna close this then!:P
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    [Refund Request] Dr0ppy

    Refunded the amount which was needed and sorted ingame
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    Refund Request

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    Unban th2468

    Hello Mumrikk! I want to try bring some clarity into what occured and which then led to this ban, to be more precise the three events that happened in a rapid succession. The first event was you using my base and ME system while I was infact offline (probably asleep at the time). Something that I atleast I know I've told you, you could use while I was online and playing. I never stated that the base was of free use whenever there was a need of something in or from it. Hence your undertone in your post, that might not have been clear enough. Which, in this case, might also be part my fault for not stating that directly. But furthermore that is where rule 8 became a suspicion as I understood it. The second event ,which occured shortly after the first one is me, coming back online from a day of studying off of the computer, to find a few of my items, as well as a autocrafting recipe, gone from my ME system. At that point of discovery two people were friended in my town, you (th2468) and Freecss. Despite asking you both while you we're online no conclusion could be made since both you, and Freecss said that u hadn't taken anything. As for me, I believed that, and I myself had no further suspicion to any of u two. But the observering player got more suspicious to see if these two events was connected. And the third event was a giant evolved creeper boss being spawned in my base, which you said was a accident with lag, which I have also told staff that u said. Truth or not, that's really only you who can say. Since these three events happened in a rapid succession in my base, and two off them was being observed, staff contacted me about it all. The information I gave staff is exactly the one I'v written hear. Explaining the situation and also stating that if these were any violations of server rules which leads to be punished, I was fully understanding with whatever the choice staff would make. And from that point on staff came to conclusion with a decision. //Max
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    ( :

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    [Guide] Creating Lifts

    There is a new plugin on the server, this plugin is the lift plugin and allowed a player to create a lift using iron blocks, buttons and signs. This guide will go through the process of creating a lift. Many thanks to Supaspork who showed me plugin and how it worked First you will need to decide what your lowest level is going to be, this will be where the iron block goes. Once you have placed your iron block in the ground make a pillar going upwards, this will be the "shaft" which the lift uses. Note: This only needs to be 1 block wide. Once you have your shaft, place a button (stone or wooden) onto one of the blocks (preferably at eye level), then place a sign above the button. For the lift to activate you will need to make a second floor. To do this increase the size of the shaft to the point where you want your floor. Add 3 blocks to the shaft (which will be 3 blocks above the floor level), here you should add another button and a sign on the top 2 blocks (button at eye level and sign above). Now you will be able to left/right click on the signs to create the lift. If you press the button the glass block will appear. Note: The glass block is the platform block for all floors excluding the ground floor which is the iron block. By repeating this process you can make as many floors as you wish, you can right click on the sign to change your destination (change floors) and going from floor to floor by pressing the button. Edit by Supaspork: To Add Names to Floors, Put another Sign Underneath the button, and put the name of the level on the SECOND line of the sign Have fun and create epic bases with the new plugin
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