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    Network Updates and Improvements!

    Closing down the old AssassinS server and releasing the new 1.13.2 AssassinS server finally allows us infrastructure changes! We updated our Network proxy servers to latest builds and fully updated our lobby servers to 1.13.2 to avoid any compatibility issues when joining with multiple versions. This proxy and lobby changes means we can also improve our login system so that the network is premium but our cracked player base can still join via passwords. The proxy servers will sort out new players into premium and non-premium and ask for passwords on the lobby for non-premium players, this also improve premium accounts security as once marked as premium no cracked player can join with their name and they are forced to login with mojang servers. This means that when a new player joins if he is cracked the proxy will send the login info to mojang servers, if that fails the player will get a invalid session disconnect and if he re-joins again within 20 seconds from the first attempt he will be registered as cracked allowing him to join and register a password on our login system. This is a big change because this means you can join as premium or cracked no matter what server address you use to connect, mc.craftersland.net, play.craftersland.eu or play.craftersland.us . On the lobby 1.13.2 update we had to re-code some stuff and do some important changes but we tried to keep some features. The plugin EchoPet was removed as it is no longer being developed and expanded our MiniutrePets plugin with allot more pets to choose from. Another big change is the permission system, as we update to 1.13.2 we need to move on from PEX to LukyPerms as it if the best permission plugin. So all existing ranks will need to be re-activated. With this being said you can only join network now with minecraft 1.13.2, the proxy servers will notify you so if you join with another version. All buycraft packages are also updated so staff can re-activate ranks, the new login system allows staff to easy reset passwords and future updates will be easier. Note, if you had a password registered as cracked and you joined as premium the new login system will force you as cracked and you will need to login, in order to become premium again we will have to unregister your password as now you can't join as premium and cracked all accounts that had a password set in the database will be forced to login if not unregistered. More coming soon! Thanks for support.
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    We got some WIPE requests, so time to vote and see if we should or not WIPE now. The existing map as a bit over 6 months, the server was opened on 10th May. You can check the current live map here: LIVEMAP Also note that on modpack update 2.0 the map didn't had a reset so a wipe will help generating all new materials in the world. WIPE will reset all data except ranks, fresh start for all. Please vote and let us know if we should wipe now or not. Thanks
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    A Guide to Less Lag

    Hello, this will be the start of a guide to show ways to build things that might cause lag in a way where they will not cause lag. I will keep adding to this post and create sections as I get more ideas or as people request. If you have any ideas or would like to see a section feel free to either message me on here using direct message or message me on discord and I will try to the best I can to make a section for that idea/topic. Mob Farm
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    Can we also get a world border increase with the wipe? It would be much appreciated Bruny
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    Yus,if we do wipe,let's implement some changes to help some mods to the spawn(astral)!
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    Astral Sorcery

    If I can I will add this to spawn in an empty section with Henk and Bruny's permission. About the price that is not up to me so I can not give you anything for that however I will ask if I can add the shrine to spawn.
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    Missing everyone. Life is still pretty tough to handle on a day-to-day basis. Maybe by January I will come back
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    Try not to put everything together, the problem seemed to be something outside of the 4 chunks most of your stuff is in though. If you can remember what you had put down to cause this that would be great ^^. If you do send a Cont staff a message about it (or me). Also, any earlier save seemed to also have the same problem. T/C
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    Advanced Rocketry issues

    Configs are fine. This is spongeforge bug: https://github.com/zmaster587/AdvancedRocketry/issues/1439 , no real fix yet, even if i manage to get to a planet then the client crashes
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    Wipe Soon?

    Infinity? Well last WIPE was on 1st August, so a bit over 3 months ago:
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    There are issues with Astral regarding the floating crystals not staying "linked" to things. It's a bit of a problem. I'm for an increase in world borders as well. It began feeling a bit claustrophobic recently.
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    Island Permission

    Instead of just adding you back I made you island owner since thstijn has been inactive for 87 days. I also sent you to spawn and deleted your other island since it had nothing on it (this makes it easier for you to get to this island since you can now do /is spawn). Staff confirmed you were apart of the island and this seemed better since you won't be automatically removed again. T/C
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    [HELP] pizzasamuel expansion

    For starters, 64 would make the island go past the size limit so you wouldn't be able to do that anyway. Secondly, you are the owner of two different islands which is why that error occurs. Instead, to expand your island, go to the island you want expanding and type /is expand [amount]. Do not use type your name since you have two island, it will only expand the island you are on. Thirdly, I don't know why it says you need Administrative permission to break some blocks on your island/ If you would share which blocks does this and the location of these blocks then it can be looked into. I have a feeling those blocks may be outside of your borders but again, I am uncertain.
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    *Stirs from slumber*
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    Verbal harrassing

    The player TreatYouBetter_ swear me several times saying puto that means bitch and he did cyber bullyng to me. He is always focusing me Proof:http://prntscr.com/li0utf
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    Verbal harrassing

    Well it is normal in spanish community the swearing and being toxic. I understand that point. If you kill them they wont stop hunting you down every single time they have the chance. Plus you have to consider this is a pvp server. Anyhow, I dont believe in toxicity. I dont think this is a proper behavior. I'll speak personally wity the user. Thanks for reporting. If you need to contact me, discord, forums pm, or even in game. T/C
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    I finally managed to fix the claim. I had to rollback the whole area by 2 days. You should be fine to join back now @Thakurz
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    [Refund Request] MMD

    Items Refunded and Confirmed T/C
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    Advanced Rocketry issues

    Have you tried this? Issue description: No moon https://github.com/zmaster587/AdvancedRocketry/issues/1045 Config: http://arwiki.dmodoomsirius.me/AdvancedRocketry/config/AdvancedPlanetConfiguration.php
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    Old Map Download

    @brunymancan we get a longer link?
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    Old Map Download

    It looks like it only lasted for 7 days. Says it was deleted yesterday some time. Perhaps he thought the 14 was how many days it would last instead of the date it would expire on?
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    Old Map Download

    @brunyman I thought the link would still work today!!
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    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

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    There is nothing wrong with astral.. idk why people complain about it so much.
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    Old Map Download

    As WIPE was complete, here is a download link of the main world of the old map right before WIPE. DOWNLOAD Link will work for 14 days starting now.
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