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  1. KayWolves

    Bug Abuse - Florecitas

    Punished. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  2. KayWolves

    Hb in spawn - patozombie97

    User banned. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  3. KayWolves

    HB in spawn

    User punished. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  4. KayWolves


    Didn't knew that you already made a unban request that got denied, so if you already had an answer for the admin who banned you, why you keep asking for an unban through messages? I knew I told you to create this one, but you already had an answer, next time follow the template for unbans or you post will be ignored. Unban Request Denied. Wait until your ban expires. T/C.
  5. KayWolves

    Player claimed next to my base

    Topic moved to DW20 1.12 Technical Support Section.
  6. KayWolves

    Review help

    Topic moved to Tekkit's General Section.
  7. KayWolves

    please ban by scam on acv1

    Greetings. First of all edit your post and follow the correct template that gerry_lmao provide you. You have to give us proofs of the scam to punish the user you're complaining about. Topic moved to Complaints Network Server.
  8. KayWolves

    Items Disappearing

    Is this on DW 1.7.10?
  9. KayWolves

    Removed Beacons and Iron Blocks

    Proofs given propperly. Thanks for taking the time to collect the evidence that those items are totally legal. The items were retrieved due to being suspicious items, sorry for the inconvenience that I could caused. I'll refund your Iron Blocks and Beacons. User Refunded. T/C.
  10. KayWolves

    Removed Beacons and Iron Blocks

    She actually can prove it, there's an option on her menu to show how many blocks has she and his friends mined. That can be a very good proof. She has to be on PS to see those statistics.
  11. KayWolves

    Removed Beacons and Iron Blocks

    Greetings. I removed your iron blocks due to may be spawned by Dante (FearThisGod) even if doesn't have the "Spawned by" tag, since he's allowed to place blocks on your protected area, and giving/placing items from creative into another user without rank, is considered as illegal. If you can prove that you mined all that Iron, I'll place it back as it was.
  12. Looks pretty good guys, looks like you put so much effort on building it. Maybe some more details and more decoration will make it look even better (just a suggestion).
  13. KayWolves

    help pls

    Greetings. The map is the same, we just added new locations and dungeons. Your inventory got resetted because all the time you didn't played on the server, after 3 months without playing, your data and inv get restored, this is automatic. Topic moved to Network Technical Support Section.
  14. KayWolves

    loss of a diamond helmet

    Topic moved to Network Technical Support Section. Greetings. Do you have any proof of when you had your helmet?. Also, this is caused by an error on the plugin, next time make sure to put your helmet in the enderchest or to not use the Assasin Mask. Wait for another staff who can be available now to refund you.
  15. ^^ ♡


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