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  1. Complaint [ Dumblore ]

    Welp, gotta say thats not that good of a complaint... going round making jokes on a server like tekkit is normal now, just learn to take a dam insult.
  2. Texture packs

    Ive tried a bunch of different packs like sphax and faithfun, but yeah, i genuienly like the default pack more than any of them i used faithful about 2 years and sphax about 4, sad thing is i basicaily cant run packs on modpacks cause well, my pc crumples by default under a pack like tekkit or UU
  3. Command Request Supaspork

    Well, you can probs just req worldedit.* (Like i did), but vanish probs wiont happen, i got roasted for requesting that once
  4. Account Name: Nukelar Time to Rollback inv: 20:05 GMT+ 0 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 20:13 Player named "ezezez" says free diamonds tpa in chat, decide to tpa for fun, turns out it was a wall made from a forcefeild, it killed me. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): Whole server saw basically.
  5. Accidental dupe?

    It happens quite a lot actually, however there more like "Ghost" items that take a game restart to dissapear
  6. S+ Money Request

    K, thanks
  7. S+ Money Request

    IGN: Nukelar Proof: http://prntscr.com/gce224 Asking to get my 50000 refunded for having S+ on the server, its part of the bundle thanks.
  8. Save the date Plz read

    You can redownload the map, aparth from that, nothing will stay execpt ranks, or a wipe would be pointless.
  9. Fly PVP and creative abuse

    We were both using powerarmour. We werent in fly. And i accidently creative tagged them.
  10. Probably around a week or so.
  11. Hell Fu***** yes, wipe this dam server already!