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  1. Account Name: SlendyOff Rank: GM Requested Commands: (Assansins Craft) acces to this plugins: Phatloots Citizens Shopkeepers Reason for Request: I have seen some dungeons that are incomplete,whether they are missing a chest or that the npc that should be there is not there, basically I ask these permissions to fix the bugs that exist and prevent those that can happen. (Sorry for being absent for so long, it's just that I lost interest in minecraft, but now that I'm back I'd like to fix the game :D). if it's not possible it doesn't matter xD :D. Thank you!
  2. Player has been banned, Thank you Aris for reporting! - T / C
  3. toyjesuYT, PaulaGamerYT, Beboerubio29 and ELMAYONESAS were banned, thank you for reporting aris!. - T / C
  4. Player has been warned. Thank you for reporting!, T/C
  5. Slendy


    I found dupps near the Biddyboom house, about BattleField i don't find anything (literally). Thanks for reporting. T/C
  6. Account Name: SlendyOff Rank: GM Requested Commands: /openender (edit) - Ac / Pure | with this command i can have control of items either duppeds or not. /back - Ac | when somebody needs help i teleport with him but i can't get back to the place that i was, this is a bit annoying :l. permission to put dyes on leather armor - Ac (permission to use the workbench?)| this is just for decoration i want to add some armor stand with color leather armor. are many commands but I really need them to speed up some things, sorry ? .
  7. I don't know if he gave you the spawners but what I'm sure is that you used them :l for the notchs error of mine not having taken a picture of the pointer in the apple, but you know they had no spawn by. by making sure that spawners cannot be obtained in any way just with commands, your unban request was denied Sorry for your history, and be careful with that :l
  8. https://imgur.com/a/3xRTgLU im not sure if you are ReivGames too but, either i found you 2 stacks of notch without spawn by and spawners
  9. done, be careful with that. T/C
  10. love u dude, cuidate y suerte en todo ❤️

    1. Slendy


      grax man igual y deja las duppeds }:v 

    2. epivman800


      no tu >:V dupped 4ever

  11. well, I need to see you in-game, to transfer all your things, you can send me a message when you can, to do this.
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