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  1. So I guess this is a thing so its time for another two cents to be thrown in. I've been here for a long time, longer than I'm proud of to be honest, I need a life. However, this also means I have seen this community over a much longer space of time and seen how it has changed and how it has developed, and sadly, how it has also taken steps backward. So back in 2015, I stumbled across the network community, and played CTW like a religion, I was never that good, never built up a reputation, but I enjoyed it and that was all a young onion cared about back then. I would say things were looking good back in 2015, now obviously the forums were clogged up at the time as Brunyman was the sole manager, putting an awful lot of pressure under him of course. As time continued, modded servers were released, the waters were tested, and workload was shared. The community was looking great, modded had a nice following across a couple of servers, and network was thriving. There were many youtube creators making content and showing the server to many others, albeit the spanish community mainly, so language barriers appeared from times to times but Network was thriving, and modded was the secondary source of players. As time went on, people came and go, and the modded community grew, servers were released and the work load increased. Am I rambling? Probably but I like a good backstory, and I can't help but notice many fresher faces and I thought Papa Onions could provide a backstory, just letting you all know that Network was the main... image (I guess) of CL. When powerwarp was here, there were many promotional activities occuring, giveaways, charity fundraisers, and many more. This grew the sense of community, brought more people together and made the network a community rather than just another server. Recently it feels like a robot operates the servers, there is 0 communication between management and players, which is vital. We want to know what you do behind the scenes and you should let us know. Why? For the reason of, at the minute many people have the idea that some people are very lazy and do nothing, giving weekly, heck even monthly updates to your community gives us, the players, the information we want. That your still there, working on the server and caring for your playerbase. Here are some graphs to feast your eyes on. Yes they are from the basic minecraft-mp website so they arent 100% accurate, but they are still very much so relevant and still show a trend. The first one, is of the network server. The far left being around 388 players, the spike in the middle last year was around the time of multiple network wipes and the release of 1.13, and the far right, this month, being around 37.... In 2 years, the community lost roughly 350 players in 24 months. Now of course people never stay around forever, but between Jan 2018 and July 2018 there was a steady decrease of players monthly. Now I'm pretty sure that Henk was the manager of network at this time, and honestly as a manager this should be picked up on right away and the question why should be asked to resolve this. Now to compare, here is the modded graph from the same website. Yes, yes, it says Direwolf 1.7 at the top, but we all know the way modded is hosted. Now for comparison, 24 months ago it was saying 147 max, now it says 257 max currently. A steady growth, and for that i applaud. Modded has been growing at a nice rate, but on the flipside, look at network. The community has gained maybe 150 players for modded (including tekkit in that estimate) but what has it lost? 200 Network players. Overall? a downgrade, however modded is still growing but frankly that may change soon, but that is another discussion for another time. So what is it im getting at, I guess this is a sort of TL;DR. As shown above modded has clearly and obviously been the centre of attention, the favourite child etc. Whilst Network has clearly been majorly neglected, some of the servers just flat out not working. As others have stated, I'm going to have to name you again Henk, at one stage you were the dedicated manager for Network, however currently Network is just a joke inbetween staff. We all know this to be true, when the question of who networks manager is the response is "Anyones guess". Which if you couldn't tell isnt good and isn't proper. Now I can understand that with the current 14 servers for modded you are running that things get busy and you can be swamped with another however many network servers on top of that. You need to moderate the load, everyone is deadset on modded whilst Net is frankly an utter mess and an embarassment to the CL name. As stated by others above, some of the server literally don't work, which is disgraceful. No, I'm not pointing this at anyone in particular, im directing this to management as a whole. People have quit staff, people have been stressed to the way that Network has been treated with them sacrificing themselves to attempt to fix it, but to no avail. Take a look at CL's history and what has worked in the past, and stop using the excuse of "Network is a hard market". That isnt the point, a hard market to gain population, sure. That however is not an excuse for the server to be an utter shambles and barely functioning. Thats my 2 cents, my word has been preached. Want my god awful opinion on anything else my dms are open. I don't want to see this community crumble like others I have been a part of. I want to see it prosper, but honestly, you have made too many mistakes similar to the ones I have been a part of that have fallen. Im just here to point them out and hopefully help.
  2. Rawr x3 *nuzzles*

  3. Please try to make a rough list of what was lost so they know what to give you Reply underneath with your list to help in the smoothness of it being done to allow for shorter wait time
  4. stop boosting ramma ;) 

  5. Player no longer wants rollback T/C
  6. User no longer wants rollback T/C
  7. So in SB2 as we all know chunkloaders require a lasso of a villager. However a handful of players have been reporting that the villagers they try to cure have despawned as it takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes for them to convert to be normal. So I thought perhaps we could get maybe a means to spawn them into the shop? Most other servers sell chunkloaders (all i can think of right now is rev with the ic2 chunkloaders) for around $1000. Not sure what drawbacks there is to this since EMC is in the game so farming villagers for drops is... kinda useless. Thanks for reading ❤️
  8. OwO

  9. Hey, can you please make another two posts using the correct format. One for the cave that needs to be rolled back using this template: And another one for your inventory since you said you lost all your items, in this one just put a note about the items you currently have that you want (your vote keys etc.) and hopefully they should get refunded when your inventory is wiped.
  10. This can be closed as all issues seem to be fixed. My EMC has been reset and the quests are working again - think it was either a client restart or reconnect that fixed the quests. Thanks
  11. Your Name: IIonionsCoordinates: -2816 101 2820Description of Issue: So I have done a full island reset and created a new team as I wanted to restart the pack and go fresh again. Problem is that I have kept all EMC knowledge, so I don't have to learn any new items which I feel kind of ruins the late game aspect of the pack. Along with this, every new quest I complete doesn't give me a reward, so if I didn't have sponsor on the server I would not be able to gain access to the crafting table as the quest reward doesn't work. Was just wondering if it was possible for someone to do /projecte clearKnowledge [player slector] So I could go back to being stupid. Im not bothered about the quest issue but it is more of a heads up in case others try to reset and get stopped because of it. Thanks
  12. You have to be kidding me... Stupidly enjoyable, something for me to play whilst waiting for minecraft to do its things
  13. As a heads up, I don't play tekkit, but I'm assuming the configs aren't changed in the mod so you should be able to use a fluid transposer to make blizz and blitz powder as a temporary source. Also deep dark is a really good place to find them but you could also try just asking others on the server.
  14. If you use a security terminal I would break it and redo the whole security setup thing with your card. Can happen that it forgets who you are etc. If not then I'm not sure and someone else can help you
  15. What you could do is ask some people who have the access on ways around the tag (some of which I know how to do). Most of them are fixable (provided functions are similar to other functions in different languages), I just don't know if they are known or not. We could always come up with suggestions as to how to help, I just don't know where to report this, it also seems pretty funny how we get extra market slots but cant use it. However IIRC you used to be allowed to use the market.
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