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  1. So in SB2 as we all know chunkloaders require a lasso of a villager. However a handful of players have been reporting that the villagers they try to cure have despawned as it takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes for them to convert to be normal. So I thought perhaps we could get maybe a means to spawn them into the shop? Most other servers sell chunkloaders (all i can think of right now is rev with the ic2 chunkloaders) for around $1000. Not sure what drawbacks there is to this since EMC is in the game so farming villagers for drops is... kinda useless. Thanks for reading ❤️
  2. OwO

  3. Hey, can you please make another two posts using the correct format. One for the cave that needs to be rolled back using this template: And another one for your inventory since you said you lost all your items, in this one just put a note about the items you currently have that you want (your vote keys etc.) and hopefully they should get refunded when your inventory is wiped.
  4. This can be closed as all issues seem to be fixed. My EMC has been reset and the quests are working again - think it was either a client restart or reconnect that fixed the quests. Thanks
  5. Your Name: IIonionsCoordinates: -2816 101 2820Description of Issue: So I have done a full island reset and created a new team as I wanted to restart the pack and go fresh again. Problem is that I have kept all EMC knowledge, so I don't have to learn any new items which I feel kind of ruins the late game aspect of the pack. Along with this, every new quest I complete doesn't give me a reward, so if I didn't have sponsor on the server I would not be able to gain access to the crafting table as the quest reward doesn't work. Was just wondering if it was possible for someone to do /projecte clearKnowledge [player slector] So I could go back to being stupid. Im not bothered about the quest issue but it is more of a heads up in case others try to reset and get stopped because of it. Thanks
  6. You have to be kidding me... Stupidly enjoyable, something for me to play whilst waiting for minecraft to do its things
  7. As a heads up, I don't play tekkit, but I'm assuming the configs aren't changed in the mod so you should be able to use a fluid transposer to make blizz and blitz powder as a temporary source. Also deep dark is a really good place to find them but you could also try just asking others on the server.
  8. If you use a security terminal I would break it and redo the whole security setup thing with your card. Can happen that it forgets who you are etc. If not then I'm not sure and someone else can help you
  9. What you could do is ask some people who have the access on ways around the tag (some of which I know how to do). Most of them are fixable (provided functions are similar to other functions in different languages), I just don't know if they are known or not. We could always come up with suggestions as to how to help, I just don't know where to report this, it also seems pretty funny how we get extra market slots but cant use it. However IIRC you used to be allowed to use the market.
  10. I saw that in the banned item list there was a liquid slime dimlet banned for lag. However, in game i have a liquid blue slime dimlet. Is this not banned or is this a slight mistake? http://imgur.com/a/ZAOjM
  11. I have premium plus on the Direwolf20 server but i lost interest in it quite a while back. Wondering if i could get a rank transfer to the SkyFactory server. Thanks IGN is: IIonions
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