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  1. Please be patient to the answer of a staff. There's not need to tag brunyman
  2. Hi sorry sir, I can't recover your enderchest. That's all what I can do. Thanks for the patience. T/C Topic Closed
  3. Please only English on the forum. And yes, a will try to recover the enderchest but it's harder. So, this can be all the process.
  4. Hi, the process is done, please check your inventory. If there's any issue, please tell me in this post.
  5. Andre, I'm an Admin too, can you tell me the name of the staff member did you talk? And If you don't have any picture of your inventory the process is longer. I'm looking in the server files to make you a rollback, please be patient.
  6. Do you have any picture of your inventory?
  7. Did you lose the items in the Survival Server?
  8. Happy birthday old mate :D 

  9. N3co_


    HI hi you little guy, how are you?
  10. Hi, please wait until a manager verify you had pruchased the rank, or if you have the ticket I will change the prefix now
  11. Hi, I want to be clear with what do you want to do. 1) Revert the fancy prefix (1 fancy prefix for 2 normal prefix) 2) Pass OnTop prefix in the account 69fpss to 69tps account and use the prefix for a color name. You now have: 69tps: 2 normal prefix and 1 fancy prefix 69fpss: 2 normal prefix
  12. Moved to the correct section Any admin of Skyfactory, you can use our template of changing prefix
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