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  1. I left CL uwu


    CL will fall because: 1. - Corruption 2. - No updates 3. - Staff destroying the sv more than the rule-breakers 4. - Conservative Rules 5. - Etc. Excuse me? Why do you say that the post is useless?
  2. Granted but I will get army from Mother Russia and I will kill you. I wish nothing :v edit: @iiΤzΑrιsmαΙτοr_ I know that you want to provoke a war ?
  3. Granted but a meteorite will destroy the world I wish safety and peacefulness
  4. 10q (If someone is curious, 10q isn't an insult, it means "thanks" or "thank you")
  5. I left CL uwu


    I will delete lololololo
  6. So the nicknames would be: 1) Vlad_Stefan27 2) YvetalQaeimer26 3) hacker_tm12
  7. I left CL uwu


    I will remove everything so you can't see lul.
  8. Mucosul* also he should get a punishment for innappropiated nick, mucosul in Romanian means something like a guy that has boogers
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