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  1. SniperWolf

    Report bb

    Lmao, south is seeing this post and instead of ban the another ones f0r bug abuse he is eating popcorn and watching this like football XDD this is too funny tbh
  2. SniperWolf

    Report bb

    Not all of them but some are corrupt af A warn? Instead of insulting like a wild animal, he could warn that guy who provoked him, idk, he deserves demote 1 - In a post, you said that you hate this community. Why did you apply for helper? Why did you start playing here? 2 - Idk what to say, you hate everyone, so the answer is obvious. @southrumble80 I saw everything Np Buut, keep in the mind that you don't affect me at all, you affect yourself. Your rank, your reputation, everything. Sooo change your attitude bro Wolf- (also, punish the other players)
  3. SniperWolf

    Report bb

    Minigame: Network IGN: YoSprinteoMaikra The names of the ones that I'm complaining about: 1 - Asona123 2 - southrumble80 3 - opaldragon03 4 - JosephGamerXx 5 - Redfoorx Situations: 1 - Smoke in Spawn [Ac v1] 2 - I'm very sure that he lied in his helper app, he said that he's 16 or 17, but in fact his attitude is worse, he insults instead of warn, as in @iHoney_69's report, also, check his banlist, it has more warnings for language. I don't think that he's 17 at all, because people at that age do not act like he does, they are more mature and they aren't like that. Jimmel is 17 and I never saw him insulting, so, south should take an example from him, me too, also, have to admit, I'm not the best, but, I don't lie in my apps.. [Network] 3, 4, 5 - Armor Bug [CTW] Proofs: 1 - https://imgur.com/a/iodMWQG 2 - This, https://imgur.com/a/VqQ4hBd, Discord PM and I have another ss but I wouldn't want to post it. 3 - https://imgur.com/a/iBwzejg 4 - https://imgur.com/a/C4v9EEL 5 - https://imgur.com/a/WbIZdSm List of witness: 1 - 2 - @mirs & @iHoney_69 3 - 4 - 5 -
  4. Minigame: Lobby IGN: iSprintMC The name of the one that i am complaining about: iiTzArismaltor_ Situation: He is vanishing himself in the lobby, but he isn't Staff at all. Well, Let me explain how do you do the bug: I think that you must be at least Premium to do this: You need to have a pet in the Fancy Pets Section (MiniMe too), then you click on disguish pet and done you vanished yourself. I consider this a bug as you must be Mod to have the /v CMD Proof: https://imgur.com/a/lRer8K0 List of witness: @iHoney_69 PD: Don't close this topic yet.
  5. SniperWolf

    Report - xXEmfermedXx

    Minigame: CTW IGN: iSprintMC The name of the one that I'm complaining about: x X E M F E R M E D X x PS: So you can see his name better, I added spaces But, as every1 knows, you can't put spaces in game, so we can't make any confusions. Situation: I was making a friendly 1v1 with my friend, and this guy was burning me when I was from his team Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Ub6oGGN List of witness: @iHoney_69 (I was making the 1v1 with him, and he also saw that guy/girl trolling me)
  6. SniperWolf

    [CTW] Team Troll

    Yes, I can confirm.
  7. SniperWolf

    Report - JOR97

    Minigame: CTW IGN: iSprintMC The name of the one that i'm complaining about: JOR97 Situation: Burning SofiaGonzalezRat when he's from the same team as JOR97 Proof: PS: I took SS 1 day ago and forgot to upload 'em | https://imgur.com/a/XUPtk28 List of witness: @iHoney_69 Today is my birthday :D.
  8. lel bug

    i accidentally sent 2 messages xdxdxd

  9. SniperWolf

    Unban Request | DmZMoDzYT

    Well, Staff doesn't ban people that does bug abuse (ONLY JOKING WITH A FRIEND), in rest, if you do that to bother others and camp them, then yes that's punishable. Also, I'll tag here @southrumble80 for you. Wolf-
  10. SniperWolf

    Report - Dark_Alpha_YT

    Minigame: Ac v1 IGN: DoYouKnowTheWei The name of the one that i'm complaining about: Dark_Alpha_YT Situation: Bug Abuse - Ropedart in Protected Area Proof: https://imgur.com/a/W5tCxAG List of witness: -
  11. Minigame: Ac v1 IGN: - The names of the ones that I'm complaining about: 1) AurelTheDark 2) southrumble80 Situations: 1) Mute Evade 2) Ok, I will explain the situation: So Aurel joined and Fear made a joke and said "Kayo", I made a joke and said "Caio", he literally got mad because I said Caio, I meaaaan.. what the heck? Well so @RuisuMC muted him and then he evaded the mute using /g and @southrumble80 defended him and didn't ban him. "Aurel" "te amo we" = "Aurel" "I love you man" And he didn't do anything. Proofs: 1) I wouldn't post it as @RuisuMC, @southrumble80 and @MiSmichuMC saw him. 2) https://imgur.com/a/KqWGk6h List of witness: @RuisuMC can confirm both @MiSmichuMC can confirm both Texture Pack: PM me DS: BySniperWolf (2 Days)#8692
  12. SniperWolf

    Unban Request - Wolfie

    I was in holidays, sorry. Whatever I say, you don't care, I give up. T/C this, I had enough of you guys making hate. I'd explain; but who cares. Wolf-
  13. SniperWolf

    Unban Request - Wolfie

    [1] In-Game Username: BySniperWolf[2] Details of Situation: I've got banned for spawn kill. Well, of course that south would ban me. He didn't approve my comments with me explaining the situation. Very nice staff, what can I say. -_-... Ok, Aris reported me for Spawn Killing, I just went to the wools, and a lot of people came at me and I killed them. Now I'm not allowed to kill others? I didn't do spawn kill, spawn kill means when you don't let people go out from their spawnpoint, but where was I? At the wools, how many times do I have to say? south has no right to ban me, aris falsified proof because he hates me the most in this server, after me is Julio. He would do anything to see us banned. (Me and Julio) Ofc that you defend Aris many times and you ban me when you have the chance. Lol how unfair can this server be, I thought that it wasn't like that, but dude I can't believe this, lol... [3] Ban Category: Temporary [4] Ban Duration: 1d, it's very low time, but still unfair ban. [5] Staff Member: @southrumble80 [6] ScreenShots: - [7] Your Reason: I shouldn't get banned because south didn't let me explain and that he hates me, secondly, he putted "4th offense" and I saw just 2 punishments. Last time when Aris reported me, they came at me and killed me and he falsified proofs. south doesn't have proofs to ban me, he wouldn't lose the chance to ban me, never, in this world. And, Spawnkilling in ACV1 and the one in CTW is very different. In Ac v1 you camp at the doors, but in CTW you wait for them to come at you. Staff doesn't understand that, they ban if you do kills, lol. When Kawaii-Desu with aaokigahara did spawn kill ofc you didn't say anything @southrumble80, because you are very fair. what can I say. At least don't close this topic if you deny me, let's discuss about it. Personally I think that you do not deserve staff. Wolf-
  14. SniperWolf

    Report - CTW

    Yeah, people came at me for the wools and I did a lot of kills. And then, ofc that you would falsify proofs, Aris.

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