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  1. Spaniard


    CL will fall because: 1. - Corruption 2. - No updates 3. - Staff destroying the sv more than the rule-breakers 4. - Conservative Rules 5. - Etc. Excuse me? Why do you say that the post is useless?
  2. The modalities of CL have died. (2018 version) 


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    2. MeJorge


      I still remember when at ctw there were 2 full games, another game with 14 and another one with 2-5
      or when in creative there were at least 8 persons active
      or when you could play minigames like tnt run, hunger games or snowball fight...
      Good times...

    3. xDrews_YT



      this is the video I made 8 months ago, and like you see there are mot than 40 players in a match.

      (and there were not even hackers!)

      now you have to be lucky to find a game in wich more than 10 players are... and at least one person is hacking

      I also planned to make CL videos again, but who wants to see a video of a server without players.

    4. FreeFallFTW


      Yup,true but staff deny it and managers don't do anything unfortunately lol

  3. Granted but I will get army from Mother Russia and I will kill you. I wish nothing :v edit: @iiΤzΑrιsmαΙτοr_ I know that you want to provoke a war ?
  4. Granted but a meteorite will destroy the world I wish safety and peacefulness
  5. 10q (If someone is curious, 10q isn't an insult, it means "thanks" or "thank you")
  6. Hello everyone! As a lot of people does not know how to play RFTB and also there are people that still needs help, I decided to make this guide. So basically you join an arena, and then you wait for others. When the required ammount of players is reached, a random player will be choosen as the beast. What will the beast do is try to catch everyone and then win. Do not let them to kill you! Run, do the parkour, and at the finish you will find a button that will teleport you to the room with op loot like full diamond with enchants, diamond sword with fire aspect and power (Idk why power instead of sharpness but it's ok), Op potions, gapples as I remember and op bow. You can also enchant I think, but don't stay on that room for a long time or the beast will kill you! Remember that they have full dia not enchanted, not enchanted diamond sword and a zapper. What does a zapper do? When they will shoot you with it, you will be blind and slowed for 5 seconds. They can use the zapper only once if it's wooden, twice if it is stoned, if it is ironed 3 times, if it is gold 4 times and 5 times for diamond. At the spawn, there will be 2 shops. The first one will be player shop and the second one will be beast shop. In the player shop, there are traps for beasts. Like cobwebs or plates that if they piss on them, they will explode. The beast shop has much more stuff like skins, zappers, traps and an option that will greatly increase the chances of you being the beast! Skins - There are skins for players and special ones for vips, premiums and sponsors only! You can be a creeper, a wither, a silverfish, etc. Cool, isn't it? Zappers - There are 5 types of zappers -Wooden (Basic) = 1 use -Stone = 2 Uses -Iron = 3 Uses -Golden = 4 Uses -Diamond = 5 Uses The diamond one is the best and the most expensive. It costs 3000 coins if I am not wrong. It is worth! As I said there is an option that forces the server to choose you as a beast on the next match that you will play. It costs like 80 coins if I am not wrong. Note that IF you play with someone that voted to be beast too, then the server will just randomly choose one of you as a beast. There is a double jump in lobby btw! If you are a normal user then you will can use it once per 20 seconds! Thats all. Hope I helped. Have a nice day and stay cool guys! Pin pls? xD EDIT: Thanks for the pin :3
  7. So the nicknames would be: 1) Vlad_Stefan27 2) YvetalQaeimer26 3) hacker_tm12
  8. Hello everyone! I was thinking of helping players who don't know what CTW is and how to play it! Basics So, basically, there are two teams; red and blue team. When you join an arena, you can spectate or join the game. To talk in the chat, just send a message (spectator chat), if you want to tell anything to someone from the red team or blue team, /g [message] EXAMPLE: /g hello guys. You must do /join if you want to join a team and play. You can be the rusher, the camper or the defender. THE RUSHER: Rushes to the enemies' wool. THE DEFENDER: Puts traps or buys kits to defend the wools. THE CAMPER: Uses kits to do kills or not letting the enemies to come at his base (Kind of defender). You spawn with food, iron sword & tools (depends the map you get wooden axe or iron axe), full leather armor (colored to greatly help you to know on which team you are and etc). and bow & arrows. Oh, forgot blocks. Also, depends the map (x2) you can get golden apples or not. (simple, not notch). Achievents Achievents.. you can get them by killing, shooting someone from an incredible distance, place wools, etc. So, if you got an achievent for the first time, then it will be level 1. You can even have level 2, 3 or 4! (4 is the maximum level, not 5 xd) What can you do with achievents is... -Appear in leaderboards -Unlock kits -Make your friends jealous xD There are 4 types of achievents: -Sword Master (you get it by killing people) -Wool Master (you get it by placing wools) -Sniper (you get it by shooting someone from a large distance and killing them) -Overpowered (I don't know much about it, but I think that you need an ammount of kills/deaths? I got it at lvl 4 when I had 1005 total kills.) Leaderboards Leaderboards are some tops where the 15 players with the best achievents are shown. There can be: -Top Scores (The score matters) -Top Wool Placers (The number of placed wools matter) -Top Melee Killers (The number of total kills doesn't matter, what does matter is the number of melee kills) -Top Snipers (The distance matters) -Top Shooters (The distance doesn't matter, what does matter is the number of bow kills) They can be seen in CTW lobby, somewhere on your screen, in the right. Scores "How do I get score?" Well, you get score by killing people, placing wools and when someone from your team or you wins a game. Kits Aaah, kits, the items that annoyed most of us. Well, they can be found in /kit, first category. You also have trash can, but the problem is..that nobody uses it xD, you can also enchant your sword, armor and even axe! But that will cost you coins. "How do I unlock kits?" - Well, to unlock them you need to have a rank, the worst is VIP and the best is Sponsor+. VIP costs 5 euros if I'm not wrong and Sponsor+ like 50. But if your parents refuses to give you money to buy a rank, you can still unlock kits! Just get the achievents required and done. If people tells you that you're noob because you use them or that you will get banned for that, don't trust them. You can read the rules wroten by Henk here. You can report also if some people insults you for using kits. Coins "How do I get coins?" - You get coins by doing kills, voting and then opening crates, asking others to /pay you, etc, etc, etc. Enchantments As I said, you can enchant your items! How? Type /kit and click on that book. Same as kits, you need coins and achievents. Also, if you want to kill someone that abuses kits, you can buy a rank and rekt him/her. This was not made to offend anyone, just to help.Have a nice day! Stay cool; Wolf-
  9. Mucosul* also he should get a punishment for innappropiated nick, mucosul in Romanian means something like a guy that has boogers
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