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  1. big report :P

    True :v Lloco does Armor bug everytime
  2. Report - CTW

    Minigame: Capture the wool My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 (Report from ArisPVP_gr) Players: 1. Speedy_CW 2. drago44 3. TheXGamer2003 Situation: 1. Armor Bug 2. Armor Bug 3. Armor Bug Proof: https://imgur.com/7elNSQZ + https://imgur.com/RPVAYtI
  3. Ban Evade [1/2]

    He said that speedy_CW is his sister's acc and i tought he is evading. if the IPs do not match then you can T/C
  4. Ban Evade [1/2]

    Minigame: CTW My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Player: ArrowCW Situation: Ban Evade from Speedy_CW Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Y5yog
  5. Report

    Network Servers: Capture The Wool In-game Nickname: Wolf_Flow111 Players: 1. WratzZ 2. Otakuyhoo 3. Elnoblegamer 4. MaxiGameplays 5. dantekillerby 6. MCMasterGamer 7. osop 8. tom_pvp_2003 9. bauti Situation: 1. Wool Bug Abuse 2. Swearing 3. Inapropiate use of /minecraft:me 4. Burning Teammates 5. Breaking blocks under a teammate 6. Armor Bug 7. Armor Bug 8. Armor Bug + Swearing + Caps + Spam 9. Breaking blocks under a teammate Proof: https://imgur.com/a/UMfyy
  6. Report

    Bump X2
  7. Key box + Vote Crates GONE? - SkyBlock

    Yes, i rejoined too, tried F3+T too, and when i asked my friend to tell me if he can see the crates he said that he can't. Maybe someone removed them.
  8. Hello, today i wanted to open some vote keys on skyblock. I went there, i was on my island and then did /spawn, when i went there i saw that the key box and vote crates gone. I decided to do a topic because i really want to know why did you remove the crates and key boxes. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/48zDv
  9. Report

  10. Report

    Minigame: CTW My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Players: 1. GamingStudios 2. minecraft5000 3. Thiagocrack 4. matias1 5. Jean_CF 6. CARRIZALES 7. chamollada 8. SrJavier772 9. DaniPlay 10. Michaellordoez7 Situation: 1. Using Full Diamond Armor Before 10 Minutes 2. Using Full Diamond Armor Before 10 Minutes 3. Armor Bug 4. Armor Bug 5. Advertising His Channel 6. Breaking Blocks Under His Teammates 7. Excessive Swearing 8. Using This Account To Evade The Ban From @Javitenis772 (Permanently ban) 9. Blowing up Teammates 10. Spamming + Excessive Caps Proof: https://imgur.com/a/uDlgb
  11. Bug Abuse - Throwing Poison in Spawn

    Minigame: ACv2 My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Player: desmondassasin Situtation: Throwing Splash poison Potions in Spawn (A lot) Proof: https://imgur.com/a/37tpP
  12. Hb in Protected Area - ACv1

    Minigame: ACv1 My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Players: EL_SASKE_123 , SlendydiegoPro Situation: 1. Hb in PR. Area 2. Rocketboots in PR. Area Proof (Video) Min 2:53/EL_SASKE_123 + 0:46/0:57 Slendydiegopro
  13. Minigame: ACv1 My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Player: TsT_Nora Situation: This user used other alts to evade the ban from the account TsT_SKRYME. Proof: (Screenshots) + He already admited it + Check His IP | Link here: https://imgur.com/a/xjmNQ PS: The first second is proof, the second one is a wrong photo, sorry. (You can also warn lolgrax for using caps and spamming).
  14. HB in Protected Area - ACv1

    Someone can T/C this, AdriStrike already banned him, thanks. ~Wolfie
  15. HB in Protected Area - ACv1

    Minigame: ACv1 My IGN: Wolf_Flow111 Player: TsT_SKRYME Situation: Using HB in Protected Area Proofs (Screenshots): https://imgur.com/a/otAh9