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  1. Account Name: donoskaroRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: Unlimited /sethome (essentials.sethome.multiple.unlimited)Reason for Request*: I have already purchased the maximum (25) /sethome addon, however I find that I need to "bookmark" many places that I tend to visit from time to time and I am already using the full 25 homes.
  2. Footnote Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide. I hope that you have found it useful. If you have spotted a mistake, feel like something is not explained properly, or have a suggestion, please send me a message on the forums or via Discord (donoskaro#9980). Credits Crafting recipe images have been taken from https://ftbwiki.org/.
  3. The above link is dead. Below is an alternative download link (courtesy of LeRamma ❤️). Here is an alternative: https://uploadfiles.io/qgo40 (expires 4 weeks from the date of this comment)
  4. The countdown is a hell of a poor job of JavaScript so I would never trust the time it says as it doesn't take into the account time zones. It's showing 6 days for me.
  5. User refused to follow the template provided. T/C
  6. Hi Infernal, Please re-format your complaint using the following template to avoid this topic getting locked:
  7. Hey weedfries, command requests are only available for people with Sponsor or Sponsor+ ranks unfortunately.
  8. This would be cool HOWEVER, think about the fact that we have creative bases that cannot be raided.
  9. For the shopkeepers plugin, currently, blutonium blocks are used as the high currency, and yellorium ingots are used as the low currency. Unfortunately, yellorium is too common (think laser drills) to be used as a currency. A better replacement would be blutonium ingots as it is a lot more rarer and would also match the high currency of blutonium block.
  10. Player no longer needs a rollback. T/C
  11. It's the same on all of them. Every server I believe, not just Direwolf.
  12. Your Name: donoskaroItem Name + Amount: 2500x Scorched Surface Page, 250x Dense Ore PageCoordinates: X, Y, Z: -4337, 67, 4616 (Please do not place inside of book binder)Description of Issue: My saved dense ore world went poof. Need to remake it.Screenshots (Optional):
  13. And yet I still can't make a closed club public 🤔😢
  14. 6. Making it Colourful You might not like the purple colour of the Access Terminal, fear not, you can change this color to any of the other 7 available, including but not limited to: blue, green, red, white, and many more. All you need are 8 ME Cables and some dye. Below is a list of colours available and the corresponding that is required: Blue: Lapis Yellow: Yellow Dye Black: Ink Sac White: Bonemeal Brown: Cocoa Beans Green: Green Dye Red: Red Dye To craft a colored ME Cable, inside of a crafting table, place the dye in the center and fill the rest of the spots with ME Cables like so: To change the colour of the Access Terminal, Crafting Terminal, or Storage Monitor, place down a coloured ME Cable and after that, place the block by right clicking on the coloured ME Cable. Alternatively, if your system is already set-up, take a single ME Cable and shift right-click on the side of the block while holding the cable to change the colour, then remove the cable. Below is a short video showing the 2 different methods. Protip To convert coloured ME cables back to the standard, purple, variety, just place them inside of a crafting grid.
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