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  1. You need to buy it separately, or you can transfer your rank from one server to another!
  2. Yes, but it's via applying when the applications are open, you'll see a notification on the forums annouincing that they've been opened Look forward to your appliation ❤️
  3. Yes, I was banned before, infact twice. My actions were rule 2 aka bypassing, and were handled correctly by the staff team, I took my 2nd ban as a sign to change the way I act and reformed, I don't see why you need to use this as a justification in your complaint If I'm totally honest.
  4. Hey, I think this would be an amazing addition to the Continuum Server for a couple of reasons, which are: The free lava at spawn, currently as it stands the free lava at spawn is not chunkloaded which results in anyone using the littlest bit of lava from the tanks instantly drains it, so it being un chunkloaded defeats the who purpose of having free lava at the spawn, same goes for the free water. People's bases/space stations etc, as you stated on discord, it's annoying to have to go back and forth to remake materials because you cannot chunk load your ME System with a quantum ring, and a chunkloader would be able to fix this, it would also be able to fix power issues that could occur such as someones reactor or solar panels not being loaded so their machines that require power won't get that and do their jobs. I was looking around for alternatives to add as chunkloading that wouldn't require other users to install mods and what I found was: https://github.com/KasperFranz/BetterChunkLoader I managed to get it working with a few hiccups, it's all depending on the server managers if they're willing to implement this, but overral I agree with your suggestion of adding chunkloaders, it'll improve the overall quality of life for continuum. But as it currently stands I don't know if the managers/bruny has anything planned for Continuum and adding chunkloaders. Thanks for the suggestion and I hope it gets implemented into Continuum, since it'll help out alot of players.
  5. This appears to be a Mojang authentication servers to be down, nothing we can do on our end sadly.
  6. Please use this template to help out staff to figure out what items you lost
  7. Hoepfully, the wipe is soon, continuum really needs it and I'm looking forward to starting the modpack from scratch
  8. Your Name: LeRammaItem Name + ID + Amount: Compact Infinite Water Source 1Coordinates: -251x z248 y69Description of Issue: Logged in infinite water source was not there on the smeltery not in me system or anything looked all over baseScreenshots (Optional):
  9. Hey, The reason you were banned was for bypassing the creative tag system, by removing the "spawned in by x" tag, and selling on the market. Upon investigation we found this to be true and we issued this ban based on Rule 2 and 4, and as such I will not be reducing or revoking the ban. Ban Stays T/C
  10. I think this would be a great idea, for people who wish to build their bases in the overworld, instead of just having an autoclaimed island.
  11. The rollback worked well for the most just still missing my diamond sword with sharpness x and looting x if possible can I have this refunded?
  12. Your Name: LeRammaCoordinates: 1263, 89 ,272Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2019-04-03 8:00PMCETDescription of Issue: I logged in and I died instantly /cave home spawned me in a random place, got my grave back missing my diamond sword (Sharpness X looting X) and 15million EMC, but I don't really care about that.Screenshots (Optional):
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