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  1. Builder approve! Good luck and congratulations! T/C
  2. No news, T/C. For anny issue @chakalsdm me on discord: Alex Rebollo#7672
  3. No news, T/C. For anny issue dm me on discord: Alex Rebollo #7672
  4. 25/07/2021 we are so hype because we have 2 new Admins in Network!! N3co_ and Jimmel! Im so proud of how we are getting back that time lost of this 2 years! Also, i get the promote to Mod. I hope I could help fixing some plugins, because tomy doesnt seems to come back as staff. Normal... There are to much we can get but or there's no enought staffs or the people doesnt have time to spend here. That's why I always said that we need new people, more if there are young. With 18 years old I dont have all the time that I had when I was 15 hahah. All time playing the Ps4. Imagine all that kids spending their time fixing Network, bringing new content... A dream maybe? Lets see, I trust the new Admins ^^.
  5. Could u send the link of the website where u bought it?
  6. I have been taking a look of the buildings and I get surprised about the imagination u have. U created some idea models and u integrated them well. I like your proporsal to stay to X time to X. That says a lot of u: u wanna help, but u dont want to stay more time that what u could. U also told me u wouldnt like to beeing builder and not dedicate it 6 hours per week. Actually I want to see what could u do for Network, u always have been a animated person who always helps others. I would speak about this with the other staffs of Network.
  7. New update in the Quartz City! I repair some bugs of the filters, because we dont have anti-cheat, the players can use hacks to crash the doors! Also the best change is this: I change the lava for WATER PORTALS, this will TP u to the spawnpoint of the city instead to kill yoursef in lava and let your armor break Enjoy this, and if u find anny issue tell me on discord! Alex Rebollo#7672
  8. I preffer to use curseforge or https://www.minecrafteo.com/ . The first one is one of the official website where developers share their mods.
  9. I recommend "ori and the blind forest", right now is for 5$ on Steam! Its like a Hollow Knight but it focus more on the beauti ^^. I take this and I also recommend the Hollow Knight, but for that I will make a post later jejej.
  10. Srry for the delay, i didnt saw this post, and its strange because I spend hours looking at the forum xD. What's the context? U accept him tp to your house and he kill u and he didnt let u stay because he was killing u everytime? He just find your house and start to kill u...? Also others player can bypass the pvp protection that u have? This last one have to be tasted, who knows, maybe the antipvp block get bug.
  11. Hello @Braiden2001. First of all I wanna tell u that D34DPlayer is a Manager of all this servers of Craftersland, this is, more than an Admin. Actually I suppose u will need to follow a template. Annyway, a Mod will take care of this. Also write the coords.
  12. I like that type of players that try to program Java or C++, they make their world more personal ^^
  13. Maybe someone have it, who knows
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