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  1. Hi, which server is that? Also u have to follow the template and post the request in the server u was bann
  2. We all know that spawncamping its a serious problem in AC. A lot of new players get annoyed with these because a lot of Assasins wants action and get some kills, because this is one of the objetives of AC: "Be a leyendary Assasin". Also u can be a leyendary Assasins without killing (we all know who they are). But actually, after years of the same content it might be a good idea take one original solution. The first idea I have, its to have a new colliseum, but for duels and teamfights, letting the other colliseum for events. Here we have 2 options: Have the coliseum communicated with
  3. I'm talking about your situation to the admins, u will receive news soon.
  4. It would be nice if u do a survey to see everybody opinion.
  5. Currently in Network if you want to reset your password to see your skin, you have to keep in mind that it is probably to lose all the items and the money. To avoid this, leave everything in a chest if it is in the case of Pure, if it is in the case of AC, pass your things to a trusted friend or in a secondary account.
  6. Yes, it is a risk that sometimes happens, I will make a posted post advising of it. Maybe @RuisuMC could manage your case.
  7. Bug fixed, now it should not be possible to enter the jail from outside, thx for the report.
  8. Speaking from my personal experience, I haven't seen anyone with a "streamer" or "YouTuber" rank in years. Using logic, if you have more than 1k I would encourage you to propose it in a post. In the forum u wouldn't see a post talking about minimums to get a "Streamer Rank". But everthing is possible...
  9. It's a good idea @RuisuMC, what u think?
  10. Greetings, which server are you talking about specifically?
  11. Should I close this post? @IAmTheKay
  12. @Omajor If you get a lot of people to see it and see a lot of activity, surely the administration could be convinced as @IAmTheKay said.
  13. Actually we are thinking about that, bringing a water update and a nether update, but always with the style of AssasinsCraft.
  14. Should I close this post? @IAmTheKay
  15. Hi, personally I do not quite understand your proposal, you could still develop a little? Keep in mind that the ideal of any post is to convey a clear idea, greetings.
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