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  1. IGN: Kaylaaxx17 Command: /fly Reason: Because I had it Removed for a challenge and fun. but its been 2 fun! now I want it reactivated because i already finished the game lost my angel ring and all my stuff is gone so i dont feel like remaking it ;D
  2. Refund Given. Items Placed in players inventory
  3. Thanks. 10 out of 10. Would Recommend. ps. I keep anchors 1 chunk away from anything involving AE2 ~ Timur
  4. Your Name: EffGod Town Name: God Coordinates: (-538.0, 71.0, 32.0) to (-538.0, 72.0, 34.0) 5 Drives ss 1 and (-531.0, 74.0, 49.0) to (-531.0, 75.0, 45.0) 10 Drives ss 2 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 04/25/2021 anytime Description of Issue: ME Drives were deleted by hacker Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: EffGod Town Name: zwerg1803'home, God, Spawn Coordinates: - (-194,70,201) (-506,70,-115) Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4/18/2021 Anytime Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional):
  6. the images are my tesseracts, the very last image is whats in timothysage's basement or whatever from kasz sent me Also when i questioned him about it he just jokes around [1837][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: why did you do that to my power? [1837][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: and why me? [1839][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: ? [1840][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: Captain we need more power! [1840][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: thats all you gotta say? [1842][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: So why don't you have any power EffGod? [1843][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: i dont have any power because you drained it all [1843][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: Oh yeah sorry bout that [1845][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: then since i stopped listing things you had to find some other say to harass me [1845][G] Pfaan: its ok if it isnt sexual [1845][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: "Find" is not the key word [1845][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: When I was enderchest searching I found those in there [1845][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: and thought himm [1846][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: o you found 41 of them in their ? xD [1846][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: how convenient lmao [1846][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: so which ender chest did i have it in? [1846][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: No, I found 3, and cloned them using Redprints [1846][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: because i dont store items in ender chests [1846][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: show m exactly which one u found it in [1847][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: becuase i dont use everchests [1847][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: White White Red [1847][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: okay white white red, the one where i have my wheat? [1847][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: nice excuse lmao
  7. In-Game Nickname: timothysage Time and date: 04/16 Description of what happened: timothysage somehow got "3" of my tesseracts and then turned it into 41 tesseracts all with my tags EffGod and Kaylaaxx to drain my power and stealing my items. which is impossible to even get my tesseracts because i only have 20 in total, when they're not in use i find a use and i store them in my town by placing them next to my rftools. I asked him how did he get it, eventually he said he got it from an Unlocked enderchest, i asked what was the pattern, he said white white red, which in pictures, shows all my white white red locked, also it was only used at the end of the game literally for transferring wheat to RFTools beamers for dragon spawner and wither spawner. none of which for a TESSERACT or even QUARRY which he claimed their was 3 of my tesseracts, 1 of Kaylaaxx17 and 1 of EffGod idk what the third would be but 3 apparently he says, along with some dirt and random junk, 1. if it was used for a quarry it would've been empty in the first place, 2. none of my tesseracts are missing 3. if someone used it for a quarry and magically ripped a quarry setup of mine (which has not happened) their would be a QUARRY and first off would fill up 100% before that could happen. the reason this has even started in the first place was from him wanting Baltop so badly, and for some reason only listing items in market only I listed for 1$ less. ofc Market is free game so i would remove my listing and relist and also post more items, he would then remove his and put his up, so this has went of for like 7 days straight and I would even see him LIVE remove his listing again and put it up the second I did, ofc i thought "I cant compete with someone who has no life" so i stopped and posted things he was too lazy to make. i posted a creative cell, and so immediately he started working on his dragon spawner ofc. but through out this he says random things while im talking to other people, like [1952][G] timothysage: Maybe you'd be Baltop 1 if you knew how to use them properly [1957][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: 8 of my replicators that use 13 speeds are normally full during the day [1957][G] timothysage: Only 8 Replicators? [1730][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: is that too much? [1731][G] [P] Sparitsa: stop teasing me EffGod lol [1731][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: $ [1731][G] [Premium] Nick: FluffyPanther: i think it's a good price [1731][G] [P] Sparitsa: it is.. but my bal isnt lol [1736][G] timothysage: Is that too much? [1737][G] timothysage: $ not sure at all why hes doing that but clearly he just wants to harass me for fun. he used his alt account Sleetyy to copy more of my items in market. since I posted the creative cell, he's now auctioning creative cells for free and its clear and obvious that he's targeting me now because of this tesseract situaltion. Why me? also gonna repeat again, its impossible that i lost any tesseracts. only have 20 and haven't lost any since the start of the game. I make 3m rf/t and I couldn't even power my RFTools dim, in the pictures theirs proof of anything. proof of my tesseracts all locations, all of my RFTools dimensions are impossible to get into, I remove the Matter Receivers immediately and save the dimension on my enhanced Dislocator. Early game i played on Kaylaaxx17 and i only quarried in the End 10k blocks out and my ONLY one has never vanished, after that point i used that same quarry, and tesseract in my RFTools Dimension 1 at a time and have never lost one in a dimension. I have 0 idea how he got his hands on a tesseract but it doesnt seem legit at all. 3 unknown tesseracts does not just appear out of thin air. but still, I don't feel safe at all with him in the server, literally being attacked and f'd with just for posting things on market then undercutting him because he undercut me is crazy. Malicious and uncalled for. my very first interaction with him was /tpa to me, and the second he got their, my whole base went in flames from him holding a stack of firestone. I immediately put enter to false and I don't keep it open ever since. it seems everyone has been keeping their bases to enter - false lately. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Y5zyikG List of eyewitnesses: SinKane, maybe others?
  8. Thank you, 10 out of 10 service
  9. Name: Kaylaaxx17 Rank: P Command: /fly Reason: I want to stop using fly, forever.
  10. User: kaylaaxx17 time: 2/16-2/17 Item: In-Game Currency about $20,000 Reason: I logged in today and when I looked at my inventory I got the achievement for checking inventory for the first time. I just thought my achievements were reset randomly like it does sometimes, But later I was going to buy some Blaze Rods because I'm too lazy to kill blazes in the nether but I checked my bal and it was $150... so I checked baltop to see if my name and amount was still up their to see a reference point but it wasn't there. Proof: This is after I checked baltop, also after buying blaze rods for 50$ I have no clue how this happened so i'm just as confused as anyone else that would look at this Also my other account EffGod has $0 and my town itself has $64, so the money isn't Misplaced, it was reset somehow.
  11. Item: Tinkers Gloves w/500 redstone upgraded to them. Name: Kaylaaxx17 Coords: 0,0,0 Description: Death from glitch caused from tp issues, issue from gloves vanishing from death. Pic: none
  12. Wow that was really fast service! done already within 1 minute of me posting. 5 stars ★★★★★ Really nice job
  13. Name: Kaylaaxx17 Username: Kaylaaxx17 Account: Kaylaaxx17 Rank: Premium Reason: World Wipe, need rank reactivated. Proof: from before wipe
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