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  1. Thanks. 10 out of 10. Would Recommend. ps. I keep anchors 1 chunk away from anything involving AE2 ~ Timur
  2. Your Name: EffGod Town Name: God Coordinates: (-538.0, 71.0, 32.0) to (-538.0, 72.0, 34.0) 5 Drives ss 1 and (-531.0, 74.0, 49.0) to (-531.0, 75.0, 45.0) 10 Drives ss 2 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 04/25/2021 anytime Description of Issue: ME Drives were deleted by hacker Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Your Name: EffGod Town Name: zwerg1803'home, God, Spawn Coordinates: - (-194,70,201) (-506,70,-115) Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4/18/2021 Anytime Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional):
  4. the images are my tesseracts, the very last image is whats in timothysage's basement or whatever from kasz sent me Also when i questioned him about it he just jokes around [1837][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: why did you do that to my power? [1837][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: and why me? [1839][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: ? [1840][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: Captain we need more power! [1840][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: thats all you gotta say? [1842][G] RICH.RICH.timothysage: So why don't you have any power EffGod? [1843][G] [S][Helper] EffGod: i dont have any power because you drai
  5. In-Game Nickname: timothysage Time and date: 04/16 Description of what happened: timothysage somehow got "3" of my tesseracts and then turned it into 41 tesseracts all with my tags EffGod and Kaylaaxx to drain my power and stealing my items. which is impossible to even get my tesseracts because i only have 20 in total, when they're not in use i find a use and i store them in my town by placing them next to my rftools. I asked him how did he get it, eventually he said he got it from an Unlocked enderchest, i asked what was the pattern, he said white white red, which in p
  6. Thank you, 10 out of 10 service
  7. Name: Kaylaaxx17 Rank: P Command: /fly Reason: I want to stop using fly, forever.
  8. User: kaylaaxx17 time: 2/16-2/17 Item: In-Game Currency about $20,000 Reason: I logged in today and when I looked at my inventory I got the achievement for checking inventory for the first time. I just thought my achievements were reset randomly like it does sometimes, But later I was going to buy some Blaze Rods because I'm too lazy to kill blazes in the nether but I checked my bal and it was $150... so I checked baltop to see if my name and amount was still up their to see a reference point but it wasn't there. Proof: This is after I checked baltop, also after
  9. Item: Tinkers Gloves w/500 redstone upgraded to them. Name: Kaylaaxx17 Coords: 0,0,0 Description: Death from glitch caused from tp issues, issue from gloves vanishing from death. Pic: none
  10. Wow that was really fast service! done already within 1 minute of me posting. 5 stars ★★★★★ Really nice job
  11. Name: Kaylaaxx17 Username: Kaylaaxx17 Account: Kaylaaxx17 Rank: Premium Reason: World Wipe, need rank reactivated. Proof: from before wipe
  12. Account Name: EffGodRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: All World Edit Commands. /skullReason for Request*: Building/Design.
  13. In game name: EffGod Proof of Purchase: 9J532847TU986434E Description of Issue: Bought on Wrong name, EffBang Date/Time of Purchase: 07/01/2020 2:59AM Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received
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