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  1. have you tried to use another launcher? @Andrei194
  2. Items refunded, with some extra diamond ores Topic Closed.
  3. items Refunded, added some extra Ancient debris too Placed at a chest where you last logged off. Topic Closed.
  4. Items Refunded. Topic Closed.
  5. Hello @AAAAAAAAhjh, please make a Refund Request following this template: and describe what happened in it. have a nice day
  6. hello, I checked the claim and I found that one of the claim members is still playing (last time joined was 4 days ago) so I can't remove this claim. keep in mind that removing a claim will regenerate all the chunks in it, meaning that nothing in that claim will be open for other players to raid, specially in this situation where the claim owner have creative access.
  7. Duplicated topic. T/C.
  8. Hello @ahkent1125, please follow this template, and we'll look into it:
  9. Dragon Reappeared. T/C.
  10. this rollback is no longer needed. T/C.
  11. Items Refunded, placed them in 2 shulker boxes in your inv. Topic Closed.
  12. Refunded. Topic Closed.
  13. Items Refunded. (in a chest in your house, where your last location is) Topic Closed.
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