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  1. Player confirmed everything is fine in-game. T/C.
  2. so it looks that only 2 towns the player can join/create it, and that's a problem for the following reasons: 1) prevents us from having some Auto miners/pumps.... etc, away from our town. 2) not being able to join other towns to help others for example (if u have or a member of 2 towns). 3) decreasing our options for a mob farm for example, if i want to make a mob farm in my main town i'll need to enable the mobs flag perm in my town, which will allow mobs to enter/spawn in my town, and that will lead into a tps issue because if that player had a big town and all o
  3. Your Name: ASOOD Coordinates: 3778, 79, 1099 (and the surrounding area) Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): maybe 10 days - 2 weeks ago. Description of Issue: my base got nuked multiple times ......... again. Screenshots (Optional):
  4. I agree on what he said, when i was fighting the Ender Dragon, it was sooo frustrating to track the dragon because he was disappearing after a few seconds from passing me, and about the mob spawn, its soo rare to see a mob around you.... even at night time. so it would be better to increase the render distance .
  5. ASOOD

    server review

    Hi, on what Server?
  6. Hi, u can ask for a refund for the items, fill this template and submit a refund request topic: to fix this issue, u can add a Blank Biometric card to the security terminal and add all the perms to it, or remove the security terminal.
  7. Add your time zone to the topic
  8. Edit the time in your topic, add your time zone and the date to when it was fine
  9. and if possible quest with ID #1003, I completed it, but the quest with ID #936 is blocking me from reaching it. proof that i finished it: (made 2 from it)
  10. anyways, the player kingcrisi has been punished according to the following Rules: Rule 5 - TP killing and Rule 11 - Abuse of Magic, after investigating the Evidence T/C.
  11. can u please add the name of the player you're complaining about, because it looks like you're complaining about yourself.
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