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  1. UPDATE found out what happened. i was arround -30000 33000 in raid and used /spawn i am stuck dying in the world border somehow and that is why my screen gets weird and i die when i use the grave scroll
  2. update i tried using a grave scroll and a compass and it says desert and wasent able to see the cords and i instantly die i can show a staff me using the grave´scroll and i also tried to use /back i just go to my home
  3. Your Name: pedrusgostation Coordinates: not sure, i was stuck in a dead dragon in raid near -30000 y 33000 or in spawn when i used /spawn to get out Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 18/01/2021 at 20:00 ps: i live in brasil this time is in brasil time Description of Issue: so i was stuck in a dead dragon and used /spawn and instantly died suffocated in a wall Screenshots (Optional): the screenshot is bellow
  4. Your Name: pedrusgostation level 5 dragon called alduim around: -2234, 64, 59 world Description of Issue: tried to spawn my dragon it dint worked and the horn disapeared
  5. Minecraft Username: 2 players 1: outcastdi and iihamundii Time and Date: 13/01/2021 hour: i cant tell i live in other place but it is 16:00 in my time Description of what happened: outcast started killing people and then liaw72 said to them stop because this is bannable ant then iihamundii started too Screenshots are bellow List of eyewitnesses: me pedrusgostation, LiaW72, C_L_A and deca_and_donu
  6. 1 In-Game Username: pedrusgostation 2 Details of Situation: I was offline and banana summoned amagalich in raid world spawn and said i was with him 3 Ban Category: i got banned for rule 8 (grieffing raid world spawn) 4 Ban Duration: Permanent 5 Staff Member: PapaMauDONG 6 Your Reason: it wasent me it was an other player called banana something that summoned amgalich in raid spawn i dint even know where he was going to summon amagalich and wasent even on when he did, but he told staff i was with him so i got banned with only the image bellow as
  7. an idiot called banana something destroyed raid world spawn with amagalich and i got punished because he said i was with him when i wasent even on, you can check the logs to confirm i was on betwenn 06:00 and 08:00 of your timezone (01:00 and 03:00 in my timezone) and i got banned because he said i was with him when he spawned amagalich, and i wasent i was only with him when we killed rahovart in the nether, more than 2000 blocks away from spawn, and got banned for affiliation or something like that and the only proof was a photo of banana saying he was with me nothing else, so i can say anyon
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