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  1. typical thing when you buy nametag on IE: thank you kaszanka i really appreciate my new tag
  2. i was playing on cracked account on this server and i want my old stuff to be moved to new account old account: Gruby10 new account: SadN0x Proof:
  3. SadN0x


    now the wolf is making turbines and reactor in my base 10/10 service i highly recommend
  4. SadN0x


    now the same wolf is making charged draconium blocks with my power
  5. Your Name: Gruby10 Item Name + Amount: Awakened Item Dislocator x1 Coordinates: 3669 78 -4999 Description of Issue: my item dislocator disappeared, I don't know what happened to it, I was vibing in the end and then realizes that I don't have it Screenshots (Optional): dont have any
  6. SadN0x


    even my portals
  7. SadN0x


    he is rly hacking me
  8. this wolf is hacking my base and im scared pls help
  9. SadN0x


    kaszanka_1234 did a Think emote with glass pane's in my Dire crafting table and i'm scared
  10. Your Name: Gruby10 Town Name: USC Coordinates of Town: -1149 88 2660 Town members: Nattanapon, itsa_ye, DumbDeviant Reason for request: they're offline for such a long time and have sussy creative energy cell claimed Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
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