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  1. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but only for fish. Humans are still war like. I wish I was stretchy and moldable like sillyputty.
  2. Change Another Citys Rules

    Town deleted. you are now free to expand. Also of note, try placing some of those items in other dimension, such as the twilight forest. Also, this is my 1,600th post. Let us know if you still need help?
  3. Change Another Citys Rules

    What items are you trying to place?
  4. Town Tax

    Topic is requested to be closed, so... Topic closed.
  5. Shopkeeper shops for the players

    We used to have them, however, there was an issue: Players kept killing the shopkeepers, making it so that people couldn't sell things. We found it was easier, and took up less space, and resulted in fewer deaths, to have the player market plugin, where they click on a sign to sell things, in the market area of the spawn.
  6. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but everybody thinks you are the worlds biggest jerk, and you will never feel love or loved again, and you also have all of Ricks depression and insanity, and pessimistic outlook on life. ALL of it. I wish I had a cleaning robot to do my chores for me.
  7. Town Tax

    Well, that sounds like it creates more issues than it solves. We are already having trouble with economy as it is, with inflation, devaluing of prices, and selling creative items. This might make things a little worse, as competition to have the most money grows rampant. However, we already search for and detect old towns. For example, if a town nearby hasn't had anybody in it online in a month, then you can make a topic on the forums to get it removed. This isn't a raid server, though, and protection is there for a reason. There's a reason we've worked hard on removing as many protection bypasses as possible. Let's say, for example, that you ran out of money and didn't notice. You've got lots of $$$ in your balance, but you never put any of it in the town bank. This might be because you don't know town bank exists, or it might be because you were too busy playing the modpack to do so. You log in one day, and BAM! All your hard work, which took weeks, and ages, is now gone. Someone stole it, all because you forgot to put money in your town bank. It's problematic partly because INF is an expert modpack. This means it's much much harder to play, and get resources, and build even the most basic of items, such as a bucket. This devotion means people get pretty upset when they lose their stuff, and because of an oversight on their end as well? That just makes it even worse. Town taxes have been suggested before, and most people don't actually want them. That in and of itself, that we don't tax towns, actually attracts people to the server. Not to mention, whenever old towns are found, players tell staff, and staff remove the town. Not just the protections, but the entire town itself is regenned. This is to prevent raiding and from advancing in the modpack too fast. Overly quick advancement, via getting end game items, or things not quite in your progression tree just yet, means that you less idea of what you are doing, since you've also skipped a lot of steps by getting ahead of yourself. This makes players confused on what they are doing, and oftentimes, they just give up because they got lost. Yes, INF is supposed to hard, but not that hard. Not to mention creative items, which can be crafted in this pack. In other words, taxes make things harder than they need to be in an already very difficult pack.
  8. The new Chunk Loading System

    There is an easy way to fix that problem. If you still want to use the wireless terminal, but not have random bits disappear all the time, you can use the following setup: A word of warning, though: You won't be able to autocraft from the wireless terminal if you use this set up. Only pull things in and out of the terminal. The disappearing wires and bits occur when the network spans over multiple chunks while also having a security terminal attached to it, which it does in multiple modpacks and servers. The new chunkloading system has nothing to do with it. Hopefully this helps.
  9. These hardcore packs are nearly impossible to maintain on a multiplayer server experience, due to the fact that they are prebuilt maps designed for five or fewer people, and no more than ten, total. They are practically a survival adventure map with a story, and there is no way to maintain the same experience for all players who log in. It comes with more problems than it solves. As said before, it's not a very popular map, perm bans you when you lose all your lives, and would require extra server space that would take the ones already in the plans. When you see youtubers playing those packs with their friends, they take precautions not quite possible with the number of players we've got. It might technically be possible on a whitelisted server, but what are you going to do when the people finish playing, not every body will be at the same point. We are willing to look at other suggestions you may have, but hardcore, although fun, is unsustainable in the long run.
  10. [Rollback Request]

    Yes, your town can be rolled back, just be patient, and the server owner will roll it back. What time zone is the time you want it rolled back to?
  11. Nothing

    Topic Closed.
  12. My base was griefed

    Please edit your post to follow this template to make it easier for the server owner to roll it back: Also moved to Tekkit Technical Support.
  13. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but nobody will ever believe a thing you say. I wish I could had telekinesis.
  14. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but you are also a ghost. I wish I had super speed.
  15. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but now you are invincible to emotions as well, and can no longer feel any feelings. I wish for infinite money.