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  1. [powerwarp][Prefix]

    That feels a little unsafe, bit of a weird way to do it by taking away another one of your tags. Let's be honest, it doesn't bring in any money either. I'll agree with the others, the right thing to do would be to get a new prefix. Cause what's the point if people stop buying new prefixes and everyone just edits their current one?
  2. We did not had enough with Mainblost :v

    Hah, not sure what's up with these. Seen a couple people copying usernames lately.
  3. Oh wow, it's been a while now hasn't it. Thought you had your stuff refunded already. Hopefully we can get this done at last with the help of a GM+, after all the evidence is solid and I recall you were pretty much good for a refund. IGN's still Carma1?
  4. Bruny only rolls back the area(s) affected, it's all very neat and organized. You needn't worry about that, like Voodoo said it's a staff duty. As for WE, AdriStrike already explained we no longer give donors access to it because of past incidents involving WE that caused a lot of trouble for management. Please do keep in mind you're requesting additional access which doesn't normally come with the rank you purchased. As a result, bruny has every right to deny this as it's quite a security risk. That said, you'll have to wait for bruny to get back to you on this one. Hope you understand.
  5. Hiipo's new videos!

    That's right, and there'll be more of them coming now.
  6. Transfear my rank

    Hey @amdeus98, you'll have to post a topic about this in the correct forum, following the right template. Forum - Rank Transfer: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ Template:
  7. Aight then, topic closed. ^_^
  8. [Reactivate Sponsor + Prefix]

    Awesome, this can be closed now.
  9. I know on modded servers Sponsor tag hasn't been red for a while now; instead it's gold. Bruny's probably changing it on network too. Either that or he got it confused with modded. Either way it shouldn't be an issue I imagine. Eventually there will be no red Sponsor tags anyway.
  10. Please confirm successful prefix edit. @Sasuke0711
  11. [Reactivate Sponsor + Prefix]

    Please confirm successful activation. @CriticLC_
  12. Edited Post.

    OP confirmed transfer was successful. Closed.
  13. [powerwarp] [Fame]

    It's clear he's an Assassin Fifth Rank <5>, so it's most likely his fame. Somewhere in the ballpark at least. That's provided you can verify the account is his.
  14. Edited Post.

    Old IGN: Wolf_Flow111, new IGN: _ItsWolfie_. He's looking to have his fame and stats on v1 to his new account. Is the transfer complete? Can you confirm, @Wolf_Flow111?
  15. Rank on Ac v1 resetted (for ArisPvP_gr)

    Yeh, you can stop bumping this one too. Won't make the slightest difference now, been 7 months already since the new topic went up.