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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, someone kill me on pure survival server i need help to recuperate my things A photo about him on creative mode killing me here
  2. Sasuke0711

    UnBan sasuke0711

    [1] In-Game Username: Pure Survival - sasuke0711 [2] Details of Situation: Today everything normal even in a while, I enter my account to play the V1 evaluations and I encounter this prohibition, nothing is done out of the ordinary like duplicate articles or illegal Items [3] Ban Category: illegal Items [4] Ban Duration: 3 Days [5] Staff Member: EndeRusherMC [6] ScreenShots: https://postimg.org/image/6drsid54h/ [7] Your Reason: I ask the unban of my account, since nothing illegal is done, all within the privileges of the sponsor range Good Luck, ~Powerwarp, Community Manager. ~Andrew2060, Forum Moderator.
  3. See This e.e I Am Sponsor : v
  4. PezSuke0711

    Pure Survival Server Problem

    there are some players who are dedicated to grifear with quartz ores ores are immune to these protections help and now the houses are being grifiadas for this occasion thanks help!!!
  5. SpintecatorulAlb

    I Got A Problem With The Chat...

    I am posting this topic because i got a nasty bug / problem / whatever is it. For some reason, I can't send a message on the chat (no matter what channel, Local, Global or Trade) that contains more than 8 characters (any characters, including space). I am doing some tests to see what happens with commands that i type and some other stuff. I will post the info right here. Collected more info: Limits: 8 characters on Global 8 characters on Local 8 characters on Trade 21 characters if using /eme, /action or /essentials:me No limit on commands No limit on mails No limit on PMs (special thanks to potatoe2013 for letting me spam his chat) Color codes seem to behave differently that plain text. Please fix it ASAP because it just sucks on ice
  6. If i click the sign (live map) i don't get the link to the live map! Please fix this! i would like to see the map!
  7. Hi, I'm Archerus, I started to play in survival in mc.craftsland.net, everything was fine, but today I logged to play survival and somebody robbed me, I have protected my land, they also destroyed a little my house, I will upload some pictures The only important things that I had were 4 stacks of emeralds and 20 diamonds, Please if an admin can help me I will be in gratitude, I will be in the server all day, in the server mc.craftsland.net in Pure Survival, Thanks
  8. SpintecatorulAlb

    I Have A Problem On Pure Survival

    Hi, it's me, SpintecatorulAlb. Today, I encountered a problem on the server. Let me explain everything: I was playing on the Pure Survival server. Suddenly, a link appeared on the chat saying "Click here and watch an ad to get rewards" or something like that. I said "Let's check that thing out!". It opened a window saying: Ad is loading, please wait! There was also an animation of the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. As the thing loaded, I returned to MC and my client timed out. I could connect to other servers on the network, but Pure Survival appeared as "Offline". Later on, I could connect to the server, but some minutes later the thing happened again. The client times out once in a while on the Pure Survival server, but not on any other servers. Hope you fix it soon!
  9. pixelguy38

    [Request] Rank Transfer

    Hi. Some time ago I purchased the VIP rank on the Factions Server. My base got griefed there due to inactivity. My players were moving to the Pure Survival server, which started appealing me more than the Factions server, so I would want my rank transferred here. My IGN is pixelguy38. Thank You, pixelguy38

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