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Found 6 results

  1. I've been working through Thaumcraft on the 1.7.10 FTB server, and so far everything has been fine. But whenever I try and research any of the elemental fires from the thaumic tinkering section of the book, I get disconnected with the message "Connection lost - A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated" Is there any way for me to complete this research or will I never be able to? Edit: this is also happening when I try and get the research note for the everfull urn from the thaumic esoterica tab. Edit 2: it's all fine now, ik why it happens
  2. Greetings, for a while now (even before the wipe) I experienced a bug with Computercraft and Big Reactors. When I hook up the modem of Computercraft on the Big reactor (connected to my computer too). When I leave the area and return (aka unload the chunk) and I go to my computer it says that the modem isnt connected with the reactor, when I go and check it is connected. I have to right click the modem on the reactor twice (disconnect and connect) for it to work again. The reactor isnt that close to my base so its quite the pain in the ass.
  3. Hello, WIPE was just completed as it was requested and voted. This is a full WIPE except ranks, all worlds have new map seeds and we also fixed few reported dupe issues. The current map was about 7 months old and was a bit full and laggy, download link of the old map is available HERE Changes: Fixed some dupes. Full server reset/WIPE. Generated new map seeds on all worlds. Old Map Download Enjoy a fresh world to explore and build! Join and get a nice spot for your base! Modded madness! ftb.craftersland.net
  4. Hello. Here I will explain the bug with pneumaticcraft and how to fix it. If you make(or spawn) a pneumatic helmet from PneumaticCraft and place it on your head armour slot, you are now stuck in bug loop. From that point, when you try to open your inventory, you will now see GUI of pneumatic helmet, not your inventory. It is an issue with NEK(Not Enough Keys) mod and PneumatiCcraft. To solve this you need to open configuration file of PneumaticCraft. To do this go to [Where your modpack is installed]\config\PneumaticCraft.cfg Find 'third_party_enabling' and change 'B:notenoughkeys=true' to 'false'. More about this can be found at: https://github.com/MineMaarten/PneumaticCraft/issues/767
  5. Overview: Hello fellow Crafter's, The Post Blast Modpack was updated today! The update includes many buffs to security for multiplayer support. We have included many add-ons for CC and OC to help this goal. Thus many blocks/items have been added which secure homes. With that players can do a lot more with lua than ever before. However, we also decided to remove the BigReactors Mod. This is due to instability, lag, and its cheap energy/conversion. Basically it is too easy, and allows for easy uranium production. Uranium is used in a lot of machines, especially nuclear weapons. Thus in order to reduce the conversion, we decided to remove it. The decision was also impacted by the cartoon like realism in it. Such as where you dig yellow rocks, throw em in and infinite power. No, that's wrong and it's why we let self sufficient power to the pro mods. However basic power can still be aquired through dynamos/generators. ChangeLog: [updated to Version 5.1.0] [MC version 1.7.10] [Mod Count = 179] -Added: Peripherals Plus Plus (PPP) -Added: RedLogic -Added: OpenCCsensors -Added: OpenModularTurrets -Added: SecurityCraft -Added: LookingGlass -Fixed: BuildCraft -Updated: OptiFine to HD4 -Removed: BigReactors -Removed: BC compatibility Mod. ~Significant boosts to ComputerCraft and Lua/OpenComputers. ~Decreased ability for players to easily craft nuclear missiles by hand. ~Configuration work - Updated MainMenu Version to 5.1.0. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nuclear-revolution.689897 ~Andrew2070
  6. Andrew2070

    Post Blast V5.0.0

    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Overview: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// It's been a painstaking 5 months since the official 1.7.10 version was released. The biggest loss being that ICBM was discontinued, and made a alpha [WIP]. However i have compensated for that loss with many other themed mods. The loss was big, but today is the day i reveal that the real ICBM is back. That's right, update 5.0.0 brings new features, including the original ICBM. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Additions: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -UniDict ======> A dictionary mod that combines the same cross mod ores. -RuneCraft ====> A mod that integrates RuneScape themed magic/spells. -MobEggCraft ==> A mod that allows for vanilla mob eggs to be easily crafted. -PotionPacks ==> A mod that allows for potions to be bundled into cases. -DefenseTech ==> A mod that re-adds all the original content of ICBM again. -RedLogic ====> A mod that adds all kinds of RedStone stuff (clocks, etc.). -Reliquary =====> Another magic mod that adds a whole lot of content -WAWLA => Helps the WAILA database and provides us more ToolTip Info. -ArcaneEngineering => A mod that adds more content to the Thaumcraft. -ImmersiveEngineering => Another Tech Mod based on early 20th century. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Updated: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -OptiFine ==> I have no idea what they changed. -Mekanism ==> Fixed all kinds of lag, new theme. -MekanismTools ==> Fixed all kinds of lag, new theme. -MekanismGenerators ==> Fixed all kinds of lag, new theme. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Removed: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// -ICBM by BBM (It was in alpha, and the original themed stuff is out). -VoltzEngine by BBM (No longer needed as alpha ICBM ws removed). //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Notes: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ~Update for Technic Platform will be released around tomorrow. ~Update for FTB Platform will be released sometime this week. ~The ICBM Mod does contain all kinds of OC and CC methods. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Future Plans: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// There is a new Space mod called Advance Rocketry, and when its finished i'll add it. This version, 5.0.0 will be the last update for a while, as we can't update every week. I do not think i will add any new content, as we cannot over fill this platter of mods. Although if there are more FPS and stabilization mods, i might look into adding them. This version is designed for maximum compatibility with servers especially Kcauldron. We reworked a lot of configuration to make it seem more balanced and fair for magic. However i think magic lacks a bit, and i may look into adding another large magic mod. All in all for the next two months or so this should be last content update for PostBlast. Community involvement is welcomed, we would love to include more developers. Feedback is appreciated, we really love seeing what you guys have to say bout PB. Thus we would like to see some more involvement by Crafter's Land players/staff. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nuclear-revolution.689897 http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/14081-modpack-new-addition-to-cl/

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