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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Suggestion 1 Currently in (Pure Survival) there are ranks with access to GM1 my suggestion is to remove this permission, it does not make sense that this permission exists on a survival server, it is also harmful to the server and we all know the problems it causes. it is also frustrating for players who play survival they get things with sacrifice and a player with this permission gets everything from GM1 and the truth takes away their desire to play. Suggestion 2 Another option is to create a type of (PureCreative) exclusively for players with this permission. i kno
  2. In Network we have multiple money accounts. Why? Like: - An account in the Lobby wich is also used by Minigames like CTW - An account in Pure survival - An accouns in assassins Craft Also its just possible to transfer money into other gamemodes, but you cant transfer money from gamemodes into the lobby wich is not really making sense. My Suggestions to improve this: - Make a single Bank account on for the whole server, where all your money is stored and you can access it from every gamemode. - Add some Signs to transfer Money into the lobby account (Like
  3. Hello there, I have been working on this project for months (most spent inactively however). I feel it is long overdue that Craftersland Network CTW should receive a revamp of spawn. The photos are taken with shaders and if you would prefer to see the raw map I have left an alternate link below, although I believe they make the map much more aesthetically pleasing. Album of Images Download link for map RAW images (No texturepacks or shaders) If you want to download this map to view for yourself feel free to! To do this: 1. Click
  4. In-Game Name: The items I lost with the account of minepro2 now my account is iGanzoDroid_ Server (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): AC 1.8 Item name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): There are many items below I let capture of all Time & Date (Time and Date when you lost the item/s) :2018-01-17_09.11.54 Description of Issue (how you lost the items): I lost them when I passed the range of the minepro2 account to the crazygamerYT1 account, which wiped everything from my account Evidence (an old screenshot/video that shows you had the items;Optional): https://imgur.com/a/
  5. Hey I wanted to write this Topic for a long time and now I do it I remember when this server had about 50 players or more during the day and over 100 in the evening. And now? There are just 1 to 10 players online even on weekends. I'm also bored and don't play much Minecraft any more. For a long time this was my favourite server and I spent hours playing ACv2 and there were a lot of plavers online. Until the 1.12.2 update came. After the update no one played ACv2 any more. ACv1: I also tried ACv1, but it isn't really my thing because: - the banking system is completel
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