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Found 6 results

  1. Belgarufo's Screenshots Tekkit Server May 2018 This month's Gallery Courtesy of Supaspork All previous month's galleries Here
  2. I have a peanut. It is the last peanut. Everybody wants my peanut. The goal of the game is to get the peanut from the person who currently has the peanut. I have the peanut, just sitting there in my hand. Take the peanut from me. RULES: You can not eat the peanut. It is too precious to eat. You can not destroy it, either. If somebody says they now have the peanut, they have the peanut. If you take the peanut, you must describe how you took the peanut. Defend the peanut. Use the same post to describe the taking and defending of the peanut. The goal is escalation. You can harm, but not kill, other people in the taking and defending of the peanut. I will begin. I am holding the last peanut in my hand. I'm unaware of its importance, and so I'm not gripping it very tightly. I sit down on a crate, and I get ready to open up my peanut and eat it.
  3. quagma

    The Skeleton War

    Q: What is the Skeleton War? A: The skeleton war will be a series of images that I have drawn, depicting different scenes of the Skeleton War, and the skeleton's fight against various monsters, creeps, and spooks. It will have a story line, but will mostly be a variety show of the lives of the skeletons, and their battle against everything that's not them. Q: When is it? A: The skeleton war begins the first day of October. Q: How long will it last? A: The skeleton war will continue all through October, with the finale around the last day of the month. Q: I'm spooked, will you give me a hug? A: Aw, sure thing buddy! *hugs* (>^_^)> <(^.^<) *hugs* Try your best not to think of the very spooky skeleton that's already inside you! ​I will be posting each new skeleton war update on this page.
  4. Hello fellow Crafters! Let me explain why I'm writing this. A few months ago, I needed to take a break from playing games, mainly because I had some exams to pass. Anyway, who cares about my exams, right? Well, nobody, but that's not the thing I want to discuss about. I want to discuss about how Crafter's Land Factions server was before and so here's my story: Factions... a server on which everybody could enjoy the purity of survival, without the protections of pure survival server and the strange gameplay of the space factions server. It was all about the power of every individual and when combined, this individuals had the ability to create a faction, a very strong one, which was going to become the most powerful of all. On the other side, the rest of the factions were fighting to reach the top of the ladder, becoming the strongest faction on the server and taking control of it. This was the main idea of a factions server, and this was the idea which made the old factions server be unique compared to other servers in the world (Crafter's Land like only). The community was awesome, the features of the server were awesome, everything was awesome. Now, I want to ask you this: why space factions? I know that maybe it's the only server in the entire minecraft community, but I just don't get the point. When I returned on Crafter's Land (around one month ago), I joined this space factions server and I was shocked when I saw the number of players online: 2, including me. I thought that maybe I joined the wrong server, so I reconnected, but it was the same. That moment I realized that the old factions server was dead. I always loved playing on the factions server, mainly because of the unique "only-on-Crafter's Land" like feeling. I asked multiple players, including staff members, about their opinion regarding this change and the results were as expected. I can tell that Crafter's Land lost a lot by replacing the old factions server. Every single top-notch server I joined offers a factions server, as pure as it can be, with each server's unique feeling and features, but now I realize that in all these years, I've been dedicated to playing on only one server: Crafter's Land. I am not going to start a poll, because this is the Staff's decision only, especially bruny's, but I am going to ask you guys to share your opinion in the comments down below. I hope I made myself clear enough for everybody to understand. Have a good day!
  5. Source: MineDaft
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