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Found 3 results

  1. A few minutes ago I've got problem with 2players that they tried to breat to my house in creative mode. They dug a hole under my house and tried to get to me. Their nicknames are: yoloboyz and xEpiChick3nx and both of them were in Creavtive mode, some time later they come again with Invisibility Potions and they tried dig even longer. Why Creative mode is available on Survival?
  2. Creative mode abuse.

    Im here today, because I experienced 3situations, one yesterday, and one today both refer to players that were in Creative mode. So... First situaction: Yesterday my teammate Ludwiczek was on the hunt for the players, everything went great until he killed player GamingProduction. When that player was killed, yoloboyz came to them and he start to attack Ludwiczek. Of course this is nothing illegal, but yoloboyz could be not damaged. Why? Because he was in Creative mode. Yoloboyz killed Ludwiczek and took whole stuff from Ludwiczek. Second situation: A player with a nickname Fire_Light was on my territory. He broke blocks on my Land Protection and even same Land protection, then he started to rebuild what he destroyed, but he didn't do that good. Third situation: While I was writing this post, two players came to my house: xTayxon and Tire_Light AGAIN. and he AGAIN destroyed blocks on my territory. Later they both opened the boxes inside my protected home. And so, I demand to give back my friend's equipment, from yoloboyz in first situation, and take some of the privileges from xTayxon and FIre_Light in second and third situation.
  3. Corrupt staff

    Hello! I've recently joined and 3/4 of my experience on this server was a helper named "RamseyRoich" trying to get someone banned for "Staff disrespect" and being really rude about it while threatening to ban the player when they get promoted. I tried to step in and tell him to stop and that they are being rude but then they gave me a warning and threatened me if I reported them and then started being rude to me too. This person isn't a good staff and I would like another person to get the opportunity for helper instead of someone who complains for more than 4 hours and make craftersland great again! Evidence